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Keith Haring’s ‘Untitled’ to be Offered with Option of Paying Final Purchase Price in Cryptocurrency

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 14 giugno 2021

London – Christie’s will be the first major auction house in Europe to offer a work with the option for the buyer to pay the final purchase price, including Buyer’s Premium, in cryptocurrency. The sale of Keith Haring’s Untitled (1984, estimate: £3,900,000-4,500,000) will also mark the first time that a tangible work of art is being offered in Europe by an auction house with the option to pay in cryptocurrency. Originally owned by the celebrated German gallerist Paul Maenz, who unveiled the work in Cologne shortly after its creation, Untitled prophesises the dawn of a new era. Dating from 1984, the year that the first Apple Macintosh was released, it stands among the earliest painterly depictions of a computer, heralding the birth of the digital age.Katharine Arnold, Co-Head, Post-War and Contemporary Art, Christie’s Europe: “Christie’s has been pioneering the sale of digital artworks and use of cryptocurrencies throughout 2021. It is fitting that we are set to become the first auction house in Europe to offer the option to pay the final purchase price in cryptocurrency via the sale of Keith Haring’s Untitled, which anticipated the digital era as early as 1984. This exquisite painting is one of the earliest depictions of the home computer, Apple having marketed their first at-home product earlier the same year. It celebrates a futuristic vision and we are thrilled to present the work as a highlight of our international London to Paris sale series.” Across four conjoined panels measuring nine square metres, a sci-fi bacchanal unfolds: flying saucers collide mid-air, while angels soar, monsters writhe and disembodied limbs pluck aeroplanes from their flight paths. At the centre, the computer reigns, mounted on a pyramid like an ancient deity. The structure assumes an anthropomorphic form, with the machine serving as the head; its outstretched arms, like scales, hold a spaceship and a human brain, as if triumphantly having superseded both as the world’s determining force. Tiny figures bow down before it, their arms raised in ecstatic worship. Loaned to the Neues Museum, Weimar, between 1993 and 2005, the work captures the clairvoyant power of Haring’s art, blending the utopian, the dystopian, the ancient and the contemporary into a thrilling vision of the future. Haring’s various mythic allusions coincided with the birth of a new, contemporary legend: the rise of the home computer. Following the release of the IBM PC in 1981, Apple unveiled their iconic Macintosh model on 24 January 1984. If the painting pulsates with the rhythms of New York’s 1980s dance clubs, where Haring was a regular, it also demonstrates the diversity of his artistic sources. As a child, he would spend hours drawing with his father, an amateur cartoonist, developing a love of graphic characterisation that would later find expression in the crawling babies, barking dogs and UFOs that populated his early graffiti on New York’s subways. The intuitive, semi-automatic freedom with which he organised his linear motifs was nourished by his admiration for artists such as Pierre Alechinsky and Jean Dubuffet, who wove similarly fantastical worlds from the most economical of means. Haring’s fascination with Mayan, Aztec and other ancient cultures, fuelled by long hours spent in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, is evident in the present work’s imagery of ritualised worship, as well as its codified, pictographic narratives. The writhing ball of snakes to the right of the computer evokes the Medusa of Greek legend, whilst the composition as a whole conjures grand Old Masterly tableaux such as Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s The Fall of the Rebel Angels (1562), or Hieronymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights (1490-1500). It is a vivid testament to Haring’s wide-ranging referential compass, shifting seamlessly between worlds.

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Purchasing Property in Turkey With Cryptocurrency Now Possible With Antalya Homes

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 marzo 2019

Despite the loss in the value of many digital currencies and particularly Bitcoin in the past year, data from Statista indicates that the number of cryptocurrency wallet owners has increased 32% and reached 31 million by the end of 2018. Widely used in many industries including automotive, travel and informatics, cryptocurrency has also become widespread in the real estate sector.Leading companies in the world such as Microsoft, Virgin Atlantic and Shopify now allow users to make payments in cryptocurrencies for their products and services. The real estate sector has also experienced an increase in the use of digital currencies and it is now possible to buy houses with cryptocurrency in Turkey, a home for many foreign investors. With a total market value of 140 billion dollars, cryptocurrency is actively used in travel, food, information technologies, automotive as well as real estate sectors. As one of the most attractive European countries for housing investment where 40 thousand properties have been sold to foreigners in 2018, Turkey uses not only Bitcoin (BTC) but also Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT) and Stellar (XLM) for house sale transactions. Antalya Homes, the leading international real estate agency, which has helped thousands of foreigners obtain a home in Turkey to date, adopted an innovative approach selling nine houses in 2018 using Bitcoin (BTC).

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Costituzione di ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 ottobre 2018

Malta. E’ il primo fondo d’investimento europeo regolato al mondo dedicato a società quotate e prodotti finanziari basati sulla tecnologia Blockchain e sulle principali criptovalute. Si tratta dell’ultimo progetto di “Magiston Funds Sicav Plc”, una società di investimento a capitale variabile (SICAV) regolata e con sede a Malta. Il fondo è stato creato grazie all’expertise di Consulcesi Tech, hi-tech company leader nell’ambito della Blockchain e della Cybersecurity, nata come spin-off all’interno di Consulcesi Group, la più grande realtà in Europa dedicata ai professionisti del settore medico sanitario, con un’esperienza decennale nei servizi tecnologici, finanziari, legali e assicurativi. ConsulCoin Cryptocurrency Fund si pone l’obiettivo di superare il vecchio sistema degli exchange, che ha mostrato notevoli criticità soprattutto nell’ambito della sicurezza, proponendo in alternativa uno strumento in grado di garantire trasparenza e convenienza per gli investitori. Inoltre, l’uso delle nuove tecnologie come la blockchain riduce in modo sostanziale le commissioni di ogni singola transazione. Tutto questo, in un contesto regolamentato, può fornire agli investitori istituzionali una soluzione che potrebbe aggiungere un’interessante diversificazione al loro portafoglio.Negli ultimi 18 mesi Consulcesi Tech, insieme a un gruppo di esperti internazionali, ha effettuato un’analisi approfondita del mercato criptografico focalizzandosi in particolare sulla volatilità dei prezzi di valutazione del mercato e sugli investitori intrinseci e sui rischi di regolamento.
Tra gli esperti fintech coinvolti figurano: Core Asset Management SA, società con oltre 20 anni d’esperienza nella gestione patrimoniale in Svizzera; Aurum Trust & Finance SA, Family Office indipendente svizzero con una vasta esperienza in consulenza, innovazioni finanziarie e strategie di gestione del patrimonio; Mashfrog SpA, tra le principali aziende nell’industria fintech con una grande expertise nella generazione di Token blockchain e nella realizzazione di smart contract che ha lanciato la prima ICO europea dei RoboAdvisor; Link CampusUniversity, ateneo leader nel panorama italiano e internazionale che da anni investe nella formazione dei massimi esperti di Blockchain. Per diffondere la consapevolezza della portata della rivoluzione tecnologica che si prospetta, Consulcesi Tech è impegnata anche in progetti formativi per spiegare che cos’è la Blockchain e come cambierà radicalmente le nostre vite. Per questo Andrea e Massimo Tortorella, rispettivamente Ceo di Consulcesi Tech e Presidente di Consulcesi Group, hanno scritto il saggio “Cripto-svelate. Perché da Blockchain e monete digitali non si torna indietro” (edito da Paesi Edizioni), con l’influente contributo dell’economista Edward Luttwak, che ha firmato la prefazione.

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Silvertoken: A Stabilizing Currency in an Unstable World

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 3 dicembre 2017

mercato globaleWith all of the chaos surrounding global currencies (digital and paper), where is the stability? That is the question a new company sets out to answer. With cryptocurrencies in a constant state of flux, some people are questioning if they are just another internet fad. But would governments even pay attention to just a fad? No, and that is why governments are scrambling to protect their precious fiat currencies through manipulation and inflation. So where does one easily and safely protect their wealth in a physical asset? Silvertoken ( steps in to provide stability and security by creating digital silver. When you purchase silver from Silvertoken, you get a digital receipt in the form of a cryptocurrency linked to the ethereum blockchain. The physical silver is stored in high-security vaults, and a Silvertoken can be redeemed for this physical silver or sold for government-issued money.Silvertoken’s business model allows for continued growth through a small transaction fee whenever a Silvertoken is exchanged. These fees are used to purchase more silver to back existing Silvertokens and vault storage. The more silver that backs each Silvertoken, the more valuable each Silvertoken becomes.
Additionally, Silvertokens stabilize their value through the balance of silver to tokens. Meaning, a Silvertoken is never worth less than 1 ounce of silver. This prevents the type of central bank devaluing associated with government-issued currency. Ultimately, Silvertoken offers a safe and secure alternative to user-backed currency (like bitcoin), and looks poised to stabilize existing forms of money.About offers physical silver, and when purchased, users receive a redeemable receipt for the silver in the form of a digital token. Silvertoken began offering silver in November 2017 at an introductory discounted rate. Silvertokens will become redeemable for silver in January 2018. Next year, Silvertoken will offer more silver, and will implement various technology improvements.

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