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The Edited Collections Online Sales May-June 2020

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 29 maggio 2020

London – Christie’s programme of online-only sales continues to evolve with a further series of auctions that place an increased emphasis on the dialogue that exists between objects and artwork, artists and makers. Presented within engaging themes, each auction provides collectors with an opportunity to continue their exploration of the world through art and artefacts that transcend the limits of a category or a defined moment in history. These range from a sale that traces the development of portraiture as a genre to a survey of art that transports the viewer to a different time and place.An online selling exhibition titled Art to Wear will provide insight into artists who have created jewellery – portable artworks that adorn the body of the wearer [now live until 10 June]. Out of Office: Art That Transports [now live until 10 June] provides a selection of work to transcend the viewer from the current home environment, awakening a sense of the exotic. Get Art! A 20th Century Escape [28 May–11 June] will gather works of modern and contemporary art covering the period from 1900 to the present day with prices ranging from €100 to more than €100,000, including artists such as Hans Hartung, Niki de Saint Phalle, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Wilfredo Lam, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Paul Delvaux.
Face Time: People in Art through the Ages [2-23 June 2020] will offer examples of portraiture from the 1st century AD to the first half of the 20th Century, tracing the development of the genre by looking at the paintings and sculptures not only as a recording of the sitter but as a sociological observation. Art from the Kiln: Ceramics Across the Centuries [3-24 June] will demonstrate the vitality of the medium, offering a global perspective of how it developed from 500 BC to 2020.
Inspired by Nature – Fine and Decorative Arts [3-19 June] offers a poetic journey dedicated to the natural world.Modern Works on Paper and Prints [15 June–1 July] will unite the works on paper and print mediums, showcasing the breadth of artistic styles of Modern Masters from the 1880s to the 1960s. Defined by works with a strong modern aesthetic, it will feature examples by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró and Francis Bacon, among others. Dialogues: Modern and Contemporary Art [26 June–14 July] will draw together a group of work that reflects the ongoing dialogue between contemporary artists and their predecessors. The auction will focus on artistic responses to periods of radical change across generation and geography.
Let There Be Light [24 June–14 July] will offer a selection of art and objects that bring light into the home, whether practically or poetically. Eureka! Scientific Breakthroughs of the 20th Century [24 June–16 July 2020] will present a journey through the scientific and technological breakthroughs that have formed the modern world, and the brilliant minds that lay behind them, including Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking, among others. Joie de vivre [30 June-17 July 2020] will offer a selection of colourful paintings and works on paper that evoke the spirit of the age in the setting of the French Riviera. Even in times of great historical turmoil and uncertainty, the lifestyle and the landscape fuelled several generations of European artists, who lived and worked there.

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Chieveley House, Berkshire and Five Private Collections

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 16 febbraio 2020

London, 19 March 2020 Christie’s London sale of Chieveley House, Berkshire and Five Private Collections on 19 March features a curated selection of works from six private collections from the UK and Europe. With interiors designed by the likes of David Hicks (above left), Maison Jansen and Colefax and Fowler and ranging from country houses to city apartments, the delectable trove of 301 lots span English and European furniture, ceramics and glass, silver, Modern British art, Old Master paintings and Chinese and Islamic works of art.

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Lucidea at OMA 2019 –Argus Transforms Museum Collections Management

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 ottobre 2019

Lucidea announces that Argus, collections management software used by forward-thinking museums of all sizes and budgets, will be represented at this year’s Ontario Museum Association Conference on October 23rd through 25th in Brantford, ON — visit us at booth #13.Argus is purpose built for museum professionals who want to engage diverse audiences and leverage the power of the Web to offer innovative services that go well beyond traditional collections management—including community curation/co-curation.Lucidea’s Argus collections management system is a Web-based, highly configurable and comprehensive solution that accommodates a diverse range of museum and gallery curatorial and visitor outreach requirements—ensuring that museum collections are accessible, visible and relevant.

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Atradius Collections espande la sua presenza globale negli Emirati Arabi Uniti

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 13 luglio 2019

Atradius Collections espande ulteriormente la sua presenza internazionale a Dubai, negli Emirati Arabi Uniti (EAU). Il lancio di questa nuova realtà locale fa parte della strategia di sviluppo di Atradius Collections ed è volta a migliorare l’expertise della società nell’attività di recupero crediti negli Emirati Arabi Uniti, nel piano di espansione globale.La conoscenza delle pratiche commerciali e della cultura locali è un fattore chiave per garantire il successo nei servizi di recupero crediti. La presenza negli Emirati Arabi permetterà ad Atradius Collections di offrire il miglior servizio di recupero crediti ai suoi clienti in Medio Oriente.La crescita economica è stata modesta nella regione e le transazioni commerciali sono state soggette a forti pressioni dovute all’aumento del costo delle attività commerciali e a ragioni geopolitiche. Il numero dei casi fuori controllo è cresciuto in modo preoccupante, e, come conseguenza di questa situazione, molte aziende si sono trovate in difficoltà nel recuperare i crediti inesigibili.

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La session de printemps 2019 des Collections Aristophil

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 12 aprile 2019

Paris. S’achève après sept ventes aux enchères orchestrées du 1er au 5 avril par les OVA (Opérateurs de Vente pour les Collections Aristophil ; Aguttes, Artcurial, Drouot Estimations, Ader). Avec un total de 11 179 839 €, le bilan de cette session de ventes est à nouveau très positif. Maître Claude Aguttes a précisé: « Les très beaux résultats de la semaine dernière illustrent la force et la stabilité du marché ainsi que la demande importante pour les livres et les manuscrits. La confiance des enchérisseurs envers la provenance « Collections Aristophil » est incontestable, quelle que soit la nature des œuvres en étant issues, des autographes aux tableaux modernes ; confiance d’autant plus soulignée par le nombre important (45) de préemptions par l’État français. Enfin, j’estime que le succès de cette session printanière repose sur le travail commun fourni par nos quatre maisons de ventes et je suis extrêmement fier de nos équipes qui travaillent sans relâche au bon déroulement et au succès de ces sessions de ventes ».

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Session d’automne 2018 des Collections Aristophil

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 23 novembre 2018

Paris Hôtel Drouot 9, rue Drouot la session d’automne 2018 des Collections Aristophil s’achève, après cinq ventes aux enchères orchestrées par les OVA (Opérateurs de Vente pour les Collections Aristophil; Aguttes, Artcurial, Drouot Estimations, Ader). Avec un total de 8 878 099 €* et une moyenne de lots vendus qui s’élève à 70%, le bilan de cette session de ventes est très positif.
« En une année et 14 ventes aux enchères, nous avons établi une marque dont l’image rayonne maintenant parmi les amateurs et les collectionneurs du monde entier. Ceux-ci participent aux enchères aussi bien en se rassemblant à Drouot qu’en se connectant à la plateforme Drouot Digital. Le succès de la session d’automne est révélateur : les acquéreurs sont rassurés par la qualité des œuvres mais également confiants dans le processus mis en place pour les vendre. Le taux de 70% de lots vendus, un pourcentage bien supérieur à celui de la session d’été, illustre combien les acheteurs suivent notre élan. En respectant les estimations fixées par nos experts, nous vendons les œuvres au prix du marché. Nous connaissions la qualité des œuvres qui constituent les Collections Aristophil et l’État l’a confirmé en usant de son droit de préemption à 32 reprises. Cette année de ventes totalise plus de 30M€ ; c’est un très bon résultat. », a précisé Maître Claude Aguttes.

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Surréalisme: Collections Legrand et Mayoux

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 19 settembre 2018

Paris Vendredi 9 novembre, la maison de ventes Drouot Estimations dispersera près de 200 œuvres surréalistes réunies dans la collection de Clarisse Legrand, la première épouse de Gérard LEGRAND (1927-1999), et de Marie-Louise et Jehan MAYOUX (1904-1975). Les deux hommes, poètes surréalistes proches de Benjamin PÉRET (1899-1959), figurent parmi les artistes emblématiques du mouvement qui révolutionna l’art du XXe siècle. André BRETON (1896-1966), Yves TANGUY (1900-1955), Hans BELLMER (1902-1975), Joan MIRÓ (1896-1983), María de los REMEDIOS VARO URANGA (1908-1963), TOYEN (1902-1980), Jean-Jacques LEBEL (né en 1936), Jindřich ŠTYRSKÝ (1899-1942), Max Walter SVANBERG (1912-1994)… Les œuvres présentées dans cette vente – œuvres graphiques, livres, manuscrits, autographes, affiches – et leurs dédicaces nous replongent au cœur du cercle parisien des artistes surréalistes.

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Les Collections Aristophil

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 24 maggio 2018

Du 16 au 20 juin, les maisons de ventes Aguttes, Artcurial, Drouot Estimations et Ader-Nordmann, rassemblées sous l’entité OVA (Opérateurs de Ventes pour les Collections Aristophil), présenteront sept ventes aux enchères. Illustrant les thèmes Origine(s), Histoire Postale, Littérature et Musique, amateurs et collectionneurs pourront admirer à Drouot, lors des quatre journées d’exposition des ventes (12-15 juin), des œuvres issues du génie de certains des plus grands Hommes des six siècles derniers, d’un livre d’Heures du XVe siècle à un manuscrit de Céline, d’une partition de Mozart à un dessin de Saint Exupery.

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Harold Lloyd’s Historic Rogues Gallery To Be Auctioned On Friday, September 23rd

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 18 settembre 2016

juliens-auctionsjuliens-auctions1juliens-auctions4Los Angeles, California Harold Lloyd’s Rogues Gallery — on Friday, September 23, 2016 in Los Angeles presents Julien’s Auctions, the world-record breaking auction house to the stars, will present one of the world’s most extraordinary collections of autographed Hollywood photographs. The collection features nearly 200 rare, signed photographs from Hollywood’s Golden Era. The auction will take place at the highly-anticipated Icons & Idols: Hollywood auction event that weekend at Julien’s Auction Gallery in Los Angeles.The Rogues Gallery Autograph Collection is the most extensive and unique autograph collection amassed by the silent film star Harold Lloyd and is comprised of the most significant figures of Hollywood’s “Golden Age.” This one-of-a-kind collection is a time capsule of Hollywood, Americana and the politics of the day.Marlene Dietrich“The King of Daredevil Comedy,” Harold Lloyd is best remembered today as the young man dangling desperately from a clock tower in the 1923 classic, “Safety Last.” At the height of his career, Lloyd was one of the  most popular and highest-paid stars of his time. He made more films than his contemporaries Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton combined.Mae WestWith hits like his 1922 film “Grandma’s Boy,” Lloyd became a strong force in bringing about the advent of the “feature-length” film. Harold Lloyd’s acting career rose to prominence during the silent film era and spanned 34 years of active filmmaking, over 200 comedies and one 1928 Academy Award nomination. He was the recipient of the Academy Award for Master Comedian and Good Citizen in 1952, two George Eastman Awards in 1955 and 1957 and the Cannes Film Festival Award in 1962. During his long and illustrious career, Lloyd had dealings with remarkable actors and public figures, placing him in a very unique position to amass such a rare collection which he delighted in showing to visitors of his famed residence. This marks the first time this collection is being publicly offered.Errol FlynnJust as remarkable as the collection is the story on how it all came together in the 1930s. When Harold and his wife Mildred moved into their magnificent Beverly Hills estate “Greenacres” in 1929, one would not have imagined such a collection would become such a prominent place in their home. The house, which would later be named to the National juliens-auctions2juliens-auctions3Register of Historic Places, had been designed with a tunnel that led from the main house, under the formal lawn, to a game room and bar area. Harold had originally planned to install a bowling alley but Mildred had other ideas … most importantly how “not” to install a bowling alley.
PhotoAs a Christmas gift in 1937, Mildred and her close friend, actress Marion Davies, invited friends of Harold to send him a singular gift — their favorite portrait of themselves. Hundreds of Harold’s friends came through, resulting in a collection of Hollywood’s legendary stars and iconic actors all seen through the lens. From film luminaries to sports heroes to United States presidents, each portrait was then displayed in this underground corridor, and The Rogues Gallery was born. juliens-auctions5Harold adored and cherished every photograph sent to him with almost of all of them being inscribed to Harold. One such memorable photograph, signed by famed director Cecil B. DeMille, is inscribed “May the public never find my spectacles as funny as they find yours.”Gloria Swanson“If the walls could talk” could be the motto for such an extensive historical collection. The collection features signed photographs from such legendary Hollywood stars as Fred Astaire, Marlene Dietrich, Clarke Gable, Ginger Rogers, John Barrymore, Jack Benny, Clara Bow, Bob Hope, Cecil B. DeMille, Errol Flynn, Boris Karloff, Ginger Rogers, Louella Parsons, Feg Murray, Zane Grey, Harry Blackstone, Samuel Goldwyn, Hal Roach, Walt Disney, Irene Hervey, Sonja Henie, Loretta Young, George Burns, Bing Crosby, Jeanette MacDonald, Nelson Eddy, Joel McCrea, Claudette Colbert, Bette Davis and many more.Autographed PhotoIn addition to legendary film stars, the collection includes autographed photos from some of history’s greatest legends including Babe Ruth, Calvin Coolidge, Thomas Edison, Amelia Earhart, and Helen Keller.
Harold Lloyd’s acting career rose to prominence during the silent film era and spanned 34 years of active filmmaking, over 200 comedies and one 1928 Academy Award nomination. During his long and illustrious career, Lloyd had dealings with remarkable actors and public figures, placing him in a very unique position to amass such a rare collection in which he delighted in showing to visitors of his famed residence Greenacres. This marks the first time this collection is being publicly offered. (photos: Julien’s Auctions)

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The exhibition: Canaletto and his rivals

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 ottobre 2010

London:  (Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as “Canaletto” (Venice, 1697 – 1768)  has been presented at the National Gallery of London on Tuesday 12th October. Open until 16th January 2011, the exhibition presents the finest assembly of Venetian views of Canaletto  and his 18th-century rivals to be seen in a generation.The exposition brings together around 50 major loans from the public and private collections of the UK, Europe and North America. The most important Canaletto’s works are juxtaposed in six rooms with those of his rivals to demonstrate different approaches to similar views of the city.Major rivals include Luca Carlevarijs, Michele Marieschi, Bernardo Bellotto and Francesco Guardi.All the painters describe Venice, a city of spectacle and magnificent buildings, regattas and grand civic ceremonies.Organised by the National Gallery, London, and the National Gallery of Art, Washington, and sponsored by Credit Suisse, the exhibition is curated by Charles Beddington, with Dawson Carr as coordinator curator at the National Gallery, London. Aristocratic travellers considered these “vedute” like souvenirs and they fuelled a highly competitive market.In the middle of 18th-century the Canaletto’s market was disrupted when the War of the Austrian Succession (1740-1748) led to a reduction of the number of British visitors to Venice. The merchant Joseph Smith who acted as an agent for the Venetian artist, helped him to move to London to be closer to his market. Canaletto remained in England from 1746 until 1755. He produced views of London, including the new ‘Westminster Bridge’. “Venice: Canaletto and his rivals” presents the bests view paintings of one of the most beautiful city in the world. Even if the “Serenissima” economical power was declining, the city became one of the most elegant and refined in Europe. Venice seemed to prefer the peaceful world of art instead of the complicated political strategies.The Treaty of Campoformio (1797), by which Venice lost the independence, was getting closer but – as the painter Alessandro Marchesini said on July 1725 – in the Canaletto’s view paintings, “you still can see the sun shining”. (from l’Italoeuropeo Giordano Fenzi)

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Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 ottobre 2009

The Artist and His MotherPhiladelphia until 10/1/201026th Street and the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Philadelphia Museum of Art curated by Michael Taylor  Retrospective celebrating the extraordinary life and work of Arshile Gorky (American, born Armenia, c.1904-1948), a seminal figure in the movement towards gestural abstraction that would transform American art in the years after World War II. The first comprehensive survey of the work of this artist in nearly three decades, Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective will premier at the Museum and present 180 paintings, sculptures and works on paper reflecting the full scope of Gorky’s prolific career. Drawn from public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe, this retrospective will reveal the evolution of Gorky’s unique visual vocabulary and mature style. It is organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and will be accompanied by a major publication, published in association with Yale University Press. The exhibition will travel to Tate Modern, London (February 10 – May 3, 2010) and The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (June 6 – September 20, 2010) following its debut in Philadelphia. The exhibition will be accompanied by a 400-page catalogue, Arshile Gorky: A Retrospective, published by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in association with Yale University Press.
About Arshile Gorky. Born Vosdanig Adoian around 1904 near Lake Van in an Armenian province of Ottoman Turkey, Gorky witnessed as a young boy the ethnic cleansing of his people, the minority Armenians. Turkish troops in 1915 drove Gorky’s family and thousands of others out of Van on a death march to the frontier of Caucasian Armenia. Suffering from starvation in 1919, during a time of severe deprivation for the Armenian refugees, Gorky’s mother died in his arms. With his sister, Vartoosh, he eventually arrived in the United States where, claiming to be a cousin of the Russian writer Maxim Gorky, he changed his name to Arshile Gorky.  (Image: The Artist and His Mother)

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Public Collections at the Guggenheim

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 27 giugno 2009

franzBilbao until 10/1/2010 Guggenheim Museum  Avenida Abandoibarra, 2 Curators: Tracey Bashkoff, Associate Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, and Megan Fontanella, Assistant Curator  The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao unveils From Private to Public: Collections at the Guggenheim, an exhibition that explores the origins of the permanent collection of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation through its varied private collections, which are crucial for understanding its nature and evolution. In the year which marks the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Guggenheim Museum’s Frank Lloyd Wright building in New York, the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao pays tribute to this milestone with this presentation as well as Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward, which is devoted to Wright’s celebrated career as an architect and opens in October 2009.  This exhibition, co-curated by Tracey Bashkoff, Associate Curator for Collections and Exhibitions, and Megan Fontanella, Assistant Curator, offers a unique glimpse into the avant-gardes of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries through masterpieces by artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Paul Ce’zanne, Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris, Vasily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, Paul Klee, Alexander Calder, and Jackson Pollock, as well as art at the turn of the millennium with works by Sophie Calle, Jac Leirner, Hiroshi Sugimoto, and Jane and Louise Wilson, among others.  The exhibition provides visitors with an interesting vantage point on the origins of modern art and the transition to the twenty-first century. The three classical galleries on the museum’s third floor house a tour through six of the seven collections represented in this exhibition -those of Solomon R. Guggenheim, Justin K. Thannhauser, Hilla Rebay, Katherine S. Dreier, Peggy Guggenheim and Karl Nierendorf- through a careful selection of paintings and sculptures from the most representative artistic movements of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries. The exhibition is rounded out with around 30 works rendered in different media (video, conceptual art, photography, etc.) since the 1990s from the Bohen Foundation gift, donated to the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in 2001. (Image: Franz)

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Joaquin Sorolla (1863-1923) Retrospective

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 maggio 2009

the horseMadrid Museo Nacional del Prado. Calle Ruiz de Alarcón 23 Curator: Jose’ Luis Díez, Head of 19th Painting Department and Javier Barón, 19th Painting Department  The Museo del Prado is presenting the largest and most important retrospective ever to be devoted to the work of Joaquín Sorolla, the most internationally celebrated Spanish painter of the XIX century. The exhibition -Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923)- (Museo del Prado, 26 May to 6 September 2009) offers the visiting public an outstanding opportunity to see more than 100 paintings by the great Valencian master in what will constitute the most comprehensive and ambitious survey of his finest works. Among the 102 paintings on display, loaned from museums and collections worldwide, will be all the masterpieces by Sorolla that brought him most fame. They include Return from Fishing (1894), loaned by the Muse’e d’Orsay in Paris; Sewing the Sail (1896), from the Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna di Ca’Pesaro in Venice; Sad Inheritance (1899), from the Bancaja Collection; Evening Sun (1903), from The Hispanic Society of America in New York, which is returning to Spain for the first time since it was sold to New York by the artist himself; The Photographer Christian Franzen (1903), from the Lorenzana Collection; Female Nude (1902), and The white Boat. Jávea (1905), both from a private collection. The accompanying catalogue, published in English and Spanish (co-published with El Viso), includes the following essays: Joaquín Sorolla, Painter, by Jose’ Luis Díez and Javier Barón, the exhibition’s curators; Sorolla and Spanish Painting of his Day, by Francisco Javier Pe’rez Rojas; Sorolla and International Painting of his Day, by Carlos Reyero; and Sorolla’s Artistic Personality, by Blanca Pons-Sorolla, the artist’s great-grand-daughter. In addition to these essays and the entries on the works, the catalogue includes four appendices, one on Joaquín Sorolla’s Critical Fortunes, by Felipe Garín and Facundo Tomás, a Biographical Chronology of Joaquín Sorolla, also by Blanca Pons-Sorolla, a bibliographical appendix and another on the exhibitions held on the artist. The present retrospective devoted to -Joaquín Sorolla (1863-1923)-, the most internationally celebrated Spanish painter of his day and one of the great figures in the history of Spanish art, is thus a clear demonstration of the Museum’s strategy in this regard.  (Image: The Horse’s BathOil on canvas)

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