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Union Varsan de Monteverde is the first coffee producer to obtain the Friend of the Earth certification

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 20 dicembre 2015

coffee producerThe Costa Rican coffee producer underwent a thorough third party assessment audit and was found compliant with Friend of the Earth criteria for sustainable agriculture. Costa Rica has a long history of coffee production. Coffee export revenues have helped improving its economy for centuries. Nowadays, Costa Rica is one of main coffee producers in the world, quite distinguished for its specialty quality coffee. Union Varsan, comprising 18 farms, grows coffee (Coffea arabica) in the northern mountains of Costa Rica, close to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Over the time, the forest ecosystem has not been damaged by the cultivation of the coffee plants. Indeed, since 1990 preservation activities have been intensified. The company has adopted an innovative system for the transformation of local waste into animal feed and compost. Water and air are not contaminated by the cultivation processes. No hunting, trapping or trafficking of wild animals is permitted.
coffee producer1Besides the coffee production, the organization has implemented initiatives of ecotourism and short educational programs for overseas colleges and high school students on themes related to sustainable production.
“Sustainability is the milestone of our mission, as we aim to conduct our activities in an environmentally and socially responsible way”, states Mr. Jose L. Vargas of Union Varsan. “Friend of the Earth certification is an important confirmation of our commitment and a very special stimulus to strengthen our mission.” (photos: coffee producer)

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