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Bring European Maritime Day to your country in 2022

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 4 febbraio 2022

EMD 2022, the annual EU meeting point on maritime affairs and sustainable blue growth, and the place where ‘Ocean Leaders Meet’, will take place in Ravenna, Italy on 19 & 20 May 2022. As every year, this will not be the only action to celebrate our seas and oceans. EMD In My Country 2022 events will also take place all over Europe from 1 April till 31 October 2022. In 2021, EMD In My Country – despite the pandemic – was a great success, with 232 virtual, physical and hybrid events, organised in 25 countries (21 EU and 4 non-EU countries), covering all the sea basins of the EU making an absolute record in the history of the European Maritime Day! Are you ready to submit your event(s) for 2022? Fill in the application form before 15 February 2022 and bring European Maritime Day 2022 to your country. All the organisers will receive sustainable #EMD In My Country-branded gadgets and their events will be promoted via the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries’ information channels. As the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over, EMD In My Country 2022 will include physical, virtual and hybrid events that will take place from 1 April to 31 October 2022. 2022 will be the European Year of Youth, so we welcome plenty of events with a focus on youth activities.

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European Maritime Day In My Country 2020

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 novembre 2019

In parallel with the European Maritime Day (EMD) Conference in Cork (14 & 15 May 2020), a series of local EMD events, the EMD In My Country events will take place all over Europe for the public at large. During 2019, 145 events were organised in 23 different countries, attracting 25.000 participants, making a record in EMD history!: beach-cleaning activities, guided tours of ports, workshops, conferences, seminars and exhibitions on maritime themes, eco-tours and walks in areas with significant maritime heritage (cultural, environmental), excursions by boat, visits to maritime museums or former ships, shipyards and port facilities etc.For 2020 the focus will be on youth activities. We especially encourage all the young ocean activists and youth organisations working for the promotion of sustainable oceans to apply.‘EMD in my Country’ 2020 will take place from April to June 2020. Read our call and submit your event to be part of European Maritime Day (EMD) in My Country 2020!

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Hong Kong Telecom Operators Country Intelligence Report

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 3 novembre 2019

The “Hong Kong Telecom Operators Country Intelligence Report” report has been added to’s offering.
Hong Kong’s total service revenue will reach US$5.7 billion by 2024, driven by revenue growth in mobile data and fixed broadband segments. Mobile data will be the largest revenue-contributing segment in 2019. Also, mobile data revenue will expand at the fastest CAGR of 5.4% over 2019-2024, supported by growing M2M subscriptions, rising mobile data consumption, increasing adoption of 4G services until 2021 and thereafter projected growth in 5G subscriptions. Going forward, Hong Kong’s pay-TV market will decrease at a CAGR of 0.8% due to increasing substitution of pay-TV with SVoD services by customers and heavy subscription losses in cable segment.This report provides an executive-level overview of the telecommunications market in Hong Kong today, with detailed forecasts of key indicators up to 2024. Published annually, the report provides detailed analysis of the near-term opportunities, competitive dynamics and evolution of demand by service type and technology/platform across the fixed telephony, broadband, mobile and pay-TV markets, as well as a review of key regulatory trends.

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Beck Technology is Helping Preconstruction Collaborate Across the Country

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 1 ottobre 2019

Intimate forums allow once guarded preconstruction professionals to discuss challenges and create innovative solutions to those challenges. In 2019, construction firms around the country have increasingly begun opening up their channels of communication with each other. This increased communication has also led to increased collaboration between companies, so that they can brainstorm solutions to some of preconstruction’s biggest challenges. In order to provide preconstruction professionals with an easier way to share these ideas, Beck Technology has begun leading forums across the country. These forums – thanks to the diversity of their attendees in experience and employment – have produced innovative solutions to many of the common obstacles that arise in preconstruction.One of the greatest outcomes of these industry forums has been the creative solutions that attendees have generated by sharing and critiquing each other’s ideas. Instead of simply commiserating over shared challenges, preconstruction members have been generating answers to these problems, and have even taken it a step further by challenging one another to make an active effort in implementing those solutions within their individual companies.During this year’s annual Advancing Preconstruction and Estimating Conference, Beck Technology held a pre-conference workshop in which they polled attendees as to what they thought were the top ten challenges facing preconstruction today. These challenges were as follows: lack of historical data, lack of standardization, silos of information/knowledge-sharing, attracting and retaining talent, incomplete designs, timely decision-making, lack of integrated tools, client demands/budget, accuracy of available data, and owner expectations/education. The discussions at Beck Technology’s forums have centered around three to four of these concerns, chosen ahead of time by registrants.The solutions have been varied and innovative. Some solutions include centralizing notes and utilizing curriculum software in order to make access to information easier for preconstruction teams; creating videos for both internal and external use, such as quickly updating stakeholders on key milestones in a project or providing subcontractors with detailed walkthroughs; and developing project outlines to help the other party avoid rework in addition to wasted hours in reading hundreds of pages.The overarching conclusion from these forums has been that offering a space where preconstruction professionals can come together to share their challenges and brainstorm ways to overcome them has been extremely beneficial. Many attendees commented that without the opportunity to keep having these conversations, silos of information across the industry spring up, and prevent everyone from improving and growing their companies. Individuals who are willing to lead the charge on opening up to talk about these challenges and solutions are leading collaboration and innovation in the preconstruction world.

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UiPath to Drive RPA Adoption in Russia by Appointing Svetlana Anisimova as Country Manager

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 14 Maggio 2019

The leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, UiPath, is strengthening its commitment to drive further RPA adoption in Russia by appointing Svetlana Anisimova as country manager. With over 15 years of experience in senior management positions with leading IT and telecom companies in Russia and the CIS countries, Svetlana will lead growth in this strategic market.As country manager for Russia, Svetlana will promote the UiPath Automation First initiative, which champions one robot for every person, free and open RPA training and collaboration and enabling software robots to learn new skills through AI and machine learning. She will also channel her experience in sales management, partner management and operations to lead the implementation of the country strategy, which is built around the key topic of digital transformation.In addition, together with her team, Svetlana will ensure that UiPath’s operations in Russia are driven by a customer-first mindset, fostering solid client relationships and offering advice on best-practice enterprise RPA solutions.She joins UiPath from Microsoft, where, in her role as enterprise director, Svetlana was responsible for business development and sales growth. Her previous job as Cisco’s country manager for Kazakhstan as well as a string of strategic positions within Alcatel-Lucent make her well-placed to aid growth in the Russian market.“Government and companies are actively adopting new technologies such as RPA, AI and machine learning to deliver better services, improve productivity, reduce costs and remove the burden of repetitive work from their employees,” Anisimova said. “At UiPath we see that the Russian market has a hunger for innovation and we believe in its huge growth potential. With a team of great professionals already in place, I am looking forward to further expand awareness of RPA and drive adoption to make our workplaces a better place with the help of UiPath’s software robots.”

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Delivery Biz Pro Services New Zealand’s Eketahuna Country Meats

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 5 Maggio 2019

Delivery Biz Pro (DBP), a unit of GetSwift, Inc. (GetSwift) and global farm-to-table SaaS provider, which offers software to facilitate delivery between farms and providers of fresh produce to homes and businesses, is pleased to welcome New Zealand’s Eketahuna Country Meats to its platform.Eketahuna Country Meats is a family-owned and operated online service specializing in sustainably-raised beef, lamb, and pork, along with fresh glass-bottled milk, to customers in New Zealand. This is the latest in a series of relationships DBP has developed recently and underscores its flexibility to help companies across the globe.While Eketahuna previously offered milk at some Wellington markets, DBP is helping the company bring back the tradition of fresh, full-cream milk delivered straight to home doorsteps in glass bottles.Judd Payne, Vice President at GetSwift, added “It’s great to see a company like Eketahuna joining the local farm-to-table movement. Their commitment to quality and transparency in producing meats and dairy is absolutely refreshing…the words ‘commercialized’ and ‘processed’ are far removed from this farm.” Eketahuna prides itself in offering meats and milk from animals raised entirely free of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs and farmed with minimal pesticide use. The company started eight years ago, initially selling beef and lamb from its own 300-acre farm and has since made partnerships with a small number of family farms.

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The Country Network (TCN) Debuts in Ultra HD with SES

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 13 dicembre 2017

Country NetworkSES today announced The Country Network (TCN) has debuted its first shows in Ultra HD this week and become the eleventh 4K channel on SES’s all-in-one Ultra HD solution. The unique Ultra HD platform packages satellite distribution, reception gear, and the world’s largest 4K channel line-up for cable and IPTV operators of all sizes across North America.First launched in 2009, The Country Network is currently enjoyed by country music fans in 15 million US households and will leverage SES’s ubiquitous coverage to dramatically increase viewership. The trio of satellites delivering SES’s Ultra HD solution form North America’s leading content distribution platform, reaching all 100 million-plus US cable television homes. The Country Network joins an expanding bouquet of immersive 4K channels on the SES platform, which include NASA TV UHD, Fashion One 4K, C4K360, the SES demo channel, UHD1, 4KUNIVERSE, Funbox UHD, Nature Relaxation 4K, Travelxp 4K, and INSIGHT TV. “SES offers a powerful and unique combination of global video distribution leadership, unrivalled relationships with the largest cable operators and entertainment companies, and the first commercial Ultra HD platform,” said Tim Eaton, President and CEO of The Country Network. “The SES Ultra HD solution will enable The Country Network to greatly accelerate our 2018 growth strategy, which is all about introducing our new 4K channel to the most influential media companies, large and small, and expanding to multiple platforms,” Eaton added. “SES is really the only game in town when it comes to delivering on our lofty goals as a budding Ultra HD network.” “The SES Ultra HD platform has become the destination of choice for new 4K channels like The Country Network, a mainstream music channel that reflects just how SES continues to gain traction in driving Ultra HD,” explained Steve Corda, VP of Business Development in North America for SES. “The Country Network is a great complement to our growing line-up, which has fast become the largest single source of 4K content in the world.” (photo: Country Network)

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Heart failure mortality is inversely related to wealth of country

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 Maggio 2017

Paris, France. Death in patients with heart failure is inversely related to the wealth of the country they live in, according to late breaking results from the INTERCHF study presented today at Heart Failure 2017 and the 4th World Congress on Acute Heart Failure.1 Death rates in India and Africa were three to four times higher than those documented in Western countries. “Heart failure is a common condition that causes morbidity and mortality worldwide,” said lead author Dr Hisham Dokainish, a principal investigator at the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI), McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada.“Most data on heart failure have come from Western countries but the majority of the world’s population lives elsewhere,” he continued. “This study was conducted to fill large gaps in knowledge about congestive heart failure in non-Western countries.”
The International Congestive Heart Failure (INTERCHF) study was an observational cohort study that enrolled 5 823 patients with heart failure in 16 countries grouped into six regions: Africa (Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda), China, India, the Middle East (Egypt, Qatar, Saudi Arabia), Southeast Asia (Malaysia, the Philippines), and South America (Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Ecuador).Data on each patient was collected at baseline, six months and one year and entered into the electronic data management system at PHRI. Baseline data included demographics (age, sex), cardiac and non-cardiac factors (previous heart attack or stroke, duration of congestive heart failure, diabetes mellitus, renal failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), medications, socioeconomic factors (education level, literacy, employment, urban/rural setting), and heart failure aetiology.At six months and one year data was collected on the frequency and cause of any hospitalisations in the previous six months. Information was also recorded on death and cause of death. The investigators calculated death rates in each region and adjusted for 20 variables which included demographic, clinical, and socioeconomic factors, medications, and cause of heart failure.The overall all-cause mortality rate for the entire study population was 17%. It was highest in Africa (34%) and India (23%), intermediate in Southeast Asia (15%), and lowest in the Middle East (9%), South America (9%) and China (7%).Dr Dokainish said: “Mortality in patients with heart failure was inversely related to the wealth of the country. The poorer the country, the higher the mortality, and the richer the country, the lower the mortality.” “In Western countries the one-year mortality rate for patients with heart failure is 5–10%,” added Dr Dokainish. “We’re finding two to three times that death rate in African and Indian patients.” “We were very surprised by the much higher mortality rates,” he continued. “You could say maybe the patients in Africa or India were sicker, or didn’t take their medicines, or had poorer heart function, but we adjusted for all of those things and don’t really understand why their death rates were so much higher.”The researchers hypothesised that variables not measured in the study contributed to the high death rates, such as access to and quality of healthcare, and cardiac biomarkers. These variables will be measured in the next phase of the research programme, the Global Congestive Heart Failure (G-CHF) study, which aims to recruit 25 000 heart failure patients from all inhabited continents and income levels. Genetic analyses will also be conducted in a G-CHF substudy.
Dr Dokainish said: “INTERCHF has shown that there are large differences in the risk of heart failure patients dying at one year depending on where they live. We hope to discover why these differences exist through the G-CHF study. If that identifies barriers to receiving care that are due to the way a healthcare system is structured, access to healthcare, or quality of healthcare, then that would need to be addressed.” Authors: ESC Press Office.

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Colombia is Top Foreign Country Searching South Florida Real Estate

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 17 giugno 2016

colombia(MIAMI). The South American nation finished as the top international country using MIAMI’s search portal,, in April 2016. Colombia has now led the rankings for five consecutive months.The new MIAMI rankings show surging interest from Israel and India, and a new domestic leader. Georgia registered the most searches of Miami real estate among U.S. states. South Florida is the No. 1 U.S. market for international consumers in April 2016, according to“South Florida is known around the world for embracing all cultures,” said Mark Sadek, the 2016 MIAMI Chairman of the Board. “Foreign-born residents love Miami. Their passion is visible in our monthly property searches and in global searches, which continue to show South Florida as the most-searched U.S. market by international consumers.”
Colombian home buyers tied with Argentinians in purchasing the third-most Miami real estate among foreign countries, according to the 2015 Profile of International Home Buyers in Miami Association of Realtors Business Areas. Colombia registered 10 percent of all foreign South Florida transactions, according to the survey conducted by MIAMI and the National Association of REALTORS. Only Venezuelan (13 percent) and Brazilian (12 percent) buyers purchased more.
Colombians moving to South Florida are often upper-middle-class families who want to enjoy their prosperity earned in their homeland as professionals and entrepreneurs. Colombians spend the second-most on South Florida property among foreign buyers. The $516,000 average purchase price of Colombians tied with Argentina and only trailed Brazil ($766,000), according to the 2015 survey.
Israel (population: 8.06 million) posted the fourth-most searches of South Florida real estate in April. It was the country’s highest finish since it took fourth in September 2015. India (population: 1.25 billion) finished sixth for the second consecutive month.
MIAMI -Colombia weiterhin alle Ausland Suche nach South Florida Immobilien zu führen, nach neuen Daten aus dem MIAMI Association of Realtors ® (MIAMI). Die südamerikanische Nation abgeschlossen als internationale Top-Land mit Miamis Suchportal, , im April 2016. Kolumbien hat nun die Rankings für fünf Monate in Folge geführt. Die neuen MIAMI Rankings zeigen wogende Interesse von Israel und Indien sowie einem neuen heimischen Marktführer. Georgien registriert die meisten Suchen von Miami Immobilien unter den US-Staaten. Süd-Florida ist die Nummer 1 der US-Markt für internationale Verbraucher im April 2016 nach “South Florida ist bekannt auf der ganzen Welt für alle Kulturen umarmen”, sagte Mark Sadek, der 2016 MIAMI Vorsitzender des Vorstandes. “Im Ausland geborene Einwohner lieben Miami. Ihre Leidenschaft ist sichtbar in unserem monatlichen Immobiliensuche und in globale Suche, die South Florida als am häufigsten gesuchten US-Markt von den internationalen Verbrauchern zu zeigen, weitergehen. ”
Kolumbianische Hauskäufer gebunden mit Argentiniern die drittmeisten Miami Immobilien unter Ausland in Kauf, nach dem 2015 Profil von International Home Käufer in Miami Association of Realtors Geschäftsbereiche. Kolumbien registriert 10 Prozent aller ausländischen Transaktionen South Florida, nach der Umfrage von Miami und der National Association of Realtors durchgeführt. Nur venezolanischen (13 Prozent) und Brasilien (12 Prozent) Käufer gekauft mehr.
Kolumbianer nach Süd-Florida sind oft der oberen Mittelklasse-Familien bewegen, die ihren Wohlstand in ihrer Heimat als Fachleute und Unternehmer verdient genießen wollen. Kolumbianer verbringen die zweitmeisten auf South Florida Immobilien unter ausländischen Käufern. Die 516.000 $ durchschnittlichen Kaufpreis von Kolumbianer gebunden mit Argentinien und schleppte nur Brasilien ($ 766.000), nach der 2015-Umfrage.
Israel (Bevölkerung: 8.060.000) erzielte die viertmeisten Durchsuchungen von South Florida Immobilien im April. Es war die höchste Ziel des Landes, da es vierte im September nahm 2015 Indien (Bevölkerung: 1,25 Mrd.) wurde Sechster für den zweiten Monat in Folge.

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Colombia Is Top International Country Searching S. Fla. Real Estate in Jan

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 5 marzo 2016

colombiaMIAMI — Colombia leads all global consumers searching online for South Florida real estate, according to new statistics from the MIAMI Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI). Colombia finished as the top international country using MIAMI’s search portal,, in January 2016. Colombia has now led the online search rankings for two consecutive months. Brazil, which led the searches for 13 consecutive months from June 2014 through June 2015, finished runner-up for the second straight month. The January 2016 statistics also showcased strong interest from the Philippines and the United Kingdom.“South Florida real estate attracts international home buyers unlike any other region in the U.S.,” said Mark Sadek, the 2016 MIAMI Chairman of the Board. “Long known as a Gateway to the Americas, Miami’s shopping, restaurants, lifestyle, geographical position, tropical climate, international banking system and growing technological hub continue to attract foreign investors and home buyers.”
Colombian home buyers tied with Argentinians in purchasing the third-most Miami real estate among foreign countries, according to the 2015 Profile of International Home Buyers in Miami Association of Realtors Business Areas. Colombia registered 10 percent of all foreign Miami transactions, according to the survey conducted by MIAMI and the National Association of REALTORS. Only Venezuelan (13 percent) and Brazil (12 percent) buyers purchased more.Colombians moving to South Florida are often upper-middle-class families who want to enjoy their prosperity earned in their homeland as professionals and entrepreneurs. Colombians spend the second-most on South Florida property among foreign buyers. The $516,000 average purchase price of Colombians tied with Argentina and only trailed Brazil ($766,000), according to the 2015 survey.
Philippine and United Kingdom buyers increased their online interest in South Florida real estate in January 2016. The Philippines’ fifth-place finish among foreign visitors was the country’s highest-ever finish. The United Kingdom, meanwhile, posted its highest appearance since it finished seventh in February 2015.
The MIAMI Association of REALTORS® was chartered by the National Association of Realtors in 1920 and is celebrating 96 years of service to Realtors, the buying and selling public, and the communities in South Florida. Comprised of six organizations, the Residential Association, the Realtors Commercial Alliance, the Broward Council, the Jupiter Tequesta Hobe Sound (JTHS) Council, the Young Professionals Network (YPN) Council and the award-winning International Council, it represents more than 41,000 real estate professionals in all aspects of real estate sales, marketing, and brokerage. It is the largest local Realtor association in the U.S., and has official partnerships with 136 international organizations worldwide. MIAMI’s official website is

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WTTC Comment in response to the attacks in Jakarta

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 gennaio 2016

JakartaDavid Scowsill, President & CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), said: “It is with deep regret that we hear that the world yet again is struck by an act of terrorism in Jakarta, causing the loss of innocent lives. We extend our deepest condolences to the families of all the victims of this brutal attack. Our thoughts are with them at this terrible time.Terrorism is a global problem, and now Indonesia has become the target of this violence. Fortunately Indonesia is an extraordinarily resilient country, as it has faced up to and overcome various incidents over the last 15 years. We are confident that the country will show its resilience once again.The best response to these terrorist attacks is for travellers to support the country and to continue to visit this beautiful destination. We encourage the government to continue to put the appropriate security measures in place.”
The World Travel & Tourism Council is the global authority on the economic and social contribution of Travel & Tourism. It promotes sustainable growth for the industry, working with governments and international institutions to create jobs, to drive exports and to generate prosperity. WTTC’s annual Global Summit brings together over 1,000 delegates to discuss the opportunities, challenges and issues facing the industry, while its Tourism for Tomorrow Awards recognise the industry’s power to be a positive force in sustainability.The sector is a key driver for investment and economic growth globally. In 2014, Travel & Tourism generated 9.8% of global GDP, some $7.6 trillion, and supported almost 277 million jobs, or 1 in 11 jobs worldwide. By the end of 2015, Travel & Tourism is expected to contribute US$7,860 trillion, 10% of global GDP, and to account for 284 million jobs, 9.5% of total employment.For almost 25 years, WTTC has been the voice of this industry globally. Members are the Chairs, Presidents and Chief Executives of the world’s leading, private sector Travel & Tourism businesses. These Members bring specialist knowledge to guide government policy and decision-making, raising awareness of the importance of the industry as an economic generator of prosperity.

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Brazilians Continue to Lead All Global Consumers Searching South Florida Real Estate

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 giugno 2015

Miami-skyline-for-wikipediaMIAMI – South America’s largest nation continues to be the top foreign country searching for South Florida real estate on the MIAMI Association of REALTORS® (MIAMI) website, according to new statistics from the nation’s largest local Realtor group. For the 11th consecutive month, Brazil led all global consumers using MIAMI’s search portal,, in April 2015.Brazil has been the top foreign country searching for Miami properties in 13 of the last 15 months. The last time Brazil didn’t finish with the most monthly web hits on was May 2014 when Colombia took first.Colombia finished with the second-most web hits on in April 2015 for the fourth consecutive month. Canada moved ahead of Venezuela to finish in third place for the month. An international city with world-class amenities, Miami has long been a top place for foreign real estate investment. For those facing volatile economies and unstable governments in their homelands, South Florida real estate offers a secure place to invest their money. While Miami residential prices have risen in recent years, the region is still considered inexpensive relative to other similar major global cities such as Paris, Hong Kong, Sao Paolo, and London.In 2014, Brazilians registered 11 percent of all South Florida international real estate deals, according to a report conducted by the National Association of Realtors for MIAMI. Brazil had the third-most property transactions in Miami and Broward Counties among all global consumers last year, trailing only Venezuela (16 percent) and Argentina (12 percent).Brazilians moving to South Florida are often upper-middle-class families who want to enjoy their prosperity earned in their homeland as professionals and entrepreneurs. Brazilians spend the most on South Florida properties among foreign consumers, paying an average of $495,000. On average, Miami’s international buyers paid $444,000 per purchase, compared to $245,000 statewide.
The MIAMI Association of REALTORS was chartered by the National Association of Realtors in 1920 and is celebrating 95 years of service to Realtors, the buying and selling public, and the communities in South Florida. Comprised of five organizations, the Residential Association, the Realtors Commercial Alliance, the Broward County Board of Governors, the YPN Council and the award-winning International Council, it represents more than 35,000 real estate professionals in all aspects of real estate sales, marketing, and brokerage. It is the largest local Realtor association in the U.S., and has official partnerships with more than 125 international organizations worldwide. MIAMI’s official website is

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Recruiting foreign athletes: how far will countries go to win gold?

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 luglio 2014

labour-migrationLabour migration is a significant factor in today’s economy as many people live and work outside their country of birth, including elite athletes who seek employment around the world. However, are some countries taking advantage of this migration to attract elite athletes to compete in the Olympic Games? A unique study published in the International Journal of Sport Policy and Politics, titled ‘Investigating the global productivity effects of highly skilled labour migration: how immigrant athletes impact Olympic medal counts’ by Jonathan Horowitz & Stephen R. McDaniel (University of Maryland), is the first known investigation into the impact that worldwide migration has had on the Olympic games. Many people believe that foreign athletes are being ‘recruited’ by countries to improve their medal count. Although the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has voiced concern, they have not explored the impact that migration is having on medal counts within the Olympic Games. Horowitz and McDaniel examine how the labour migration of highly skilled athletes has impacted on the medal counts at the Summer Olympics since 2000 and discuss the implications this may have on IOC policy.The authors compared the country of birth of medal-winning athletes at the Summer Olympics in 2000, 2004, 2008 and 2012 to the country for which the athlete won the medal. It was found that the percentage of medal winners who are immigrants is significantly higher than percentage of the world population who are international migrants. Furthermore, one out of every ten medal winners in the games were not competing for the country in which they were born, and the countries which won more medals on average had a higher number of non-native medal winners than countries that featured exclusively native-born athletes.These findings indicate that foreign athletes have a significant impact on medal count at the Olympic Games and the authors further suggest that the number of immigrants competing for a country is correlated to medal count at the Olympic Games. This highlights the challenges that immigration presents to current IOC policy and indicates that the IOC needs to increase their understanding of the impact that migration has had and will have at future Olympic Games. The results of the current study also have broader implications for labour migration researcher in general as sport offers an opportunity for researchers to track the mobility of individuals and their productivity, in a manner that is extremely difficult in many other labour contexts.When referencing the article: Please include: ‘Investigating the global productivity effects of highly skilled labour migration: how immigrant athletes impact Olympic medal counts’, Jonathan Horowitz & Stephen R. McDaniel, published by Taylor & Francis and the following statement.


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Ecumenical European meeting on “Crossing borders – at what price?”

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 29 giugno 2014

migrantsThe 19th General Assembly of the Churches’ Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME) started on 26 June at the Sigtuna Foundation. The Church of Sweden and the Christian Council of Sweden, the two Swedish member organisations in CCME, are hosting the event in Sigtuna. One of the issues discussed on the opening day is how the churches can influence European countries to take greater responsibility for the refugee crises in our vicinity. Some 80 delegates from CCME’s member organisations gathered from all over Europe, as well as a few representatives of partner organisations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The opening plenary “Crossing borders – at what price?” about the EU’s external borders included experts from civil society from various EU Member States. A hundred years after national borders were installed it is more difficult than ever to enter Europe, especially for those seeking to escape persecution and war. Swedish-Eritrean journalist Meron Estefanos and Swedish journalist and author David Qviström were two of the speakers. “Migration is of course not a new phenomenon; it has existed throughout the history of humankind,” said Doris Peschke, General Secretary of CCME. “In recent history however, crossing borders from outside the European Union has become rather difficult and risky, while inside the EU citizens and long-term residents have the right to move to another EU country. Thus we see both, progress and setbacks with regard to migration in Europe”. The speakers at the General Assembly included Victoria Kamondji, moderator of CCME; Åke Bonnier, Bishop of Skara Diocese; Karin Wiborn, General Secretary of the Christian Council of Sweden; Alf Linderman, Director of Sigtunastiftelsen; Reverend Håkan Sandvik; Seta Hadeshian, Diakonia and Social Justice Unit Director at the Middle East Council of Churches (MECC) and Tabitha Kentaro Sabiiti, Policy and Advocacy Officer: Liaison Office to the African Union, the All Africa Conference of Churches (AACC). During worship on the theme “Beyond borders” held at the Maria Church participants prayed especially for those who lost their lives on their way to seek safety. Reverend Karin Wiborn said in her sermon; “We use a ship to illustrate the ecumenical work with a boat, the Greek word oikumene means the household or all humanity. Being a part of humanity in an ecumenical way, it could have been me, it is me, suffering. It is me crossing the boarders in Europe. It is me needing.”
The General Assembly will take place at Sigtunastiftelsen (the Sigtuna Foundation) on 26–28 June. Organisational issues such as how closer cooperation with the Conference of European Churches (CEC) could be formed will also be discussed during the days in Sigtuna.
CCME was founded in 1964 by the World Council of Churches (WCC) and today cooperates closely with the Conference of European Churches (CEC). CCME has five areas of work on its agenda: Europe’s responsibility for the protection of refugees, human dignity for migrant workers, work to prevent human trafficking, uniting in diversity and strong ecumenism between domestic and migrant-led churches, and the churches’ work on integration and inclusion.

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Non-EU skilled workers: EP adopts common rules

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 aprile 2014

Non-EU skilled employees working for multinational companies will be easier transferred from a branch outside the EU to a division or subsidiary within the EU, under a draft law passed by the european parliament on Tuesday. The new rules will make it easier to move transferred workers between EU Member States and entitle their relatives to work in the host country, too.
The new EU directive will introduce a common set of rules to make it easier for companies outside Europe to send key staff to their branches within the EU (so-called “intra-corporate” transfers). It will be addressed to non-EU managers, specialists and trainee employees who live outside the EU and possess knowledge specific to the company.EU countries will have to accept or reject a transfer application as soon as possible and, at the latest, within 90 days after the complete application is lodged. They will also retain the right to decide on the number of third-country nationals admitted to their territory.
Successful applicants will obtain a combined residence and work permit in a Member State. They will also benefit from rights comparable to those of nationals of the host EU country regarding remuneration, freedom of affiliation to a trade union, recognition of diplomas, some branches of social security (unless the laws of the country of origin apply as established by a bilateral agreement with the host Member State) and access to public goods and services, except housing. National governments may decide not to grant family benefits to those employees staying less than 9 months in the EU.Working conditions will be comparable to those of posted workers, the adopted text says.
The permit will be valid for a maximum of 3 years in the case of managers and specialists and 1 year for trainee employees.

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WJC Protests Swedish, Danish Doctors’ Assault on Circumcision

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new yorkNEW YORK — The World Jewish Congress today strongly protested calls by Swedish and Danish medical associations for a ban on religious male circumcision.“The recommendation of the two medical associations is an insulting and intrusive assault on religious freedom,” said WJC CEO Robert Singer. “Religious circumcision, a procedure that has been practiced safely for millennia, confers notable health benefits. It is a bulwark against urinary-tract infections, cervical cancer and HIV-AIDS, which is why it is being promoted heavily by medical authorities in Africa and other places. Given the compelling religious freedom and health reasons for religious circumcision, the Swedish and Danish medical associations need to recognize that their call for a ban represents an appeal to xenophobia and ignorance and not enlightened science.” According to the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, the ethics council of the Sweden Medical Association, the union representing of 85% of the country’s physicians, last week recommended setting 12 as the minimum age for the circumcision and requiring the boy’s consent. The 3,000-member Danish College of General Practitioners contended in a statement that non-medical circumcision of boys amounts to abuse and mutilation, according to news reports.Jews perform religious circumcision, or brit milah, eight days after birth, while Muslims generally circumcise boys before age 10 The American Academy of Pediatrics stated in 2012 that the “preventive health benefits of elective circumcision of male newborns outweigh the risks of the procedure” and that “benefits include a significant reduction of urinary tract infections in the first year of life and, subsequently, in the risk of heterosexual acquisition of HIV and in the transmission of other sexually transmitted infections.” Moreover, the Academy declared, “Parents ultimately should decide whether circumcision is in the best interests of their male child.”

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Tetragon Financial Group Limited (TFG) Announces Update On Its Share Repurchase Program

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London,TFG today announces in furtherance of its share repurchase program announced on November 30, 2007, that for the period of December 26, 2011 through December 30, 2011 TFG purchased 100,000 of its shares for an average price of U.S. $6.12 per share.
Tetragon Financial Group Limited (TFG) is a Guernsey closed-ended investment company traded on Euronext Amsterdam by NYSE Euronext under the ticker symbol “TFG.”Tetragon Financial Group Limited (TFG) is a Guernsey closed-ended investment company traded on Euronext Amsterdam by NYSE Euronext under the ticker symbol “TFG” that currently invests primarily through long-term funding vehicles such as collateralized loan obligations in selected securitized asset classes and aims to provide stable returns to investors across various interest rate and credit cycles. This release does not contain or constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities in the United States or any other jurisdiction. The securities of TFG have not been and will not be registered under the US Securities Act of 1933 (the “Securities Act”), as amended, and may not be offered or sold in the United States or to US persons unless they are registered under applicable law or exempt from registration. TFG does not intend to register any portion of its securities in the United States or to conduct a public offer of securities in the United States. In addition, TFG has not been and will not be registered under the US Investment Company Act of 1940, and investors will not be entitled to the benefits of such Act. TFG is registered in the public register of the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets under Section 1:107 of the Financial Markets Supervision Act as a collective investment scheme from a designated country.

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President Obama Hijacks MCC; Move Will Impoverish Indonesia

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Since its inception in 2004, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) has spearheaded attempts to reform the United States’ international aid programs, setting key benchmarks that must be met in order to prevent the misuse of funds. But earlier this month the U.S. signed a $600 million aid deal with Indonesia, which included $332.5 million for a so-called “Green Prosperity Project”, an initiative designed, according to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to “help provide viable renewable energy alternatives and helps support natural resource management.” This is further evidence that the Obama administration has sought to undermine the very purpose of the MCC, using it as a vehicle to launch costly “green” aid initiatives that destroy economic growth for developing nations. Under President Obama, rather than implementing measures to help Indonesia export its natural resources and prosper, the MCC is spending U.S. taxpayers’ dollars to push for greater conservation. The administration claims that such green initiatives will help develop “economic alternatives” and alleviate poverty in rural Indonesia, an assertion obviously open to scrutiny when one considers the number of people who will be left unemployed when these conservation initiatives are finally enacted. These initiatives run counter to what U.S. policy should be seeking to enact. Rather than encouraging greater self-reliance and open trade, Obama’s hijacking of the MCC for green initiatives will end up impoverishing Indonesia’s rural poor and stymie the very economic development that is needed for the country to prosper. One has to ask: given the administration’s failed green initiatives at home, what makes Obama think they are suitable for Indonesia?

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We want to say thank you, Riccardo

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Letter to editor. I’ve been in Washington for almost 40 years. I’ve seen a lot of Congresses come and go. But I can’t remember a group of lawmakers who accomplished more than the folks who just wrapped up their work.  With their help, we repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and ratified the START arms control treaty. We passed a new law to rein in the abuses on Wall Street and protect consumers. We reformed the health care system and passed the Recovery Act to get our economy growing again.  But do you know why all that happened? Because people like you rolled up your sleeves, dug deep, and decided to make a difference. We had a dedicated group of lawmakers — no doubt — but they were supported every step of the way by folks from all across this country who were ready for change. People like you.  I know how much that means to me. And I can’t even begin tell you how much it means to the President.  So here’s the deal: President Obama wants to send you a note to express how grateful we are for all you did.  Two years ago, we were staring into an abyss. The financial crisis was the worst this country has faced since the Great Depression. But this Congress passed the largest set of tax cuts for the middle class since President Reagan, the largest education reform since President Johnson, the largest infrastructure investment since President Eisenhower, and the largest clean-energy bill ever.  Now — even though we still have a ways to go — the economy is growing again.  Prior to this Congress, lawmakers had talked about reforming health care for almost a century. But with the President leading the way, these folks went out, and — with you at their side — they did it. Now 32 million more Americans will have access to health coverage.  When we came into office, just about the entire country had come to realize that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was wrong. More than 14,000 brave men and women had been discharged simply because of who they were. With your help, we struck down that law and made this country a more just place.  Every lawmaker who worked to accomplish these things will talk about their votes — and the role they played in this progress — for years. The President and I take great pride in those achievements. But each one belongs to you. You believed in them, you fought for them, and we’re darn grateful.  So let the President send you a note to show our appreciation. (Joe Biden)

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Kit press di Bush

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Rosario Amico Roxas ci ripropone quanto Bush ha fatto distribuire ai partecipanti del G8 a Roma (nel corso della sua ultima visita al “suo amico Berlusconi” un kit press dove si può leggere, tra l’altro (versione originale in inglese): “Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is one of the most controversial leaders in the history of a country known for governmental corruption and vice. Primarily a businessman with massive holdings and influence in international media, he is regarded by many as a political dilettante who gained his high office only through use of his considerable influence on the national media.Hated by many but respected by all at least for his bella figura (personal style) and the sheer force of his will, Berlusconi has parlayed his business acumen and influence into a personal empire that has resulted in Italy’s longest–running government ever and in his becoming the country’s wealthiest man. Bursting onto the scene with no political experience in 1993, he campaigned—using his vast network of media holdings—on a promise to purge the notoriously lackadaisical Italian government of corruption. He won appointment to the office of prime minister in 1994. However, he and his fellow Forza Italia Party leaders soon found themselves accused of the very corruption he had vowed to eradicate. Charges of bribery, extortion, and other abuses of power trailed the leader until he was forced to resign later in 1994. Despite convictions on a number of corruption charges that were later overturned, the suave Berlusconi was again elected prime minister in 2001, and remained in that post as of late 2004. […] At this point, Berlusconi found himself increasingly hounded by demands from all quarters that he break up his media empire for violating virtually every anti–trust law in the books. As these pressures increased through the first part of the 1990s, he made a decision that some saw as foolish but that others perceived as an effort to grab the power of the very forces opposed to him: he announced that he would run for prime minister. In typical aggressive fashion, Berlusconi handed over to close friends all his positions at Fininvest and other companies to avoid political conflicts of interest and immediately organized a political coalition named Forza Italia (after the ubiquitous soccer chant meaning “Go Italy”). He appointed himself as its leader. Allying the new grouping with a federalist party and the remains of a disbanded neo–fascist group, he geared up his media companies to begin a television and print blitz to advertise his candidacy. Several editors of his press concerns resigned in protest at being told whom to endorse in the typically free–for–all run–up to elections.”

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