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Expo: A Momentary Fantasy

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 25 aprile 2009

fantasyNew York Scaramouche c/o Fruit and Flower Deli  53 Stanton St. Expanding on Daniel Defert’s observation that philosopher Michel Foucault -evoked the parent’s bed as the first figure of heterotopia, the place that children love to penetrate for the pleasure of transgression and the reverie of origins,- -A Momentary Fantasy- considers the home as a network of counter-sites: spaces for crises and transitions. Through site-specific installation, performance, and interdisciplinary work, the artists Natalie Beall, Jonathan Van Dyke, Carla Edwards, Jessica Segall, and Jeremy Wagner abstract the home-Beall industrializes domestic decoration by turning escutcheons into a ceiling trim of non-functioning vents; Van Dyke constructs a small closet with a translucent door dribbling paint from its absent doorknob; Edwards coils branches with pink string, and stacks them in a transparent wood grate as if in a fireplace, and she further plays with tropes of -home- by quilting a cross of American flags died black; Segall composes live and projected narrative songs, duets, and scenes enacted in the rooms of a house; with rust, Wagner etches the imagery of an elaborate chandelier into a metal sheet.  Described as an effective utopic space, a place reformatting social conventions, Foucault defined a heterotopia as -elsewhere- and -other–marginalized, peripheral, isolated yet also open. Adopting domestic crafts, objects, symbols, and spaces to orient them as mythological constructs, -A Momentary Fantasy- presents a psychological scenario, a liminal space between decoration and utility, real and surreal, placed and placeless. It considers the home a heterotopic fantasy-a momentary one, disillusioning. (image fantasy)

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