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Intel and PADT Executives Elected to Chair Positions on the Arizona Technology Council Board of Directors

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 22 luglio 2019

The Arizona Technology Council today announced David Tuhy, general manager, NSG Software Division, Intel®, and Eric Miller, co-founder and principal, PADT, were elected unanimously by the Council’s board of directors to serve as chair and vice-chair, respectively, for terms ending October 31, 2019.“Both David and Eric have made significant contributions to the Council’s strategy and overall success during their tenure on the board,” said Steven G. Zylstra, the Council’s president and CEO. “Their knowledge of the innovation ecosystem and expertise in their respective fields will continue to be an important asset as we advance our agenda designed to boost the economic contributions the technology industry brings to Arizona.”
In addition to Tuhy and Miller’s appointments, the following members have been elected to the executive committee for terms ending October 31, 2019 – Rebecca Clyde, CEO and co-founder,, Kerry Zunkowski, vice president of People Operations, KEAP, and Rick Nielsen, director of technology, Operations and Engineering, Cox Communications. All Officers and Executive Committee members are elected or reelected for one-year terms at the annual board meeting in October.The Council’s board of directors serve an advisory and fiduciary role by representing the interests of the state’s technology industries in the Council’s strategic planning and ongoing operations. The current board includes 36 members representing a diverse set of organizations.Tuhy, Miller, Clyde, Zunkowski and Nielsen provide deep experience in a wide range of technology sectors and possess a diverse skill set that will contribute to the Arizona technology community’s continued growth.

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New Academic Enterprise With Los Angeles Homeland Security Advisory Council

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 23 Mag 2019

The Pepperdine School of Public Policy has announced it will form an innovative academic enterprise with the Los Angeles Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) focused on disaster preparedness, crisis management, and resiliency through engaging the public, private, and civic sectors. The new enterprise, to be called the Homeland Security Advisory Council at the School of Public Policy, is positioned to prepare the current and next generation of public leaders by harnessing the school’s unique curriculum dedicated to exploring a full range of cross-sector and information technology solutions to public policy challenges. The formation of this enterprise with HSAC, a current 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to ensure the security and resilience of the Los Angeles region in the face of threats and hazards, will include the transfer of all HSAC assets and intellectual property to Pepperdine and is a strategic step for the University in expanding its role around issues facing crisis management today.
HSAC currently offers a variety of programs focused on technology, engagement, capability building, and partnerships for crisis managers, policymakers, and public safety professionals, in addition to students pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree. Through the partnership with the School of Public Policy, HSAC will expand its current offerings, create new educational and training programs, and reach a broader participant group that includes graduate students and audiences throughout California and the nation.
“With the combination of educational programs and technology, it’s fair to say that the launch of the new Homeland Security Advisory Council at the School of Public Policy is a groundbreaking initiative in American higher education,” said Pete Peterson (MPP ’07), dean of the School of Public Policy. “Where else should something creative like this happen but here in Los Angeles?” Demonstrating a shared commitment to service, community, and the public good, the move also includes the acquisition of HSAC’s crisis and event management platform, SALUS – The Crisis Hub, which uses geographic information systems (GIS) to manage and analyze data in order to build upon existing relationships with municipal and state governments. GIS is typically used to visualize information, such as patterns and relationships, and helps crisis managers make informed decisions and gain a more complete situational awareness before, during, and after a crisis or major event. SALUS also supports and facilitates strategies that address homelessness in Los Angeles by providing a single, common platform accessible to the mayor’s office and all 16 departments in the city’s Unified Homelessness Response Center.
“Since its inception in 2002, HSAC has become indispensable to improving public safety communication and collaboration in Los Angeles,” said Peter Lowy, chair of HSAC. “The result is an L.A. region that is today better prepared, more secure, and increasingly more resilient in the face of threats and hazards. This new academic enterprise at the Pepperdine School of Public Policy is driven by our shared dedication to serving diverse communities with growing needs. I am eager to see the strength of our combined efforts in utilizing emerging technologies to advance meaningful policy solutions throughout Greater Los Angeles.”

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Council strongly criticised over failing to act to protect EU values in Hungary

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 26 marzo 2019

In the debate with the Commission’s First Vice-President Frans Timmermans and Political and Security Committee Permanent Representative Călin Stoica, on behalf of the Romanian Presidency, most of the Civil Liberties Committee MEPs who joined the debate expressed their frustration with the Council’s lack of willingness to act to protect EU values, or cooperate with Parliament in this direction.They highlighted that Parliament has been raising the situation in Hungary for almost a decade and that urgent action is required to avoid further deterioration of democracy and the rule of law in the country, as well as the proliferation of these practices across EU member states.MEPs regretted that the Council has failed on several occasions to put the proposal by the Parliament to determine whether Hungary is at risk of breaching EU values on its agenda, or even provide a timetable, despite their repeated public requests. They asked once again that the Council formally include committee Chair Claude Moraes (S&D, UK) and rapporteur Judith Sargentini (Greens/EFA, NL) in relevant conversations of the General Affairs Council meeting, instead of merely providing information in a fragmented, informal manner and only after the MEPs’ persistent efforts.In September 2018, Parliament requested that the Council assess whether Hungary is posing a systemic threat to the EU’s founding values. Article 7 of the Treaty of the European Union aims to ensure that all EU countries respect the EU’s common values, including the rule of law. The continuing deterioration of EU values in Hungary, including judicial independence, freedom of expression, corruption, rights of minorities, and the situation of asylum seekers, remain key concerns.

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World Jewish Congress demands UN Human Rights Council remove anti-Israel Item 7 from its agenda

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 marzo 2019

Geneva – The World Jewish Congress has renewed its calls on the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) to remove once and for all Agenda Item 7 targeting Israel, the only permanent item on the Council’s agenda against a particular country. The UNHRC is meeting now in Geneva for its 40th session.
During a debate on Item 7 on Monday, the Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian Territories and a Commission of Inquiry accused Israel of perpetuating human rights abuses in those territories. The United States has withdrawn from the Council over its ongoing bias.
“The UNHRC has again shown its blatant discrimination and double standards, spending approximately eight critical hours of debate scapegoating Israel rather than taking the opportunity to expose the accountability of the Palestinian leadership for the deterioration of human rights in the territories under their control,” said WJC CEO and Executive Vice President Robert Singer. “This one-sided approach will only contribute to the exacerbation of Palestinian suffering, as it absolves both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority of any wrong-doing, placing the blame erroneously and detrimentally on the State of Israel.”“Item 7 is only part of the problem at this Council. Later this week, member states will debate five egregious resolutions against Israel that fully ignore the realities and complexities on the ground in the region. They attack Israel and demand accountability without even a single mention of Hamas, the rulers of the Gaza Strip which indiscriminately uses civilians, including women and children, as human shields, and which routinely impose violence and stifling restrictions against its own people,” Singer said. “The UNHRC has become nothing more than a theater of the absurd. The World Jewish Congress will continue to speak out against this Council as long as the bias against Israel remains. We look forward to the day when the UN Human Rights Council resumes its focus on protecting human rights worldwide.”
In Geneva, WJC Jewish Diplomat Philippe Assouline spoke on the UNHRC floor against the Commission of Inquiry’s report accusing Israel of crimes against humanity in Gaza, calling it a “a flagrant disregard for the facts and basic decency” and a “manipulative lie.”
“Hamas’ march was a propaganda exercise to create heartbreaking images with which to abuse western compassion and indict Israel. Hamas understands well that their jihadi aggression will be eagerly supported by this body if enough children are killed for the cameras,” Assouline said. The report disregards the fact that the sole aim of the so-called March of Return last spring was to incite Palestinian civilians against their Israeli neighbors and ignores that Hamas “carefully planned this violence and ensured that children and civilians would take part – busing them in and encouraging them to attack border guards,” Assouline said.“Hamas is reported to have shot its own citizens last week for protesting the price of food. The Report would have us believe this government – a terrorist group known for targeting children and murdering dissidents — had no active hand in masses of its people violently storming an international border far from their homes, to murder families living peacefully beyond it,” Assouline added.Furthermore, the report “castigates Israel as an occupying power –revealing the anti-Israel psychosis that animates it. Gaza has been under Palestinian rule since 1994 and Israel completely vacated the territory in 2005! What a reward this report is for that brave step,” said Assouline. Assouline concluded: “This report is not merely irresponsible and embarrassing, it is dishonest. It is a blank check to terrorist groups. And its abject unfairness is why Israelis have no absolutely zero trust to the UN.”

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Data protection: MEPs endorse modernisation of Council of Europe convention

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 febbraio 2019

Civil Liberties MEPs recommended giving green light to EU countries to ratify the protocol amending the Council of Europe data protection convention.The amending protocol aims to modernise and harmonise the Council of Europe data protection convention (Convention 108) in response to emerging privacy challenges, and to ensure it is adequately applied. Its adoption will also facilitate the exchange of personal data based on appropriate safeguards, MEPs say.They also underline the new protocol will ease data sharing between the EU and non-EU parties to the convention. Moreover, the amending text introduces the possibility for the EU and other international organisations to join the convention.Under the currents rules only states can be parties of the data protection convention which is why the EU cannot sign or ratify the amending protocol. In the recommendation, adopted on Monday by unanimity of 44 votes, MEPs gave consent to EU countries to ratify the protocol.
The recommendation now needs to be approved by the Parliament as a whole after which the Council can authorise Member States to ratify the amending protocol.

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New rules against non-cash payment fraud agreed with the Council

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 15 dicembre 2018

New EU rules to protect EU citizens against non-cash payment fraud, such as credit card theft, skimming or phishing, were agreed by Parliament and Council negotiators on Tuesday.
Parliament and Council negotiators reached an informal agreement on combating fraud and counterfeiting of non-cash means of payment such as cards, electronic wallets, mobile payments and virtual currencies. Current gaps and differences among EU countries’ laws hamper prevention, detection and punishment of these crimes.The new rules would:establish the minimum penalty in cases where a judge imposes the national “maximum” custodial sentence for non-cash payment fraud,
include virtual-currency transactions in the scope of offences,
improve EU-wide cooperation and facilitate information exchange to ensure cross-border frauds are better dealt with,
strengthen assistance to non-cash fraud victims, such as psychological support, advice on financial, practical and legal matters, and
improve prevention and awareness-raising, e.g. through campaigning, education and on-line information tools with practical examples of fraud cases; special attention should be paid to the needs and interests of vulnerable people.
Non-cash payments are constantly increasing in the digital era. This has made non-cash payment fraud, such as credit card theft or fraud using newer technologies such as skimming or phishing, an important source of income for organised crime.Rapporteur Sylvia-Yvonne Kaufmann (S&D, DE) said: “Non-cash payments with credit cards or virtual currencies are used more and more frequently. Criminals exploit loopholes in the current legal framework which dates back to 2001. It was therefore high time to adapt the rules to fight non-cash fraud to the newest technological developments.” “We harmonised the definitions of online crime offences throughout the EU and introduced a minimum level for penalties. Moreover, the European Parliament achieved during the negotiations that the current rules for the protection of victims of non-cash fraud will be strengthened”, Ms Kaufmann added.
The agreed text now needs to be formally approved by the Civil Liberties Committee, Parliament as a whole and the Council before entering into force.

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Stronger rules on data protection by EU institutions agreed with Council

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 Mag 2018

New rules to strengthen data protection in EU institutions, bodies and agencies were informally agreed by Parliament and Council negotiators on Wednesday.The aim of the update of the existing rules from 2001 is to bring them in to line with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the proposed e-privacy rules to uphold citizens’ right to personal data protection.
The new rules will cover EU institutions, bodies, offices and agencies to ensure a strong and coherent framework for data processing. Contrary to the past, the rules will also apply to Eurojust as soon as the reform of the agency will be agreed by the Parliament and the Council. Furthermore, in 2022 the rules should be extended to Europol and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office following to a review by the Commission.Parliament and Council negotiators agreed to strengthen the role of the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS), the independent supervisory authority that ensures the application of the rules across all the EU institutions and bodies. The European Data Protection Supervisor will also be able to fine EU institutions or bodies that do not live up to the data protection rules.

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L’Arab Fashion Council annuncia l’apertura del suo ufficio a Riyadh

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 dicembre 2017

nouraLayla Issa AbuzaidLONDRA/PRNewswire/ L’Arab Fashion Council, il più grande consiglio di moda non a fini di lucro del mondo, rappresentante i 22 Paesi arabi membri della Lega Araba, ha annunciato l’apertura del suo ufficio regionale a Riyadh e le nomine di S. A. la Principessa Noura Bint Faisal Al Saud a Presidentessa Onoraria e della Sig.ra Layla Issa Abuzaid a Direttore Nazionale per l’Arabia Saudita.Questa mossa strategica costituisce una pietra miliare storica per il Regno. Rappresenta l’avvio di una strategia a lungo termine che andrà di pari passo con la realizzazione dell’ambiziosa visione del Regno per il 2030 e dell’Arab Fashion Council; creare un’infrastruttura sostenibile nel campo della moda nel mondo arabo che sfrutti il design per la produzione, il commercio al dettaglio e l’istruzione, promuovendo il consolidamento della regione come mercato importante per l’industria della moda internazionale e cementando ulteriormente l’industria della moda come pilastro chiave per le economie creative della regione.”L’Arab Fashion Council è orgoglioso di istituire un ufficio regionale a Riyadh. Il Regno Jacob Abriandell’Arabia Saudita è da sempre stato riconosciuto tra le potenze mondiali di investimento nel talento. Con una ricchezza di risorse che va ben al di là del petrolio, la ricchezza del Regno risiede nella sua gente e nelle sue ambizioni per il futuro. La nomina di S. A. la Principessa Noura Bint Faisal Al Saud a Presidentessa Onoraria e di Layla Issa Abuzaid a Direttore Nazionale per l’Arabia Saudita riconosce la leadership delle donne arabe nella regione e segna l’inizio di un viaggio emozionante per la moda in Arabia Saudita”. JACOB ABRIAN, Fondatore e Amministratore Delegato, Arab Fashion Council. L’Arab Fashion Council, con l’ufficio di Riyadh, si pone l’obiettivo non solo di sostenere i designer locali di talento, ma anche di agire come partner strategico per i designer internazionali che si recano nella regione. In qualità di nazione che detiene sostanziali capacità d’investimento, la posizione strategica unica del Regno di centro globale di collegamento tra tre continenti (Asia, Europa e Africa) lo rende un epicentro per l’industria della moda sia tramite investimenti regionali, commercio e promozione, sia in virtù del suo ruolo di punto d’accesso internazionale.”Sono estremamente lieta di accettare la nomina a Presidentessa Onoraria dell’Arab Fashion Council. Il nostro obiettivo è posizionare sia il Regno che la regione sulla mappa internazionale della moda. Incubare la ricchezza dei talenti regionali nel campo della moda nei settori del design, delle vendite al dettaglio e del commercio. Promuovere questi talenti a livello internazionale tramite la creazione di un’infrastruttura sostenibile, responsabile e in grado di far fronte al futuro per il mondo arabo”. S. A. LA PRINCIPESSA NOURA BINT FAISAL AL SAUD, Presidentessa Onoraria, Arab Fashion Council. (foto: Noura, jacob, layla)

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American Hardwood Export Council lancia il nuovo sito web

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 19 giugno 2017

nuovo sitoAmerican Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) è lieta di annunciare il lancio del suo nuovo sito web caratterizzato da innovativi strumenti interattivi dedicati ad architetti e progettisti per un uso sostenibile del legno di latifoglia americano.Una nuova mappa forestale interattiva mostra la distribuzione, la crescita e la rimozione delle varie specie di legno di latifoglia americano in tutti gli Stati Uniti, così come nei singoli Stati. Questa tecnologia presenta precise informazioni, accuratamente dettagliate, e mostra visivamente la sostenibilità del legno di latifoglia americano.Per coloro che commercializzano il legno di latifoglia americano, l’American Hardwood Environmental Profile (AHEP) è uno strumento online che fornisce informazioni sull’impatto ambientale relativamente a parametri come la carbon footprint, i tempi di ripopolamento forestale, l’acidificazione e l’eutrofizzazione delle diverse specie, lo spessori del legname e gli scenari di trasporto. I membri di AHEC possono ora fornire l’AHEP per ogni contenitore esportato e, inoltre, un crescente numero di export buyer richiede questi dati per mostrare le credenziali ambientali del legno che comprano.Informazioni sulla sostenibilità e la legalità dei legni di latifoglia americani, inclusi gli articoli scientifici e le osservazioni degli esperti di settore, sono facilmente accessibili sul sito web.
La nuova mappa forestale interattiva mostra la distribuzione, la crescita e la rimozione dei legni di latifoglia americani nei singoli Stati. La nuova guida illustrata per le specie, facile da usare, offre informazioni sulle caratteristiche fisiche, le proprietà di lavorazione, le applicazioni principali, la sostenibilità e la diffusione e disponibilità di più di 20. (foto. nuovo sito)

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On World Stroke Day New ESC Stroke Council Urges Better Blood Pressure Monitoring

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 30 ottobre 2016

sophia-antipolisSophia Antipolis The European Society of Cardiology (ESC) and its newly created Council on Stroke says World Stroke Day should be a wake-up call for people everywhere. Each year 6.5 million people die from stroke and another 10 million are permanently disabled.
“The real tragedy is that most of these cases are preventable,” said Professor Petr Widimsky, chairman of the ESC Council on Stroke. “People need to check their blood pressure levels, and if they’re high, to get them lower with diet and exercise or medication. Doctors have a variety of safe and effective treatments. But it all starts by knowing your levels.”Studies show that only 50% of people get their blood pressure checked each year and only 30% maintain a healthy level of 140/90 or less.
The European Society of Cardiology is the preeminent science organization advancing all aspects of cardiovascular medicine. Professor Lina Badimon, ESC Vice President for Scientific Affairs, said the new Council on Stroke should make a meaningful contribution in the fight against this disease. “By working together with other experts -neurologists, vascular surgeons, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, epidemiologists and others – the ESC Council on Stroke aims at improving stroke awareness and prevention,” said Prof. Badimon. “The Council is also working to optimise strategies for the acute management of stroke, mapping the current situation in Europe and launching a Pan-European initiative in the field of acute stroke.”

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EP urges Council to open talks on a visa waiver for Georgia “without any further delay”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 ottobre 2016

europeParliament calls on the Council to start negotiations on exempting Georgian citizens from EU visa requirements “without any further delay”. In a letter sent on Wednesday to the Slovak Presidency, Civil Liberties MEPs invite the Council to open trilogue talks “as soon as possible at the beginning of November”. MEPs note that there is no real reason for delaying the talks on Georgia´s visa waiver, given that both the Parliament and the Council have approved mandates, following the confirmation by the Commission that the country has fulfilled all criteria. MEPs complain that the Council decided that “trilogues would not start before an agreement on the revision of the suspension mechanism is reached with the European Parliament”. They underline that the interinstitutional discussions on the review of the suspension mechanism -which allows a temporary reintroduction of visa requirements in certain situations- are ongoing, with negotiators actively seeking solutions on the remaining open issues.
“We cannot but regret the delay the Council statement has caused in the negotiations on visa liberalisation with Georgia”, committee chair Claude Moraes (S&D, UK) and Rapporteur Mariya Gabriel (EPP, BG) state in their letter.
“Our guiding principle is that every country that meets all the benchmarks can benefit from visa liberalisation, and that is the case of Georgia”, underlined Ms Gabriel, insisting that the EU must deliver on its promises.
“There should be no further delay to move” on this file, she added, and reminded that visa liberalisation represents, in the context of the EU-Georgia partnership and the Eastern Partnership, a very concrete achievement for citizens.

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MEPs back informal deal with the Council on new European travel document

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 luglio 2016

tourism_travel_world_map_-_magicwall.caBruxelles. On Tuesday, Civil Liberties Committee MEPs backed the informal deal reached with the Council on a new standard European travel document to speed the return of non-EU nationals staying “irregularly” in EU member states without valid passports or identity cards. A key goal during the previous talks has been to increase third countries’ acceptance of the document through improved technical details. The text, drafted by Jussi Halla-aho (ECR, FI), was informally agreed by MEPs and EU ministers on June 23. If approved, the new regulation will produce a common format for the European travel document. Its technical details would include personal information, such as name, age, gender and distinguishing marks, as well as a passport photograph, in order to combat counterfeiting and falsification. By using the same security features laid down in 2002 for visas issued by EU countries, the document’s recognition should be enhanced and the administrative burdens reduced for both EU and destination countries’ authorities.To enter into force, this informal deal needs to be formally endorsed by the full Parliament and the Council of Ministers. The Parliament’s plenary vote is scheduled for September.

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World Travel & Tourism Council announces Global Summit Programme

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 4 marzo 2016

tourism_travel_world_map_-_magicwall.caInfluencers to tackle travel security, collaborative economy, oil price and exchange rate impacts and the balance between technology and human interaction.The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) is excited to announce the programme for its 16th Annual Global Summit 2016, taking place in Dallas, Texas, 6-7 April 2016. David Scowsill, President & CEO, said: “The influence of the recent geopolitical shifts, global sustainability accords, and technological developments, together with ever-demanding consumers, is transforming the way businesses work, transact and report. These are interesting times for this sector: challenges around safety triggered by terrorist attacks and migration have sparked many debates on border security; new technologies have continued to drive visa facilitation and retailing opportunities; exchange rate movements have put major pressures on key markets; oil price fluctuations have brought some benefits for consumers and some hardships for economies.”The thought-provoking Summit Programme will address the theme Travel Beyond Boundaries, inviting renowned influencers on stage to discuss the issues that are impacting the unsteady global economic climate in general and this sector in particular.Mr. Scowsill added: “I am extremely pleased that the US government is expressing its commitment to Travel & Tourism as the Summit welcomes Penny Pritzker US Secretary of Commerce, who will address the importance of public and private partnerships.”
Further WTTC Global Summit Programme highlights include:Jeremy Rifkin, Advisor to the European Union, President of the Foundation on Economic Trends, will share his views on how technology is changing business as he discusses Global Mega Trends.
Jeffrey Sachs, American Economist and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, will address Disease and Migration and the role of the Travel & Tourism sector in tackling these two major global issues.
PW Singer, Security Specialist, will talk about Cyber and Data Security, and whether the current demand for enhanced security warrants giving up some of our personal freedom.
Barry Diller, CEO & Chairman, IAC and Founder of Expedia, will be interviewed on his predictions for the future of Travel & Tourism, along with the latest trends shaping our sector.
The 2016 Global Summit will be fully livestreamed, so that anyone anywhere in the world is able to follow this year’s exceptional programme.

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Migration and refugee crisis: Sylvie Guillaume named rapporteur on EU list of safe countries of origin

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 2 ottobre 2015

european parliamentVice-President and Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee MEP Sylvie Guillaume (S&D, FR) has been appointed rapporteur for the proposal establishing an EU common list of safe countries of origin, on which Parliament will legislate on an equal footing with the EU Council of Ministers. The appointment was announced by committee Chair Claude Moraes (S&D, UK) at the start of the Civil Liberties Committee meeting on Thursday, 1 October, and endorsed by the members. The proposal for a regulation establishing an EU common list of safe countries of origin was presented by the European Commission on 9 September, as part of a package of proposals to tackle the refugee crisis.The EU safe countries list would help speed up the processing of individual asylum applications from people originating in countries that the EU considers safe. In cases where individual assessments establish that applicants have no right of asylum, it would also help speed up their return, according to the European Commission. The Commission proposes to add Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey to the EU list of safe countries of origin.
In a 10 September resolution on migration and refugees in Europe, the European Parliament said that it: “Notes the Commission proposal to strengthen the ‘safe country of origin’ provision of the Asylum Procedure Directive by establishing a common EU list of safe countries of origin; understands that this approach could limit the procedural rights of citizens of those countries; recalls that the acceptance rate for asylum applications varies greatly from one Member State to another, including as regards particular countries of origin; requests that steps be taken to ensure that this approach does not undermine the principle of non-refoulement and the individual right to asylum, especially that of people belonging to vulnerable groups”.

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Refugees: EP to debate Council result and fast-track vote to relocate 120,000

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 17 settembre 2015

europa-261011-cAt the opening of Wednesday’s plenary session, at 15.00, Parliament’s President Martin Schulz will propose that it vote on Thursday, as a matter of urgency, on the emergency scheme to relocate 120,000 asylum seekers from Italy, Greece and Hungary to other member states, as agreed “in principle” by the Justice and Home Affairs Council on Monday. The opening will be followed by a debate on the outcome of the ministers’ meeting.The 14 September Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council approved a decision to relocate 40,000 asylum seekers from Italy and Greece over two years, on which Parliament was consulted (Ska Keller report, approved on 9 September). However, ministers could only agree “in principle to relocate an additional 120,000 persons in need of international protection from any member states exposed to massive migratory flows”, based on a proposal presented by the European Commission on 9 September. Parliament is also being consulted on this second emergency relocation proposal.Mr Schulz will propose at the opening of the session that Parliament deal with this second emergency relocation proposal under the urgency procedure (Rule 154 of the EP Rules of Procedure) and to extend the session until Thursday morning. The plenary vote would then take place on Thursday 17 September at 11.00, ahead of the next extraordinary JHA Council meeting on 22 September, where the proposal is again to be on the agenda. The outcome of the 14 September JHA Council meeting will be debated with European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans and Luxembourg’s Minister for Immigration and Asylum Jean Asselborn, on Wednesday, after the opening of the session.

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Passenger Name Records: MEPs back EU system with data protection safeguards

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 16 luglio 2015

europolDraft EU rules on sharing and protecting the Passenger Name Record (PNR) data of people flying to or from the EU, and its use by member states and Europol to fight terrorism and serious transnational crime, were approved by the Civil Liberties Committee on Wednesday. This data must only be used to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute these crimes, said MEPs, inserting safeguards to ensure “the lawfulness of any storage, analysis, transfer and use of PNR data”.”Without this EU system in place a number of EU governments will go it alone and create their own systems. That would leave gaps in the net and create a patchwork approach to data protection. With one EU-wide system, we can close the net and ensure high standards of data protection and proportionality are applied right across Europe. The emerging threat posed by so-called ‘foreign fighters’ has made this system even more essential”, said Civil Liberties Committee rapporteur Timothy Kirkhope (ECR, UK).”PNR is not a ‘silver bullet’ but it can be an invaluable weapon in the armoury. We will now open talks with national governments with a view to reaching a final agreement before the end of the year”, he added.The amended rules were approved by 32 votes to 27. The mandate to open negotiations with the EU Council of Ministers was approved by 36 votes to 14, with 8 abstentions.The PNR rules would apply to air carriers and non-carriers such as travel agencies and tour operators operating “international flights”, i.e. those to or from the EU, according to the committee amendments. They would not apply to “intra-EU” flights between EU member states.
Under the amended rules, PNR data could be processed “only for the purposes of prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of terrorist offences and certain types of serious transnational crime”. The list approved by MEPs includes, for example, trafficking in human beings, sexual exploitation of children, drug trafficking, trafficking in weapons, munitions and explosives, money laundering and cybercrime.The application of these rules “must be duly justified and the necessary safeguards must be in place in order to ensure the lawfulness of any storage, analysis, transfer and use of PNR data”, says the approved text.
Safeguards inserted by MEPs include the following requirements: member states’ “Passenger Information Units” (PIUs) would be entitled to process PNR data only for limited purposes, such as identifying a passenger who may be involved in a terrorist offence or serious transnational crime and who requires further examination,
PIUs would have to appoint a data protection officer to monitor data processing and safeguards and act as a single contact point for passengers with PNR data concerns, all processing of PNR data would have to be logged or documented, passengers would have to be clearly and precisely informed about the collection of PNR data and their rights, and stricter conditions would govern any transfer of data to third countries.
PNR data transferred by air carriers and non-carriers would be retained in the national PIU for an initial period of 30 days, after which all data elements which could serve to identify a passenger would have to be “masked out”, and then for up to five years.The “masked out” data would be accessible only to a limited number of PIU staff, with security training and clearance, for up to four years in serious transnational crime cases and five years for terrorism ones.After the five years, PNR data would have to be permanently deleted, unless the competent authorities are using it for specific criminal investigations or prosecutions (in which case the retention of data would be regulated by the national law of the member state concerned).
MEPs inserted new provisions requiring member states to share PNR data with each other and with Europol and stipulating conditions for doing so. EU countries should use Europol’s Secure Information Exchange Network Application (SIENA) system to share PNR data. A one-stop shop could be created to register and pass on requests for information exchanges, MEPs suggest.
This vote gives the rapporteur a mandate to start negotiations with the EU Council of Ministers to agree on the draft directive. The three-way talks between Parliament, Council and Commission negotiators (“trilogues”) should start soon.

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Data protection: 24 June press briefing on start of negotiations

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 20 giugno 2015

bruxelles (1)Bruxelles. A press briefing on the state of play and next steps in negotiations on the update of EU data protection rules will be given on Wednesday 24 June at 14.00, European Parliament “Anna Politkovskaya” press room (Paul-Henri Spaak building, ground floor) by Parliament’s chief negotiators, justice ministers from the outgoing and incoming Council presidencies (tbc) and the EU Justice Commissioner. This joint press conference will be held in the European Parliament immediately after the first round of talks between Parliament, the Council and the Commission.

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Data protection: Parliament’s negotiators welcome Council negotiating brief

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 16 giugno 2015

european parliamentParliament looks forward to starting talks with ministers soon on reform to give the EU high common standards of data protection fit for the digital era, said its key negotiators on Monday, welcoming the Council’s announcement that it had approved its negotiating mandate. The first meeting between the institutions is scheduled for 24 June and will be followed by a joint press conference.The European Parliament adopted its negotiating position in March 2014 and has since been waiting for Council to agree on its own mandate to open talks on the final text.Reacting to the news of the ministers’ agreement, Parliament’s lead MEP on the data protection regulation, Jan Philipp Albrecht (Greens, DE) said:”After over a year of stalling, it is encouraging that we can finally push ahead with the EU data protection reform and that Parliament can begin negotiations with the Council.The challenge is now to reconcile the two sides, to ensure that the reform provides reliable and high common standards of data protection, and reach an agreement on this before the end of the year.There are clearly differences, notably on consumer rights and the duties of businesses. However, if we can negotiate constructively and pragmatically, it should be possible to deliver a compromise acceptable to both sides within the timeframe. This outcome would benefit everyone and show that the EU takes the concerns of its citizens in the digital age seriously.”Civil Liberties Committee Chair Claude Moraes (S&D, UK), who will be chairing the talks with Council and Commission, added:”It has now been over 1 year since the Parliament has adopted its mandate for the negotiations on the Data Protection Regulation proving its commitment to improving the standards of data protection. Since then, we have continually called for the Council to adopt its own position (“General Approach”) so that negotiations can begin to improve current legislation both for EU citizens and business. As it stands, EU legislation on data protection dates back to 1995, a time where internet access, smart phones or social media were not a part of daily life as they are today.Despite the difficult negotiations involved, the Parliament, led by the Rapporteur Jan Albrecht, will work towards finding a swift agreement on the Data Protection Regulation by the end of 2015 which will set out a robust, modern, consistent and higher level of protection for the years to come. As Chair of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee I would also urge the Council to ensure that they find agreement on the Data Protection Directive for law enforcement by October 2015 as the Parliament’s position has always been clear that we treat both proposals as a package”
The first three-way talks between Parliament, Council and Commission are to be held in the European Parliament on 24 June.. After the meeting, there will be a joint press conference by the three institutions at 14.00 (tbc).

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General Secretaries of National Councils of Churches in Europe meet in Berlin

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 Mag 2015

berlinoFrom 26 to 29 of May the General Secretaries of the National Councils of Churches in Europe will meet in Berlin. Apart from the “Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace”, proclaimed by the World Council of Churches (WCC), the 25 participants from 15 nations will visit the German Bundestag and discuss the relationship between church and state as well as the situation of persecuted Christians.From Norway to Italy, from Portugal to Poland, the General Secretaries of the National Councils of Churches of 15 European countries will come to Berlin for their annual meeting. They will reflect on concrete steps for the “Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace”. The look forward to discussing how European churches can cooperate on issues like life-affirming economies, the protection of creation, nonviolent peace-building and reconciliation and the protection of human dignity.The General Secretaries will discuss the relationship between church and state in Europe with members of the German Bundestag and the office of the representative of the Evangelical Church in Germany to the Federal Republic of Germany. They will also gather information about measures are taken by European governments to protect persecuted and oppressed Christians and religious minorities.In many countries of the world organisations have been created to provide a reliable basis for multilateral cooperation among churches. They are usually called national or ecumenical councils.The national councils of churches in Europe stay in continuous contactthrough these annual meetings held at the different locations of their General Secretaries. They focus on the sharing of experiences and on working together on a topic important to all. In 2014 the meeting took place in the Netherlands and focussed on the global financial crisis. Representatives of the WCC and the Conference of European Churches (CEC), including CEC General Secretary Guy Liagre will also take part in the meeting.

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Latest Survey Reflects Miami’s Position as Top Global Destination

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Miami-skyline-for-wikipediaMiami – The Miami real estate market remains a top destination for foreign buyers despite economic slowdowns in Latin America and Western Europe, according to the 2014 Miami International Buyer Survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) for the 35,000-member MIAMI Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI), the nation’s largest local Realtor association. The survey ranks buyers by countries and highlights key characteristics of foreign buyers. A preview of the survey was featured recently at the R.E.A.L Awards and Real Estate Summit hosted by the Greater Miami Chamber of CommerceThere are more foreign buyers in Miami than in the rest of the U.S. Seventy-two percent of Miami-Dade and Broward members reported working with an international client. That’s considerably higher than the national average of 28 percent, according to NAR.“International buyers have long been attracted to Miami’s world-class art, beaches and amenities,” said longtime Coral Gables Realtor Christopher Zoller, the 2015 Residential President of the MIAMI Association of REALTORS®. “South Florida’s proximity to Latin America and the Caribbean and our more than 1,000 multinational companies offer so many opportunities for foreign real estate consumers. Faced with volatile economies in their homelands, South Florida real estate is considered a secure place to invest one’s money.”
The MIAMI Association of REALTORS was chartered by the National Association of Realtors in 1920 and is celebrating 95 years of service to Realtors, the buying and selling public, and the communities in South Florida. Comprised of five organizations, the Residential Association, the Realtors Commercial Alliance, the Broward County Board of Governors, the YPN Council and the award-winning International Council, it represents more than 35,000 real estate professionals in all aspects of real estate sales, marketing, and brokerage. It is the largest local Realtor association in the U.S., and has official partnerships with more than 125 international organizations worldwide. MIAMI’s official website is

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