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Budgetary Control Committee ask for stronger measures to protect EU spending

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 21 febbraio 2020

• Disclose end beneficiaries of agricultural funds
• Subsidy ceilings to distribute EU support fairly
• Public Prosecutor’s Office is underfinanced and cannot be fully operational
On Wednesday, the Budgetary Control Committee signed off on the Commission’s 2018 budget, but rules to fight fraud and conflict of interest must be strengthened.
The Budgetary Control Committee recommends granting discharge of the Commission’s accounts for 2018 (corresponding to 97% of the whole EU budget) by 20 votes in favour and four against. In the accompanying resolution, adopted by 22 to 3 and 3 abstentions, MEPs ask for stronger protection of EU spending against fraud, corruption, conflict of interest, intentional misuse and organised crime, as well as for EU money to be distributed more fairly.

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Constitutional Affairs Committee Highlights: Presentations and Debates

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 26 gennaio 2020

Brussels Tuesday 28 January 2020 (11.00 – 12.30 and 14.30 – 18.30)Room: Altiero Spinelli (3E-2)Conference of Parliamentary Committees for Union Affairs of Parliaments of the European Union (COSAC). Presentation by the Vice-President of the European Parliament Mairead McGuinness, of the outcome of Presidential Troika meeting of COSAC of 18 and 19 January 2020 (11.00 – 11.30).
Exchange of views on the Election Assessment Mission’s final report of Election- Watch.EU. (11.30 – 12.30).Council Presidency’s programme. Presentation by Nikolina Brnjac, State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia. (14.30 – 16.00).Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations. Exchange of views with the Director of the Authority for European Political Parties and European Political Foundations, Michael Adam (16.00). – In camera.

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Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 25 gennaio 2020

Monday, 27 January, Antall 4Q2, Brussels 15.00-16.00 Discussion: Credit servicers and credit purchasers, rapporteurs: Esther de Lange (EPP, NL), Irene Tinagli (S&D, IT)
16.00-17.00 Joint ECON-EMPL meeting Economic Dialogue and exchange of views on the Autumn Package of the 2020 European Semester (Recommendation on the economic policy of the euro area, on the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy, on the Alert Mechanism Report and on the Joint Employment Report) with:
Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice-President for An Economy that Works for People,
Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner for Economy and
Nicolas Schmit, Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights
17.30-18.30 Economic Dialogue and exchange of views on the Autumn Fiscal Package of the 2020 European Semester with: Valdis Dombrovskis, Executive Vice-President for An Economy that Works for People and
Paolo Gentiloni, Commissioner for Economy.

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No more lead in PVC to protect public health, Environment Committee says

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 23 gennaio 2020

To protect human health and the environment, the Environment Committee objected on Tuesday to a Commission proposal allowing lead in recycled PVC. On Tuesday, the Environment Committee adopted a resolution objecting to the Commission’s proposal to amend the rules concerning lead concentration, and particularly concerning lead in PVC. Members consider that the proposed amendments do not protect human health and the environment enough, which is also the primary objective of the REACH regulation.The Commission regulation proposes restricting the use and presence of lead and its compounds in articles produced from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a widely produced synthetic plastic, setting a maximum concentration limit of lead of 0,1 % by weight of the PVC material. It also introduces two derogations. MEPs are unhappy with two proposed derogations for recovered PVC materials, which will be in place for 15 years. One would allow concentration of lead up to 2 % by weight of rigid PVC and the other 1 % by weight of flexible/soft PVC.
MEPs recall that lead is a toxic substance that can seriously affect health, including irreversible neurological damage, even in low doses. They believe that the levels proposed by the Commission do not correspond to “safe levels” and underline there are alternatives to PVC available. They also highlight that recycling should not justify the continued use of hazardous substances, as prevention takes priority over recycling.The resolution was adopted with 42 votes to 22 and 4 abstentions. It will now be put to a vote at the February plenary in Strasbourg. If Parliament objects within the deadline set of 27 February 2020, the draft measure shall not be adopted by the Commission. The Commission may either submit an amended draft or present a new one.

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EU-Vietnam free trade deal gets green light in trade committee

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 23 gennaio 2020

The Committee on International Trade backed the free trade and investment protection agreements between the EU and Vietnam on Tuesday.The committee gave its consent to the free trade agreement by 29 votes, six votes against and five abstentions and recommends that EP Plenary should do the same. The agreement will remove virtually all tariffs between the two parties in ten years. It will protect emblematic European products, and allow Europe to access the Vietnamese public procurement market.The agreement is also an instrument to protect the environment and further social progress in Vietnam, including in labour rights, the resolution accompanying the consent decision states. The trade committee’s demands from Vietnam, including on labour and human rights, as well as on the mechanism ensuring the enforceability of the sustainability clauses, was adopted by 29 votes for, nine against and two abstentions.The main elements of the trade deal are the following:
• removal of customs duties: 65% of EU exports to Vietnam will be immediately duty free, with the rest – including motorcycles, cars, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wines, chicken and pork – gradually liberalised over ten years. 71% of Vietnamese exports to the EU will be duty free on day one, with the rest catching up in seven years. Duty-free Vietnamese exports of sensitive agricultural products, such as rice, garlic or eggs, will be limited;
• non-tariff barriers will be eliminated in the automotive sector, export and import licensing, and customs procedures. Vietnam accepted the “Made in EU” marking, beyond national markings of origin, for non-agricultural products;
• geographical indications: 169 emblematic EU products such as Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, Champagne, or Rioja wine, will enjoy protection in Vietnam, as will 39 Vietnamese products in the EU;
• services: EU companies will have improved access to business, environmental, postal and courier, banking, insurance and maritime transport services in Vietnam ;
• public procurement: EU firms will be able to bid for contracts with Vietnamese ministries, state-owned enterprises, as well as with Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City;
• sustainable development: there are legally-binding rules on climate, labour and human rights. The agreement commits Vietnam to apply the Paris Agreement. Vietnam scheduled the ratification of two remaining bills on the abolition of forced labour and on freedom of association by 2020 and 2023, respectively. If there are human rights breaches, the trade deal can be suspended.
Separately, the trade committee also agreed by 26 votes for, seven against and six abstentions to an investment protection agreement providing an investment court system with independent judges to settle disputes between investors and state. The accompanying resolution passed by 27 votes for, seven against and five abstentions. Rapporteur Geert Bourgeois (ECR, BE) said: “With the consent to this trade deal with Vietnam, the trade committee is giving a positive signal to the ASEAN region and the rest of the world at a time when trade tensions are rising. Besides its geopolitical and economic importance, I am convinced that this agreement will accelerate the reform process within Vietnam. The ratification will strengthen further progress on labour and environmental standards and the respect for human rights.”

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NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in the Committee on Foreign Affairs

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 22 gennaio 2020

MEPs will discuss how to address the security and geostrategic challenges that the EU is facing today with the NATO chief on Tuesday afternoon.MEPs in the Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET), Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE) and Delegation for relations with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (DNAT) will discuss the current security situation in Europe and the world with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Tuesday.The pressure is increasing on multilateral cooperation and institutions, warned MEPs at the plenary session in Strasbourg last week. In order to defend the global rule-based order that is founded on international and humanitarian law and multilateral treaties, the European Union has to team up with like-minded EU strategic partners, in particular NATO, they stressed in two resolutions assessing the state of play of the EU’s Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP) and Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP), which were adopted by the full House.Because of the lasting deterioration in the Union’s security environment, MEPs also raised the issue of necessity to develop and strengthen Europe’s strategic autonomy. This, however, does not represent a challenge to NATO and does not undermine the current security architecture in Europe, they said.

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Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 21 gennaio 2020

Bruxelles. Wednesday 22 January 2020, 9.00 – 12.30 and 14.30 – 17.30 Thursday 23 January 2020, 9.00 – 11.00 Antall building, room 4Q1. The Internal Market and Consumer Protection (IMCO) Committee will vote on a resolution addressing several challenges arising from the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and automated decision-making, in particular those related with consumer choice. Services and goods using AI bring with them the risk of consumers being misled, discriminated against or even harmed, for example in relation to differentiated pricing or to automated professional services carried out without human oversight.
MEPs want to ensure that only non-biased data is used in automated decision-making processes.The committee will also assess whether the existing EU product safety and liability rules need to be adapted to cover new AI-enabled products and services, in order to ensure free movement in the single market and that consumers are protected and receive compensation if harm occurs.- Competition policy – annual report 2019 – rapporteur from the lead Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee: Stéphanie Yon-Courtin (Renew, FR) – adoption of a draft opinion by the Internal Market Committee in letter form
The aim of the hearing is to hear the views of stakeholders (business and consumers associations) and academia on the need to review the Product Liability Directive and on related challenges in the new digital age. It would allow participants to present their views on whether the overall liability regime is adequate to facilitate the uptake of the new technologies, and to address the matter from different perspectives.It will also offer the opportunity to hear the Commission’s conclusions of its evaluation work and results achieved in the expert group on liability and new technologies together with a presentation of further plans in this regard.The implications and new challenges for liability legislation brought by digitisation, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cybersecurity are among the issues to be addressed in the hearing. The Product Liability Directive, adopted in 1985, gives consumers the right to claim compensation for damage caused by defective products.

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Committee on Foreign Affairs

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 19 gennaio 2020

Brussels, Tuesday 21 January in József Antall, 2Q2 The Eastern Partnership – vision of development after 2020 09.15 – 11.15 The objective of the hearing is to discuss the achievements and shortcomings of the EU’s Eastern Partnership both at the regional and multilateral level. MEPs and invited experts will also analyse the possible evolution of the EU’s relations with its six Eastern Partners and a way forward for the Eastern Partnership in the next decade. The hearing will constitute the Foreign Affairs Committees’ contribution to the next Eastern Partnership summit, which is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2020. Full programme.
Exchange of views with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Paraguay (Pro Tempore Presidency of Mercosur), Ambassador Antonio Rivas, on EU-Mercosur relations (in association with the Delegation for relations with Mercosur)
14.30-15.00 Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee will discuss EU-Mercosur relations (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay) with Paraguayan Foreign Affairs Minister Antonio Rivas. On 28 June 2019, an “agreement in principle” was reached between the EU and the four Mercosur countries on the trade pillar (free trade agreement (FTA)) as part of a wider Association Agreement (AA) including political dialogue and cooperation. This agreement still requires ratification at EU and Member State levels.
Exchange of views with Gordan Grlić Radman, Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia, on the priorities of the Croatian Presidency 15:30 – 16.30 MEPs will discuss the political priorities of the new Croatian Presidency in the field of EU external relations with Gordan Grlić Radman, Croatia’s Minister of Foreign and European Affairs.
Exchange of views with Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General (Jointly with the Subcommittee on Security and Defence and in association with the Delegation for relations with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly)
16:30-17.30NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will address the AFET MEPs just a week after the European Parliament adopted resolutions on state of play of CFSP/CCSDP (Common Foreign and Security Policy / Common security and defence Policy) calling for close cooperation with NATO, but also stressing the need of ensuring EU-s strategic autonomy.
Exchange of views with Adel Al Jubeir, Minister of State for Foreign relations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
17:45 – 18.30The committee will take stock of the latest political developments in the Middle East, in particular with regard to the recent increased tensions between Iran and the US, together with Saudi Arabia’s Minister of State for Foreign Relations Adel Al Jubeir.

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Next week in Trade Committee

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 19 gennaio 2020

The Trade Committee will meet Monday afternoon and all day Tuesday next week. Here are the highlights.Vote on EU-Vietnam free trade and investment protection agreements. Trade MEPs will vote on a consent file and a resolution to each of the two agreements at 10:00 Tue morning .The trade agreement will eliminate virtually all tariffs on goods traded between the two sides. The investment protection agreement makes investment protection enforceable through the new Investment Court System. Rapporteur: Geert Bourgeois (ECR, BE) Presentation of report on intellectual property rigths in third countries
On Mon afternoon, Trade MEPs discuss the Commission’s latest bi-annual report on how third countries regard IPR issues. Published on 20 December last year, the report gives a detailed analysis on China.Croatian presidency trade prioritiesTuesday morning at 9:00 Croatian foreign and EU affairs minister Gordan Grlić Radman presents the priorities of his country’s presidency.
A separate hearing takes place between 15:00 and 18:00 Tuesday on trade policy in turbulent times, and how trade policy can be squared wtih sustainable development goals. More information here.
Time of meeting: Monday, 20 January 15:00-17:30, and Tuesday, 21 January 9:00-12:30 and 15:00-18:00

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European Parliament:The week ahead 20 – 26 January 2020

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 19 gennaio 2020

Brussels Committees’ meetings. Brexit. The Constitutional Affairs Committee will vote on their recommendation to Parliament on whether it should grant its consent to the EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement. The final vote in plenary, scheduled for 29 January in Brussels, will take place if the UK has ratified fully the Agreement by then (Thursday).
EU-Vietnam free trade deal. The EU-Vietnam free trade and investment protection agreements are up for a vote in the International Trade Committee. If approved, the deal would remove all export tariffs from the EU and protect 196 GIs (products with geographical indication), while Vietnam would open its public procurement market to EU firms. The contentious issues are Vietnam’s human rights record and its labour laws (Tuesday).
Public Health. The Environment and Public Health Committee will vote on whether to veto a proposal from the Commission to promote the recycling of PVC waste containing lead. According to the draft decision, this may prolong and enhance consumers’ exposure to lead (Tuesday).
Illegal trade in pets. Members of the Environment and Public Health Committee are expected to demand immediate action against illegal trade in pets to protect animal welfare, consumers and public health (Tuesday).
Artificial Intelligence. The Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee will vote on a resolution addressing several challenges arising from the rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, in particular those related to consumer choice, the problematic use of bias data and the need to adapt EU liability rules to cover new AI-enabled products (Thursday).
NATO/EU. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg will address the Foreign Affairs Committee, Subcommittee on Security and Defence and the Parliamentary Delegation to NATO just a week after Parliament adopted resolutions on the state of play of the Common Foreign and Security Policy as well as Common Security and Defence Policy. MEPs called for close cooperation with NATO, while stressing that the EU needs to have strategic autonomy (Wednesday).
Croatian Presidency. Croatian Ministers will present the rotating Council Presidency’s priorities to the relevant parliamentary committees. Croatia holds the Presidency of the Council until July (Monday to Wednesday).
President’s diary. EP President David Sassoli will attend the World Economic Forum of Davos, on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, EP President will be in Jerusalem at the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre (Yad Vashem) and will meet Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, Speaker of Knesset. On Friday, President Sassoli will deliver a speech at the Conference on the New Green Deal, in Assisi, Italy.
Press briefing. The EP Press Service will hold a press briefing on the week’s activities at 11.00 a.m. on Monday, in the “Anna Politkovskaya” EP press conference room.

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Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 20 novembre 2019

Thursday 21 November 2019, 9.00 – 12.30 and 14.00 – 17.30 Room: József Antall (2Q2) Presentations and debates:
• The situation of migrants in Libya. Presentations by the European External Action Service, the European Commission, UNHCR, IOM, Médecins Sans Frontières and the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Joint debate with the Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) and the Delegation for relations with Maghreb countries (DMAG). 9.00 – 11.30.
• EUNAVFOR MED Operation Sophia mandate extension until 31 March 2020. Exchange of views with the European External Action Service (EEAS). 11.30 – 12.30.
• Two delegated acts amending the Internal Security Fund and the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Presentation by the Commission. 14.00 – 14.45.
• Report on the 5th European Migration Forum. Presentation by Members of the Bureau of the European Migration Forum. 14.45 – 15.45.
• Communication on data protection rules as a trust-enabler in the EU and beyond. Presentation by the Commission. 15.45 – 16.30
• Rule of law in Hungary: Presentation by the Finnish Presidency on the follow up in the Council to the Parliament’s proposal pursuant to Article 7(1) TEU to determine whether there is a clear risk of a serious breach of the EU´s common values. 16.30 – 17.30

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Juan Fernando López Aguilar elected Chair of the Civil Liberties Committee

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 13 luglio 2019

Elected by acclamation, Juan Fernando López Aguilar will be the Chair of the Civil Liberties Committee for the next two and a half years.
MEPs also elected the first, second and fourth Vice-Chairs for the Committee: Maite Pagazaurtundúa (Renew Europe, ES) will be first Vice-Chair, Pietro Bartolo (S&D, IT) will be second Vice-Chair, and Emil Radev (EPP, BG) will be fourth Vice-Chair.The election of the third Vice-Chair was postponed to a later meeting. The Chair and the Vice-Chairs form together the committee bureau for a two and a half year mandate. i.e, until January 2022. In addition to presiding over committee meetings, the Chair represents the committee both within and outside Parliament and presides over legislative negotiations led by the committee (trilogue talks with the Council and the Commission). Vice-Chairs can replace the Chair when necessary.According to the Rules of the Procedure of the European Parliament (Rule 213) the composition of the bureau of each committee must reflect the diversity of Parliament. It is not possible, for example, to have an all-male or all-female bureau, or for all of the Vice-Chairs to come from the same Member State.The Civil Liberties Committee will hold its first ordinary meeting on 24-25 July. The draft agenda of the meeting will be announced in due course.

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43rd Edition of the World Heritage Committee

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 21 giugno 2019

Baku 30 June-10 July 2019.Specifically, on 6th July 2019 the Foundation will hold a conference entitled “Building Peace through Heritage with the Life Beyond Tourism Movement”, with keynote speakers from UNESCO, ICOMOS, IUCN, ICCROM, with the recent Foundation’s Appeal “Building Peace through Heritage” that will be officially presented to that exclusive audience together with the list of the signatories (individuals and organisations) available on the web.
Баку, 30 июня-10 июля 2019). Таким образом, 6 июля 2019 г. Фонд проведет конференцию под названием “Строительство Мира при помощи Наследия с Движением Life Beyond Tourism”, на которой выступят докладчики из таких организаций, как ЮНЕСКО, ИКОМОС, МСОП, ИККРОМ и будет официально представлено Обращение Фонда “Строительство Мира при помощи Наследия”, вместе со списком всех подписавших его отдельных лиц и организаций.Если Вы еще не подписали Обращение, мы приглашаем Вас:стать Членом Движения Life Beyond Tourism Фонда (кликните здесь, чтобы зарегистрироваться)
l’UNESCO ha invitato la Fondazione alla 43a edizione del Comitato del Patrimonio Mondiale (Baku, 30 giugno-10 luglio 2019).Precisamente, il 6 luglio 2019 la Fondazione terrà una conferenza dal titolo ” Building Peace through Heritage with the Life Beyond Tourism Movement “, con relatori dell’UNESCO, ICOMOS, IUCN, ICCROM e con il recente Appello della Fondazione “Building Peace through Heritage”, che sarà ufficialmente presentato a questa esclusiva occasione assieme alla lista di tutti i firmatari (individui e organizzazioni).

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Agreement on better ID card security backed by Civil Liberties Committee

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 marzo 2019

Civil Liberties Committee MEPs approved the deal reached with Council on common security features for EU identity documents to reduce identity fraud.
Ensuring that identity documents are tamper- and fraud-proof is a key element in the fight against terrorism and organised crime. Currently the security features in ID cards, as well as residence documents issued to EU nationals and/or their family members, differ considerably across EU countries. This increases the risk of documents being falsified and of identity fraud, which are increasingly big problems in the EU.Parliament and Council negotiators reached a preliminary agreement on the new rules on 9 February.Common minimum security features across the EU for ID cards set out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO); the country code of the member state issuing them will be indicated on the ID card inside an EU flag.Making a facial image and two fingerprints stored on a chip in the card mandatory for citizens’ ID cards; children under the age of 6 years are always exempt from the requirement to give fingerprints and member states have the possibility of providing the exemption to children up to the age of 12.Phasing out previous formats of ID cards within ten years; cards that are not machine-readable and thus less secure would be phased out within five years.
Only member states already issuing ID cards to their nationals would be affected by the new rules. The measures would not make it compulsory to own an ID card or oblige member states to introduce ID cards.
Civil Liberties MEPs backed the deal in a vote on Monday by 30 votes in favour, 20 against and 2 abstentions. The agreed text now needs to be formally approved by the Parliament as a whole and the Council before entering into force.The new rules will become applicable two years after their publication. They will have to be reviewed by the Commission every six years with a particular focus on fundamental rights, the mobility of EU citizens and the effectiveness of biometric verification in ensuring the security of travel documents.

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Citi Announces Global, Mission-Led Partnership with the International Paralympic Committee

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 16 dicembre 2018

Citi today announced that it has entered into a partnership agreement with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) to become an international partner through 2020 and to support National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) in 18 countries as they prepare for upcoming World and regional Championships, as well as the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.The 18 National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) Citi will sponsor include: Australia, Chinese Taipei, Colombia, Costa Rica, Great Britain, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, and the UAE.
Citi serves clients through a local presence in each of these 18 NPC communities and will engage fans through integrated marketing campaigns and promotions to generate excitement and national pride around the extraordinary accomplishments of the countries’ Para athletes. Citi will also work to help support the day-to-day needs of individual NPCs.
“Citi and the IPC are ideal partners because we share a deep passion for helping to foster a more diverse and inclusive society,” said Citi CEO Michael Corbat. “These athletes have overcome adversity to achieve the world’s most elite level of sporting excellence. Their strength, perseverance and determination is truly what makes them exceptional, and we look forward to supporting their journey to compete on the global stage.”“We are delighted that Citi joins the IPC as our third international partner and that the company’s support extends to NPCs spanning four continents, as well as a number of Para athletes,” said IPC President Andrew Parsons. “Citi has been involved in the Paralympic Movement for more than six years and we look forward to working closely with them to explore opportunities to further awareness of how our work transforms society and drives social inclusion.”Citi began its relationship with the Paralympic Movement in 2012 with its sponsorship of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams. During that time, Citi has supported eight U.S. Paralympians and featured them prominently in their marketing campaigns, supported U.S. Paralympic sports programs, as well as featured them in colleague engagement promotions. In 2018, Citi served as a sponsor of the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation Wheelchair Rugby World Championship in Australia, World Para Swimming Allianz European Championships in Ireland, Asian Para Games in Indonesia, and Para Powerlifting Americas Open Championships in Bogota.

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Brussels attacks: Special Committee on Terrorism visits Zaventem airport

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 22 febbraio 2018

Under the leadership of its Chair Nathalie Griesbeck, the European Parliament Special Committee on Terrorism (TERR) met today with the CEO of Brussels Airport Company Mr Arnaud Feist as well as representatives of the Belgian Federal Ministry of Mobility and Transport and Brussels National Airport Customs and Federal Police.Committee Chair Nathalie Griesbeck (ALDE, FR), at the end of the high-level working visit to Zaventem airport, said: “Our working visit today was instrumental for the work of the special committee and I thank the airport authorities for having hosted us. It showed the importance of developing a security culture among us all and that we need clear roles and responsibilities for all security partners to be able to defeat any terrorist attack”.
In the light of the terrorist attacks of 22 March 2016, the aim of this initiative was to examine how the security of a strategic infrastructure is ensured and how passengers’ mobility is managed.The 17 MEPs high-level group received a detailed briefing session by airport authorities on security measures taken following the attacks, as well as on the procedures and facilities for passenger checks.This field visit will feed into the final recommendations, which the TERR Committee will present to the Parliament’s plenary in September.The delegation was composed by the Chair, Ms Nathalie Griesbeck (ALDE, FR), two vice-Chairs: Mr Jeroen Lenaers (EPP, NL) and Mr Geoffrey Van Orden (ECR, UK); two co-rapporteurs: Ms Monika Hohlmeier (EPP, DE) and Ms Helga Stevens (ECR, BE), one shadow rapporteur: Ms Maite Pagazaurtundúa (ALDE, ES) as well as Mr Ivo Belet (EPP, BE), Ms Lynn Boylan (GUE, IR), Mr Javier Couso Permuy (GUE, ES) Mr Edward Czesak (ECR, PL), Mr Doru Frunzulicã (S&D, RO), Ms Sylvie Guillaume (S&D, FR), Ms Ana Gomes (S&D, PT), Ms Teresa Jimenez-Becerril Barrio (EPP, ES), Ms Eva Joly (Greens/EFA, FR), Ms Birgit Sippel (S&D, DE) and Mr Milan Zver (EPP, SL).

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Catella’s Nominating Committee pending the 2017 Annual General Meeting

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 novembre 2016

catella arenaA Nominating Committee has been appointed for Catella AB (publ) pending the Annual General Meeting of 29 May 2017, pursuant to a resolution adopted at the Annual General Meeting held on 30 May 2016 regarding principles for the Nominating Committee.The Nominating Committee comprises the following persons:
Magnus Strömer, appointed by Handelsbanken Fonder and Chairman of the Nominating Committee
Johan Claesson, appointed by CA Plusinvest AB, and Chairman of the board in Catella AB
Thomas Andersson Borstam, appointed by TAB Holding AB and by virtue of private ownership
Pending the Annual General Meeting, the duties of the Nominating Committee will be to present proposals regarding the number of directors, fees to the directors and auditors, the composition of the Board of directors, a Chairman of the board, a resolution regarding a Nominating Committee, a Chairman of the general meeting, and choice of auditors.

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European Border and Coast Guard: Civil Liberties Committee approved the compromise text agreed with Parliament and Council negotiators

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 6 luglio 2016

The creation of an EU border control system received the green light from the Civil Liberties Committee on Monday evening. A provisional agreement on this file was reached between the Council, Parliament and Commission on 21 June. It is now up to Parliament as a whole and member states to endorse the agreement. Parliament will vote on the agreed text on Wednesday, 6 July at noon. The cornerstone of the deal is to upgrade today’s Frontex border agency, which, together with national border management authorities, will form a European Border and Coast Guard.If approved, the regulation would enable extra border guard teams (European Border and Coast Guard or EBCG) to be rapidly deployed to EU countries whose external borders are under pressure. National authorities would still manage their borders day to day, but could seek help from the new agency in a crisis. This legislation is expected to enter into force this autumn.

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European Border and Coast Guard

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 31 maggio 2016

European_Investment_Bank_-_LuxemburgBruxelles On Tuesday 31 MAY 2016 09.00 ANNA POLITKOVSKAYA ROOM (PHS 0A50) Press conference by rapporteur Artis Pabriks on the results of the vote. The Civil Liberties Committee will vote this afternoon, Monday 30 May, on its amendments to the European Border and Coast Guard regulation (EBCG).Following the legislative vote, the committee will vote on whether to give a mandate to start talks with Council and Commission (trilogue) on Tuesday 31 May.Under the EBCG system, national border management authorities and a new EBCG agency, built up out of the EU’s existing Frontex agency, will work together. National authorities will manage their borders on a day-to-day basis but will be able to request assistance from the EBCG if needed.The EBCG agency will not have its own border guards but will be able in emergencies to call on a pool of guards to be supplied by the Member States.The press conference will take place at 09:00 on Tuesday 31 May and be webstreamed on EP Live. The video recording will be available on Video on demand (VOD)

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New EU Rules For Medical Devices Confirm ESC Position

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sofia antipolisSophia Antipolis. On 25 May 2016, EU policymakers agreed to new rules on medical devices and invitro diagnostic medical devices.
This political agreement is still subject to the approval of the Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee and the Parliament’s ENVI Committee.Prof. Fausto Pinto, President of the European Society of Cardiology said: “The ESC welcomes this agreement and looks forward to engaging with regulatory authorities and HTA bodies in promoting excellence in patient management.”Prof. Alan Fraser, Chairman of the ESC Medical Devices Committee said: “The new rules will, for the first time, guarantee transparency for the regulatory process in Europe, where clinical information submitted by manufacturers will be made available to clinicians and patients alike.
This legislation, once passed, will herald a new era for active engagement by scientific, engineering, and clinical experts in writing specific standards for the clinical evaluation of medical devices, and in contributing to improved monitoring of their performance.”

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