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Leadership change at MERICS

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 gennaio 2020

From 1 February 2020 onwards, Mikko Huotari and Bettina Bubnys will be at the helm of the Mercator Institute for China Studies. Huotari will be Director and CEO of the think tank and Bubnys remains CFO. Together with the strong MERICS team, the two experienced professionals intend to drive forward the Europeanization and development of the institute, as was announced by Stiftung Mercator and MERICS today. Bettina Bubnys and Mikko Huotari. Image by Marco Urban/ © MERICS ­ Michael Schwarz, Executive Director of Stiftung Mercator, said: “Ever since its foundation, MERICS has made a name for itself with in-depth analyses of current developments in China, assessments that contributed to public discussions, and advice provided to decision makers in politics and business. Mikko Huotari and Bettina Bubnys are fully behind this mission and will lead MERICS through challenging times.” Frank N. Pieke, Research Director and CEO of the Mercator Institute for China Studies, is resigning from his position at the end of January 2020 due to differences in opinion about the strategic development of MERICS. Michael Schwarz said: „Stiftung Mercator is very grateful to Frank Pieke and appreciates his efforts as Director of MERICS.“

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Gilda e Phoresta, insieme per combattere il Climate Change

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 5 novembre 2019

Milano. Mercoledì 6 a partire dalle ore 18 fino alle 19,30, e sabato 9 novembre dalle 10,30 alle 18 , Gilda Contemporary Art, in via San Maurilio apre i suoi spazi a Phoresta Onlus, un’associazione senza fini di lucro che lotta per raggiungere i parametri del protocollo di Kyoto, ovvero la riduzione della concentrazione atmosferica della CO2. L’obbiettivo di Phoresta, che dal 2012 promuove interventi di forestazione, è quello di creare un bosco “orizzontale”, da costruire un po’ alla volta, da tutti. Tanti i temi trattati nel corso delle due giornate: dalla compensazione delle emissioni di CO2 attraverso alberi, boschi, servizi ecosistemici, ai progetti messi in atto da Phoresta che mirano a creare i crediti di carbonio per compensare le emissioni di CO2, ma anche come fare compensazione attraverso la cultura, come creare lavoro con la compensazione, cosa fare per decarbonizzare e come adottare una mobilità sostenibile. Il tutto, raccontato dai protagonisti. Saranno infatti molteplici ed eterogenee le personalità che si succederanno nel corso dell’Open Day di sabato 9 novembre: Angela Ruozzi, regista, e Anella Todeschini, responsabile marketing di Teatro MaMiMo; Paolo Perugini, art director di Informa – ADV; Matteo Bordini di Vagabondo Viaggi srl; Davide Bulgarelli di Bulgarelli Production srl; Simonetta Nepi, consulente marketing e comunicazione; Fulvio Cerfolli, docente Università della Tuscia; Cecilia Erba, A Sud Onlus; Carlo Maresca coordinatore dell’ICE ; Carlo Coluccio, ingegnere esperto di mobilità sostenibile.Le mini conferenze saranno introdotte da Carlo Manicardi, Presidente di Phoresta, e verranno scandite da piacevoli pause – dalla colazione al lunch all’aperitivo serale – con prodotti rigorosamente a km 0. E per finire, dato che il rispetto per la natura comincia da piccoli, Phoresta ha organizzato un laboratorio per bambini dai 4 ai 10 anni dal tema “Fare foresta”. Durante tutto l’evento saranno disponibili postazioni/computer dove Phoresta calcola le emissioni che produci e ti dice quanti alberi servono per compensare le tue emissioni. Sarà inoltre possibile firmare la ICE (Iniziativa Cittadini Europei) per il Carbon Pricing e ricevere un foglio A4 con i tips per ridurre e compensare le proprie emissioni.

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PureTech Announces Board Change

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 settembre 2019

PureTech Health plc (LSE: PRTC), today announced that Joichi “Joi” Ito, Ph.D., has stepped down from the board of directors, and current board member, Chris Viehbacher, will act as interim chair. “Given circumstances related to the MIT Media Lab, we agreed that Joi’s resignation from PureTech was appropriate,” said Daphne Zohar, founder and chief executive officer of PureTech. “We are pleased to have Chris Viehbacher as our interim chair.”
Christopher Viehbacher is a member of the PureTech Board and will serve as interim chairman. He is the managing partner of Gurnet Point Capital. Mr. Viehbacher is the former CEO of Sanofi, a Paris listed Fortune 50 Biopharmaceutical Company and the former chairman of Genzyme. Prior to joining Sanofi, Mr. Viehbacher spent 20 years at GlaxoSmithKline, ultimately serving as president of GSK’s North American pharmaceutical division and as a member of the board of directors of GSK plc. He began his career with PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP and qualified as a chartered accountant in Canada. Mr. Viehbacher has co-chaired the CEO Roundtable on Neglected Diseases, an organization that led to over 1.3 billion people being treated for such diseases free of charge. He was the chairman of the board of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) as well as president of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA). At the World Economic Forum at Davos, he was a chair of the Health Governors and co-chaired an initiative to create a Global Charter for Healthy Living. He was also a member of the International Business Council. Mr. Viehbacher has received the Pasteur Foundation Award for outstanding commitment to safeguarding and improving health worldwide. He has also received France’s highest civilian honor, the Legion d’Honneur. Various awards form the Thompson Reuters/Excel Investor Survey, including top chief executive officer and top European company, have recognized his commitment to investor relations.

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Change in Catella AB’s (publ) Group Management

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 marzo 2019

Johan Nordenfalk, Chief Operating Officer (COO), will leave his employment and thereby Catella’s Group management for engagement outside of the company.”I would like to thank Johan for his long time and valuable efforts at Catella during the process of change that has been going on in recent years and I wish him all the best with new challenges,” Catella’s CEO Knut Pedersen comments.Johan Nordenfalk remains in his position in order to ensure an orderly handover.

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Activist investors put climate change on BP’s agenda

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 febbraio 2019

The resolution was designed and proposed by investors including the California Public Employees’ Retirement System, the largest public pension fund in the US, alongside private firms including HSBC Global Asset Management and Manulife Asset Management, under the auspices of the Climate Action 100+ initiative. “Investors remain concerned that the Company has not yet demonstrated that its strategy, which includes growth in oil and gas as well as pursuing low carbon businesses, is consistent with the Paris Goals,” it reads. “It also presents a potential inconsistency between the Company’s actions and its stated corporate purpose ‘to power economic growth and lift people out of poverty’ given climate vulnerabilities in many developing countries.” Investors want BP to measure its plans to invest in new resources against the need to limit carbon emissions, and to improve the metrics that it uses to monitor and report the emissions associated with its operations. They have also called for BP executives to have their bonuses linked to the company’s progress towards sustainability targets. BP’s board say that they will support the resolution, which will be voted on at the company’s annual general meeting in May.
Climate Action 100+, which was founded in December 2017, has the support of more than 300 investors who collectively represent more than US$32 trillion in assets under management.
Activist investors previously pushed climate change onto BP’s agenda in 2015, when the ‘Aiming for A’ investor coalition requested disclosures on the company’s climate change risks.Global investment companies are increasingly demanding greater action and transparency from oil and gas businesses, as the economic cost of climate change becomes clearer, and as social pressure rises. Research by the shareholder advocacy group As You Sow found that between 2012 and 2018, 160 climate-related shareholder resolutions were filed at US-listed oil and gas companies. More than 1,000 institutional investors, representing more than US$6 trillion in assets under management, have begun to divest entirely from fossil fuel investments, according to a 2018 report from Arabella Advisors.“Investors are helping to ensure climate change is firmly on the boardroom agenda, which is especially important for the oil and gas sector,” said Stephanie Pfeifer, a member of the global Climate Action 100+ Steering Committee and the CEO of the Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change. “It’s encouraging to see major companies such as BP moving in the right direction. Global carbon emissions need to be reduced urgently and investors expect other companies in the sector to follow suit.” (by

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Climate change plays second fiddle as California burns

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 novembre 2018

By Jon Allsop. California is burning again. Separate fires in the north and south of the state wreaked devastation over the weekend and are not done yet. In SoCal, the Woolsey Fire has killed two people so far. In Butte County, north of Sacramento, the death toll from the Camp Fire is 29 and rising, with more than 200 people still missing. Many news organizations have stressed the historic proportions of the latter fire, in particular—on Sunday night, it tied as the deadliest recorded in California history. While outlets at all levels have painted poignant portraits of human suffering, local newspapers, as is their responsibility, have led with more pragmatic coverage. Small titles like the Chico Enterprise-Record have reported on what dislocated residents can expect to happen next. The San Francisco Chronicle, meanwhile, took a bigger picture look at how the state’s intensifying fire threat might be mitigated going forward. The Woolsey and Camp fires are not coincidental, one-off monstrosities, but rather significant new evidence of a rapidly changing climate. Sadly, far too much media coverage has failed to draw that link. That oversight is not surprising—in turn, it fits its own trend of big news organizations investing in detailed reporting on climate change, then failing to cite it in their quick turnaround stories when the threat strikes close to home. (As Hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida last month, CJR’s Pete Vernon pointed out that newspaper front pages did not mention climate change, despite having splashed dire UN climate projections just days earlier.) Over the weekend, fire stories that did reference climate change often did so in quotation marks, referencing, variously, high-profile comments from outgoing California Governor Jerry Brown, Los Angeles fire chief Daryl Osby, and the musician Neil Young (the latter’s remarks, on his website, were a rare benefit of a cycle that otherwise paid wildly disproportionate attention to celebrities losing their homes). These are weighty voices, and editors’ hesitation to blame individual meteorological events on climate change in the absence of conclusive proof is not without reason. Nonetheless, this sort of attribution is not sufficiently authoritative. Brown’s comments, in particular, were framed as a political dispute with President Trump, even though the latter’s weekend tweets blaming poor forest management for the fires carried significantly less merit.There is clear contextual evidence of the role of climate change in California’s worsening wildfire problem, and not enough outlets have cited it. The San Francisco Chronicle, at least, quickly got bona fide experts on the record: LeRoy Westerling, a climate and fire scientist at the University of California, Merced, for example, told the paper that “Climate change is drying out our landscape.” The Chronicle’s editorial board itself weighed in definitively as the fires spread on Friday, adding a practical call to action. “Rather than absolve us of responsibility for the growing human and material devastation of wildfires,” it wrote, “global warming should spur more urgent efforts to mitigate the danger with policies that make sense in any weather.” (font: CJR Editors)

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Barclays Named To Fortune Magazine’s Change the World List For the First Time

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 28 agosto 2018

Barclays has been named on Fortune Magazine’s 2018 Change the World List. The list recognizes companies that have had a positive social impact through activities that are part of their core business strategy. Barclays is one of only four banks on the list and appears for the first time this year.“I couldn’t be prouder of Barclays’ inclusion in this year’s Change the World list, and of the recognition of the success of our programmes,” commented Stephen Doherty, Group Head of Corporate Relations at Barclays. “Citizenship is part of the way we do business at Barclays – by helping our clients, customers and communities make a positive social impact.” Barclays, which operates in more than 40 countries, is dedicated to helping individuals find work through global initiatives such as Barclays LifeSkills and Barclays’ Connect with Work. Barclays also helps entrepreneurs to scale up and grow through its global initiatives such as Unreasonable Impact. These initiatives demonstrate the innovative approach Barclays takes to making a difference in the ongoing evolution of work.Barclays’ largely web- and app-based LifeSkills program helps people develop basic skills such as listening, problem solving, and interview techniques. Connect with Work, launched in 2016, goes a step further by matching job candidates with motivation but little or no experience to employers who will take a chance on them. The two programs have been very successful; more than 2.1 million people used either LifeSkills or Connect with Work in 2017. In the Asia Pacific region, Connect with Work helped secure jobs for more than 60,000 young engineers and recent university graduates. Unreasonable Impact supports high-growth entrepreneurs who are tackling some of the world’s most pressing societal challenges and creating the jobs of the future.

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Counsellors’ conversation on spiritual transformation and social change

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 4 giugno 2018

Some 80 senior officers of the Baha’i Faith, referred to as members of the Continental Boards of Counsellors, recently met for a conference at the Baha’i World Centre following the 12th International Baha’i Convention. On that occasion, the Counsellors were able to reflect on major developments in Baha’i communities around the world.
The Continental Boards of Counsellors assist Baha’i communities in their efforts to work toward social transformation by encouraging action, promoting learning, and diffusing insights being gained at the grassroots across a global community. They are appointed by the Universal House of Justice for five year terms.During their recent meeting at the Baha’i World Centre, small groups of Counsellors joined in conversations with the Baha’i World News Service for a series of podcasts on community building, spiritual transformation, and social change.In the podcast episode associated with this story, Counsellors discuss the impact of spiritual and moral education programs offered by the Baha’i community on youth and the communities in which they live, drawing on experiences in Cambodia, Kiribati, India, Norway, Spain, and Timor Leste (or East Timor).One of the contributors, Daniel Pierce Olam, who has been working with communities in Timor Leste, says: “There’s such a desire in the youth to contribute to raising up their country, and in the last couple of years we’ve seen many of the youth in the capital of Timor Leste, in Dili, have been attracted to the programs of Baha’i community, which equip them to contribute to this process of lifting up their community …. You see big groups of youth have come together, and they’ve started walking this path of service. This concept has really attracted them and they’ve really taken it up with great gusto.” “We have seen the impact young people are having on their neighborhoods where they live,” explains Zoraida Garcia Garro, speaking about the Canary Islands in Spain. “And we are seeing the transformation within them as well”Speaking about the experience of the Bahá’í community in New Delhi, India, Gloria Javid says: “The large groups of youth that support each other build an environment of positive peer pressure. We always think about in schools the peer pressure that pulls them in the wrong direction …. When there are large group of youth doing similar things, serving their society, being more respectful towards teachers in school, doing things for their younger siblings at home, it creates an environment where it makes doing good things more popular. And they support each other in that good work, so they don’t feel … they are the odd ones out.”

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Summary of the contract for the government of change in Italy

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 28 maggio 2018

This is the summary of the contract for the government of change, signed by the 5 Star Movement and the Lega, the two political forces that won the last elections in Italy. They represent 17 millions of citizens:
01 PUBLIC WATER Protection of this common natural asset, as expressed in the 2011 referendum.
02 AGRICULTURE AND FISHING – MADE-IN-ITALY PRODUCTS Protection of agriculture, as well as support to small-scale fishing and Made-in-Italy products.
03 ENVIRONMENT, GREEN ECONOMY AND ZERO WASTE Environmental sustainability through a “de-fossilized” and “de-carbonized” economy and nance; energy efficiency and renewable sources; support to a “green-economy”, (research, innovation and training for environmental development work); promotion of circular economy.
04 BANK FOR INVESTMENTS AND SAVINGS Establishment of an investment bank for small- and medium-size businesses; protection of savings accounts; separation of credit and investment banks.
05 CONFLICT OF INTERESTS Applicability of the notion of confict of interest in cases of interference between a public interest and another public or private interest that may influence the objective exercise of a public function, regardless of an economic advantage; application of statutory measures also for non-governmental positions.
06 CULTURE Conservation, enhancement and usability of cultural and artistic heritage.
07 PUBLIC DEBT AND DEFICIT Reduction of public debt through GDP growth, rather than through tax- and austerity-based measures; revitalisation of both domestic demand as it pertains to high-multiplier investments and policies to support the purchasing power of households, and foreign demand, by creating better conditions for exports.
08 DEFENSE Protection of Armed Forces personnel; hiring of new resources with increased equipment and tools; rationalisation of military spending, including in reference to the reclamation of decommissioned military real estate assets; review of international missions in relation to national interests.
09 FOREIGN POLICIES ISSUES Membership to NATO with the USA as a privileged ally; openness to Russia to strengthen commercial relations; reorganisation of the diplomatic and consular network for Italians’ rights abroad.
10 TAX MATTERS – FLAT TAX AND SIMPLIFICATION Freezing of VAT and excise taxes; Determination and simplification for households, businesses and VAT-registered professionals; review of the tax system applicable to natural persons and businesses; Flat tax at fixed 15% and 20% for natural persons, VAT-registered professionals, companies and families; provision for a fixed deduction of 3,000.00 based on family income; confirmation of the “no-tax area”; burden of proof on tax authorities; strengthening of compensations between credits and debts towards the Public Administration; abolition of the expense-based (spesometro) and income-based reporting systems (redditometro); enhancement of penalties for large-scale tax evaders; tax reconciliation: reinforcement of debt consolidation procedures.
11 SPEEDY AND EFFICIENT JUSTICE Independence of the Superior Council of Magistracy (SCM); separation of the judiciary – political careers; simplification and reduction of trials; enhancement of the right to self-defense; tightening of penalties for sexual violence; fair compensation for victims of violent crimes; crime expunction reform; end to de-criminalization and early release from jail; penalty increases for theft, robbery and fraud; speedy trials; class-action suits for citizens and businesses; reduction of costs to access justice; fight against poaching; construction of new prisons; new guidelines on the so-called “41-bis” prison reform (“hard prison regime”).
12 IMMIGRATION: REPATRIATION AND STOP TO SMUGGLING ACTIVITIES Revision of the Dublin Regulation; compliance with the principle of fair sharing of responsibilities among EU countries; fast-tracking procedures for the veri cation of the right to refugee status; transparency of public funds for the immigration hospitality system; cooperation among countries.
13 EMPLOYMENT Introduction of minimum hourly wage; reduction of tax wedge and simplification of bureaucratic procedures; voucher system overhaul; enhancement of employment centers; fight against short-term employment and the effects of the Jobs Act; enhancement of training paths.
14 FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION Increased penalties for crimes against the Public Administration; debarment from doing business with or holding positions in the Public Administration for perpetrators and enablers of corruption-related crimes; introduction of undercover and inciting agents; strengthening of the National Anti-Corruption Authority; greater protection for whistleblowers; enhancement of wire-tapping, especially in cases concerning corruption; strengthening of crimes related to interactions between organized crime (Mafia) and politicians.
15 MINISTRY FOR DISABILITIES Increase of funds for disabilities and individuals who are not self-sufficient; exclusion from the Indicator of the Equivalent Financial Situation (IEFS) calculation of welfare, social security benefits and indemnities; increase of civil disability allowance and adjustment to the social pension.
16 THE FORNERO PENSION LAW Abolition of imbalances in the social security system introduced by the “Fornero Pension Law”, to facilitate the exit from the labor market of categories that are currently excluded; introduction of Quota 41 and Quota 100 pension reforms; separation between social security and assistance; extension of the “women’s option” measure.
17 POLICIES FOR FAMILIES AND BIRTH RATE INCREASE Policies to enable women to reconcile family and work duties. Increase of maternity allowance; tax benefits for businesses that keep mothers at work after the birth of their children; reimbursements for nursery and baby-sitting expenses, tax benefits including “zero VAT” for neonatal and child products. Benefits for families with dependent elderly, including home assistance through maids and caregivers.
18 EMPLOYMENT-BASED SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME AND MINIMUM PENSION INCREASE Employment-based supplemental income as support for Italian citizens for the purpose of job reintegration; the financial support amounts to 780.00 per month per person, de ned on the OCSE scale for larger families; the beneficiary of the income must accept job offers from employment centers (maximum of 3 proposals over a 2-year period); in the case of refusal, financial benefits will be revoked; investment of 2 billion Euro to reform employment centers. Minimum pension increase for those living below the minimum poverty line: supplement to pensions lower than 780.00 per month.
19 INSTITUTIONAL REFORMS, AUTONOMY AND DEMOCRACY Reduction in the number of parliamentarians; introduction of a mandate constraint for parliamentarians; strengthening of direct democracy; regional autonomy and provision of funds for local authorities; introduction of proactive referenda; elimination of quorum for revocation referenda; enhancement of legislative initiatives; transparency on the financing of foundations connected to political parties; evaluation of the performance of Public Administration managers; cutting laws streamlining of Public Administration.
20 HEALTHCARE Increase of funds for the public health service; protection of regional autonomy in the organisation of health services; termination of the relationship between politics and the provision of health services; fight against waste, corruption and inefficiencies; review of pharmaceutical governance; Automation of the NHS and investments for prevention; reduction of wait on waiting lists.
21 SCHOOL Review of teacher recruitment system; resolution of short-term teaching jobs; effective training system; introduction of tools that take into account the link between teachers and their area of residence; resolution of the “direct-call” system; continuous training for teachers; review of “school-to-work” programs.
22 SAFETY, LEGALITY AND LAW ENFORCEMENT Increase of funds, tools and equipment; sta increase; renewal of contracts and career reorganisation; measures for fire fighters (stabilisation of labor relations, reinforcement of training and adjustment of wages to mirror levels set for law enforcement personnel); reorganisation of the Local Police with increase of equipment and tasks; rigorous fight against bullying and gambling; speedy eviction of illegal occupants and repatriation of illegals; investments in road safety; closing of unlawful nomad camps; fight against toxic bon res.
23 SPORT Implementation of physical activities; provision and upgrading of sports facilities throughout the country; improvement of the operation of sports bodies; introduction of tax and contribution benefits for small amateur sports associations. 24 SOUTHERN ITALY
Definition of policies (support to income, pensions, investments, environment and protection of employment) to achieve Italy’s uniform development, and the reduction of the gap between North and South.
25 CUTS TO COSTS OF POLITICS, INSTITUTIONS AND GOLDEN PENSIONS Cuts to costs of politics, unnecessary institutions and privileges; retroactive equalisation of the social security system of parliamentarians, regional councillors, etc. to the social security system in force for all citizens; reduction of official vehicles, government-paid aircrafts and body guard services; reduction of golden pensions (above 5,000.00 Euro net monthly) that are inconsistent with social contributions paid.
26 TRANSPORT, INFRASTRUCTURE AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS Reduction in the use of vehicles powered by diesel and petrol engines; incentives for hybrid and electric vehicles; National Infrastructure Plan to install electric vehicle recharging stations; strengthening of electric car sharing; development of urban and extra-urban bike trails; investment in resources to equip ports; modernisation and upgrading of railway lines; review of the project in the application of the agreement between Italy and France concerning the Turin- Lyon high-speed railway line; transparent management of public radio – television service lines; elimination of political cronyism and promotion of meritocracy in public radio – TV service.
27 TOURISM Creation of a Ministry of Tourism; abolition of tourism tax; tax credits for tourism businesses that hire young people; redefinition of ENIT (Italian National Tourism Agency) governance and its financial, economic and operational functioning.
28 EUROPEAN UNION Review of European agreements (monetary policy, Stability Pact and growth, Fiscal compact, MES, procedure to balance excessive macroeconomics, etc.); fight against counterfeiting and falsi cation of Made in Italy products; review of Italy’s contribution to the EU; opposition to CETA, MES China, TTIP and similarly inspired treatises.
29 UNIVERSITY AND RESEARCH Increase of resources allocated to universities and research institutions; investments in innovation; elimination of waste; incentive of public-private partnerships that allow greater contribution of resources to research; expansion of student bracket that benefits from “No-Tax area”.

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State Street Global Advisors Signs Declaration on Financial Risks Related to Climate Change

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 29 aprile 2018

State Street Global Advisors, the asset management arm of State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT), and Finance Montréal, today announced that the global asset manager with more than $2.7 trillion in assets under management has joined more than 30 other financial institutions and pension funds as a signatory of the Declaration of Institutional Investors on Climate-Related Financial Risks (“the Declaration”). The Declaration, released in October 2017, calls on publicly-traded companies in Canada to commit to enhanced disclosures of their exposure to climate change risks, and the measures they are taking to manage them.The signatories of the Declaration pledge to work with Canada’s publically-traded companies to help them mitigate their climate change risks, such as preparing for a transition to a low-carbon economy. By signing the Declaration, these organizations are also using their collective financial strength to encourage other financial institutions to join together to inspire more sustainable economic growth and reduce their environmental impact.“We are proud to join these other financial stewards in calling on publicly-traded companies in Canada to commit to disclosing more information on their exposure to climate change risks, and how they will manage these risks moving forward,” said Peter Lindley, head of State Street Global Advisors Canada. “In signing this Declaration, State Street Global Advisors reaffirms our commitment to ESG efforts that will help to initiate greater transparency around climate change disclosure principals.”
“We are pleased to welcome State Street Global Advisors among the signatories of the Declaration,” said Louis Lévesque, Chief Executive Officer of Finance Montréal. “As a leading financial services company, State Street is sending a strong signal to facilitate the growth of a sustainable and low-emission economy. Such a commitment from the now 15 signatory organizations demonstrates the role the financial services industry can play in the global movement seeking to reduce climate impacts.”

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A new start for Social Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 5 febbraio 2016

As Institut Jacques Delors underlines in the foreword of this Report, “if European policy-making jeopardises cohesion and sacrifices social standards, there is no chance for the European project to gather support from European citizens”. “The message and concrete actions coming from Europe must change”, said also Nicolas Schmit, Minister of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy, at the beginning of the Luxembourg Presidency of the Council of the European Union. This Report, commissioned by the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy of Luxembourg, focuses on ‘Why’ a new start for Social Europe is necessary, and on ‘How’ a new start for Social Europe is feasible.It identifies three pillars on which the Social Europe project should be grounded:
1) an investment strategy in human capital which can set the basis for growth and competitiveness based on social inclusion and resilience;
2) an enhanced and fairer labour mobility across EU member states to build a truly European labour market;
3) a pro-convergence reform of the European economic governance that can reconcile social and macroeconomic objectives.
For each of these pillars, a first section introduces key challenges and outlines the policy issues at stake. A second section offers an account of the debate, visions and proposals shared by experts and policy-makers who gathered in Luxembourg for the ‘A New Start for Social Europe?’ round tables, jointly organized by the Jacques Delors Institute and the Ministry of Labour, Employment and the Social and Solidarity Economy of Luxembourg. The publication aims at fostering debate on making progress toward Social Europe and building up a policy agenda for the coordination of social policies in Europe. It highlights some policy areas where concrete improvements are feasible or more urgent and presents concrete policy recommendations. The three chapters written by our research fellow David Rinaldi are complemented by contributions from Jacques Delors, Nicolas Schmit and Marianne Thyssen.

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“This changes everything. Capitalism vs the climate”

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 24 novembre 2015

This changes everythingRoma Nuovo Cinema Palazzo 26 Novembre h. 20:00 Piazza dei Sanniti 9. E’ un film di Avi Lewis estratto dal best seller di Naomi Klein, per raccontare la più stridente contraddizione dell’attuale modello produttivo: stravolgere gli equilibri ecologici del Pianeta o rivoluzionare sé stesso. Una rivoluzione che significherebbe però ribaltare la natura del capitalismo, ristrutturando il sistema economico secondo principi di giustizia ambientale e sociale. Cambiare tutto per non cambiare il clima, sembra questa l’unica via per salvare il Pianeta e chi lo abita da una catastrofe diluita nel tempo ma annunciata nella sua gravità dagli sconvolgimenti climatici e dalle loro conseguenze.
A pochi giorni dalla COP21, l’associazione A Sud propone presso il Nuovo Cinema Palazzo un momento di riflessione e dibattito attraverso la proiezione di alcuni estratti del film e l’incontro con il regista Avi Lewis, un’occasione per capire meglio cosa è veramente in gioco alla Conferenza delle Nazioni Unite sui Cambiamenti Climatici che si terrà a Parigi a partire dal 30 novembre. La presenza del regista di“This changes everything” a Roma, precede di pochi giorni l’appuntamento che i movimenti si sono dati nelle città di tutto il mondo il 29 novembre per la Global March for Climate (info qui). A Roma hanno risposto all’appello le realtà aderenti alla Coalizione Clima (info qui) di cui sarà presente all’incontro un rappresentante.Interverranno alla presentazione anche gli autori di “Italian offshore” (info qui), un progetto di video inchiesta sulla nuova corsa alle fonti fossili nei mari italiani premiato al DIG – Documentari Inchieste Giornalismi 2015 (info qui). Un breve video di presentazione del lavoro finora svolto per raccontare quanto sta accadendo in Italia con l’approvazione del decreto c.d. Sblocca Italia e il conseguente impulso alla ricerca e all’estrazione di fonti fossili, tra le prime cause di cambiamento climatico. Un racconto che parte dall’esperienza di chi sui territori vive le conseguenze di queste scelte. Intervengono:
Avi Lewis Regista di “This changes everything”
Marcello Brecciaroli, Manuele Bonaccorsi, Salvatore Altiero Autori di “Italian offshore” – Premio DIG 2015
Stefano IannilloCoalizione Clima – Parigi 2015 [Link] [Facebook]
Modera:Marica Di Pierri Associazione A Sud e Centro di documentazione sui conflitti ambientali
Ci ritroviamo di fronte ad una scelta difficile: lasciare che i cambiamenti climatici stravolgano tutto il nostro mondo o stravolgere radicalmente la nostra economia. Ma dobbiamo essere molto chiari: a causa di decenni di rifiuto collettivo del problema, adesso non sono possibili soluzioni graduali [Naomi Klein – This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate] (foto: This changes everything)

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Greenpeace Response to China-France Joint Statement on Climate Change

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attivisti greenpeaceBeijing. A joint climate statement was released today by Chinese President Xi Jinping and French President Francois Hollande. The statement made an incremental step forward while highlighting the ambition gap the world still needs to bridge.
On the two critical components of the Paris Agreement – long term goals and an ambition mechanism – progress was made but work still needs to be done in order to raise ambition before and during the Paris conference.Commenting on the joint statement, Greenpeace China Climate Policy Advisor, Li Shuo, said:“Exactly four weeks before world leaders convene in Paris, it is encouraging to see the ball rolling and diplomacy nudging us a small step forward. Moreover, with the recent decline in coal consumption and robust renewable energy development, China is positioning itself at the front of climate leadership. This is drastically different from six years ago in Copenhagen.However, for Paris to be a success, a far bigger stretch is needed. After waving goodbye to President Hollande tomorrow, Chinese leaders need to think hard about what more to bring to the table when they see him again in Paris at the end of this month.”
On October 30, the UN released a new paper showing that the post-2020 pledges made so far are not sufficient to maintain a temperature rise below 2 degree C. A week earlier, the UN concluded its last round of preparatory talks in Bonn, with an unwieldy draft negotiation text that still sees conflicting views and low ambition. The Executive Director of Greenpeace France, Jean-Francois Julliard, said: “This is no time for champagne. This bilateral statement should be another springboard instead of the last word for the Paris agreement. What the world needs in Paris is a global long term vision of a 100% renewable energy supply for all by mid-century and increased ambition by countries every five years starting from now.”

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Top Buddhists sign landmark statement on climate change to global leaders

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 1 novembre 2015

arte buddistaFifteen of the world´s most senior Buddhists have issued a landmark call to political leaders to adopt an effective climate change agreement at the UN negotiations in Paris starting 30 November. “We are at a crucial crossroads where our survival and that of other species is at stake as a result of our actions” the Statement´s initial section warns. Eminent Signatories (full list below) include His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, as well as Supreme Heads of Buddhism in Bangladesh, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Secretary General of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC), President of the Buddhist Association of the USA, President of the UBF (l’Union Bouddhiste de France) and Her Royal Highness Princess Ashi Kesang Wangmo Wangchuk of Bhutan. This urgent call for action on climate change, from leaders representing over a billion Buddhists worldwide, is unprecedented. This is the first time so many Buddhist luminaries have come together on a global issue to speak with one voice.The Buddhist Climate Change Statement to World Leaders (text and list of signatories in annex to this release and at urges the twenty-first session of the Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to act with wisdom and compassion, and agree to phase out fossil fuels and move towards 100 percent renewable and clean energy.The Statement also calls on world leaders to find the political will to close the emissions gap left by national climate pledges tabled with the UNFCCC Secretariat, to ensure that the global temperature increase remains below 1.5 degrees Celsius relative to pre-industrial levels. To help vulnerable, developing countries address the cost of mitigating climate change (reducing emissions) and adapting to its devastating impacts, Buddhist leaders have asked for finance to be increased above the currently promised US$100 billion per year as from 2020 through the Green Climate Fund amongst other instruments.“Everyday life can easily lead us to forget that we are inextricably linked to the natural world through every breath we take, the water we drink and the food we eat,” Lama Lobzang stated, Secretary of the International Buddhist Confederation (IBC). “Humanity must act on the root causes of this crisis, which is driven by greed, thoughtlessness and a lack of concern about the consequences of our actions.” “When we harm the earth, we harm ourselves,” according to Sister Chan Khong, of the Plum Village International Community of Engaged Buddhists. “The earth is not just our environment. The earth is our mother. We are all children of the earth, and we must help one another as brothers and sisters of one big planetary family. We must take action, not out of a sense of duty but out of love for our planet and for each other. The Buddha has shown us that we can all live simply and still be very happy.”
The Buddhist Leaders Climate Statement amplifies “The Time to Act is Now: A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change,” which has been endorsed in 2015 by more than 300 eminent Buddhist leaders and teachers representing the main schools and traditions of Buddhism from 37 countries, as well as thousands of Buddhist practitioners. It also welcomes and supports the climate change statements of other religious traditions. Buddhists are encouraged to show their support and join the conversation online using #Buddhists4Climate.

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Islamic world leads steps up on climate

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 agosto 2015

Istanbul Bilgi UniversityIstanbul Bilgi University, Social Incubation Center Santral İstanbul, 34060 Eyüp, İstanbul Press conference to be held at 12:00PM (EEST) Tuesday 18th August 2015. Press conference will be held in English and translations to Turkish and Arabic will be available.
The Islamic Climate Change Declaration will be presented to the media in Istanbul on Tuesday 18th August. This declaration is an important intervention by religious leaders and will act as a crucial rallying call ahead of the UN climate change negotiations which are to be held in Paris in December.Compiled in wider previous consultation with leading Muslim scholars, academics and faith groups, the declaration will explain why climate change is the world’s most pressing challenge, why Muslims have a religious duty to play their part in tackling it and how they can fulfil this duty.The declaration will be the key outcome of a two-day symposium in Istanbul (17-18 August) on climate change co-organised by Islamic Relief Worldwide, the Islamic Forum for Ecology and Environmental Sciences and GreenFaith. Participants will be Islamic scholars, academics, policy makers and Muslim activists as well as representatives of the UN, civil society and other faith leaders.
The Declaration will:Underscore the need for urgent global action in mosques and madrassas (Islamic schools) to emphasise the role that Islam can play in creating a world free from the ravages of climate change, free from polluting fossil fuels and built on a foundation of 100% clean, safe, renewable energy.Call upon the richest and most powerful countries to drastically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as well as to support vulnerable communities, both in addressing the impacts of climate change and in harnessing renewable energy.
Speaking ahead of the event, His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje, the Grand Mufti of Uganda says: “Every person must recognise the role they are playing in harming our planet and the devastating impact this is having on some of the world’s most vulnerable and other communities. “Islam teaches us: ‘man is simply a steward holding whatever is on earth in trust’, therefore man should ensure that we do everything possible to protect for this and future generations in order to leave this world a better place than we found it”.
Mr. Ibrahim Thiaw, UN Environment Programme Deputy Executive Director and Assistant-Secretary-General of the United Nations says: “In this pivotal year, when the international community will agree on how to bring about sustainable development and tackle climate change, it has been heartening to see growing consensus among faiths that humanity’s development trajectory needs to be fundamentally altered in line with moral and spiritual values. The declaration to be made by Muslim leaders, calling on the world’s 1.6 billion adherents to Islam to tackle climate change as an inherent part of their religious duty, will, I hope, bring increased momentum to efforts to address the greatest challenge facing humanity today.”Key VIP guests of the press conference include:
Makbule Kocak, Deputy Director General; Energy, Water & Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Turkey
Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, Immediate past Ambassador of South Africa to the USA
Dr Mohamed Ashmawey, CEO of Islamic Relief Worldwide
Dr Tahir Salie, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Islamic Relief Worldwide
Fazlun Khalid, Founder, Islamic Foundation for Ecology & Environmental Sciences
Professor Din Syamsuddin, President of the Indonesian Council of Ulema
His Eminence Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubajje, Grand Mufti of Uganda (phone interview only)
Halldor Thorgeirsson, Director for Strategy at the Secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Ibrahim Thiaw, UN Environment Programme Deputy Executive Director and Assistant-Secretary-General of the United Nations
Wael Hmaidan, Director of Climate Action Network International
Abdelouahed Fikrat, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment in Morocco
Dr Mohammed El Arwadi, Representative of the Grand Mufti of Lebanon
Ambassador Razim Colic, Director of Foreign Affairs, Islamic Community of Bosnia
Dr Abdulkadir Balonde, Chairman of Uganda Supreme Muslim Council
Martin Kopp, Climate Justice Advocacy Officer, The World Lutheran Federation
Nana Firman, GreenFaith Fellow & Climate Change Champion

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Greenpeace reacts to G7 climate discussion

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 9 giugno 2015

Garmisch-Partenkirchen-22Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany. With their last communiqué about climate change today, the G7 countries made some progress. Greenpeace Head of international climate politics, Martin Kaiser, said:”Elmau delivered. At the close of the G7 discussion today in Elmau the vision of a 100% renewable energy future is starting to take shape while spelling out the end of coal. The decisions made by the G7 today indicated an acknowledgement that there needs to be a phase-out of climate-killing coal and oil by 2050 at the latest. Merkel and Obama succeeded in not allowing Canada and Japan to continue blocking progress against tackling climate change.However, some G7 leaders have left the door open for high risk technologies, like nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage.”Here, in Elmau, Merkel has committed Germany to ridding itself of coal. However, the heavy lifting will begin when she returns to Berlin and has to present a plan for complete phase-out of the dirtiest energy source. Then she could live up to her name as the ‘Climate chancellor’ and put to bed the travesty that, at 44%, Germany is the only G7 country which has the largest share of coal in its energy mix,” added Kaiser.The G7 decisions on climate change give an important impetus towards both the Paris agreement at the end of 2015 and the transformation of the energy systems towards a 100% renewable energy in all countries.

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EU PNR: MEPs to discuss possible changes to Commission proposal

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 maggio 2015

commissione europeaThe Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee will discuss the 836 amendments tabled to the Passenger Name Record data (EU PNR) proposal on Tuesday 26 May from 15.05 to 16.30. Of these amendments, 47 were presented by rapporteur Timothy Kirkhope (ECR, UK) in his draft report and the rest by MEPs from various political groups.The amendments touch on a wide range of issues, such as the scope of the proposed directive, which flights should be included or excluded, the data retention period, several data protection provisions, clearer rules on how data should be processed and by whom, etc. Some amendments would reject the Commission proposal, and others would change it from a directive to a regulation.

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CEC Reacts to Lima talks: Climate change needs more decisive action

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 16 dicembre 2014

summit clima1The 20th session of the Conference of Parties (COP) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) ended last week in Lima, Peru. The nearly two-week gathering saw over 12, 000 international visitors, including government and UN agency representatives, descend on Lima for intensive dialogue aimed at assessing and addressing widespread global climate change.
An ecumenical team under the leadership of the World Council of Churches, including representatives from European churches, participated in these events. CEC and European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) were represented in Lima through the work of this ecumenical team.The talks concluded with 195 countries agreeing to the Lima Call for Climate Action. The document paves way for a more definitive international climate agreement to be tabled at COP 21, which will be held in Paris in 2015. While United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon hailed the Lima talks as paving meaningful way to COP 21 in Paris, the Conference of European Churches expresses deep ambiguity and frustration with the Lima outcomes. The Lima negotiations failed in their ambitious aims to restore trust in the UNFCCC process and facilitate progress towards a Paris agreement. Hopes for a robust and cohesive action out of Lima were high, yet participating governments left much undone in advance of the Paris talks. The decisions from Lima show a disheartening dilution of global commitment to addressing catastrophic climate change and an ongoing marginalisation of those most affected by climate change. At this juncture, CEC renews its commitment to be a unifying presence for the churches in Europe and beyond in delivering a meaningful, faith-based response to climate change. In reflecting on the Lima talks, CEC General Secretary Guy Liagre remarks, “We hope that the days and months leading to the Paris talks will see a strengthened and coordinated church response to the devastation of God’s good creation and the oppression of those made poor by climate change.” WCC delegation member Henrik Grape, Church of Sweden, echoes this sentiment, “Church presence at meetings of this kind is about underlining solidarity, justice, and equity.”Faith can be a great carrier of hope and source of courage in the work of transforming the world. “The CEC takes seriously its mission in working on climate justice, which our governing board reaffirmed just last week,” Liagre notes, “Our efforts will be intensified on the way to the COP meeting in Paris next year.”

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Will Unicorns Save us from Climate Change?

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 novembre 2014

climate_changeCOPENHAGEN — It’s hallowe’en at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s 40th plenary session, but as the world’s premiere climate science body releases its latest report, observers are wondering if the planet has been played a very nasty trick indeed. The IPCC appears to have embraced carbon geoengineering in the form of CCS and BECCS (Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage), which it now claims can achieve “net zero emissions” somewhere in the second half of the century. But critics are calling the move a case of dangerous “magical thinking”. “IPCC’s AR5 synthesis report doesn’t quite say that a herd of magical unicorns can save the climate, but it may as well have,” said Neth Dano, Asia Director for ETC group. “Frankly, based on what we know about unicorns and BECCS, magical unicorns are a kinder bet to reduce the carbon in the atmosphere.” “BECCS is magical in the worst way: it likely won’t work, and it’s leading climate policymakers down a dead-end road that gives oil companies an excuse to keep pumping CO2 into the atmosphere.”Reuters reported on October 31 that a permissive approach to “overshoot” is a theme emerging from the AR5 report. This thinking proposes that countries can exceed their emissions targets on the risky assumption that new technologies will be invented in the years to come that will mop up excess carbon from the atmosphere. This “pollute now, clean up later” principle is a radical departure. Previous IPCC reports more sensibly recommended reducing emissions enough to keep global levels of atmospheric carbon within safe limits.BECCS, which is largely a hypothetical technology, is the poster child for this new “overshoot” approach. It is part of a suite of imagined geoengineering approaches called Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) techniques. The hype surrounding BECCS provoked at least one media outlet to declare last year that “burning trees ‘may help reverse global warming’.” The idea behind BECCS is to grow trees and other biomass (which will absorb carbon) and then burn that in special power plants that capture the carbon emissions before they escape into the atmosphere. In this way, energy can theoretically be generated with “net zero” emissions, and even take CO2 out of the atmosphere.Critics have poked many holes in the concept: Where would billions of tonnes of captured carbon be stored? The likely destination would be “enhanced oil recovery” techniques, increasing, not decreasing, the flow of fossil fuels that cause climate change.
To reduce overall CO2 by 1 billion tons using BECCS would require a landmass of 218-990 million hectares of land which is 14-65 times as much land as the US uses to grow corn for ethanol. This would requiring landgrabbing on an enormous scale. BECCS proponents assume that 10 billion tonnes of wood can be harvested per year without any carbon from soil or ecosystems escaping into the atmosphere. And yet, land use change and emissions from soil are widely acknowledged as leading drivers of climate change.
Today, the only schemes that are labelled as BECCS extract CO2 from biofuels such as ethanol, tying this scheme to their many associated problems, starting with land grabs and food price hikes. Would the hundreds of billions of tonnes of stored carbon leak into the atmosphere or pollute local ecosystems? “The fossil fuel lobbyists are likely popping champagne after this move,” said Pat Mooney, ETC Group’s Executive Director who was in Copenhagen for the IPCC plenary. “The fossil fuel lobby has 55 trillion dollars in infrastructure and 28 trillion dollars in investment to defend.” “They would rather governments chased after BECCS, unicorns or anything else rather than take meaningful action to reduce fossil fuel use,” Mooney added. “By redirecting attention toward these magical nonexistent technologies, they hope to send the climate negotiations on a long and costly technological snipe hunt.” “By hyping a nonexistent technology and using it to justify emissions ‘overshoot,” the IPCC risks undermining its own credibility,” said Jim Thomas, Programme Director of ETC Group. “This is dangerous territory, because the IPCC is a globally-respected reference point for policymakers–the IPCC is strong on the effects of climate change and the need for action, but recognizing BECCS is a step backwards.” “If we lose the IPCC to corporate magical thinking fuelled by a cash-rich oil sector, it would set back efforts to reduce climate emissions by decades,” Thomas added. “Adopting BECCS could also pave the way for other crazy geoengineering schemes such as shooting sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere.”

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Change Capital Partners

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 17 luglio 2014

fretteChange Capital Partners farà un significativo investimento in Frette per metterla in condizione di raggiungere appieno il suo potenziale di crescita. L’attuale proprietà di Frette, JH Partners, una società di private equity focalizzata su beni di consumo e con base a San Francisco, resterà nella compagine societaria con una quota di minoranza. Fondata nel 1860 e con sede a Monza, Frette coniuga design contemporaneo con artigianato italiano per creare tessuti di grande pregio forniti agli hotel più prestigiosi del mondo, ristoranti, case private, compagnie aeree, compagnie di navigazione e ferroviarie, come l’Orient Express. La società ha fornito biancheria di alta qualità alle famiglie aristocratiche di tutta Europa così come al Vaticano. Frette ha 15 boutique di proprietà nelle più esclusive zone di shopping in città quali Parigi, Milano, Roma, New York e Beverly Hills ed è presente in esclusivi store da Los Angeles a Londra, da Mosca a Hong Kong.Frette ha registrato nel 2013 un fatturato consolidato di circa 90 milioni di euro e vende attraverso una combinazione di punti vendita gestiti direttamente, grossisti e agli hotel attraverso il canale hospitality. Change Capital Partners è convinta che Frette offra ottime opportunità di crescita negli anni a venire e metterà la sua forte esperienza gestionale e operativa nel settore retail a disposizione della società per rafforzare la sua posizione di attore protagonista nel mercato della biancheria di lusso per il bagno e la camera da letto. Change Capital Partners stima che il valore del mercato globale della biancheria di lusso da casa superi 1,2 miliardi di euro e prevede di trarre beneficio dalla costante crescita della domanda proveniente dai mercati emergenti.Steve Petrow, Partner Change Capital Partners, ha commentato: “Siamo molto contenti di essere in grado di compiere un investimento significativo in Frette. La società ha una tradizione unica, grande esperienza e il vantaggio di coprire sia il mercato consumer sia quello alberghiero. Con il nostro solido passato di investitori nella crescita di società che rappresentano punti di riferimento nel settore del lusso e dei servizi e beni di consumo, guardiamo con grande interesse alla prospettiva di portare Frette a un livello superiore.”Andrew Warden, Chief Executive Frette, ha aggiunto: “I mercati continuano a evolvere e ci sono grandi opportunità nel futuro di Frette. Con l’esperienza, la direzione strategica e il sostegno attivo di Change Capital Partners, stiamo per entrare in una nuova fase di crescita.Steve Baus, Partner JH Partners, ha concluso: “Diamo un caloroso benvenuto a Change Capital Partners che svolgerà un ruolo fondamentale nel dare a Frette il sostegno necessario e le risorse per il suo successo futuro. Siamo molto contenti di restare nella compagine societaria di Frette che crediamo abbia un brillante futuro davanti a sé.”Questa transazione rappresenta il sesto investimento del secondo fondo di Change Capital Partners e il tredicesimo complessivamente. Quello italiano è un mercato chiave per la società e il suo team include diversi professionisti italiani del settore degli investimenti. Nel dicembre 2010 Change Capital Partners aveva acquisito una quota di maggioranza in Vesevo (ora Sebeto Group), una delle principali catene di ristoranti con oltre 120 punti vendita in Europa e negli Stati Uniti. Il marchio Rossopomodoro, assieme ad altri nomi della ristorazione, è parte di Sebeto Group.Tra i precedenti investimenti nel settore del lusso si trova Jil Sander, che era stata acquisita da Prada e successivamente ceduta a Onward Holdings. Tra gli investimenti in corso si trova Paule Ka, il marchio parigino di abbigliamento femminile di lusso distribuito in 53 paesi del mondo.

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