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The International Publishers Association (IPA) has urged the mayor of Verona, Italy, to abandon a manifesto pledge to pull from circulation various books that are not aligned with his own worldview

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 10 luglio 2017

arena veronaElected to office on 25 June, Federico Sboarina’s mayoral programme commits to: Withdraw from libraries and municipal or contracted schools (including kindergartens) books and publications that promote the equivalence of the natural family and same-sex unions.IPA president Michiel Kolman wrote a letter to Mr Sboarina this week to criticize his plan and recommend he revise it, explaining:To be absolutely clear, whatever ideological compulsion lies behind your desire to censor and suppress the range of published works that the citizens of Verona can access is entirely irrelevant. I wish only to impress upon you that, in a democratic country such as Italy, it is under no circumstances acceptable to censor legally sound publications.
The IPA and its Freedom to Publish Committee denounce and reject in the strongest terms the censorship of books that you intend to impose. I hope that you will reconsider the censorial aspects of your manifesto, and opt instead to increase the diversity of opinions and ideas available on Verona’s bookshelves. This will empower and enable citizens of your magnificent city to make up their own minds about what does and does not constitute acceptable reading.The IPA’s Italian member, Associazione Italiana Editori (AIE), has also expressed dismay at Mayor Sboarina’s censorial intentions in a letter of solidarity to the Italian libraries association, Associazione Italiana Biblioteche (AIB).AIE president Ricardo Franco Levi wrote to AIB president Rosa Maiello:Whoever reacts to books he judges to be wrong by considering withdrawing, hiding or burning them, it will be our responsibility to explain how it is more useful and more gratifying to read them, write them, publish them, distribute them, sell them, choose them, lend them, and preserve them.The IPA is the world’s largest federation of national, regional and specialist publishers’ associations. Its membership comprises 70 organisations from 60 countries in Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the Americas. Through its members, IPA represents thousands of individual publishers around the world who service markets containing more than 5.6 billion people.Based in Geneva, Switzerland, IPA represents the interests of the publishing industry in international fora and wherever publishers’ interests are at stake. The IPA promotes and defends copyright and freedom to publish, as well as literacy and reading.IPA is an accredited non-governmental organisation (NGO) enjoying consultative relations with the United Nations. (foto: verona)

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Individuato gene modificatore della sindrome QT lungo

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 5 novembre 2009

La presenza di specifiche varianti del gene Nos1ap sarebbe associata a un incremento del rischio di episodi cardiaci fatali in pazienti affetti da sindrome del QT lungo. L’evidenza arriva da uno studio condotto presso il laboratorio di Genetica cardiovascolare dell’Istituto Auxologico di Milano e pubblicato su Circulation. L’indagine finanziata da Telethon, dal Nih (National Institutes of Health) e dal ministero degli Esteri, è stata coordinata da Peter Schwartz, direttore della cattedra di Cardiologia dell’Università di Pavia e dell’Unità coronarica della Fondazione Irccs Policlinico San Matteo, che da anni si occupa di questa patologia. Le analisi genetiche hanno riguardato 500 individui sudafricani, appartenenti a 25 famiglie discendenti da un unico progenitore olandese affetto dalla sindrome. In 205 individui è stata evidenziata non solo la presenza della stessa mutazione di Kcnq1, ritrovata nell’antenato, ma anche quella di due specifiche varianti del gene Nos1ap, che da sole determinano un lieve e ininfluente allungamento dell’intervallo QT, ma quando sono associate a difetti nel gene Kcnq1 fanno raddoppiare il rischio di sincope e morte improvvisa. (L.A.)

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The financial news business in the U.S.

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 10 ottobre 2009

Among the changes sweeping through the financial news business in the U.S. has been the rising influence of what CJR’s online business desk, The Audit, calls the Anglo-Australian model. The most jarring manifestation was the 2007 purchase of The Wall Street Journal’s parent, Dow Jones & Co., by News Corp., which within months had jettisoned the paper’s incumbent editor and installed its own, mostly Anglo-Australian, team. Almost as important has been the steady rise here of the London-based Financial Times. The salmon-colored broadsheet has seen its circulation (paid print and online) hit 542,000 as of last August, up 3 percent from a year earlier in a bad year, while its U.S. edition has grown to 143,000 from zero when it was introduced in 1997. The FT has an outsized impact on the U.S. financial conversation. Its influence has been most clear, perhaps, in the FT-like innovations the Journal itself has adopted. Lionel Barber has presided over much of this. An FTer since 1985, he headed the U.S. edition from 2002 to 2005, then was named editor of the FT overall.  Audit chief Dean Starkman has a fascinating Q&A, below.  Meanwhile, The Audit’s Ryan Chittum has praise for Bloomberg News today for a solid look at stock-research and the conflicts that still pervade the Wall Street research business seven years after Eliot Spitzer’s campaign to clean that corrupt area up.  But Starkman has trouble wading through the writing in an another otherwise decent Bloomberg piece about Barney Frank and his bill, which lobbyists and New Democrats are trying  to blunt. Bad writing, he points out, wastes good reporting. Bad headlines too.  And finally, Ryan has some quick links for today: interesting stories from The Associated Press, The Washington Post, Reuters, and the Journal.

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