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Hotel Technology Summit opens with reaffirming commitment to next-gen travellers experience

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 17 novembre 2016

nasebaAt a time when many hospitality brands in the Middle East are dealing with economic uncertainty, it is vital to turn to innovation and technology adoption in order to maintain healthy profit margins and even continue to stimulate growth.Today, hospitality leaders from the Middle East gathered at the Park Hyatt in Dubai for the 20th edition of Hotel Technology Summit, organised by business facilitation company Naseba, in partnership with Hospitality Financial & Technology Professionals (HFTP) – the leading global hospitality association and organisers of HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology show.
Nancy Wolff, Vice President – Hotel Systems at Jumeirah Group, opened the tech talk discussing the latest technology trends and the need for hoteliers to carefully evaluate upcoming technical opportunities and choose only those that will guarantee an increase in market share and guest experience.As the summit was chaired by Lyle Worthington, CHTP, Global President at Hospitality Financial and Technology Professionals (HFTP), he also moderated a panel discussion on “Smart hospitality solutions to increase profitability in turbulent times”, and noted that as occupancy rates are decreasing, hoteliers are on the lookout for the most effective tools to increase market share, cut costs and acquire and retain guests.After a strong panel discussion, a talk show highlighted the latest technologies to wow guests, improve customer experience and reduce costs while increasing efficiency with the help of Prashant Dutta, Vice President of Information Technology at Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts, and John Rees, Senior Director of Operations MENA at Marriott International. Questions were fired back and forth between the audience and speakers as the attendees tried to understand some of the major trends that are having a large impact on the hospitality industry in the Middle East by making technology infrastructure more flexible and improving overall guest experience.The second panel discussed the most effective practices to secure hotels from cyber threats, featuring contributions from Jeroen Wisse, IT Director Middle East at Accor Hotels Middle East; Nigel Hattersley, Regional Director of IT at Starwood Hotels & Resorts; Roy Verrips, Area Director of Information Systems at Hyatt Hotels; and Mahmoud Kamal, Chief Information Officer at Al Habtoor Hotels.Wisse noted “As in any sector, cyber security within hotels and hospitality businesses is no longer the sole responsibility of IT departments. Cyber security awareness and the mitigation of cyber threats is now, at least in part, the responsibility of every department, and of each individual who handles data as part of their duties. Guests trust us with their private information, and the protection of that information is vitally important in order to maintain that trust.” The interactive panel discussion was followed by a networking business lunch and open business meetings which incorporated live product demonstrations by leading technology solution providers. Attendees concluded the day with a series of interactive round tables and departed with a real sense of progress. They delved into key topics for today’s hoteliers, including hotel asset and inventory management using RFID; innovations in data storage and processing to boost revenue; mobility and cloud computing; and how smart networks can streamline hospitality supply chains. The roundtables benefited from the input of seasoned hospitality leaders like Dimitris Petinos, VP Marketing and International Sales at MCOM Media Communications, Ismail AlKamal, Chief Executive Officer of Nawatt, Emmanuel Clavé, VP GCC & India, Product Director Mobile App / EPOS at Xn protel Systems, Mohammed Ayaz, Division Manager ELV Systems at Ateco.The 20th Hotel Technology Summit was supported by leading sponsors including Ateco, Nawatt, Xn protel Systems, Akamai Technologies, Idiso, Al Maria, MCOM Media Communications, Network International, Pagero and Infor. (photo: naseba)

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Letter to editor from Barack Obama

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 19 dicembre 2010

Riccardo. Moments ago, the Senate voted to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” When that bill reaches my desk, I will sign it, and this discriminatory law will be repealed. Gay and lesbian service members — brave Americans who enable our freedoms — will no longer have to hide who they are. The fight for civil rights, a struggle that continues, will no longer include this one. This victory belongs to you. Without your commitment, the promise I made as a candidate would have remained just that.
Instead, you helped prove again that no one should underestimate this movement. Every phone call to a senator on the fence, every letter to the editor in a local paper, and every message in a congressional inbox makes it clear to those who would stand in the way of justice: We will not quit. This victory also belongs to Senator Harry Reid, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and our many allies in Congress who refused to let politics get in the way of what was right. Like you, they never gave up, and I want them to know how grateful we are for that commitment. s Commander in Chief, I fought to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” because it weakens our national security and military readiness. It violates the fundamental American principles of equality and fairness. But this victory is also personal. I will never know what it feels like to be discriminated against because of my sexual orientation. But I know my story would not be possible without the sacrifice and struggle of those who came before me — many I will never meet, and can never thank. I know this repeal is a crucial step for civil rights, and that it strengthens our military and national security. I know it is the right thing to do. But the rightness of our cause does not guarantee success, and today, celebration of this historic step forward is tempered by the defeat of another — the DREAM Act. I am incredibly disappointed that a minority of senators refused to move forward on this important, commonsense reform that most Americans understand is the right thing for our country. On this issue, our work must continue. Today, I’m proud that we took these fights on. (Barack Obama)

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G20: Seoul and the energy revolution

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 15 novembre 2010

Seoul The G20 has once again failed to take the path of green development that the world economy and the environment desperately needs, Greenpeace said today.  Governments fought over currencies and trade, but effectively ignored the clean energy revolution that can boost economies, create jobs, cut emissions and stop another global crisis – climate change.  Questioning the G20´s ability to follow through on its promises, Mittler continued: “The G20 is not even keeping its own promises, such as the commitment made last year to cut fossil fuel subsidies. If this group doesn´t act to cut the billions in taxpayers money handed out to big oil and coal before the next meeting in France, the G20 will prove irrelevant to this urgent task.” This would be a tragedy, as the International Energy Agency (IEA) estimates cutting fossil fuel subsidies would result in a cut of two gigatonnes of CO2 – or 5.8% of global energy-related climate changing CO2 emissions.Despite the Korean host’s pledge to prioritise following up previous commitments, leaders in Seoul failed to take any significant steps forward. “The G20 is failing to walk its talk at a time when subsidies to the tune of $100 billion per year continue to line the pockets of big oil and coal in the developed world alone” said Mittler. By merely “welcoming” the findings of the UN Secretary General´s Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing, (3), the developed country members of the G20 failed to start delivering on the promise to provide $100 billion per year by 2020 to fund developing country climate action – and adaptation. Governments should have agreed a roadmap on how they will implement innovative financial sources – such as a cutting fossil fuel subsidies and taxing air travel – to deliver $100 billion for a clean economy and climate protection.  “The G20 say that they ´commit to stimulate investment in clean energy technology´(4) – but how serious are they?” asked Mittler. “Eight million jobs could be created by 2030 if governments truly backed renewable energy and energy efficiency. In Seoul, they merely recycled old economic ideas and tried to pass them off as new by adding a green tinge.”

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Meritocrazia e Commitment nella p.a.

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 maggio 2009

Roma Roma 28/5/2009 CNR – Aula Marconi – P.le Aldo Moro, 7   Aula Marconi del CNR Convegno annuale AssoChange  Le leve per far accadere il cambiamento nella Pubblica Amministrazione Interverranno:  • Giovanni Sgalambro, Presidente Assochange • Federico Butera, Presidente di IRSO, Università di Milano Bicocca • Clive Martlew, The Scottish Government • Nicolas Tenzer, Consigliere Scientifico della Direction Générale de l’Administration et de la Fonction Publique (DGAFP), Presidente del Centre d’Etude et de Réflexion pour l’Action Politique (CERAP) et d’Initiative pour le Développement de l’expertise française à l’international et en Europe (IDEFIE) Sono attesi :  • Renato Brunetta – Ministro per la Pubblica Amministrazione e l’Innovazione in carica • Franco Bassanini – più volte Ministro della Funzione Pubblica, è attualmente Presidente della Cassa Depositi e Prestiti  Possono le tecniche manageriali aziendali contribuire a modernizzare la P.A. e migliorarne le performance al servizio del cittadino? Esistono in Italia Pubbliche Amministrazioni dove merito e impegno vengono riconosciuti e hanno portato maggior efficienza? Possiamo cogliere spunti dall’esperienza di altri paesi europei come Francia e Gran Bretagna ? Questi sono i temi che verranno trattati nel corso del Convegno annuale di AssoChange, il 28 maggio prossimo presso l’Aula Marconi del CNR a Roma
Attiva dal 2003, AssoChange è l’associazione italiana che raggruppa aziende, istituzioni, università e professionisti che si occupano di change management nelle organizzazioni, ossia governo e gestione del cambiamento (per saperne di più: Dopo aver per anni concentrato il suo interesse nei confronti delle imprese, AssoChange sceglie di dedicare il suo convegno annuale alla Pubblica Amministrazione, italiana ed europea, in un momento in cui il suo peso e ruolo si confermano determinanti, accanto alle imprese, per affrontare la crisi economica.

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