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Nasce oggi la Slow Food Coffee Coalition

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 26 aprile 2021

Al via la Slow Food Coffee Coalition, una rete aperta nata dall’iniziativa di Slow Food insieme al Gruppo Lavazza, che collabora con l’associazione della chiocciola dalla metà degli anni ‘90. Questa rete, nelle intenzioni dei promotori, unirà tutti gli attori della filiera del caffè, dai produttori ai torrefattori, dai distributori ai consumatori, accomunati dall’amore per questa bevanda e ispirati dall’idea di un caffè buono, pulito e giusto per tutti. Un nuovo modello di relazione, ispirato ai valori della cooperazione, che tiene conto dell’evoluzione dei paradigmi di produzione e consumo, lanciato – in occasione della Giornata Mondiale della Terra – da Torino tra gli eventi che concludono i 6 mesi straordinari di Terra Madre Salone del Gusto. L’obiettivo è creare nuove connessioni e migliorare la relazione tra agricoltori e consumatori, per irrobustire il primo e più fragile anello della filiera e promuovere l’identità e la conoscenza del caffè con chi lo sceglie ogni giorno. la Slow Food Coffee Coalition invita tutti gli attori della filiera interessati al caffè ad aderire al suo Manifesto perché insieme ci impegniamo a garantire e godere di un prodotto buono, pulito e giusto. Una rete mondiale quindi, che crede nella tutela dell’ambiente, nella salvaguardia dei diritti fondamentali dell’uomo e del lavoro, nella trasparenza, nella tracciabilità, nell’educazione e nel diritto al piacere, e che fa di questi elementi le pietre miliari di un nuovo cammino. Tutti noi possiamo decidere di aderire alla Coalition per fare formazione, per favorire uno scambio di idee e di buone pratiche, ma anche per ideare nuove attività concrete o ascoltare e condividere.

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12.7 Million Aussies Experiencing a Coffee Faux Pas

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 ottobre 2018

Coffee faux pas are real. 12.7 million Australians have had a poor coffee experience at home with a guest, despite a whopping 4.12 million Australians being ‘coffee enthusiasts’, according to the new Sunbeam research released today. Released in line with International Coffee Day (1 October), the data confirmed we continue to be a coffee-obsessed nation. 4.6 billion cups of café style coffee are consumed by Australians – in and outside of the home – each year. Per person, that’s an average of 242 cups in one year. Yet, despite Australia taking coffee very seriously, the research revealed that coffee faux pas are all too common, as 67 per cent of Australians admit to poor coffee etiquette when having a coffee at home with a guest. The nation’s leading coffee crimes include serving instant coffee to a visitor (42 per cent), offering an alternate warm beverage (24 per cent), choosing to drink out instead (16 per cent), and offering to re-heat a guest’s untouched coffee (5 per cent).The findings also exposed Australia as a fussy nation – nearly all (98 per cent) have at least one pet peeve that ruins a coffee experience. Topping the list are temperature (65 per cent), the dreaded burnt coffee (58 per cent) and strength (56 per cent), amongst others, including foam inconsistencies (39 per cent), and the unforgettable taste of curdled soy milk (27 per cent). According to the research, Australians are impatient too; two in five (40 per cent) of those surveyed state a long wait makes for a bad coffee experience, with men (44 per cent) and Baby Boomers (45 per cent) being the least patient.Yet, according to Sunbeam, Australians are not only the victims of a poor coffee experience, but also culprits of coffee shaming. One quarter of the nation (25 per cent) admit to being involved in some form of it, with one in five (21 per cent) being the perpetrators of shaming others. From making assumptions about someone based on what coffee they drink (8 per cent), judging someone or being judged based on serving a sub-standard cup of coffee (7 per cent each), being embarrassed about a friend’s coffee order (9 per cent), and even being embarrassed of one’s own coffee order (8 per cent).Perhaps unsurprisingly, the data found that while Australians love coffee and the taste of barista-made coffee – both at home and outside of it – a lack of knowledge or equipment limits the ability to enjoy it in the comfort of one’s own home. 79 per cent of Australians confessed to feeling that they are unable to make a café style coffee at home. Nearly half (47 per cent) attribute this to not having the right equipment, while a third (32 per cent) simply don’t know how to make one.Commenting on the research, George Choutis of Roastville and Sunbeam espresso machine advocate said, “Australians are a coffee proud nation. However, most live busy and time poor lives. The quick and easy home coffee option sometimes sacrifices a quality cup of coffee. Yet, with new technologies emerging, Aussies who feel they don’t have the necessary equipment to make barista-style coffee at home are being facilitated. Take the Sunbeam Barista Max. It has all the tools to make top quality coffee, while maintaining the integrity of fresh coffee beans. Australians can now avoid a coffee faux pas, and be their own home coffee maestro at home.”The study is aligned with the release of Sunbeam’s newest home kitchen solution to help Australians make true café style coffee at home, to help get through the day and have that delicious café moment at home.The all-new Sunbeam Barista Max is a modern, sleek and thoughtfully-designed espresso machine. Inspired by professional café coffee machines, the Barista Max uses a 58mm group head and handle which ensures the coffee grinds are more evenly spread in the filter basket, therefore producing the freshest-tasting coffee. The Barista Max is also equipped with the latest technology including a Tap & Go™ Integrated Grinder, allowing for an easy, on-demand grinding experience, as well as a powerful steam wand to deliver the perfect textured micro-foam milk, and a programmable shot volume, to manage the right quantity in your cup.The Barista Max also comes with a Temp˚IQ Shot Control™ – a unique three-way system including Thermoblock technology, advanced PID controller and gentle pre-infusion. These all work together to regulate and stabilise water temperature, delivering an ultra-precise temperature for great tasting coffee every time. Covered by a 12-month replacement warranty, the Barista Max also has easy maintenance features such as an anti-spill gate, grind bin and convenient accessories storage.

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Significant Demand Seen for Tierra Nueva’s Edible Coffee

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 giugno 2018

David G. Burke, Chief Executive Officer of Tierra Nueva LLC, announced today that an analysis of the results of Tierra Nueva’s participation in the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago shows unparalleled market demand for the company’s Edible Coffee® line of products and technologies.
Tierra Nueva’s marketing team provided 18,000 samples of Tierra Nueva’s Coffee Thins® product to show participants in less than 48 hours, exhausting the supply at Tierra Nueva’s trade show booth. Also, the marketing team received requests for follow up from more than 250 retailers researching new products at the show, May 22-24. “Importantly, all retailers in the United States that attended that show expressed an interest,” said Burke. “These included the top 10 in the who’s who of retailers in the U.S., and all of them have invited us back to discuss how they can get into the Edible Coffee® category with Tierra Nueva. Many have suggested it will be a multi-billion-dollar category.”Burke said Tierra Nueva will be announcing shortly new partnerships for the dramatic expansion of Edible Coffee® products over the next 3-6 months.“Our use of 100 percent of the coffee bean in our Edible Coffee® consumer products, along with our continuing focus on new breakthroughs in the science of coffee bean research and development, are sound and socially responsible applications of a precious global commodity,” said Burke. “Whole bean means the environmentally-friendly process can reduce coffee raw material costs by more than 30 percent, and create significantly less waste – results unprecedented in the coffee industry.” “This is Tierra Nueva’s first foray product line into a vast array of Edible Coffee® products and branded ingredients. At the expo, this company validated their confectionary market that will alone produce multi-triple digit growth, but more importantly you will soon see this company work their way into every single aisle within the grocery store,” declared Christopher D. Ramonetti, Chairman of the Board of Tierra Nueva. “With its patented technologies in Edible Coffee® and related coffee confectionary consumer products that are in such high demand, along with its proven manufacturing and distribution prowess, Tierra Nueva has the potential to disrupt a $74-billion global coffee market.”

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Joe Van Gogh Coffee Cuts Its Ties with Duke University

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 14 Maggio 2018

Robbie Roberts, owner of Joe Van Gogh Coffee, based in Hillsborough, NC, issued the following statement:“Effective immediately, I have decided to cut my company’s ties with Duke University. I believe it’s the right thing to do to preserve Joe Van Gogh’s brand independence without conditions. I have extended jobs to our entire team at our Duke on-campus store, either at one of our off-campus locations or at our production offices. And, I have reached out to our two baristas who were provided severance so that they may either re-join Joe Van Gogh or secure employment elsewhere if they like.“During the past several days, I have reflected on our core values and what I want to embrace and advocate as a small business owner. Joe Van Gogh has always been about bringing people together, not driving them apart. We are open to all people and we value people over our profits. We always have. For years, we have nurtured these values to the communities we serve, specifically through the strengths and talents of our staff of baristas.“I want to thank Joe Van Gogh employees and customers and everyone who has shared their candor with me during this period. I am grateful to live in a society where all voices – positive or not — can be heard and met with understanding. I hope that we can become a more tolerant society by working through difficulties such as this one.”

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Union Varsan de Monteverde is the first coffee producer to obtain the Friend of the Earth certification

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 20 dicembre 2015

coffee producerThe Costa Rican coffee producer underwent a thorough third party assessment audit and was found compliant with Friend of the Earth criteria for sustainable agriculture. Costa Rica has a long history of coffee production. Coffee export revenues have helped improving its economy for centuries. Nowadays, Costa Rica is one of main coffee producers in the world, quite distinguished for its specialty quality coffee. Union Varsan, comprising 18 farms, grows coffee (Coffea arabica) in the northern mountains of Costa Rica, close to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Over the time, the forest ecosystem has not been damaged by the cultivation of the coffee plants. Indeed, since 1990 preservation activities have been intensified. The company has adopted an innovative system for the transformation of local waste into animal feed and compost. Water and air are not contaminated by the cultivation processes. No hunting, trapping or trafficking of wild animals is permitted.
coffee producer1Besides the coffee production, the organization has implemented initiatives of ecotourism and short educational programs for overseas colleges and high school students on themes related to sustainable production.
“Sustainability is the milestone of our mission, as we aim to conduct our activities in an environmentally and socially responsible way”, states Mr. Jose L. Vargas of Union Varsan. “Friend of the Earth certification is an important confirmation of our commitment and a very special stimulus to strengthen our mission.” (photos: coffee producer)

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