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EURid and IACC Team Up to Fight Cybercrime

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 29 giugno 2018

The European Registry for Internet Domains (EURid) and the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC), announced a joint effort to fight cybercrime in the .eu and .ею domain name space. The collaboration aims to help clear the registration database from fraudulent domain names and to establish a more secure domain space for Internet users. The agreement between the two parties was solidified through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding yesterday at the Europol IP Crime Conference in Budapest, Hungary.The scope of this collaboration is based on the exchange of knowledge and support pertaining to cybercrime, specifically counterfeiting and piracy, in the .eu and .ею domain name space. It entails engaging in joint efforts, exchanging statistical data and trends pertaining to cybercrime, and committing to cooperate on projects designed to address the issue.Over the last 3 years, EURid has strengthened its efforts in cleaning up its registration database from fraudulent domain names to increase trust and security in the .eu and .ею domain name space, resulting in the suspension of more than 70,000 domain names. Learn more about EURid’s trust and security efforts at“Overall, cybercrime rates worldwide have been climbing over the past few years. It’s imperative that we continue to monitor and identify abusive registrations and alleged illegal activity happening within the .eu and .ею space and take action in a timely manner. We increase our efforts in combatting illegal activity online and hopefully influence others to do the same,” said Geo Van Langenhove, EURid’s Legal Manager.For the IACC, this MOU marks the first time that the organisation has collaborated with a registry, underscoring the its mission to combat online counterfeiting and piracy through strategic partnerships with intermediaries in all industries.
“Online counterfeiting has grown in scale, threatening Internet users’ safety and overall experience on the web. With the IACC’s expertise in anti-counterfeiting and EURid’s oversight of the .eu and .ею domain spaces, this partnership is a positive step toward ridding the Internet of counterfeiters and establishing a trusted online environment for all,” said Bob Barchiesi, IACC President.The EURid – IACC MOU marks an important step in the right direction to combating cybercrime, but the organisations’ efforts won’t stop there. EURid has been actively working with various law enforcement agencies such as the Belgian Federal Ministry of Economy and the Cybersquad team. The IACC continues to establish and promote its world-renowned online anti-counterfeiting programs, which were created in partnership with credit card companies and other major payment providers, as well as online marketplaces. The IACC also works closely with law enforcement agencies and organizations, including EUROPOL, by sharing resources and expertise. In addition to signing an MOU with EUROPOL in 2016, the IACC is also an organizing partner to the EUROPOL IP Crime Conference.

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Delegation to Washington: data protection, e-evidence, counterterrorism, cybercrime and immigration

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 17 luglio 2017

washingtonA delegation of the Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs Committee, led by Chairman Claude Moraes (S&D, UK), will travel to Washington D.C. from 17 to 21 July 2017. This delegation is a continuation of previous missions carried out by the LIBE Committee since 2012 and, in particular, the last one in 2016. The objective of the visit is to obtain up-to-date information on the state of play and progress in the US on major topics which fall within the remit of the LIBE Committee. Several meetings with US authorities (e.g. Departments of State, Justice, Treasury, Homeland Security, Commerce, Federal Trade Commission) Congress representatives, stakeholders, academics and civil society are scheduled.The scope of the mission focuses on matters which directly affect EU-US relations in the field of justice and home affairs, more specifically, topics related to the protection of personal data (EU-US Privacy Shield and its implementation by the US, digital privacy and electronic communications, law enforcement), cybercrime, counterterrorism, radicalisation, immigration (ESTA Programme) and protection of victims.

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Cybercrime is increasing in intensity

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 luglio 2017

computer-securityBruxelles. In a resolution approved on Tuesday, MEPs point to the cross-border nature of cybercrime, stressing the need to improve information exchange among police and judicial authorities and cybercrime experts to ensure effective investigations and the gathering of electronic evidence.While acknowledging the many benefits of the growing interconnectedness of the current world, they also warn of its risks and note that precautionary measures, both by private users, public institutions and business, “remain inadequate by far, primarily due to lack of knowledge and resources”.The text underlines that malware (such as banking trojans) is still the main type of cyber-attacks but also stresses the raise in actions aimed at destroying critical infrastructure as well as at destabilizing societies, like the “WannaCry” ramsonware attack last May.Children exploitation is another focus of concern, given that use of the internet starts at increasingly early age. MEPs insist that Eurojust and Europol must receive appropriate resources to fight organized networks and to accelerate the detection and referral of child abuse material.The resolution also suggests the Commission and the member states to launch information campaigns to ensure than citizens, in particular children, but also public bodies and private companies, learn how to be safe online.“White hat” hacking can as well be promoted, as a useful tool for the reporting of illegal content, such as child sexual abuse material, MEPs add.
The non-legislative resolution prepared by Elissavet Vozemberg-Vrionidi (EPP, Greece) was approved with 50 votes to 4, with 2 abstentions. It will be put to a vote by the plenary in a future session.

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New rules on CEPOL to improve cross-border police training and cooperation in the EU

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 30 ottobre 2015

european parliamentCross-border police training and cooperation among national police authorities will be stepped up to effectively counter organised crime, cybercrime and terrorist threats thanks to an update of the rules governing the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training, CEPOL, approved by the European Parliament on Thursday.”The urgency and continuous development of security threats, such as e.g. terrorism and cybercrime, or the growing demand by migratory flows, make it crucial that European law enforcement authorities receive training of highest standard and are equipped with the most modern tools to effectively counter fight organised crime”, said Parliament’s lead MEP Kinga Gál (EPP, HU) after the agreement had been endorsed by 506 votes to 90, with 42 abstentions.”The European dimension of CEPOL’s activity is also instrumental in building mutual trust and cross border cooperation among national law enforcement authorities, which is a key element in combatting criminal organisations which operate more and more at international level”, she added. On the negotiations, Mrs Gál said: “Two main issues were crucial in this regulation for the Parliament: on the one hand CEPOL should be established as an independent EU Agency, with clear tasks and accountability, and in line with the Lisbon Treaty, in the shortest possible time; on the other hand fundamental rights should become visible in the agency’s mandate and CEPOL should promote a common respect for and understanding of fundamental rights in law enforcement.”

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Sicurezza informatica

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 9 marzo 2015

bolognaBologna 27 marzo presso la sede delle Banche di Credito Cooperativo dell’Emilia Romagna VEM sistemi inaugura le VEM session 2015, gli incontri di formazione e informazione dedicati a partner e clienti, con una Tavola Rotonda organizzata insieme a Certego e Fortinet. L’incontro, che vuole essere un’importante occasione di confronto sulla sicurezza informatica e il cybercrime, sarà dedicato alla Next-Generation Threat Protection, con l’obiettivo di esplorare la situazione attuale delle organizzazioni e la loro esposizione agli attacchi e identificare l’approccio adeguato alle nuove minacce informatiche.“Oggi nessun sistema o rete è invulnerabile,” dichiara Bernardino Grignaffini, CEO di Certego, la società del gruppo VEM sistemi specializzata nell’erogazione di servizi di sicurezza IT gestita e di contrasto al Cybercrime, anticipando i contenuti del suo intervento, “il malware cresce continuamente e gli attacchi sono sempre più sofisticati sia come capacità di mirare l’obiettivo che in termini di tecnologie utilizzate, per questo occorre intraprendere una strategia completamente nuova di IT Security, complementare a quella preventiva, che permetta risposte immediate ed efficaci.”Durante il convegno, VEM sistemi, Certego e Fortinet, delineeranno le best practice per una efficace protezione dalle minacce del cybercrime, con particolare attenzione al contesto bancario, e inviteranno i partecipanti ad esporre le problematiche specifiche della propria azienda, partendo dal caso di successo Cedecra Informatica Bancaria.
9.15 Registrazione partecipanti
9.45 Benvenuto e apertura dei lavori
Andrea Ceccaroni – Direttore Vendite, VEM sistemi
10.00 Advanced Threat Protection: la difesa in profondità
Cesare Radaelli – Channel Manager, Fortinet
10.30 Certego PanOptikon: rilevamento, analisi e risposta agli incidenti informatici
Bernardino Grignaffini – CEO, Certego
11.15 Coffee break
11.45 Case Study: Cedecra Informatica Bancaria
Luigi Cristiani – Cedecra Informatica Bancaria
12.15 User experience e live demo
Giovanni Toscani – Responsabile NOC, VEM sistemi

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Security and fundamental rights on the Internet

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 25 marzo 2009

The report is the first recommendation from MEPs concerning the fight against cybercrime and preserving the rights of internet users.  Clearly the internet can be used as an excellent tool for accessing information and allowing connections between individuals and communities all over the world.  However, it also has its dangers as it can expose users to surveillance, or even serve as a tool for criminals or terrorists.  The main advantage and disadvantage of the internet is that it transcends almost all borders. Committee MEPs are also concerned with the idea that “e-illiteracy will be the new illiteracy of the 21st Century.”  The report argues that in this age, having access to the internet is “equivalent to ensuring that all citizens have access to schooling”, and that this access should not be denied by governments or private companies.  There are a number of fundamental rights which are affected by the internet, including “respect for private life…data protection…freedom of speech and association, freedom of press, political expression and participation, non-discrimination and education.”  The report calls on Member States to protect these rights by making use of existing national, regional, and international law, and to exchange best practices amongst themselves. The report recognises that given “the global and open nature of the Internet”, international standards for data protection, security and freedom of speech are required.  Committee MEPs call on Member States and the Commission to draw up a series of regulations to protect the privacy of internet users. The nature of the internet also means that it is open to abuse.  It has “been used as a platform for violent messages…as well as for websites which can specifically incite hate-based criminal acts.”  Cybercrime, in general has also increased, and internet users are at risk of identity theft, if they transmit their personal details across the internet without a minimum level of protection.  Therefore, the committee calls on the Council and Commission to develop a “comprehensive strategy to combat cybercrime…identity theft and fraud.” Finally, the report raises the question of consent of internet users, when giving personal information to governments or private companies, and the imbalance of negotiating power between users and institutions.  In relation to this, committee MEPs stress the importance of internet users being able to retain the right to permanently delete any of their personal details saved on “internet websites or on any third party data storage medium.”

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