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2nd Annual “AI Meets Beauty” Challenge at the ACM Multimedia Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 3 novembre 2019

The world’s leading beauty tech solutions provider, Perfect Corp., announced the winning teams of the second annual “AI Meets Beauty Challenge” at the ACM Multimedia Conference in Nice, France on October 24th. The top three honors were awarded to the teams from University of Science and Technology of China, Guangdong University of Technology, and Guangzhou Shiyuan Electronic Technology Company.The winning team from USTC, showcased advancement in image recognition techniques using Artificial Intelligence (AI) on a novel Generalized-attention Regional Maximal Activation of Convolutions (GRMAC) descriptor. This new method introduces a special mechanism of reducing background noise and highlighting the beauty product in the image further enhancing the effectiveness to correctly identify the subject.The “AI Meets Beauty Challenge” is an annual team competition challenging innovative minds to solve beauty tech problems. This year the organizers provided a large-scale image dataset of over half million images of beauty and personal care products, named the Perfect-500K dataset. The participants were challenged to develop an AI algorithm that could correctly identify each product from the dataset. Compare to last year’s “AI Meets Beauty Challenge”, the 2019 Challenge showcased advanced AI with breakthrough product recognition with over 65% accuracy improvement. After months of intense competition and a rigorous evaluation process, there were a total of 55 qualified submissions from around the world, generating four academic papers that were published at ACM Multimedia Conference 2019.This is the second year that Perfect Corp. has held the “AI Meets Beauty Challenge”, attracting top minds in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) to the competition. “Congratulations on the winners’ tremendous achievement. We appreciate all participants who submitted their great work to the challenge,” said the CEO and founder of Perfect Corp., Alice Chang. “We are excited to see so many talented AI researchers striving towards the development of technology solutions. Thanks to their contribution, we believe continuous research and advanced technology development will empower the digital transformation of the beauty industry and reshape the future of the customer journey.” The “AI Meets Beauty Challenge” was hosted by Perfect Corp., alongside leading multimedia software company, CyberLink Corp., and National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan).

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Report revealing the scope of America’s immigration challenge

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 settembre 2019

The USA TODAY NETWORK brings the full strength of its nationwide news coverage to “The Migrants,” a special digital and video journey through a week in the life of immigration in America. Nicole Carroll, USA TODAY’s editor-in-chief, said the reporting was as ambitious as it was unprecedented.“The story at times is overwhelming, but so is what is taking place at our border,” Carroll said. “As journalists, we say all the time, ‘show, don’t tell.’ Our goal was to transport our readers to scenes of the crisis, not just tell them what happened.”
With concurrent reporting from four countries, eight states and across the length of the U.S.-Mexico border, “The Migrants” reveals a system on the brink of collapse. It witnesses families facing death, and traces the influx to its roots, the decades-old challenges in Central American countries that are now exacerbated by new American policies.
“The Migrants” distinguishes itself from previous coverage of immigration, both in its timing and its scope. What’s happening in immigration in America is not happening in single moments – it’s happening all the time, a torrent of movement and conflict that the USA TODAY NETWORK is uniquely poised to capture.The reporting effort meant deploying more than two dozen journalists across the continent. For a week, they watched migrants prepare to leave Central America; crossed rivers and waited at military checkpoints in Mexico; found desperation in shelters in Mexico City and at the border; followed Border Patrol agents as they found families and children in the backcountry; and traveled by bus and plane with families who had been released to make their own way into the United States.From June 24 to 30, the teams from across the USA TODAY NETWORK traveled more than 20,000 miles, including to the highlands of Guatemala, the National Palace in Mexico City, both sides of the border from California to Texas, immigration courts in Los Angeles and the lawmaking chambers of Washington, D.C.
Field reporting is the centerpiece of a project that also draws on years of data and policy expertise. “The Migrants” reveals that the crisis is much broader and violent than has been previously reported; it is resulting in deaths, trauma, violence, crime and previously untold costs. Reporters reveal how much local tax money American cities now spend caring for migrants the federal government abandons. And they trace the roots of the surge, in part, to a crackdown on the heroin trade.

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The American Rocketry Challenge 2020 Registration Open

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 6 settembre 2019

Registration for the 2020 edition of The American Rocketry Challenge – the world’s largest rocketry competition – is open through December 1, 2019.Now in its 18th year, nearly 5,000 students from across the country participate annually. The 100 top-scoring teams are invited to the national finals in Washington, D.C. next May, where they’ll compete for over $100,000 in cash prizes and the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to represent the United States in the upcoming 2020 International Rocketry Challenge in London.The contest provides students in 6th–12th grades the opportunity to design, build, and launch model rockets, gaining hands-on experience solving engineering problems. Over the 17 years this program has existed, the rocket contest has inspired students to pursue studies and careers in STEM, and many have gone on to do cutting-edge work in the aerospace and defense industry.This year, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) is making it easier for teams around the country to participate and succeed by providing financial support for Title I schools, adding additional access to industry mentors for all teams, and sharing online resources that draw on the lessons winning veteran teams have learned over the years.
“We’ve seen the life-changing impact this competition has had on the tens of thousands of students who’ve participated, but it’s not enough,” said AIA’s President and CEO, Eric Fanning. “We know there are countless more students who want to compete, so this year, in addition to offering mentorship for all teams, we’re making grants available to teams that wouldn’t otherwise be able to take part.”

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Our Story Wins the Third Season of the “FedEx Junior Business Challenge”

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 25 agosto 2019

On the eve of play teeing off at the PGA TOUR’s TOUR Championship and FedExCup Playoffs Finale, Junior Achievement (JA) students from across the United States competed in the finals of the FedEx Junior Business Challenge held at the tournament’s host site, East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta. The three JA student companies that participated in the finals secured their spots by winning each of their individual qualifying events, which were hosted at PGA TOUR tournaments throughout the summer. At the event, the JA student companies pitched original business ideas, with Our Story from JA of the Chisholm Trail being selected as the winner and recipient of a $75,000 donation from FedEx to their JA chapter. Our Story is a motivational journal company for teens that helps to reduce anxiety and stress.JA student companies participating in the finals presented to a judging panel consisting of Steve Smith (NBA Champion and All-Star), Tommy Fleetwood (PGA TOUR player and FedExCup Finals participant), Ian Finnis (Tommy Fleetwood’s Caddy) Ryan Lane (founder of Dream Beard and FedEx Small Business Grant recipient) and Laura Neal (Senior Vice President Media Content and Communications, PGA TOUR. The judging panel evaluated each company’s ability to deliver a compelling pitch, create a succinct visual presentation and connect their business concept to innovation, sustainability, job creation or the trade industry.

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SoCalBio Announces Regional BioGENEius Student Challenge Winner for Bioscience Innovation

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 Mag 2019

The Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio), the trade association for the bioscience and digital health industries in Greater Los Angeles, today announced its selection of Nadia Ansari, a 9th-grade student at Sage High School in Newport Coast (Orange County, CA), as winner of the 2019 Southern California BioGENEius Challenge.
Held in partnership with the Biotechnology Institute, the Challenge enables high school students to compete and be recognized for outstanding research and innovation in the biotechnology field.As the winner of SoCalBio’s 2019 Southern California BioGENEius Challenge, Ms. Ansari will receive a scholarship from SoCalBio to attend the 2019 BIO International Convention in Philadelphia. At the convention, she will have an opportunity to interact with the bioscience industry’s top innovators, as well as compete on a larger scale against students from across the U.S., Canada and Germany in the Biotechnology Institute’s International BioGENEius Challenge.Ms. Ansari’s project focuses on Photobiomodulation (PBM) as a potential therapy for peripheral neuropathy – a painful degenerative disease that affects an estimated 600 million people worldwide. Her research identified a gene (mpv17) that may help PBM regrow and restore function to sensory nerves. During experimentation, she showed that nerve fiber growth increased 536 percent when the mpv17 gene was present.Ms. Ansari’s project was selected at the 2019 California Science Fair by a SoCalBio panel of judges including A. Stephen Dahms, PhD (SoCalBio Workforce and Talent Development Evangelist); Dwain Morris-Irvin, PhD (President, Innovest Global, Biotechnology Division); Andrew Norris, PhD (Founder, BCN Biosciences); and Shahira Badran (Educator, Los Angeles Valley College).

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Dernier tour du Vaudreuil Golf Challenge: Richard MCEVOY imbattable de bout en bout!

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 luglio 2018

Richard MCEVOY1C’est sous un soleil généreux et une belle affluence pour cette quatrième et dernière journée que le Vaudreuil Golf Challenge a rendu son verdict.Avec seulement trois bogeys sur l’ensemble du tournoi, Richard MCEVOY remporte cette 6ème édition affichant une carte de 68 et un total de – 18 sous le Par.L’anglais signe avec cette étincelante victoire le troisième succès de sa carrière sur le Challenge Tour. Le tournoi normand porte définitivement chance aux britanniques puisque le lauréat succède à son compatriote Aaron RAI et fait graver sur le trophée le troisième « british » au palmarès de cette épreuve. L’anglais Steven TILLEY termine à 2 coups du vainqueur et s’empare de la deuxième place malgré une excellente carte de 67.L’espagnol Borja VIRTO lui aussi auteur d’une belle dernière journée avec un 68 accède à la troisième place du classement général.Premier français de ce Vaudreuil Golf Challenge, Antoine ROZNER se hisse à la quatrième place grâce à un magnifique 66 pour un total de -11 ;
Romain LANGASQUE se classe, quant à lui, quinzième de cette édition avec deux excellents et prometteurs derniers tours. Résultat encourageant pour le jeune français en recherche de sensations pour cette deuxième partie de saison.Les autres français ayant passé le cut ont connu des fortunes diverses mais restent confiants et plein d’optimisme pour cette fin de saison avec comme objectif majeur de viser le top 15 du classement général du Challenge Tour, synonyme d’accession directe au Tour Européen. (Crédit photo: Frédéric Stevens)

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3ème tour du Vaudreuil Golf Challenge: Un «moving day» époustouflant

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 luglio 2018

Journée très chargée pour une grande partie des joueurs qui auront dû, très tôt ce matin, terminer leur deuxième tour et enchainer quasiment dans la foulée leur troisième journée. 64 joueurs ont passé le cut et se sont élancés à l’assaut du leader Richard MCEVOY. C’est sous un soleil radieux revenu sur les fairways et greens du golf du Vaudreuil que le fameux « moving day » a tenu toutes ses promesses. Le britannique confirme sa forme actuelle en réalisant une très belle performance, signant une carte de 68 pour un total de -15 sous le Par.Il devance de 4 coups l’écossais Ross KELLETT et son compatriote Steven TILEY, auteur d’un remarquable exploit en comptabilisant 9 birdies pour une carte de 62. Avec un score de -3 pour la journée, le sud-africain Oliver BEKKER rejoint le sommet du leaderboard à la 4ème place.Meilleur français de ce classement provisoire à la 6ème place, Thomas LINARD réalise une carte de -4 pour un total de -9 sous le Par.Grâce à un score de 66, Romain LANGASQUE effectue une remontée de 29 places rejoignant Antoine ROZNER à la 16ème place du classement général à la veille du 4ème et dernier tour de cet Open.63 joueurs s’élanceront dès demain matin avec un dernier départ pour les leaders à 11h40.La remise des prix qui consacrera le lauréat de la 6ème édition du Vaudreuil Golf Challenge aura lieu aux alentours de 16h00. (Richard MCEVOY toujours en tête! Crédit photo:

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1er tour du Vaudreuil Golf Challenge: Que le spectacle commence!

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 19 luglio 2018

La 6e édition du Vaudreuil Golf Challenge a débuté ce jeudi dans des conditions de jeu excellentes favorisant le spectacle! Le magnifique parcours du Golf du Vaudreuil a été un véritable test pour les meilleurs joueurs de l’European Challenge Tour.«Un britannique aux commandes» Au soir du 1er tour du Vaudreuil Golf Challenge, Richard MCEVOY auteur d’un superbe 64 (7 birdies) prend seul la tête du tournoi. Il devance d’un coup son compatriote Paul MADDY et le belge Christopher MIVIS tous les deux à -6 sous le Par. Thomas LINARD, Louis CAPON, Victor RIU, Edouard DUBOIS et Victor PEREZ, tous à – 3 sous le Par réalisent les meilleurs scores des 42 français au départ ce matin et restent au contact des leaders en occupant la 8e place du classement après cette première journée.On notera également le bon et prometteur premier tour de Romain LANGASQUE avec une carte de 69. Avec une carte de 71 l’Italien Filippo BERGAMASCHI occupe la 48e place de ce classement. Mais cette journée restera gravée dans sa mémoire car le transalpin a réussi l’exploit d’un «Trou en un» sur le Par 3 du Golf du Vaudreuil. Un magnifique coup de Fer 9 à 137 mètres. Pour rappel, sur toute la durée du tournoi, l’entrée est gratuite.

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This is Getting Old: E-TRADE Tackles Retirement Saving Challenge Through Super Bowl Campaign

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 30 gennaio 2018

Super BowlE-TRADE Financial Corporation (NASDAQ:ETFC) announced its return to the Super Bowl with a 30-second spot during the second quarter of the game. The spot highlights the hypothetical, tongue-in-cheek consequences of an aging population working well into their retirement years. As a precursor and extension of E*TRADE’s Super Bowl spot, a series of video vignettes will be shared in real time during the game on Twitter, featuring cheers from the “Big Game Silver Squad,” a team of silver-haired all-stars and veterans of the cheer trade, who are working through their retirement as a cheer squad.“The campaign aims to shine a light on the growing financial challenge future retirees may face, while encouraging investors to start saving for retirement,” said Lea Stendahl, Chief Marketing Officer for E*TRADE Financial. “We’re leveraging E*TRADE’s irreverence and humor to show in a more relatable way that at E TRADE, consumers have access to the resources and tools they need to help get on track. Our hope is to make America think, and ultimately take more control of their retirement destiny so they can enjoy the golden years in whatever way they choose—be that pursuing a second act, continuing their career, traveling the world, or auditioning for a legendary cheer squad such as ours.”The Super Bowl spot and Big Game Silver Squad activations aim to expose some concerning trends:
Nearly nine out of ten investors worry they haven’t saved enough for retirement
One out of three Americans don’t have any retirement savings
Nearly seven out of ten investors think they could be doing better financially
“Investing for retirement is a serious issue today, but it’s never too late to start,” said Mike Loewengart, VP, Investment Strategy at E*TRADE Financial. “For folks just starting out, the playing field has been leveled with retail investors now having access to tools, education, and products once only reserved for professional money managers, all at a fraction of the cost of previous generations. But one of the biggest factors to getting on track for retirement goals—hands down—may also be the simplest: contributing consistently. You can’t necessarily control your investing returns, but you can control what you add.” (photo: Super Bowl)

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Joensuu City Challenge – International Competition for Innovative SMEs Opened

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 dicembre 2017

Joensuu City ChallengeCity of Joensuu, Finland, has announced an international competition in which 200,000 euros will be used for innovative pilot projects in the city centre. Joensuu has defined four city platforms on which companies or other interested organizations are invited to present innovative proposals. The winning proposals will be implemented as pilot projects in Joensuu. The deadline for the proposals is 18th March 2018. The implementation phase of the proposals should be carried out by May 2019. Competition information is provided in English, and proposals can be made in English and Finnish.
The four challenges for which solutions are sought are versatile. A smart solution pilot related to city services is searched for. In the City-Lab approach, innovative proposals such as CityLabs or StreetLabs are expected. The third case is related to a river/lake tourism solution, proposals can range from tourist service solutions to VR/AR applications for recreational purposes. Finally, green energy solutions are expected for a vast recreational area at the lakeside where one of the oldest Finnish rock festivals takes place every summer.Joensuu is a university town and a growing regional centre in the eastern part of Finland in the Finnish Lakeland. The town has one of the most ambitious climate targets in Europe – to be carbon neutral by 2025. One-third of the population is under 25 years old, and there are more than 20,000 students in the town. The city population approaches 76,000 and the nearby region has 120,000 inhabitants. Joensuu core competencies are forest bioeconomy, education, photonics, ICT, metal industries and new materials. The European Forest Institute, an international science-based organization is also located in Joensuu. The town has a strong policy for innovative public procurement, investments and solutions.The competition was launched at the Bioeconomy Investment Summit in Helsinki, Finland, 14th of December 2017 which gathered over 500 participants from 40 countries. The competition will also be announced via the Finnish and European e-tendering systems Hilma and TED next week. The initiative is supported by the Urban Growth Agreement of the Finnish Government and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. (photo: Joensuu City Challenge)

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Instant Payments: Is Your Business Ready for the Real-time Challenge?

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 28 settembre 2017

digital payments12th October at 4pm GMT WHERE: Online, with complimentary registration New Frost & Sullivan Webinar: Instant Payments – Is Your Business Ready for the Real-time Challenge? In today’s digital marketplace, consumers and businesses increasingly expect to be able to make instant payments, wherever they are, and at any time of the day. The adoption of real-time payments capabilities is very much an essential for banks who wish to retain market share and capture new customers.“A future global solution will create a standard format (ISO20022) for payments and an interoperable system, – said Jean-Noel Georges, Frost & Sullivan Global Programme Director, Digital Transformation. – However, real-time payments will have to be coupled with a more secure platform and strengthened by artificial intelligence and machine learning features.” In this webinar, we will share industry insights and strategies to help your organisation tackle these challenges and seize the growth opportunities provided by today’s fast-moving market.
Learn how your organisation can benefit from the many commercial advantages and new revenue opportunities of instant payments. Learn about the unique challenges of real-time financial crime compliance and how artificial intelligence disciplines will be key business enablers in this environment.
Explore recent evolution in the instant payment ecosystem. Participate in an interactive Q&A session with Frost & Sullivan, Pelican and EBA Clearing.
Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today’s market participants. For more than 50 years, we have been developing growth strategies for the global 1000, emerging businesses, the public sector and the investment community. Contact us: Start the discussion. (photo: digital payments)

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Biophotonics Challenge a Ingegneria

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 5 giugno 2017

Roma Martedì 6 Giugno 2017, ore 11:00 Dipartimento di Ingegneria, Aula N17 Via della Vasca Navale 109. Gli studenti cureranno una breve presentazione sulle esperienze di laboratorio svolte durante il corso e cinque gruppi di studenti competeranno per l’assegnazione di alcuni premi (gadget) offerti dalla Dnaphone.

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Creazione del team Roma Tre per l’European Cycling Challenge 2017

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 10 Mag 2017

biciclettaRoma. Fino al 31 Maggio 2017 Ufficio Mobility Manager di Roma Tre Via Ostiense 159-161 l’Università Roma Tre sta formando una squadra per la quarta edizione dell’European Cycling Challenge. L’iniziativa è organizzata anche quest’anno dall’Agenzia Roma Servizi per la Mobilità. L’ECC è una sfida tra città europee, basata sui chilometri percorsi in bicicletta. È possibile iscriversi gratuitamente alla gara attraverso il sito e scaricando sul proprio cellulare l’app Naviki per il conteggio dei chilometri percorsi in bicicletta dal 1° al 31 maggio 2017. L’obiettivo, di questa come di ogni altra precedente edizione, è quello di dare un forte impulso alla mobilità sostenibile incentivando l’uso delle due ruote. Nell’edizione 2016 la città di Roma si è classificata al 1° posto tra le città italiane e al 4° tra quelle europee. Fondamentale è stato il contributo delle aziende con Mobility Manager. L’Università Roma tre con 6.040 chilometri percorsi è arrivata terza tra le aziende con Mobility Manager.
L’Ufficio del Mobility Manager dell’ateneo invita tutti gli interessati (docenti, studenti e personale) a iscriversi nel sub-team Università degli Studi Roma Tre della città di

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Paris Roubaix Challenge: ride with emotion on the legendary cobblestones

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 aprile 2016

Pedro DelgadoParis Roubaix Saturday 9 April 2016. Before Peter Sagan and Fabian Cancellera take centre stage on Sunday, Paris-Roubaix legend and its cobblestone sectors will welcome the thousands of riders participating in Paris-Roubaix Challenge. This year, the amateurs will be spoiled with the presence of a world-class forerunner, 1988 Tour de France champion Pedro Delgado, who will ride on the roads of a race he never actually competed on during his career. The extraordinary cyclosportive that is the Paris-Roubaix Challenge will be held on Saturday 9 April (the day prior to the 114th edition of the “Reine des Classiques” and offers savvy weekend riders three courses on the same roads as the professionals.
Paris-Roubaix Challenge is an exceptional event that offers thousands of cycling enthusiasts the chance to be a part of the legend. The participants will line up at the start line of one of three courses of the 2016 edition to experience up close the Reine des Classiques that has stirred the world of cycling since 1896. They will also have the opportunity to ride alongside 1988 Tour de France winner, Pedro Delgado and share a very rare emotional moment in riding on the legendary cobblestone sectors of Trouée d’Arenberg and Carrefour de l’Arbre. Their rides will end on the famous Roubaix velodrome that each year crowns the victor of the professional race.
Three courses on the programme of the Paris-Roubaix Challenge 2016:
· a 70km course (Roubaix – Roubaix), including a timed cobblestone sector (Carrefour de l’Arbre)
· a 145 km course (Roubaix – Roubaix) with two timed cobblestone sectors (Trouée d’Arenberg and Carrefour de l’Arbre)
· a 172 km course (Busigny – Roubaix) with three timed cobblestone sectors (Quiévy à Saint-Python, Trouée d’Arenberg and Carrefour de l’Arbre) (photo: Pedro Delgado)

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A new book aimed at helping address the financial challenges faced by churches of all denominations has been published by SPMfundessentials

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 giugno 2015

Liverpool_city_centreAlthough published in the UK, the guide contains many useful resources that are relevant for churches the world over, which are facing similar funding issues.Part of the Charity First Series, and aimed at church treasurers, finance committee members and church goers, the guide contains a wealth of useful insight and practical techniques for securing donations from current and new sources, and developing sustainable sources of income.The guide is written by Director of Learning and Stewardship in the Diocese of Liverpool in the UK, Steve Pierce. He shares his hard won experience of taking fundraising ‘Beyond the Collection Plate’ and diversifying churches’ revenue streams.Steve Pierce says:“Our churches are facing a financial challenge which we cannot duck. Fifty years ago around three quarters of the cost of Anglican clergy was met by the Church Commissioners. Today that responsibility lies largely with the faithful folk in our pews. “We face the challenge of paying for our clergy as well as maintaining our buildings and growing church life. This means we need to work smarter as well as harder to fund the fabric, ministry and mission of our church – this guide aims to offer a helping hand in that goal”.Churches all over the world are being encouraged to establish additional sources of funding to help maintain their sustainability. In Africa, for example, church leaders have been told to set up fundraising committees to identify financial resources by Father Nicholas Afriyie, general secretary of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, who said they should be less dependent on support from foreign partners. Meanwhile, across Latin America and the Caribbean, funding is inadequate and insufficient to meet the many needs of their churches; fundraising efforts continue to try and fill those gaps. Topics covered within the guide include: how to build a spiritual culture of giving within the church community; how to make best use of tools and technology, including text, email and online giving platforms; and how to inspire legacy gifts and the creation of Friends groups.Bishop James Newcome, the Bishop of Carlisle, UK said:“Beyond the Collection Plate is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to Christian giving which wears its deep theological foundations lightly. It is extremely practical and covers the principles as well as the mechanics of giving, with an abundance of pertinent anecdotes and quotations.”

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Seconda edizione IBM Smarter Cities Challenge

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 26 ottobre 2011

IBM Portable PC

Image via Wikipedia

IBM ha annunciato che le città di tutto il mondo potranno presentare domanda per partecipare alla seconda edizione della IBM Smarter Cities Challenge, un programma di donazioni triennale da 50 milioni di dollari, che prevede il coinvolgimento di 100 città e dei migliori esperti e consulenti tecnici di IBM in grado di fornire consigli concreti ai centri urbani. Questo programma consente alle città selezionate l’accesso ai migliori talenti di IBM, che dedicano alcune settimane ad analizzare le opportunità e le sfide che i comuni dovrebbero affrontare. Dopo le consultazioni con funzionari, cittadini, imprese, esponenti del mondo accademico e leader della comunità, i team IBM raccomandano le azioni da intraprendere per rendere l’erogazione dei servizi ai cittadini più efficiente e innovativa. I problemi affrontati riguardano occupazione, salute, sicurezza pubblica, trasporti, servizi sociali, tempo libero, istruzione, energia e sostenibilità. Come nel 2011, le città che si candideranno e che verranno selezionate devono dimostrare l’impegno a utilizzare tutti i dati urbani pubblicamente disponibili per aiutare a identificare i problemi locali e le relative soluzioni. A tal fine IBM fornirà a ciascuna città vincitrice assistenza e supporto per poter usufruire di City Forward ( un tool online gratuito, sviluppato dall’azienda che esplora trend e statistiche in modo visuale, con la possibilità di adattarli per lo studio di una varietà di problemi nelle varie città. L’osservazione di questi problemi in modo scientifico e sistematico fornisce elementi di conoscenza in grado di aiutare a definire soluzioni per problemi urgenti della cittàI consulenti IBM nel corso dell’anno passato hanno affrontato una gamma eterogenea di problematiche: dai trasporti alla sicurezza pubblicam dallo sviluppo economico all’analisi di bilancio. Di seguito sono riportati solo alcuni esempi dell’impatto che le attività promosse grazie a IBM Smarter Cities Challenge hanno avuto lo scorso anno:
• Le città della Contea di Mecklenburg County, Carolina del Nord, hanno concordato di creare un processo comune di pianificazione del bilancio degli investimenti e di coordinarsi più strettamente tra loro nella creazione e approvazione dei bilanci. Hanno inoltre deciso di individuare e implementare congiuntamente gli obiettivi di sviluppo, condividere i dati del territorio e misurare le performance.
• La città di Edmonton in Canada, alle prese con un elevato tasso di incidenti stradali fatali, ha creato e pubblicato un piano per migliorare la sicurezza e l’efficienza del traffico e dei pedoni. Per sostenere questo impegno, Edmonton analizza attivamente una varietà di dati, si allea con organizzazioni per la ricerca e il monitoraggio dei trend e misura gli esiti in maniera rigorosa.
• la città di St. Louis, Missouri, in passato afflitta da un elevato tasso di criminalità, ha avviato cambiamenti significativi di leadership e delle attività operative quotidiane, con l’intento di migliorare la sicurezza pubblica. I provvedimenti comprendono una collaborazione più formale e rigorosa tra tribunali, dipartimenti di polizia, ufficio del sindaco, pubblici ministeri e funzionari dei penitenziari. L’obiettivo è utilizzare i dati per prendere decisioni più informate e accurate nel campo della giustizia penale.
• I leader municipali di Milwaukee, Wisconsin, il settore privato della città e le organizzazioni di agricoltura urbana locale stanno costituendo un Urban Agriculture and Aquaponics Council per promuovere l’industria dell’acquaponica: un approccio ecologico all’agricoltura, che ricicla l’acqua proveniente dagli allevamenti ittici per nutrire le colture senza l’impiego di concimi organici. I partecipanti desiderano collaborare in modo più efficace per rendere gli alimenti più sani, redditizi, disponibili e accessibili in termini di prezzo e, così facendo, creare opportunità e posti di lavoro locali.
I fattori chiave per l’esito positivo delle domande di candidatura comprendono una forte leadership civica, la disponibilità a collaborare con molti stakeholder e il desiderio di rendere le proprie città più intelligenti ed efficienti. Le città dovranno anche sostenere sforzi concreti e misurabili, in grado di produrre un reale impatto sulla vita dei cittadini. Inoltre, i vincitori individueranno le aree strettamente connesse alle loro priorità, con il coinvolgimento di una serie di discipline e dipartimenti.
La necessità di utilizzare al meglio le nuove tecnologie e i nuovi approcci per affrontare le impegnative sfide odierne non è mai stata così grande. Del 2008, secondo le Nazioni Unite, più di metà della popolazione mondiale vive nelle città, e ciò accade per la prima volta nella storia dell’umanità. Questi centri hanno una potenza economica, un’influenza politica e un livello di progresso tecnologico che non hanno precedenti nella storia umana

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Hult Global Case Challenge

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 settembre 2010

Boston. Hult International Business School announced today at the Clinton Global Initiative’s (CGI) Annual Meeting in New York that it will donate US$1 million to the CGI to implement the best ideas generated by students in the 2011 Hult Global Case Challenge. The 2011 Hult Global Case Challenge will take place simultaneously across all of the School’s five campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai and Shanghai. More than 100 teams from business schools all over the world will compete to develop the most innovative solution to a real problem faced by a Clinton Global Initiative member in implementing their solution to a pressing global issue. The winning team will then see their solution being put into action with the support of the US$1 million prize.
The 2010 Hult Global Case Challenge saw teams from business schools all over the world including Harvard, INSEAD, Cambridge, Oxford, Columbia, MIT, Wharton, LBS and Carnegie Mellon compete to solve a problem faced by One Laptop Per Child. The inaugural winner was a team from Carnegie Mellon University.
Hult International Business School (formerly known as the Arthur D. Little School of Management) is the first global business school with campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, and Shanghai. The School offers a range of business-focused programs including MBA, Masters and Undergraduate degrees. Hult’s one-year MBA program is ranked in the top 30 in the world by the Economist and amongst the top 100 by the Financial

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Torneo golf

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 giugno 2010

5 giugno al Golf Club Menaggio & Cadenabbia la tappa che darà  il via alla seconda edizione del torneo Golf and Yacht Tour, che vede la partecipazione speciale di Equinoxe. Tutte le tappe saranno disputate con formula 18 buche stableford 1ª, 2ª e 3ª categoria.
Il challenge giunto alla seconda edizione vedrà sfidarsi i golfisti “Amateur”  su alcuni tra i più prestigiosi ed antichi green italiani disputando una competizione strutturata su 4 tappe, tre gare ed una finale. Si partirà dal Golf Club Menaggio & Cadenabbia per poi proseguire la sfida al Golf and Country Val Curone il 19 giugno 2010 e al Golf Club Feudo D’Asti il 5 settembre. Al termine di ogni gara saranno premiati: 1°e 2° Netto per Categoria, 1°e 2° Netto Amici Golf and Yacht Tour e 1° Lordo. Per partecipare all’assegnazione del challenge è necessario giocare almeno una delle prime tre tappe e la finale, prevista per il 18 settembre 2010 al Riviera Golf Resort di Cattolica.  Il vincitore, oltre a custodire per un anno il prestigioso trofeo “Golf and Yacht Tour”, avrà la possibilità di trascorrere un indimenticabile soggiorno offerto da Equinoxe presso Il Gattopardo di Lampedusa. L’evento vede la partecipazione straordinaria di Equinoxe, tour operator nato nel 1986 ed oggi leader in Italia per l’organizzazione di vacanze in barca in tutto il mondo e per l’offerta di un’accurata selezione in Italia e nel mondo di resort, hotel di charme e chalet in montagna. La programmazione Equinoxe si estende dalle crociere su navi rompi-ghiaccio ai poli sino alle mete equatoriali di Los Roques e Galapagos.
L’evento “Golf and Yacht Tour 2010” è organizzato da Red Point Communication, società di comunicazione integrata, nata alla fine del 2009 in seguito ad uno spin-off di Bowne International, società tra i leader nel settore del “capital Markets service”. Red Point, sotto l’egida guida di Edoardo Berardi, ex CEO di Bowne Italia, si propone al mercato dei capitali offrendo servizi di comunicazione integrata altamente innovativi. Nel portfolio i progetti per Finmeccanica, A2A, Euromobiliare, Banca IMI, Caltagirone, Enel.

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1st International Rome Polo Challenge

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 22 Mag 2010

Roma il 22 e 23 maggio (orario apertura villaggio ore 11) all’Ippodromo Militare “Generale C.A. Pietro Giannattasio” viale Tor di Quinto, 118. Vladi Polo Associazione organizza, in collaborazione con il Ministero della Gioventù  e con il patrocinio della Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri Ufficio per lo Sport,  del Consiglio Regionale del Lazio, della Provincia e del Comune di Roma, il “1st International Rome Polo Challenge, Coppa della Federazione Polo Italiana, ITALY-RUSSIA-USA” L’Associazione, forte dei successi conseguiti negli scorsi anni, prosegue nella sua volontà di diffondere la cultura del Polo soprattutto tra i giovanissimi. Infatti, le tre squadre partecipanti all’incontro internazionale saranno tutte capitanate da giovani e promettenti polisti: Ginevra d’Orazio 19 anni per l’harpa Italia Polo Team (Italia), Polina Nazarova 15 anni per Vladi Polo Team (Russia) e Peter Elser, 18 anni per Pelagos Polo Team  (Usa).

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“Challenge Damistico Petroniano 2009″

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 14 novembre 2009

Bologna 16 novembre 2009 alle ore 20.15. presso la sede del Gnarro Jet Mattei in Via B. Provaglia 4 nel Quartiere San Vitale di Bologna sesto appuntamento del “Challenge 2009”. La premiazione della manifestazione damistica è prevista nel prossimo mese di dicembre 2009 La manifestazione promozionale di dama italiana denominata “Challenge Damistico Petroniano 2009”, organizzata dalla Delegazione della FID – Federazione Italiana Dama di Bologna e dal “Gnarro Jet Mattei Dama”, proseguirà nella serata di lunedì.

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