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A new book aimed at helping address the financial challenges faced by churches of all denominations has been published by SPMfundessentials

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 3 giugno 2015

Liverpool_city_centreAlthough published in the UK, the guide contains many useful resources that are relevant for churches the world over, which are facing similar funding issues.Part of the Charity First Series, and aimed at church treasurers, finance committee members and church goers, the guide contains a wealth of useful insight and practical techniques for securing donations from current and new sources, and developing sustainable sources of income.The guide is written by Director of Learning and Stewardship in the Diocese of Liverpool in the UK, Steve Pierce. He shares his hard won experience of taking fundraising ‘Beyond the Collection Plate’ and diversifying churches’ revenue streams.Steve Pierce says:“Our churches are facing a financial challenge which we cannot duck. Fifty years ago around three quarters of the cost of Anglican clergy was met by the Church Commissioners. Today that responsibility lies largely with the faithful folk in our pews. “We face the challenge of paying for our clergy as well as maintaining our buildings and growing church life. This means we need to work smarter as well as harder to fund the fabric, ministry and mission of our church – this guide aims to offer a helping hand in that goal”.Churches all over the world are being encouraged to establish additional sources of funding to help maintain their sustainability. In Africa, for example, church leaders have been told to set up fundraising committees to identify financial resources by Father Nicholas Afriyie, general secretary of the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, who said they should be less dependent on support from foreign partners. Meanwhile, across Latin America and the Caribbean, funding is inadequate and insufficient to meet the many needs of their churches; fundraising efforts continue to try and fill those gaps. Topics covered within the guide include: how to build a spiritual culture of giving within the church community; how to make best use of tools and technology, including text, email and online giving platforms; and how to inspire legacy gifts and the creation of Friends groups.Bishop James Newcome, the Bishop of Carlisle, UK said:“Beyond the Collection Plate is an accessible and comprehensive introduction to Christian giving which wears its deep theological foundations lightly. It is extremely practical and covers the principles as well as the mechanics of giving, with an abundance of pertinent anecdotes and quotations.”

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Church, Charity and Business Leaders Call for Community Energy Revolution

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 febbraio 2012

Swindon, England, (PRNewswire)The National Trust, along with a coalition of civil society leaders from UK organisations with over twelve million members, has called for community energy to play a substantial role in meeting the country’s climate change targets.Leading figures from The Co-operative; the National Trust; The National Federation of Women’s Institutes; the Church of England and Campaign to Protect Rural England will today meet Chris Huhne, Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, to launch their joint ‘vision for community energy’, which supports dramatically scaling up the number of community owned renewable energy projects across the country, and to discuss how the Government can best assist.The National Trust has been working on its low carbon villages (LCV) project which aims to tackle the disillusionment and helplessness that many people feel about climate change in two Trust owned villages, Coleshill in Oxfordshire, and Cambo on the Trust’s estate at Wallington, Northumberland. Through a process of engagement over a three-year period, LCV aimed to develop positive and practical solutions that could set villagers on a journey to low-carbon living. The energy projects the charity has undertaken across all of its places as part of its commitment to generating half of the UK’s energy from renewable energy sources by 2020 can be seen on the National Trust energy map, found on the charity’s site.Patrick Begg, Director of Rural Enterprise at The National Trust, commented: “Many other European countries are way ahead of the UK, as we found out when visiting German communities last year. Germany produces over 20 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources, with communities generating about a quarter of this. In the UK, less than 1 per cent is generated by our communities, a figure this coalition wants to dramatically increase by 2020. We are asking the Government to support us in this.”At the same time, local energy schemes will receive another boost today as The Co-operative launches its Community Energy Challenge, a competition which will result in six communities across the UK receiving support to set up their own energy projects. The Co-operative is setting aside £1 million in 2012 to support community energy. This will involve everything from mentoring for start-ups through to the underwriting of co-operative share offers in local co-operatives.Paul Monaghan, Head of Social Goals at The Co-operative, said: “We want nothing less than a clean energy revolution, with communities controlling and benefiting from their own renewable energy. Talk of a new dash for gas shales, which could see up to 3,000 wells installed across the UK, highlights the choices we face – more and dirtier sources of fossil fuels or clean energy owned and controlled by communities.”In the coming months and years, the coalition, who were brought together by The Co-operative and its partners, sustainable development organisations Forum for the Future and Carbon Leapfrog, collectively plan to meet at regular intervals to make practical steps to drive the shared vision forwards and champion community energy among their members. Late last year coalition representatives visited Germany to see examples of other successful community schemes.
The National Trust cares for over 300 of England, Wales and Northern Ireland’s greatest historic houses and gardens, 1,000 km of coastline and vast swathes of our most beautiful countryside. People of all ages – individuals, schools and communities – get involved each year with our projects, events and working holidays and over 60,000 volunteers help to bring the properties alive for the Trust’s 4 million members and many more million visitors. Those interested in volunteering in the UK can find out more at:

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Urging anti-poverty meeting

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 settembre 2010

World leaders will attend a summit at the UN in New York on 20-22 September to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a series of targets that range from cutting child and maternal mortality to halving the number of people who go hungry. Caritas Senegal Secretary General Abbé Ambroise Tine will be at the talks as the representative of Caritas Internationalis, the confederation of 165 national Catholic charities. He will be speaking at the UN on 22 September about how justice and not charity is key if the MDGs are to be meet. Abbé Tine said, “If you ask a poor family in Senegal if they have heard of the Millennium Development Goals, they will almost certainly answer no. But they are working every day as hard as anyone to achieve them. They just know the MDGs by a different name. They call them survival. “Our generation is the first with the knowledge and resources to help millions of people escape from poverty. All we need is the political will from world leaders to see through the promises their governments are already committed to. That political will must take the form of further debt cancellation, fair international trade rules and more aid, better spent.
But with five years to go until the 2015 deadline, many poor countries will not come close to meeting the targets. One in seven children in Africa don’t live to see their fifth birth. Globally, 8.8 million children died in 2008. Four diseases pneumonia, diarrhoea, malaria and AIDS accounted for 43 percent of those deaths. Low cost solutions to cut deaths exist for them all. Caritas is running an international campaign in support of the Millennium Development Goals. Further details of the campaign can be found at the ‘Caritas Voices Against Poverty’ website

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