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Eckersberg’s Last View of Paris on the marked

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 21 febbraio 2020

Copenhagen 25 February 4 pm, Bredgade 33 At Bruun Rasmussen’s Live Auction this spring, we turn our attention to the Danish Golden Age as Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg’s rare and masterful view from Paris, The Aqueduct in Arcueil, is up for sale.
Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg lived in Paris from 1810-13 – spending part of the time as a pupil of the famous French painter Jacques-Louis David. The three years would prove crucial to his artistic development, and he spent a good deal of his time in Paris finding new motifs in the city and its surrounding areas.In the featured work from 1812, he depicts the aqueduct in Arcueil, located 5 km south of the city. Christoffer Wilhelm Eckersberg portrayed the place on a sunny day with people going about their business, and the impressive edifice of the aqueduct stands out through a dramatically composed perspective. The work also reveals other characteristic elements of Eckersberg’s style, such as his focus on the light, colours and figures that all bring life to the motif.
Eckersberg only created four views while in Paris, two of which are today located at The National Gallery of Denmark and one at The David Collection.”The Aqueduct in Arcueil is the only view from Paris left on the market. And it is not only a beautiful and a very rare painting – it is absolutely essential in the understanding of his development as a painter of views from cities,” says Head of Fine Art at Bruun Rasmussen, Julie Arendse Voss.Eckersberg was one of the foremost painters of the Danish Golden Age. However, his importance to Danish art should not only be measured in the high quality of his own work. As a professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, his ideas resonated profoundly with a whole generation of painters, such as Christen Købke, J. Th. Lundbye, P.C. Skovgaard, Martinus Rørbye and many, many more. Eckersberg has since been given the title “the father of the Danish Golden Age of painting,” and today he occupies a special place in Danish art history.

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Bavarian Nordic Announces Appointment of Jean-Christophe May as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 novembre 2019

COPENHAGEN, Denmark Bavarian Nordic A/S (OMX: BAVA, OTC: BVNRY) announced the appointment of Jean-Christophe May as Executive Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer, effective from January 2020.In this role, Mr. May will lead the establishment of the Bavarian Nordic commercial organization and manage the commercial business going forward. He will report to Paul Chaplin, President and CEO, and will join the Company’s Executive Management Team. Mr. May brings 25 years of experience from commercial roles within GSK and most recently served as Vice President and Global Vaccines Commercialization Leader at GSK where he was responsible for global strategic leadership and performance of several lifesaving vaccines, including Rabipur®/RabAvert® and Encepur®. Mr. May is Doctor of Pharmacy from University of Lille II and holds an MBA from HEC Paris.
“I am delighted to welcome Jean-Christophe to Bavarian Nordic. He brings a wealth of commercial experience to the Company and will be an invaluable addition to the Executive Management team. He even brings significant knowledge and experience related to Rabipur/RabAvert and Encepur and his proven track record in life sciences and international business will be invaluable to us as we establish and grow our commercial franchise,” said Paul Chaplin, President and CEO of Bavarian Nordic.

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Catella advised in the forward-funding sale of approx. 19,000 sq.m. residential development project in Copenhagen

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 16 luglio 2017

catella5Catella Corporate Finance acted as exclusive financial advisor to MT Højgaard in the forward-funding sale of an approx. 19,000 sq.m. residential development project in the Copenhagen harbor area.MT Højgaard, one of the leading construction and development companies in Scandinavia, has agreed with the German real estate investor Patrizia to transact and develop the residential project “Project ACMV” located at A.C. Meyers Vænge at Teglholmen in Copenhagen’s South Harbor.“As one of the most active investors in Copenhagen, Patrizia continues to demonstrate trust in the long-term growth of Copenhagen, and we are pleased to have found a solution to this interesting development project that is attractive for both MT Højgaard and Patrizia”, says Jesper Bo Hansen, Head of Corporate Finance at Catella.The transaction was structured through a forward-funding model, where Patrizia has acquired the project, and will act as owner during the construction phase. MT Højgaard will as turnkey contractor deliver the project to Patrizia in stages during 2019.
The development project consists of approx. 19,000 sq.m., including 120 residential apartments and 56 residential townhouses as well as common areas, green spaces and a few commercial units.“We appreciate the trust and the mandate given to Catella by MT Højgaard. Copenhagen, and particularly the Copenhagen Harbor, is in a process of change; former trade and urban industrial areas are being transformed into vibrant residential neighborhoods. This, too, goes for Copenhagen’s South Harbor, whose growth is being stimulated further by the expansion of the Copenhagen subway”, says Jesper Bo Hansen, Head of Corporate Finance at Catella.

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Bern and Copenhagen top global liveability rankings for European expatriates

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 14 aprile 2017

bernaBern and Copenhagen are the most liveable locations in the world for European expatriates. This was one of the conclusions of the latest Location Ratings survey for expatriate living conditions published by ECA International, the world’s leading provider of knowledge, information and software for the management and assignment of employees around the world. “Excellent medical facilities, low crime, good educational institutions, decent air quality and solid infrastructure have contributed to Bern and Copenhagen topping our global rankings for quality of living for European assignees,” said Neil Ashman, Senior Location Ratings Analyst, ECA International. Updated annually, ECA’s Location Ratings system objectively evaluates a host of factors to form an assessment of the overall quality of living in over 470 locations worldwide. The system helps companies establish appropriate allowances to compensate employees for the adjustment required when going on international assignment. Factors assessed include climate; availability of health services; housing and utilities; isolation; access to a social network and leisure facilities; infrastructure; personal safety; political tensions; and air quality.The impact of some of the factors assessed will vary according to where someone comes from.“The significance of some of the factors assessed, such as distance from home and differences in culture, language and climate, will vary according to where someone originates from,” explained Ashman. “For this reason, our analysis considers both the home and destination countries. So, while Copenhagen and Bern rank at the top for Europeans they fall to ninth and 13th respectively for someone coming from Asia. For Asian expatriates, Singapore is the most liveable location. It ranks 95th globally from the perspective of a European assignee.” (font: ECA International)

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Catella’s new parking fund makes its first investment in Copenhagen

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 febbraio 2017

Copenhagen-docksMunich-based investment manager Catella Real Estate has acquired a parking garage with 360 parking spaces in Copenhagen for its newly launched open-ended real estate special AIF, Catella Parken Europa. The property is leased to the well-known car park operator Apcoa on a long-term basis. The parking garage at Nyropsgade 6 in Copenhagen is located on the edge of the city centre, directly on one of the city’s major roads. The lease with the operator Apcoa was recently extended by 10 years. The sellers of the property are private investors.
“Parking space comes at a premium in the Danish capital, so the occupancy rate of the centrally located car park is very high,” says Henrik Fillibeck, Managing Director of Catella Real Estate.Launched in December 2016, the Catella Parken Europa fund aims to attain an equity target of EUR 200 million and will invest at least 70% in the core countries of Central Europe. The fund is designed exclusively for institutional and semi-professional investors, who will be able to participate from EUR 5 million and upward. The properties are being selected by Catella’s Dutch partner Orange Investment Managers, which focuses on the acquisition and asset management of parking garages in Europe.

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Collezione Sence Copenhagen

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 4 ottobre 2016

sence-copenhagensence-copenhagen1Milano. Atmosfere nordiche in un autunno dalle mille espressioni si riflettono nella collezione Sence Copenhagen dedicata a chi ama una eleganza non convenzionale che trasforma ricercate provocazioni in preziosa femminilità. Braccialetti, collane, ciondoli, orecchini, anelli nelle variati bronzo, oro e argento, dalle forme innovative e dal design essenziale. Tra pietre, perle e componenti brillanti in tinte fredde e sfumature calde, per un accessorio giovane. Sence appeal.
Dall’estro purissimo e dalla geniale intuizione del team di designer scandinavi al cui capo c’è la danese Gitte Holmskov, prende vita un’affascinante collezione di anelli, orecchini, collane, bracciali, pendenti e charm adatti a un vero e proprio “mix & match”. Un cocktail sorprendente di accessori unici, che spazia tra pietre dure variopinte e ottoni lucidi e satinati, dorati, bruniti e argentati. Fino al cuoio in tante varianti di colore… Sence Copenhagen conquista con fascino e femminilità nel mix sapiente di “freddo” nordic design e “caldo” dettaglio di materia. Un look trasversale, lontano dai canoni tradizionali, che racchiude caratteri forti e spiccata personalità; un’eleganza mai eccessiva, ricca di forme preziose, materiali pregiati, come l’ottone, il cuoio e le pietre dure, colori e forme della natura. La donna griffata Sence Copenhagen ha il tratto indelebile, uno stile essenziale. Un concetto di femminilità che sovverte la moda e i suoi rigori estetici. La possibilità di mixare i monili permette alla donna di creare il proprio stile giovane e trasversale, lontano dai canoni tradizionali. Tendenza e innovazione. In questo binomio affascinante, si manifesta quel processo creativo che ha proiettato lo stile scandinavo nell’élite del design mondiale. Un’ispirazione che viene da dentro, dalla più profonda e vera tradizione nordica, dalla natura e la memoria di questa terra.SENCE Copenhagen è distribuita in esclusiva in Italia da AIBIJOUX (foto: Sence Copenhagen)

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Trovata un’opera sconosciuta di Paolo Scheggi

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 10 settembre 2016

avantgardepaolo-scheggiParigi. Il 12 e il 13 settembre 2016 presso 12-Drouot di Parigi, il pezzo di Paolo Scheggi sarà messo all’asta da Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art di Copenhagen dal 20 al 29 settembre 2016. Lunedì, 12 settembre 2016, dalle ore 11 alle 18, cocktail alle 19
Martedì, 13 settembre 2016, dalle ore 11 alle 18.
ASTA A COPENHAGEN Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art Bredgade 33 1260 Copenhagen Anteprima: 15-19 settembre 2016 Asta: 20-29 settembre 2016.Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art presenta l’opera appena ritrovata di Paolo Scheggi, insieme ai pezzi di numerosi artisti italiani e stranieri fra i quali Carlos Cruz-Diez, Daniel Spoerri, Bruno Gambone, Toni Costa, nell’ambito della mostra “Avantgarde 1960 + 1970”, in programma il 12 e il 13 settembre 2016 negli spazi di 12-Drouot a Parigi. La vivacità dell’ambiente artistico danese fra gli anni Cinquanta e Settanta del secolo scorso è la ragione per la quale l’opera di Scheggi è arrivata in Danimarca, dove si incontrarono e si confrontarono diversi movimenti di avanguardia come la “Scuola di Parigi”, “Fluxus”, “Tachisme” e “Gruppo Zero”. Le opere esposte rappresentano diversi settori dell’arte e altrettanti movimenti artistici del periodo, accomunati dall’obiettivo di superare i confini dell’arte tradizionale per esplorare nuove potenzialità espressive e concettuali insite nell’oggetto artistico. Raccontano questa avventura, oltre che l’opera di Scheggi, anche le rappresentazioni cangianti di Carlos Cruz-Diez così come le docce kitsch di Daniel Spoerri. La mostra accoglie anche opere di André Marfaing, Armando, Bruno Cassinari, Bruno Gambone, Enzo Cacciola, Mario Ceroli, Raymond Hains, Renato Birolli and Toni Costa. «È un grande piacere tornare ancora una volta a Parigi. Abbiamo registrato un importante successo promuovendo le nostre aste internazionali in Francia, e adesso non vediamo l’ora di presentare i pezzi forti della nostra prossima asta in programma per la fine di settembre al pubblico internazionale di una delle più importanti città d’arte del mondo», ha affermato Frederik Bruun Rasmussen, curatore della mostra. (foto: avantgarde, Paolo Scheggi)

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Al via la Copenhagen Pride Week

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 19 agosto 2016

Copenhagen PrideSi è aperta la Copenhagen Pride Week, con la Piazza del Municipio di Copenaghen che diventa per l’occasione la Pride Square, fulcro dei festeggiamenti arcobaleno di questa settimana, con concerti gratis tutte le sere. Durante il giorno Pride Square – aperta dalle 12 alle 23 – offre ai visitatori negozi pop-up, bar e stand, mentre dall’altra parte della strada, in un padiglione apposito a Rainbow Square, si tengono dibattiti LGBTQ , workshop e presentazioni.Per celebrare il ventesimo anniversario del Copenhagen Pride verranno riproposte molte hit del ’96 sia giovedì sera quando “Under the Rainbow” salirà sul palco con musica live LGBTQ, sia venerdì sera per la Drag Night.Da non perdere sabato 20 agosto la Copenhagen Pride Parade che partirà dal Municipio di Frederiksberg attraverso Vesterbrogade e arriverà verso le 15:00 a Pride Square. L’arrivo della parata segna l’inizio del Pride Show live sul palco, che ospiterà popstar danesi come Medina, Mendoza e Camille Jones.
L’intero programma della Copenhagen Pride Week 2016 è disponibile al seguente link:!/en/page/pride-week-2016 (foto: Copenhagen Pride)

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L’ex Primo Ministro danese Helle Thorning-Schmidt assume la guida di Save the Children International

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 gennaio 2016

helle thorningSave the Children International annuncia la nomina di Helle Thorning-Shmidt come nuovo Chief Executive Officer. Già Primo Ministro del Governo danese, Helle Thorning-Shmidt sostituisce Jasmine Withbread alla guida della più importante organizzazione internazionale indipendente dedicata a salvare i bambini e tutelarne i diritti, con la responsabilità di programmi che raggiungono ogni anno più di 55 milioni di bambini in 120 paesi del mondo. Nell’annunciare la nuova nomina, Sir Alan Parker, Chairman di Save the Children International, ha dichiarato: “Siamo felici di nominare un nuovo CEO che ha dimostrato fino ad oggi una forte leadership internazionale e passione nel migliorare il mondo in favore dei bambini. Come organizzazione, siamo dedicati ad aiutare i bambini che più ne hanno bisogno in qualunque luogo si trovino. Nel prossimo decennio abbiamo l’opportunità concreta di promuovere e realizzare ulteriori progressi significativi, in particolare nell’ambito del contrasto della mortalità infantile, dell’educazione e della protezione dei minori. Nello stesso tempo, siamo chiamati a rispondere ad un numero crescente di crisi umanitarie che colpiscono i bambini in diverse parti del mondo.”
Helle Thorning-Shmidt, 49 anni, è stata Primo Ministro alla guida della coalizione di Governo per un intero mandato parlamentare dal 2011 al 2015, e ha guidato il Partito Socialdemocratico danese per 10 anni. Membro del Parlamento Europeo dal 1999 al 2004, è stata anche consulente internazionale della Confederazione dei Sindacati. Durante il suo mandato come Primo Ministro ha aumentato i fondi per gli aiuti internazionali raggiungendo lo 0,83% del PIL del Paese. Nata a Copenaghen e di lingua madre danese, Helle ha una laurea in Scienze Politiche all’Università di Copenhagen e un Master in Studi Europei al College of Europe a Bruges, è sposata con Stephen Kinnock, membro del Parlamento inglese, e ha due figli.

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Air pollution costs European economies US$ 1.6 trillion a year in diseases and deaths, new WHO study says

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 30 aprile 2015

Copenhagen-docks and Haifa. A staggering US$ 1.6 trillion is the economic cost of the approximate 600 000 premature deaths and of the diseases caused by air pollution in the WHO European Region in 2010, according to the first-ever study of these costs conducted for the Region. The amount is nearly equivalent to one tenth of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the entire European Union in 2013.The new study was published today by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as a 3-day high-level meeting on environment and health in Europe opens. Over 200 representatives from European countries and international and nongovernmental organizations gather in Haifa, Israel, on 28–30 April 2015 to look at achievements, gaps and challenges and set future priorities.”Curbing the health effects of air pollution pays dividends. The evidence we have provides decision-makers across the whole of government with a compelling reason to act. If different sectors come together on this, we not only save more lives but also achieve results that are worth astounding amounts of money,” says Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, WHO Regional Director for Europe. “Cross-sectoral work is the backbone of the environment and health process, which was initiated 26 years ago, and it is even more relevant today in the discussions taking place at this meeting in Haifa.”Economic cost of the health impact of air pollution in Europe is the first assessment of the economic burden of deaths and diseases resulting from outdoor and indoor air pollution in the 53 countries of the Region.The economic cost of deaths alone accounts for over US$ 1.4 trillion. Adding another 10% to this, as the cost of diseases from air pollution, results in a total of almost US$ 1.6 trillion. In no less than 10 of the 53 countries of the Region, this cost is at or above 20% of national GDP (see Annex for data by country). The study uses the methodology applied in a 2014 report by OECD and makes the calculations based on the most recent economic estimates of the health impacts of air pollution.The economic value of deaths and diseases due to air pollution – US$ 1 600 000 000 000 – corresponds to the amount societies are willing to pay to avoid these deaths and diseases with necessary interventions. In these calculations, a value is attached to each death and disease, independent of the age of the person and which varies according to the national economic context.
Over 90% of citizens in the Region are exposed to annual levels of outdoor fine particulate matter that are above WHO’s air quality guidelines. This accounted for 482 000 premature deaths in 2012 from heart and respiratory diseases, blood vessel conditions and strokes, and lung cancer. In the same year, indoor air pollution resulted in an additional 117 200 premature deaths, five times more in low- and middle-income countries than in high-income countries.”Reducing air pollution has become a top political priority. Air quality will be a key theme at the next Environment for Europe Ministerial Conference in Georgia in 2016”, says Mr Christian Friis Bach, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). “Fifty-one countries are today finding joint solutions in the framework of the UNECE Convention on Long-range Transboundary Air Pollution. This work must be strengthened to reduce air pollution even further and extended to more countries and to other regions.””About 2500 people are estimated to die in Israel annually as a result of exposure to air pollutants. The main source of air pollution is transportation, mainly in major city centres,” says Mr Ofir Akunis, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Member of Knesset (Parliament) for Israel. “Since 2011, the Ministry of Environmental Protection’s Clean Air Law regulates pollutants from major sources such as transport, industry and energy in accordance with the most stringent standards. The Ministry aims to use all available resources to reduce air pollution, as this means saving the lives of thousands of people, as well as billions to the Israeli economy”.
Improving environment and health in Europe: how far have we gotten?The cost of the health impacts of air pollution is only one of many studies that will provide evidence on the environmental impacts on health to be released at the Haifa meeting.Another new report, Improving environment and health in Europe: how far have we gotten? jointly published by WHO and UNECE, informs that one in four Europeans still falls sick or dies prematurely from environmental pollution. Data from several surveys in priority thematic areas such as water and sanitation, air quality, the day-to-day surroundings of children’s lives, chemicals and asbestos, climate change and health inequalities all show that while progress has been remarkable, it has been uneven.

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New Customer Experience Strategies to Win “Fans”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 23 marzo 2015

Copenhagen-docks, DENMARK Frost & Sullivan is pleased to announce that Dr. Phil Klaus, Visiting Fellow, Cranfield University School of Management Centre for Advanced Research in Marketing, will be the keynote speaker at the 9th Annual Customer Contact 2015, Europe: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange. This highly anticipated customer contact event will take place on 8-10 June 2015. Dr. Klaus holds multiple visiting professorships around the globe and is widely considered to be one of the leading customer service and marketing strategy experts in the field. His opening session is entitled, “Damned If You Do, Damned If You Don’t?! How to Design and Execute the Most Profitable Customer Experience (CX) Strategies.” Chris Brindley, Managing Director of Metro Bank, will be the keynote speaker on Wednesday, 10 June. A leading advocate of community banking with over 25 years experience in the retail banking industry, Mr. Brindley most recently succeeded in revolutionizing customer operations in UK banking. His customer-centric approach helped make Metro Bank an award-winning institution achieving record customer numbers, record deposit growth and record experience scores. Mr. Brindley will share some of these winning strategies in his keynote, “Creating Fans Not Customers.”Derek Williams, an international speaker, author and past Chief Executive of the Society of Consumer affairs, will be the Master of Ceremonies. Widely regarded as an international “guru” of customer service, Derek brings a tremendous amount of passion and energy to the field as he demonstrates in practical ways how to translate service into increased profits.The 9th Annual Customer Contact 2015, Europe: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange, is the place to be to help drive an enterprise-wide transformation and take customer experience excellence from an ideal to a reality. This prestigious event will explore the customer contact challenges senior executives worldwide face and will offer strategies and insights designed to help them outperform their competitors. Participants will benefit from panel discussions, interactive roundtables and extensive peer-to-peer networking opportunities, all hallmarks of Frost & Sullivan’s 2015 International Customer Contact Executive MindXchange Series.Registration is now open for the event, which will be held 8—10 June, 2015 at Scandic Copenhagen, Denmark. Senior executives from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and more than a dozen other countries will benefit from new ideas, creative approaches and case studies as well as highly interactive “think tanks” throughout the multi-day conference.Topics to be discussed all encompass the theme Next Generation Customer Care: Driving Real Change and include Delivering a Great Omni Channel Brand Experience; Serving Customers in Today’s Mobile and Digital World; and B2B Nuances: Transforming Your Customer Support to Drive Business Development and Growth.
Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, works in collaboration with clients to leverage visionary innovation that addresses the global challenges and related growth opportunities that will make or break today’s market participants. Our “Growth Partnership” supports clients by addressing these opportunities and incorporating two key elements driving visionary innovation: The Integrated Value Proposition and The Partnership Infrastructure.

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UN climate report to show way out of climate chaos

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 27 ottobre 2014

sculture ghiaccioCopenhagen, Today, as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) begins their approval meeting of the Fifth Assessment Report’s summary findings, Greenpeace Nordic Climate Policy Advisor, Kaisa Kosonen said:“Weapons of mass destruction are clearly visible and among us, they are the oil rigs and coal plants which are exploiting fossil fuels. That’s what the science is telling us.” “But, there is a way out of this dead-end trajectory, which is visible in the IPCC reports, and deserves the attention of the policy makers. It’s the breakthrough of renewable energy. Denmark, the country hosting this meeting, is already using blossoming renewable technology to phase out fossil fuels from its energy system. In just two decades all Danish homes will be powered by 100% renewable power and heat. That’s the direction for other countries to follow too.”

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Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 19 settembre 2014

citizenfourLaura Poitras’ highly anticipated film about worldwide mass surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden will open in Europe and the United States this fall. CITIZENFOUR is the final film in Poitras’ 9/11 trilogy, following the Academy Award-nominated My Country, My Country on the Iraq War and Emmy-nominated The Oath about Guantánamo.Praxis Films today announces the German premiere of CITIZENFOUR as the opening film at the International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film (DOK Leipzig) on October 27. Piffl Medien will release the film theatrically in Germany on November 6. Co-production partners in Germany are Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) and Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR).Poitras produced CITIZENFOUR with Berlin-based Mathilde Bonnefoy and Dirk Wilutzky. Bonnefoy is also the editor. Post-production has taken place in Germany, and Deutscher Filmförderfonds (DFFF) has provided production support. Laura Poitras currently lives in Berlin.Citizenfour will be featured as a special presentation at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (CPH:DOX) on November 11. Poitras will also curate a series of films, talks, and art projects for CPH:DOX which she has titled “Astro Noise.” On November 23, the film will be featured as a special presentation at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA).As previously announced, CITIZENFOUR will have its world premiere on October 10 at the New York Film Festival and the UK premiere at the BFI London Film Festival on October 17. On October 24, the film will be released theatrically in the United States by RADiUS, in association with Participant Media and HBO Documentary Films. In the United Kingdom, the film is distributed by BRITDOC Foundation and will be released in cinemas on October 31 by Artificial Eye, as a Film4 co-production.
In January 2013, Laura Poitras started receiving encrypted e-mails from an anonymous source identified as “citizen four,” who claimed to have evidence of illegal covert surveillance programs run by the NSA in collaboration with other intelligence agencies worldwide. In June 2013 she and reporters Glenn Greenwald and Ewen MacAskill flew to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with the man who turned out to be Edward Snowden. She brought her camera with her. The resulting film is a real-life thriller, unfolding minute-by-minute before our eyes.Laura Poitras’ films have premiered at festivals worldwide. My Country, My Country (2007) was nominated for an Academy Award, an Independent Spirit Award, and an Emmy Award. The Oath (2010) won the Sundance Cinematography Award, Edinburgh Film Festival Documentary Jury Award, and a Gotham Award for Best Documentary. Additional honors include a Peabody Award and a 2012 MacArthur Fellowship.Poitras has taught filmmaking at Duke and Yale universities, and in 2012 her work was selected for the Whitney Biennial. She will have her first solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum in 2016.Her reporting has appeared in DER SPIEGEL, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and The Intercept. Her NSA reporting contributed to a Pulitzer Prize for Public Service awarded to The Guardian and The Washington Post.

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Weekend in Scandinavia

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 5 ottobre 2013

English: Copenhagen City Hall in Copenhagen, D...

English: Copenhagen City Hall in Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Copenhagen e Stoccolma: due capitali il cui stile di vita è sinonimo di benessere, avanguardia, contemporaneità e cultura. Due città dove abitare è un piacere, destinazioni turistiche di sicuro apprezzate e ricche di scoperte, da esplorare in un solo lungo weekend.
Copenhagen è una grande città, ma a misura d’uomo, dove le biciclette a centinaia circolano in perfetta armonia col (quieto) traffico cittadino. Sempre ai vertici delle classifiche per la miglior qualità di vita, Copenhagen si distingue perché qui le testimonianze della lunga e prestigiosa storia si sono evolute creando le basi per una città riconosciuta internazionalmente per il suo stile, l’architettura contemporanea, il design e l’eccellente cucina che da anni è nota per essere una delle più innovative e ricercate al mondo a base di ingredienti originali, ma sempre freschissimi. Qui i par chi cittadini, i castelli ed i musei, ma anche una scelta infinita di negozi ed atelier originali sanno come incantare il turista. Attraversando in treno i verdeggianti panorami scandinavi, da Copenhagen Vela Tour Operator vi accompagnerà alla regale Stoccolma, capitale che fa giustificato sfoggio del suo essere sede di una casa reale, elegantemente adagiata su 14 isole, perfettamente e agevolmente esplorabili in bicicletta. Terribilmente giovane e creativa, Stoccolma, vanta un’incredibile vita notturna, strizzando l’occhio allo stile vintage riconoscibile nella moda proposta tra le vie cittadine. Stoccolma è famosa per il suo forte carattere hi-tech che la rende perfettamente proiettata verso il futuro, ma anche per i suoi 75 musei cittadini e gli splendidi giardini.
Ambedue le città, quando si avvicina l’inverno si trasformano in luoghi magici, soprattutto se ad accogliervi sarà la soffice coltre di neve che annuncia il Natale, qui celebrato con coloratissime decorazioni e mercatini caratterizzati dall’invitante profumo di cannella e biscotti.

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UNICEF: 100 tonnellate di aiuti per gli oltre 20.000 bambini rifugiati siriani e le loro famiglie nel Kurdistan iracheno

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 2 settembre 2013

Un aereo con a bordo 100 tonnellate di aiuti UNICEF di emergenza a sostegno dei bambini rifugiati siriani e delle famiglie è arrivato questa sera a Erbil, nel regione del Kurdistan iracheno.
Gli aiuti sono stati urgentemente inviati con un ponte aereo dal Magazzino Centrale degli aiuti dell’UNICEF di Copenhagen ,per rispondere alle crescenti necessità dei rifugiati siriani in Iraq, che sono ora più di 200.000. Circa 50.000 profughi – di cui la metà bambini- sono giunti ​​nelle ultime due settimane e mezzo. “Questi aiuti arrivano giusto in tempo per soddisfare le pressanti necessità degli oltre 20.000 bambini siriani che sono appena arrivati ​​nel nord dell’Iraq”, ha detto Marzio Babille, Rappresentante UNICEF in Iraq . “Questo ponte aereo sottolinea il fermo supporto dell’UNICEF nel fornire servizi salvavita a questi bambini, che hanno affrontato terribili sofferenze, traumi e stress”. Gli aiuti comprendono: serbatoi d’acqua, rubinetti, latrine, compresse per purificare l’acqua e kit di collaudo; soluzioni per la reidratazione orale; kit igienici e di emergenza sanitaria, kit ricreativi e per lo sviluppo della prima infanzia, materiali scolastici, scuole temporanee.
Questi materiali che arrivano si aggiungono ai 12 camion di aiuti (contenenti kit igienici per oltre 50.000 persone), che sono arrivati ​​all’inizio di questa settimana dal Magazzino dell’UNICEF di Mersin, in Turchia, nonché agli ulteriori quattro camion di aiuti di emergenza che sono arrivati ​​da Baghdad.”Tutti questi materiali fanno parte di una prima ondata di aiuti che aumenteranno fortemente la risposta di emergenza dell’UNICEF al crescente numero di bambini rifugiati siriani e le famiglie in Iraq”, ha dichiarato Babille. La maggior parte degli aiuti sono stati resi disponibili grazie ad un contributo di 5,8 milioni di dollari da parte del governo del Kuwait, nonché grazie al contributo in natura da parte di UPS, partner di lunga data dell’UNICEF, che ha fornito il supporto per il costo del ponte aereo da Copenaghen. L’UNICEF sta lavorando a stretto contatto con il governo regionale del Kurdistan , l’UNHCR , le altre agenzie delle Nazioni Unite e le ONG internazionali e nazionali per fornire aiuti essenziali- in particolare nei settori dell’acqua e dei servizi igienico-sanitari, dell’istruzione, della protezione dell’infanzia, della salute e della nutrizione per i bambini rifugiati siriani e le loro famiglie nella Regione del Kurdistan iracheno.Emergenza Siria, donazioni all’UNICEF tramite:
– bollettino di c/c postale numero 745.000, intestato a UNICEF Italia, specificando la causale “Emergenza Siria”
– carta di credito online sul sito, oppure telefonando al Numero Verde UNICEF 800 745 000
– bonifico bancario sul conto corrente intestato a UNICEF Italia su Banca Popolare Etica: IBAN IT51 R050 1803 2000 0000 0510 051, specificando la causale “Emergenza Siria”

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Saxo Bank Continues Expansion in Europe with new Cyprus Office

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 aprile 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark,(PRNewswire)Saxo Bank, the specialist in online trading and investing, today announces the opening of its new office in Cyprus which will provide Cypriot investors with access to international financial markets. Vitali Boutbaev has been appointed as Head of Saxo Bank A/S Cyprus and will be responsible for running the business and bringing new clients on board. He also remains responsible for all Central and Eastern European activities in the Bank.Saxo Bank A/S Cyprus is a branch of Saxo Bank A/S Denmark. The new office, located in Limassol, will be a regional business centre covering the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.
Since joining the EU in 2004, Cyprus has become an attractive place to be for many high-net worth individuals due to attractive conditions for capital markets participants. With per capita GDP just above the average of the EU, Cyprus is emerging as a great place for fully licensed and regulated European banks to setup their presence. At the same time, Cyprus has built strong relationships with countries like Russia, which is one of the biggest markets for Saxo Bank, and is an internationally recognised place for trading and investments. In 2008, Cyprus introduced the Euro and, on 1 July, this year, Cyprus is taking their turn at the EU Presidency.
Saxo Bank is a leading online trading and investment specialist. A fully licensed and regulated European bank, Saxo Bank enables private investors and institutional clients to trade FX, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures, Options and other derivatives via three specialised and fully integrated trading platforms; the browser-based SaxoWebTrader, the downloadable SaxoTrader and the SaxoMobileTrader application available in over 20 languages. Saxo Bank also offers professional portfolio and fund management through Saxo Asset Management who accommodates high-net worth private clients and institutional investors and provides banking services and advice to retail clients through Saxo Privatbank. The Saxo Bank Group is headquartered in Copenhagen with offices throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Australia.

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Experts Meet to Drive Improvements in Cancer Treatment in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 marzo 2012

"seeds" used for brachytherapy of pr...

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Copenhagen, (PRNewswire). Clinicians come together in Copenhagen to discuss the best approaches for future brain, prostate and lung cancer radiotherapy treatment. Today clinicians from around the world will gather at the 4th Brainlab European Radiotherapy User Meeting to share their best practice and experiences in treating difficult-to-treat cancers using advanced radiotherapy The two-day meeting held at the Global Center of Stereotactic Radiotherapy at Rigs Hospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark, aims to discuss the best approaches for future radiation treatment to achieve the best outcomes for patients. Over 170 clinicians from nearly 90 different international cancer centres will hear 33 different advanced approaches for treating cancers across the body using modern radiation therapy techniques. Highlights of the meeting will be keynote presentations on new protocols for the treatment of lung, prostate and brain cancers with radiosurgery. These protocols will show that radiosurgery can offer faster treatment times, shorter periods of treatment and in turn allows greater numbers of patients to be treated using the same advanced radiotherapy systems. Prostate Cancer clinical specialist Professor Raymond Miralbell, Head of Radiation Oncology at University Hospital Geneva, Switzerland, will present his experiences treating prostate cancer using a novel radiosurgery approach. Brainlab’s bi-annual Radiotherapy meeting immediately follows the launch of the Global Center of Stereotactic Radiotherapy at Rigs Hospitalet, launched to local clinicians the previous day. The facility is one of the most well equipped cancer centers worldwide with advanced technology that allows clinicians to both treat and research some of the most modern techniques available to patients.
Brainlab develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology that supports targeted, less-invasive treatment. Core products are image-guided systems and software that provide real-time information used for surgical navigation and radiosurgical planning and delivery.Brainlab technology drives collaboration between hospitals and clinicians from a wide variety of subspecialties-from neurosurgery and oncology to orthopedics, ENT, CMF and spine and trauma. This integration delivers better access to improved and more efficient treatment.Founded in 1989, the privately held Brainlab group has more than 5,000 systems installed in over 80 countries. Based in Munich, Germany, Brainlab employs 1020 people in 17 offices worldwide.

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Performing arts will be up for debate

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 15 marzo 2012

Copenhagen from March 28-31, 2012 during the annual Spring Plenary of IETM (International network for contemporary performing arts). An extensive, international performance program will accompany it. Performing arts professionals from more than 50 countries are invited to participate in the plenary. The artistic programme RIGHT ON offers a rare opportunity to get acquainted with Danish performing arts – in four short days. More than 30 companies and individual artists are featured, representing different performative genres ranging from dance and text based theatre, to installations, site-specific works, and visual concerts.The programme is divided in two parts:
– An exclusive programme offered only to IETM participants
– An open programme available to local audiences.
The performances have, following an open call, been selected by a highly qualified jury. Several of the works have toured internationally, and all have been estimated to appeal especially to an international audience. Jointly, they reflect contemporary Danish performing arts.
View the full programme here
View details regarding the programme available to local and other audiences
Most of the performances take place at the hip Copenhagen venue Dansehallerne, situated on the grounds of the original Carlsberg brewery, which moved their activities to other Danish locations in 2006. However, some of the performances presented take place at local producing theatres and other appropriate venues.
IETM is a large, well-respected, and dynamic network gathering more than 550 members actively engaged in the international collaboration of contemporary performing arts in 50 countries. 400-500 delegates are expected to participate in the Copenhagen Spring Plenary, discussing issues relevant to the sector in contemporary Europe, and globally. In Copenhagen, under the headline RIGHT?, prominent guests such as sociologist Renata Salecl (University of Ljubljana) and Danish Minister of Culture Uffe Elbæk, and many more, will contribute as panelists, lecturers etc.

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Increased revenues at Columbus IT

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 agosto 2011

Gefion fountain, Copenhagen

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Copenhagen. Despite an increase in revenues of 3 % to DKK 455.4 million for the first six-month period of 2011 compared to 2010’s first six-month period revenues of DKK 441.8 million, the overall result for Columbus IT has dropped for the first six-month period of 2011. The result before depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) has decreased from DKK 16.1 million in the first six-month period of 2010 to DKK 8.2 million in the first six-month period of 2011, caused by the restructuring in France, which is taking longer than expected. As a consequence, Columbus IT has revised its 2011 result forecast to DKK 40 million, while maintaining the DKK 930 million revenues forecast.
In the first six months of 2011, Columbus IT made progress in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and the USA. Every country in Western Europe reports significant bottom-line progress. Revenues in Western Europe have increased by 10 % compared to the first six-month period of 2010 – from DKK 80.7 million in the first six-month period of 2010 to DKK 89.1 million in the first six-month period of 2011, and EBITDA has increased by 286 %, from DKK 2.1 million in the first six-month period of 2010 to DKK 6.0 million in the first six-month period of 2011.
Revenues in Eastern Europe have increased by 12 %, from DKK 80.8 million in the first six-month period of 2010 to DKK 90.4 million in the first six-month period of 2011. EBITDA for the period has increased by 308% from DKK 1.2 million in the first six-month period of 2010 to DKK 4.9 million in the first six-month period of 2011. The Lithuanian company has experienced positive progress in 2011 compared to a loss in 2010, and the Russian company has also significantly boosted growth in Eastern Europe.
Revenues in North America have increased by 6 %, from DKK 57.7 million in the first six-month period of 2010 to DKK 61.2 million in the first six-month period of 2011. EBITDA for the period has dropped by 56 % from DKK 5.7 million in the first six-month period of 2010 to DKK 2.5 million in the first six-month period of 2011. Investments in new staff, increased marketing activities related to the new strategic initiatives and increased loss on debts have all contributed to the decrease in EBITDA.
Revenues in the Nordic countries dropped by 5 %, from DKK 204.7 million in the first six-month period of 2010 to DKK 195.2 million in the first six-month period of 2011. EBITDA for the period has decreased by 10 % from DKK 15.7 million in the first six-month period of 2010 to DKK 14.2 million in the first six-month period of 2011. The drop in revenues was due to loss of market share in the Danish NAV business, however, to some degree this has been counterbalanced by progress in the Norwegian company.

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Nuovi obiettivi post Kyoto

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 ottobre 2010

Greenpeace esprime apprezzamento per la posizione dell’Unione europea che si rende disponibile a definire nuovi obiettivi post-Kyoto per la riduzione delle emissioni. Un risultato ottenuto nonostante la lunga opposizione di alcuni governi, tra cui quello italiano che ha accettato questo mandato “in spirito di compromesso” solo dopo la riunione del Consiglio Ambiente dell’Ue dello scorso 14 ottobre. Alla fine, e contro la volontà dell’Italia, ha prevalso la posizione di quei Paesi che non vogliono ripetere il flop di Copenhagen ma andare avanti comunque per salvare il clima, senza collegare a vincoli negoziali rigidi un’ “eventuale adesione” agli accordi post-Kyoto. Greenpeace chiede con forza che si arrivi a un accordo sul clima equo, ambizioso e vincolante ma non si può andare a negoziare con posizioni rigidamente predefinite come richiesto dall’Italia. La posizione adottata oggi dall’Ue apre invece la strada alla possibilità di realizzare accordi strategici con Paesi in Via di Sviluppo ed economie emergenti, come la Cina, l’India e il Brasile. Con l’attuale stallo del “Climate Bill” negli Stati Uniti, questa cooperazione è di importanza cruciale. “È un’opportunità che l’Ue – commenta Alessandro Giannì, Direttore delle Campagne di Greenpeace Italia –  non deve sprecare per riconquistare una leadership malamente persa a Copenhagen, dov’è stata lasciata fuori dalla stanza dei bottoni” Ormai gli obiettivi di riduzione del 20 per cento delle emissioni di CO2 nell’Ue sono praticamente raggiunti. L’Ue, come propone anche la Commissione Europea, può rilanciare la sua economia, creando innovazione tecnologica e occupazione, con un programma di tagli alle emissioni che giunga almeno al 30% di riduzione al 2020. Una simile decisione confermerebbe in pieno la leadership dell’Europa nella lotta ai cambiamenti climatici.

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