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Compromise on long-term EU budget: EP obtains €16 billion more for key programmes

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 novembre 2020

Bruxelles. On Tuesday, after ten weeks of intense negotiations, Parliament’s budget negotiators agreed with the Council Presidency on the outline of an agreement on the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF 2021-2027) and new Own Resources. The compromise needs to be endorsed by both institutions.In the compromise, Parliament obtained €16 billion on top of the package agreed by heads of state or government at their summit in July. €15 billion will reinforce flagship programmes to protect citizens from the COVID-19 pandemic, provide opportunities to the next generation, and preserve European values. €1 billion will increase flexibility to address future needs and crises.Parliament’s top priority was to secure an increase for flagship programmes that were at risk of being underfinanced under the European Council’s July 2020 agreement, jeopardising the EU’s commitments and priorities, notably the Green Deal and the Digital Agenda.The additional funds will be drawn mainly from amounts corresponding to competition fines (which companies have to pay when they do not comply with EU rules), in line with Parliament’s long-standing request that money generated by the European Union should stay in the EU budget. Thanks to this compromise, in real terms, the European Parliament inter alia triples the envelope for EU4Health, ensures the equivalent of an additional year of financing for Erasmus+ and ensures that research funding keeps increasing. Negotiators agreed to the principle that the medium- to long-term costs of repaying the debt from the recovery fund should neither come at the expense of well-established investment programmes in the MFF, nor result in much higher GNI-based contributions from member states. Therefore, EP negotiators have devised a roadmap to introduce new Own Resources during the next seven years. This roadmap is incorporated into the ‘Interinstitutional Agreement’, a legally binding text. In addition to the plastics-based contribution as of 2021, the roadmap includes an ETS (Emissions Trading System)-based Own Resource (from 2023, possibly linked with a carbon border adjustment mechanism), a digital levy (from 2024), and an FTT-based Own Resource as well as a financial contribution linked to the corporate sector or a new common corporate tax base (from 2026).Concerning the expenditure of Next Generation EU funds, Parliament secured that the three institutions will meet regularly to assess the implementation of funds made available on the legal basis of Art. 122. The expenditure will be spent in a transparent manner and Parliament, together with Council, will check any deviation from previously agreed plans.The recovery instrument (Next Generation EU) is based on an EU treaty article (Art. 122 TFEU) which does not provide for a role for the European Parliament. EP negotiators have also obtained a new procedure, setting up a “constructive dialogue” between Parliament and Council on the basis of an assessment by the Commission, in order to agree on the budgetary implications of any proposed new legal act on the basis of Article 122.

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Data protection talks: EP chief negotiators set out Parliament’s priorities

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 giugno 2015

strasburgo-parlamento-europeoThe new data protection rules must set a high, uniform standard for data protection across the EU, said lead MEP Jan Philipp Albrecht and Civil Liberties Committee Chair Claude Moraes after the first round of three-way talks between Parliament, the Council and the Commission on Wednesday. Parliament’s chief negotiators also re-confirm the goal of reaching a final agreement before the end of 2015.Parliament’s lead MEP on the data protection regulation, Jan Philipp Albrecht (Greens/EFA, DE) said:“It is encouraging that at the start of negotiations today, the Council of the European Union, European Commission and European Parliament jointly reaffirmed their commitment to reach an agreement on the package of the Regulation on data protection and a Directive on data protection in criminal proceedings by the end of 2015.It is now important to find agreement, as soon as possible, on legally sound and uniform data protection standards that provide a high level of protection starting from the level of the current provisions enshrined in the Directive of 1995. Today’s first meeting has shown that this target is achievable if, as they have just jointly declared, the three negotiating partners work together on the basis of their voted positions to find a compromise.”

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Sixty-second World Health Assembly

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 Maggio 2009

Geneva, Switzerland,  Closing remarks at the Sixty-second World Health Assembly From Dr Margaret Chan Director-General (abstract) “I believe we can all agree. This has been an exceptionally intense session of the Health Assembly. You gave the world a strong signal of enduring commitment to health programmes and national capacities that we need on a day-to-day basis, as well as during emergencies. Items, such as the ones on blindness and drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis, remind us of the power of public health, and of partnerships, to prevent, treat, and cure.  Let me congratulate you for completing your work under the item on public health, innovation and intellectual property. You have found some elegant ways forward after many years, and many intense hours of negotiation, consensus building, and compromise. You also argued that the three, working together and supported by appropriate policies, will give countries and communities the resilience needed to cope with the “big three” global crises: the financial crisis, the prospect of an influenza pandemic, and climate change. Whole-of-government policies that explicitly strive for fairness, fairness in opportunities, fairness in access to health care, and fairness in social protection, contribute to social cohesion and stability. They are not the enemies of globalization. Instead, they are its saviour. For the first time in history, we are watching the conditions conducive for the start of a pandemic unfold before our eyes. On the one hand, this gives us an unprecedented opportunity. The world is alert and on guard as never before. On the other hand, this gives us a dilemma. Scientists, clinicians, and epidemiologists are capturing abundant signals. But we do not have the scientific knowledge to interpret these signals with certainty. We have clues, many clues, but very few firm conclusions.  We can all be grateful to the many countries that have engaged in rigorous detection and investigation, and rigorous studies of clinical cases, especially those requiring hospitalization. We need to watch the behaviour of H1N1 very carefully as it encounters other influenza viruses circulating during the winter season in the Southern Hemisphere. The current winter season gives influenza viruses an opportunity to inter-mingle and possibly exchange their genetic material in unpredictable ways. I will consider all the scientific information available. I will be advised by the Emergency Committee, established in compliance with the International Health Regulations.  But I will also consider the fact that science finds its application and its value in serving people. And in serving people, we need their confidence, their comprehension, and their trust. Thank you”.

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