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Unisyn Provides First Cybersecurity Training Session

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 14 luglio 2019

Unisyn Voting Solutions, Inc. (Unisyn) is proud to announce that on June 19, 2019, Unisyn provided the initial rollout of its Cybersecurity Training Program for the Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners (JCBE). This full day event was attended by the entire staff of the JCBE, and was hosted at their office in Independence, Missouri.
“Unisyn Voting Solutions provided the staff of the Jackson County Election Board with invaluable, in-depth cybersecurity training. This first of its kind approach is indicative of the dedication Unisyn Voting Solutions makes to ensure their customers are prepared for any cybersecurity threat,” said Tammy Brown, Director of the Jackson County Board of Election Commissioners.This Cybersecurity Training Program offered by Unisyn is a one-day course designed to provide a high-level overview of the current state of cybersecurity threats to State and local election infrastructures, as well as presenting best practices to mitigate those threats. In addition, the course educates the training audience on how the Unisyn OpenElect® system is designed to meet these threats and to maximize security.The JCBE was the first jurisdiction to take advantage of this new training service from Unisyn. The ultimate goal is to provide training for all authorized Unisyn Sales Representative organizations and all of Unisyn’s OpenElect users. This proactive stance to ensure that all of Unisyn’s Sales Representative organizations and its OpenElect users are knowledgeable of cybersecurity related issues is yet another reason why Unisyn has become an industry leader in cybersecurity.

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Bober Markey Fedorovich Forms New Cybersecurity Practice

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 19 giugno 2019

Bober Markey Fedorovich (BMF,, a top 20 regional CPA and advisory firm, announces the expansion of service offerings through the firm’s new Cyber Technology Group (CTG). CTG offers a package of services that goes beyond the traditional offerings of other CPA firms or IT consultants and includes network and IT readiness assessments, cybersecurity program management, and a unique component of IT Executive Coaching.
Managing Director of CTG, Chad Voller, notes that most IT professionals begin their careers on the help desk, and over time progress to become system administrators and then as department leaders, they’re asked to manage processes, people and budgets.“They’re asked to do these things with no background or training in executive management,” he says. “No wonder so many IT executives feel overwhelmed, and so many business leaders are looking for more impact from their IT teams. Technology is a competitive lever for any organization, but no tech team can provide that level of insight to senior management when they’re stuck running through service tickets.”Although an expansion area for BMF’s core financial and advisory services, Karyn Sullivan, COO & CFO at BMF, notes that CTG is in a good position to address the “cybersecurity insecurity” felt by many executives, even more so than a tech or traditional managed service provider.

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Cybersecurity Degree Program

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 21 maggio 2019

Exabeam, the Smarter SIEM™ company, today announced a partnership with Deakin University in Australia to strengthen its security management approach and bolster its already distinguished cybersecurity degree program, delivered through the School of IT. The university not only deployed Exabeam Advanced Analytics to help process the large amounts of generated data and spot anomalies on its network; it also turned to the security management leader’s industry expertise to build out its curriculum and initiate a real-life career experience program within the School of IT.Deakin, headquartered in Geelong with multiple campuses in the state of Victoria, is a dynamic and contemporary university with a reputation for leading the digital frontier and strongly focused on providing education that delivers the jobs of the future. The university combines excellent research and outstanding teaching with a strong focus on supporting the communities it serves. Its security posture program, known as Deakin Shield, is a major priority for the university in 2019.Deakin’s security operations team is small but agile and values opportunities to save time and resources.Due to the nature of universities, the Deakin user base can vary from 5,000 to 50,000. The university also uses a log aggregator that generates massive amounts of feeds and alerts on the network. Therefore, the team wanted one easy-to-use, flexible security information and event management (SIEM) solution that could handle this fluctuation on the network– and present all of the security alerts generated by Deakin’s tools in a digestible, actionable manner.After researching and evaluating the key players in the SIEM market, Deakin ultimately selected Exabeam Advanced Analytics to streamline the alerts, analyze behavioral patterns on the network and quickly and accurately identify the most critical anomalies. Exabeam is currently augmenting the university’s legacy Splunk solution, which lacked these machine learning-powered analytics capabilities.

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Internet Analytics and Cybersecurity Firm Selects Zayo

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 28 gennaio 2019

An internet analytics and cybersecurity firm has selected Zayo Group Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ZAYO) for an E-LAN solution, which provides high-capacity networks for the customer’s security solution along with an internal network. The diverse solution leverages Zayo’s network across the U.S. and Western Europe. Zayo’s strong network backbone and exceptional responsiveness were key factors in earning this business.
Cybersecurity is a high-growth industry, with global spending on solutions expected to exceed $1 trillion by 2021. High-profile cyber attacks have accelerated the demand for sophisticated detection and mitigation.“We were able to design, optimize and finalize the solution in less than 30 days,” said Tyler Coates, senior vice president of Enterprise at Zayo. “There are not many providers that can be this agile. We’re moving forward to implement this solution for the customer as quickly as possible.” For more information about Zayo, please visit

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Singtel Integrates Global Cybersecurity Capabilities Under Trustwave to Create an Industry Powerhouse

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 8 dicembre 2018

Singtel today announced it has pooled the cybersecurity capabilities, technologies and resources of Singtel, Optus, Trustwave and NCS, into a single global corporate identity operating under the Trustwave brand. The strategic measure forms one of the industry’s most comprehensive global cybersecurity companies offering a complete range of managed security services, consulting, education and leading-edge technologies to help organizations worldwide contend with rapidly evolving external and internal threats.Through the integration, the new Trustwave can harness the synergies and strengths of Singtel’s global cybersecurity business, revenue, capabilities and teams across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific. Trustwave’s global cyber business now has about 2,000 security employees, a global network of ten connected Advanced Security Operations Centers (ASOCs) supported by its elite Trustwave SpiderLabs security team, millions of businesses enrolled in its cloud-based security platform, more than 10,000 managed security services customers, and nearly 1,000 channel partners and numerous technology partners worldwide. The Trustwave portfolio includes many services and technologies recognized as industry-leading by analysts.“Uniting the security assets and deep expertise of Singtel, Optus, Trustwave and NCS under one brand and single vision – what we call the new Trustwave — is a pivotal milestone for our customers, partners, employees and company,” said Arthur Wong, Chief Executive Officer at Trustwave. “Trustwave is well-positioned to further its role as a recognized leader in cybersecurity and managed security services, areas vital for effective security programs as enterprises accelerate their digital transformation. Customers benefit by having a trusted security partner with true global reach and intelligence, offering around-the-clock monitoring, detection and eradication of threats in addition to deep regional security expertise necessary for successfully addressing global threats and localized attack campaigns.”As part of the integration, Trustwave has re-designed its logo, giving it a bold modern look with new brand identity and color scheme, and launched a new corporate website at The website serves as the digital hub showcasing all Trustwave offerings, including those from Singtel, Optus and NCS.

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“Il Cybersecurity ACT: strategia europea e priorità dell’Italia”

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 ottobre 2018

Roma 23 Ottobre, dalle 16 alle 20, al Museo di arte contemporanea MACRO (Via Nizza 136/A) a Roma, si terrà l’evento dal titolo “Il Cybersecurity ACT: strategia europea e priorità dell’Italia”, organizzato dalla rappresentanza in Italia della Commissione europea e da Cyber Affairs. I lavori saranno aperti da Beatrice Covassi, capo della rappresentanza, e da Angelo Tofalo, sottosegretario di Stato alla Difesa. Con un video messaggio, interverrà Roberto Viola, direttore generale della Dg Connect che si occupa di economia e società digitali. Poi, la prima tavola rotonda, moderata dal direttore di Cyber Affairs Michele Pierri, vedrà gli interventi del direttore del Servizio Polizia postale e delle Comunicazioni Nunzia Ciardi, del direttore generale di Iscom Rita Forsi, e del direttore Pa e vigilanza dell’Agid Franceso Tortorelli. Il secondo panel sarà invece moderato da Manuela Conte, capo Stampa della Rappresentanza Ue, e vedrà la partecipazione del presidente dell’Associazione italiana professionisti security aziendale (Aipsa) Andrea Chittaro, del presidente dell’Associazione italiana esperti infrastrutture critiche (Aiic) Luisa Franchina, del presidente del Centro studi internazionali (Cesi) Andrea Margelletti, del chairman del board dell’European Organization for Security (Eos) Giorgio Mosca, del presidente del Consorzio interuniversitario nazionale per l’informatica (Cini) Paolo Prinetto, e del vice presidente di Eni Alfio Rapisarda.Infine, con l’introduzione di Vittorio Calaprice, alcuni esperti offriranno la loro “testimonianza”. Saranno Gabriele Faggioli (presidente del Clusit), Davide Maniscalco (direttore della rubrica Cyber OFCS report), Mauro Nicastri (presidente dell’Associazione Italia digital revolution), Antonio Venece (direttore di Geeks Academy – Formazione junior cyber expert) e Andrea Zanini (portavoce del presidente dell’Agenzia spaziale italiana).

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Impact of Policies and Guidelines on the Cybersecurity Industry in Asia-Pacific

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 29 maggio 2018

The “Impact of Policies and Guidelines on the Cybersecurity Industry in Asia-Pacific, 2017” report has been added to’s offering.The report covers the study of policies/guidelines issued by the regulatory bodies or cybersecurity agencies of two countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The two countries covered in this issue are Singapore and China. The objective of this study is to identify the impact of these policies on the cybersecurity industry in the two countries, based on an observation of what deems to be a significant policy/guideline provided by government authorities.The report includes interpretation services and highlights of areas which may impact the country of study. Growth opportunities and a call to action are provided to highlight the areas of growth driven by the newly introduced policies or guidelines. In January 2018, the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) released the Cybersecurity Bill. The main areas highlighted in the notification include the holistic approach it takes in applying the bill to all Critical Information Infrastructures (CIIs), addressing the Commissioner’s powers in investigating cybersecurity incidents, the need for CIIs to carry out regular risk assessments and audit, the need for cybersecurity service providers to be licensed, and the various penalties that apply for any failure to comply.The Cybersecurity Bill in Singapore poses some challenges for CIIs as they may not have the expertise to ensure adherence to the Bill. As such, business opportunities arise for the cybersecurity industry, especially for the service providers and educational institutes as they provide services to CIIs to help them fill the gaps for ensuring compliance with the Bill.In June 2017, a fundamental law in cybersecurity came into effect in China. The implementation of the Cybersecurity Law has strengthened China’s regulatory regime in protecting cyberspace sovereignty and tightening the control over national security issues. The new law requires network operators and critical information infrastructure (CII) operators to comply with the stated security obligations. The law not only lays emphasis on data security, but also stresses the protection of individual information.

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The newest generation of cybersecurity analysts

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 31 ottobre 2017

baltimoraBaltimore. BluVector, a leader in machine learning-based network intrusion detection, is partnering with the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC) to help build the newest generation of cybersecurity analysts. A team of students within the College of Engineering and Information Technology will now be using a version of BluVector to analyze the university’s network traffic in real time. The goal is to better understand how to find, confirm and contain cyber threats using advanced analytics, including supervised machine learning, speculative emulation and behavioral heuristics. Cyber threat detection and response within an academic environment is challenging as IT departments often have less rigid control over devices on the network yet are tasked with supporting a vast variety of endpoints. By utilizing BluVector’s network intrusion system, students participating in the UMBC program will gain real world experience using deep analysis and detection to triage malicious events for either automated response actions or higher-level human investigation. It’s experience that will make them perfectly suited to operate as Level 1 analysts and highly sought after by future employers.
“At BluVector, learning is in the DNA of our team and our product,” said Robert Thompson, BluVector’s liaison to UMBC and a recent graduate of the Cyber Scholars program at the University. “A partnership with UMBC enables hands-on learning for students and we hope we can, in turn, learn from the students as they observe BluVector in a specialized environment.” “We’re pleased to incorporate BluVector into the ecosystem UMBC has built to develop the next generation of cybersecurity talent,” said Dr. Charles Nicholas, professor of computer science and electrical engineering, UMBC and faculty advisor for UMBC’s Cyber Dawgs, its 2017 National Collegiate Cyber Defense Championship winning Cyber Defense Team. “We hope exposure to analytics driven advanced threat detection solutions both sparks curiosity in data science and underscores the value of machine learning among our students as they enter the workforce to tackle the emerging and dynamic cyber threats we all face.”

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La cybersecurity arriva sotto l’ombrellone

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 9 agosto 2017

lignano sabbiadoroLignano Sabbiadoro (UD) mercoledì 9 agosto all’Aurora Beach di Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), località Lignano Pineta (inizio alle18.30, ingresso libero) il tema del secondo incontro di Economia sotto l’Ombrellone è la cybersecurity. Giunta alla settima edizione, la rassegna Economia sotto l’Ombrellone è organizzata da EoIpso comunicazione ed eventi e propone quattro incontri su temi d’attualità economica in un contesto informale.
L’incontro dal titolo “Cyber macumba – l’importanza di sapersi difendere” si focalizza su un tema d’attualità che, come il primo appuntamento, mette al centro i giovani. Tra virus, adware, spyware, super malware e ransomware nuove professionalità si affacciano sul mondo del lavoro. Del resto, le statistiche dimostrano che la domanda di professionisti della cyber security sta crescendo 3,5 volte più velocemente rispetto al mercato del lavoro IT e 12 volte più velocemente rispetto al mercato complessivo del lavoro. Infatti la richiesta non manca: difendersi dalle “cyber minacce” non è più una scelta quanto una necessità. L’undicesima edizione del Rapporto CLUSIT 2017 sulla sicurezza ICT in Italia ha descritto il 2016 come l’anno peggiore: la “guerra delle informazioni” è cresciuta del 117% nell’ultimo anno e l’incremento degli attacchi compiuti con tecniche di Phishing e Social Engineering è stato del 1.166%. Tra i settori più colpiti, quello della sanità (+102%), seguito da Grandei Distribuzione Organizzata (+70%), finanza e banche (+64%) e infrastrutture critiche (+15%). In deciso aumento i crimini informatici a livello globale: nel 2016, gli incidenti noti classificati come gravi, quindi con impatto significativo per le vittime in termini di danno economico, alla reputazione e diffusione di dati sensibili sono stati 1.050. Le conseguenze di questi attacchi non sono quantificabili solamente in termini economici (tra il 2015 e il 2016, con i ransomware sono stati pagati riscatti per circa 25 milioni di euro), ma anche in termini di perdita dei dati e di diffusione di informazioni sensibili. L’incontro si prefigge di descrivere il quadro attuale e tracciarne gli sviluppi futuri nell’ottica di fornire un servizio e delineare le nuove professionalità richieste. A Economia sotto l’Ombrellone sono previsti gli interventi di Nicola Bosello direttore commerciale Nordest Servizi società di consulenza informatica, Paolo Zamporti key account manager della piattaforma modulare per la sicurezza ICT SGBox e del cybersecurity specialist Manuel Cacitti.

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China’s new Cybersecurity Law. Stricter regulations for companies, greater powers for the state

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 8 novembre 2016

pechinoDespite criticism from abroad, China has passed its controversial Cybersecurity Law. The new law will come into effect in June 2017 and gives the government broad powers to protect and control so-called critical information infrastructure. However, the law is vague and lacks detail on specific security measures. Foreign companies are concerned that they may have to share their source code with Chinese authorities. They also worry that data localisation requirements might increase the danger of industrial espionage and intellectual property violations.MERICS cybersecurity expert Nabil Alsabah explains what is at stake.
What is the Cybersecurity Law all about?
The Cybersecurity Law is the latest addition to a series of laws and regulations aimed at strengthening network security and tightening information control and censorship in China. The law introduces measures to ensure the protection of “critical information infrastructure” – such as energy and water supply – from hackers and cyber sabotage. It also confirms previous censorship rules in the name of “protecting political stability” and “national security”. The law gives the government the right to shut down the internet during crises, as it once did during the unrest in Xinjiang in 2009.In 2015 China passed a Counter-Terrorism Law which requires companies to provide access to the data of terror suspects. The National Security Law, also adopted last year, laid down the principle of “cyber sovereignty” — the notion that China can regulate “its” internet as it wishes. The Cybersecurity Law is part of this broader framework.
How does the cybersecurity law affect foreign companies doing business in China?
The law affects foreign companies that sell hardware and software solutions to China’s critical infrastructure operators. Those operators are in the future only allowed to purchase IT products that have passed a cybersecurity review, probably administered by the Cyberspace Administration of China. It is unclear whether foreign companies must reveal software source code during the review process.The new law classifies the following areas as critical: communication infrastructure, energy, transport, water supply, finance, public utilities and e-government services. The law also mentions unspecified areas that might affect “national security”, the “citizens’ well-being” or “public interest”. Such vague language could allow authorities to arbitrarily classify more and more areas as “critical”.The data localisation requirement is another challenge for foreign companies. The law stipulates that data, such as user data, collected by critical infrastructure operators must be stored within China’s borders. Foreign businesses are concerned that this requirement increases the risk of industrial espionage and intellectual property theft.
Foreign companies have criticized the draft law for months. Have their concerns been addressed?
The legislator did not compromise on the data localisation requirement or the cybersecurity review for IT products sold to critical infrastructure operators. These two issues were the biggest concerns for foreign companies. However, under certain circumstances companies may be exempted from the data localisation requirement. However, details are not clear.Showing strength can pay off too. Apple, for example, has successfully refused to share source code with the Chinese state – without any repercussions.Overall, the new law lacks transparency and creates uncertainty. Its precise effects remain to be seen and depend on implementation.

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Centrify e Cloudera estendono il modello Open Data alla cybersecurity

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 31 luglio 2016

cyber securityCloudera, fornitore globale della piattaforma di analisi e gestione dei dati più veloce, semplice e sicura basata su Apache Hadoop™ e delle più recenti tecnologie open source, e Centrify, leader nella protezione delle identità aziendali, hanno annunciato l’ingresso di Centrify nel progetto Open Network Insight (ONI). ONI è un progetto di cybersecurity open source basato su Apache 2.0 che sfrutta i big data e l’apprendimento automatico per rilevare le minacce avanzate. ONI fornisce un modello open data per la rete e con l’adesione di Centrify al progetto includerà anche l’identità: in questo modo Centrify permette agli utenti di centralizzare i dati relativi all’identità e alle credenziali dell’account, di integrarli nelle applicazioni di cybersecurity che sfruttano ONI e di condividere le analisi e l’intelligence sulle minacce correlate con i colleghi del settore.“La partecipazione di Centrify segna una tappa importante per ONI,” ha affermato Tom Reilly, chief executive officer di Cloudera. “Grazie alla possibilità di integrare informazioni relative alle identità dell’utente insieme ai dati relativi al traffico di rete e agli endpoint, il progetto rispetta il suo obiettivo di supportare un’ampia gamma di fonti di dati per la sicurezza informatica che possono essere utilizzati per identificare le minacce avanzate e gli attacchi cibernetici”.Dati approfonditi su come le identità vengono utilizzate sono fondamentali, visto che l’utilizzo di credenziali violate ha portato ad alcune delle più grandi violazioni della storia. Inoltre, Il report Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) del 2016[1] afferma che le credenziali sottratte e utilizzate in modo improprio continuano a rivestire un ruolo importante nella maggior parte delle violazioni dei dati. Con Centrify, ONI fornirà le analisi on-demand necessarie per comprendere come gli account e le attività degli utenti influenzano la sicurezza e la conformità all’interno degli ambienti degli utenti stessi.“Siamo lieti di entrare a far parte della community ONI community per espandere ulteriormente il modello open data alla sicurezza basata sull’identità,” spiega Bill Mann, Chief Product Officer di Centrify. “Il nostro approccio alla cybersecurity deve essere ripensato, e ONI ne è un esempio. Le azioni della community ricopriranno un ruolo fondamentale nel futuro della cybersecurity dal momento che questo progetto sfrutta l’apprendimento automatic e le analisi dei big data in modi che affrontano i rischi in modo rapido, efficiente e preciso.Centrify entra a far parte di una community in crescita che include partner e clienti di Cloudera in ambito cybersecurity, tra cui Anomali, Cloudwick, Intel, Jask, Cybraics e Webroot. Per maggiori informazioni su ONI:

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