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Christian e l’arte dell’infinito su Radio Onda UER

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 Maggio 2021

Continua la serie di trasmissioni dedicate al cantautore Christian Cappelluti su Radio Onda UER, la web radio di Formazione Integrale dell’Università Europea di Roma.La seconda puntata sarà oggi, alle 15.00, e sarà sul tema dell’infinito.L’arte di Christian, con la sua forte dimensione spirituale, sarà lo spunto per parlare della musica come linguaggio universale, che ci unisce oltre ogni confine e può favorire il dialogo tra diverse anime e culture.La trasmissione, condotta da Carlo Climati, ospiterà un intervento di Andrea Monda, Direttore dell’Osservatore Romano.Sulla pagina web di Radio Onda UER si può già ascoltare e scaricare il podcast della prima puntata della serie su Christian Cappelluti, in arte Chris Cappell, dedicata al tema della speranza e dell’incontro.La vita di Christian, infatti, ha ispirato gli incontri di tante persone che hanno collaborato ad attività sociali, soprattutto a sostegno dell’educazione e dell’istruzione dei giovani. La Fondazione dedicata a Christian, fondata dai genitori Adriana e Franco, è un esempio di questo impegno, che ha contribuito ad alimentare una cultura di speranza.La prima trasmissione ha ospitato un ricordo di Padre Antonio Spadaro SJ, Direttore de “La Civiltà cattolica”, che ha conosciuto Christian nel periodo in cui frequentava il liceo, a Roma.Tutti i podcast si possono ascoltare e scaricare sulla pagina web di Radio Onda UER:

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The winner of the European Christian Environmental Network

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 29 ottobre 2018

Roman Juriga Award 2018 is the project Plant Native Fruit Trees in Parsonages of the Eco-Congregation Movement in Hungary. The ECEN award jury acknowledged and appreciated the ecumenical and innovative approach of this project in caring for creation.The second place for Roman Juriga Award is the Islington Sustainable Church Building Project of the Church of England. The ECEN award panel admired the positive achievements of the project in reaching out with energy efficiency schemes for 24 churches and engaging these churches into efforts for sustainable development.Also, in the joint second place is Cowal Church Energy Project of the Church of Scotland. This project was honoured due to its achievements in finding new solutions for heating church buildings and providing good solutions to remote rural locations.The awards were presented at the ECEN Assembly recently held in Katowice (Poland), the site of the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24).“I am delighted to receive this recognition on behalf of the Cowal Churches in Argyll. This project demonstrates that renewable heat sources using Green Energy can sustain historic rural churches protecting our Christian heritage,” said Mary Sweetland, Chairman Eco-Congregation Scotland.“It was really great for the churches and charity to have this recognition. We all feel really encouraged,” commented Heather Wood of the Richard Cloudesley’s Charity.The ECEN Roman Juriga Award honours inspirational and innovative church environmental projects in Europe. The award was launched in 2017 in memory of Roman Juriga and his outstanding work in the field of ecology and environment. Juriga comes from the Orthodox Church in the Czech Lands and Slovakia and passed away in 2016 at the age of 53.
Roman Juriga was a Christian leader who worked tirelessly with his church and partners across Europe to develop new and exciting green initiatives. His work focused especially on renewable energy technologies, and a number of solar, hydro and wind schemes. His passion for environmental issues had at its core the integrity of God’s inhabited earth.The Roman Juriga Award was set up to continue his dream to recognise and affirm Christian environmental actions that are realistic, realisable and easy to be replicated elsewhere and take in account social and economic implications.Themes considered by the ECEN award jury include Christian environmental education, Time for Creation and initiatives in worship and spirituality, recycling, eco-management, waste, water and health issues, renewable energy, nature conservation and biodiversity protection, transition lifestyles and sustainable transport and travel.ECEN through this award aims to identify and support people and projects that display vision, courage and conviction as they take on their individual challenges that will ultimately improve the lives of people living on this planet, or seek to protect the world’s natural and cultural heritage as part of God’s whole creation.The European Christian Environmental Network works closely with the Conference of European Churches to promote action and theological reflection in the care for Creation. CEC Study Secretary Peter Pavlovic serves as the secretary of this network.

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World Jewish Congress praises Pope Francis for Inter-Religious Match for Peace initiative

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 settembre 2014

new yorkNEW YORK – The World Jewish Congress has praised Pope Francis for co-organizing an international soccer match whose aim is to promote peace around the world and to raise funds for children in need. The ‘Inter-Religious Match for Peace’ at Rome’s Olympic Stadium on Monday will feature around 50 international stars and players with a Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist background, including Brazil’s Neymar, Israel’s Yossi Benayoun and France’s former international player Zinedine Zidane. Claudio Epelman, the WJC official in charge of dialogue with the Vatican, said: “By lending his backing to this initiative, Pope Francis has proved once again that he is open to unconventional and refreshing ideas on how to bring people together to unite for a common aim: peace. The Pope deserves our wholehearted support in this endeavor, and we hope he will succeed in bringing people from different religions closer together.”The Inter-Religious Match for Peace is the brainchild of retired Argentine captain Javier Zanetti and is being organized by the Scholas Occurrentes initiative, an Argentine project that aims to educate poorer people in different countries around the world, and Italy’s Fundazione PUPI, which works to unite people of different faiths.The World Jewish Congress and its Latin American branch, the Latin American Jewish Congress (LAJC), have long been active in fostering better relations between different faith leaders. In February, the LAJC organized a goodwill trip of a delegation of Argentine Jewish, Christian and Muslim leaders to the Middle East. At the end of their trip, the delegation was received in audience by Pope Francis. In May, Francis traveled to the Holy Land accompanied by a rabbi and a Muslim leader from his native Argentina.The World Jewish Congress (WJC) is the international organization representing Jewish communities in 100 countries to governments, parliaments and international organizations.

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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 26 gennaio 2014

porto antico genovaTo mark the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18-25 January 2014), the Presidency of the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE), meeting in Genoa (Italy), has addressed an appeal to European Christians to work for a common witness in the various sectors of society.“Is Christ Divided?” is the theme chosen this year by the inter-denominational organising committee for the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18-25 January 2014).Is Christ divided is an invitation not to use Christ to justify our misunderstandings and our divisions. Christ is not owned by anyone, but gives himself. The search for and acceptance of the Christian message can only lead to a common witness, to the recognition and welcome of the gifts which the Lord has desired to give to each of his faithful as gifts of the whole Church.Is Christ divided is a challenge to deliver the proclamation of salvation for humanity in all its integrity. It is a challenge not to close the figure of the God made man in representations, which do not affect or justify our conveniences.
Is Christ divided is a stimulus for our evermore multi-denominational societies in Europe, for a common testimony to God’s closeness to contemporary humanity.Is Christ divided is an appeal to European people not to separate out the religious dimension of their faith into the public and private spheres, and not to disdain the gift of life, by deciding alone which lives are worth living and which are not, and not allowing themselves to be guided by false delusions, but to make room for hope.Finally, that Christ cannot be divided is a certainty that nothing can ever divide the love God has for humanity.
The CCEE Presidency looks carefully at the situation in Syria, especially the one of the Christian communities, and joins the Holy Father in prayer for peace.

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Official Catholic-Jewish Forum Meets in Madrid, Focuses on Religious Freedom and Combating Racism

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 20 ottobre 2013

The International Liason Committee, the official forum of the Vatican and the International Jewish Committee on Interreligious Consultations (IJCIC) met for the 22nd time since its institution 40 years ago to discuss ways of combating racism and anti-Semitism and championing religious freedom. Over 60 participants, including delegates and observers from both sides, spent four days in intense discussions exploring such timely issues as the dismaying rise in religious intolerance, the threat of extremism and violence, and the need to educate towards peaceful co-existence amongst all peoples. Co-chaired by Kurt Cardinal Koch, the president of the Commission of the Holy See for Religious Relations with the Jews, and IJCIC Chair Betty Ehrenberg, the group exchanged views and looked for ways to jointly work together to face the current challenges to religion and to faith groups. Citing the dedication of Pope Francis to work to increase mutual respect and tolerance, Cardinal Koch quoted the pontiff’s declarations that a Christian cannot be an anti-Semite.Ehrenberg emphasized the need for religious leaders to work together to defense religious freedoms and practices, in view of recent attempts to curtail religious slaughter and male circumcision.Special emphasis was put on the need for education of both religious groups as to the history and knowledge about Christianity and Judaism in order to dispel myths and stereotypes, with particular attention to the spread of the declaration Nostra Aetate to many areas of the world where the Vatican document that advanced dialogue and peaceful relations between Catholics and Jews is still not sufficiently well known.The groups expressed much satisfaction with the meeting and looks forward with anticipation to continuing to work closely together on these important issues of common concern.

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“New challenges for the Churches’ witness in Europe”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 gennaio 2012

Geneva. At the conclusion of the worldwide Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (18-25 January 2012), the Joint Committee of the Conference of European Churches (CEC) and the Council of European Episcopal Conferences (CCEE) will meet in Geneva at the John Knox Centre from 26-28 January 2012 at the invitation of Metropolitan Emmanuel of France, President of the Conference of European Churches (CEC). The Committee, established in 1972, is the highest body for dialogue between CEC and CCEE. It usually meets annually and includes, as well as the General Secretaries of the two bodies, seven members from CEC and seven appointed by CCEE. This year, the CEC delegated members will be meeting for the first time the new CCEE Presidency and members of the Joint Committee appointed October 2011 at CCEE’s Plenary Assembly. The main theme of the meeting will be developed with contributions from experts. In particular, Professor Giancarlo Blangiardo, lecturer in demographics at Milano-Bicocca University, will focus on the demographic, political and economic challenges facing the Churches and Society, while Professor Alister McGrath, professor of Theology at King’s College, London, will present a cultural and spiritual reading of the same context. On the basis of these presentations, the participants will debate the issue of the witness of the Churches, in particular examining the theological and practical responses, starting from pastoral and local experiences, as regards the current ever-changing situation. During the meeting, the participants will also meet the general secretaries and representatives of the World Council of Churches, Lutheran World Federation (LWF), the World Communion of Reformed Churches (WCRC) and the ACT Alliance as well as with the representatives of local churches in Geneva region. On the evening of 27 January, the participants will be received by Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, Apostolic Nuncio and the Holy See’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations and other International Organisations in Geneva. The agenda also includes discussions on the following issues: the presence of the Roma people (Rom, Sinti, Gitani); dialogue with Muslims in Europe; and the current political and economic situation in Europe. The meeting will end on the afternoon of Saturday 28 January with a visit to Geneva’s International Museum of the Reformation.The programme will be marked by moments of prayer according to the various traditions of the Christian denominations present at the meeting.

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New hopes for region as holy land

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 7 gennaio 2012

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Bishops from across Europe and North America will meet from 8 to 12 January in Jerusalem for the annual meeting of the Holy Land Coordination at a time of political and social change in the region. This year they will meet local Christians across the Holy Land, with parish visits to Gaza, Nablus and Jerusalem on Sunday 8 January, as well as meetings in Haifa, Ramallah and Jerusalem. With the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land, the opening session of the Coordination will take place on Monday 9 January. During the four days of the meeting, there will be addresses from His Beatitude Patriarch Fouad Twal and His Excellency the Apostolic Nuncio Antonio Franco, presentations from academics and a view from both Israelis and Palestinians about the impact of the “Arab Spring” and the socio-political changes in the region.Mgr. Duarte da Cunha, General Secretary of CCEE will also participate to express in the name of the presidency of CCEE the closeness of the European Church to the Christians in the Land that saw Jesus being born, die and resurrect. Sustaining the wellbeing of the Christians we are sure that peace for all persons living in that region will be strengthened and become more stable.Archbishop Patrick Kelly said: “The “Arab Spring” is a reality which has many different aspects, some positive, some negative for Christian Communities and there is great uncertainty as to what will happen in the coming months. In such a small region what happens in Damascus cannot but have an effect on what is happening in Bethlehem and what happens in Egypt must touch Gaza, where some of the Bishops hope to celebrate Mass. Anything happening in any one of those countries inevitably touches them all.’In addition to the prayers, liturgies and formal visits to other Catholic rites and Christian denominations, on Tuesday 10 January, there will be a visit to Haifa, during which there will be an inter-religious exchange with the Jews, Muslims, Druze and Bahai. Political meetings will take place with both Israeli and Palestinian ministers.Since 1998, the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has organised the annual meeting of the Coordination of Episcopal Conferences in Support of the Church of the Holy Land and at the invitation of the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land. It is often more simply called the Holy Land Co-ordination.Mandated by the Holy See, the Holy Land Co-ordination meets every January in the Holy Land, focusing on prayer, pilgrimage and persuasion with the aim of acting in solidarity with the Christian community there and sharing in the pastoral life of the local Church as it experiences intense political and social-economic pressure.

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