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MEPs condemn Turkey’s activities in Varosha, Cyprus, and call for sanctions

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 29 novembre 2020

Bruxelles. In a resolution adopted by 631 votes in favour, 3 against and 59 abstentions, MEPs condemn Turkey’s illegal activities in the Varosha suburb of the city of Famagusta and warn that its partial “opening” weakens prospects of a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem, exacerbating divisions and entrenching the permanent partition of the island.MEPs call on Turkey to transfer Varosha to its lawful inhabitants under the temporary administration of the UN (in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 550 (1984)) and to refrain from any actions that alter the demographic balance on the island through a policy of illegal settlement.A sustainable solution to reunify the island of Cyprus and its people can only be found through dialogue, diplomacy, and negotiations, MEPs stress. They call on the European Council to maintain its unified position on Turkey’s illegal actions and impose tough sanctions in response.MEPS regret that the Turkish authorities have endorsed the two-state solution for Cyprus and reiterate their support for a fair, comprehensive and viable settlement on the basis of a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation with a single international legal status. They also call on the EU to play a more active role in bringing the negotiations under UN auspices to a successful conclusion.As Turkey distances itself more and more from European values and standards, EU-Turkey relations are at a historic low, warns Parliament. Its illegal and unilateral military actions in the Eastern Mediterranean infringe on the sovereignty of EU member states Greece and Cyprus. MEPs also point out Turkey’s direct support of Azerbaijan in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict as well as its actions in Libya and Syria.

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Cyprus Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Statistics and Analyses 2018

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 11 ottobre 2018

The “Cyprus report has been added to’s offering.This report provides a comprehensive overview of trends and developments in Cyprus’s telecommunications market. The report analyses the fixed-line, mobile and broadband sectors.Despite the liberalisation of Cyprus’s telecom sector, the market overall continues to be dominated by the incumbent, Cyta, which was only fully privatised in July 2018 following its sale to Vodafone Greece. The sale of the company formed part of a wider financial bailout package and was delayed and amended because of political opposition.Although it is the dominant provider, Cyta has failed to invest adequately in its networks in recent years, resulting in a steady decline in its share of the fixed-voice, broadband and mobile markets. Nevertheless, the company in May 2018 announced plans to make significant investments in a ten-year NGN infrastructure project.One fruit of this project was the launch of an FttP service in the following August, supplemented by vectoring technology on its copper infrastructure in rural areas. The financial and management support of Vodafone will likely lead to further upgrades and innovation in coming years.

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B2Broker Sets up Cyprus Office to Service European Clients

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 giugno 2018

B2Broker, a liquidity and technology provider of solutions for the crypto and foreign exchange (FX) industry, has reached a further milestone in its expansion plans with the launch of its new Cyprus office. The new office will house a specialised technical support team aimed at servicing its clients across the European region.The announcement follows a series of company successes and strategic growth in targeted regions across the world, most recently setting up operations in Hong Kong aimed at bolstering its presence in the Asian region.Evgeniya Mykulyak, Chief Operating Officer, B2Broker commented, “We are pleased that B2Broker is now represented in Cyprus and is ready to offer technical support to our clients across the region. Our new office not only affirms our commitment to our European clients, but strengthens the company’s position as a global leader.”The opening of the office coincided with a stopover at one of the world’s largest financial B2B expos, iFX Expo International 2018, part of the company’s hectic agenda of industry events during May which also included Consensus 2018 and BlockShow Europe. The events gave B2Broker the opportunity to meet with potential clients and exhibit its range of crypto and brokerage solutions that have attracted a list of big industry names to its repertoire.B2Broker has had an active past few months in terms of its overall business and developments. These have included technology solutions upgrades such as Trader’s Room turnkey solution, the launch of B2BX crypto exchange for institutional clients, and crypto brokers including one of our clients B2BTC. In particular, the company’s crypto payment gateway, developed to enhance the payment process for clients and provision of crypto liquidity has contributed to a surge of respected clients from across the globe.B2Broker has also introduced a revamped website to reflect the latest developments, providing an in-depth description with examples of all the company’s products and services.

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Expert Comment: Why Greece and Cyprus May Be Better Off Without the Euro

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 marzo 2015

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is no long-term relief in sight for the troubled Greek economy according to Loizos Heracleous, Professor of Strategy at Warwick Business School. Professor Heracleous said: “Greece has only managed to wrest the four-month extension of a stability program. Soon, the newly elected Alexis Tsipras administration will have to start implementing the cost-cutting measures that it had promised voters it would avoid. The question is whether the austerity program will help or hurt Greece.“Austerity programs, several economists argue, have lost their credibility. When governments reduce fiscal stimuli, it tends to lead to deeper recessions. To be sure, policymakers have to tackle the structural issues, such as bloated public sectors and high national debt, in Cyprus and Greece. However, that should be done over time, and, ideally, when those economies are strong enough to deal with reductions in government spending rather than when they are at their most vulnerable.“Clearly, the exit of both Cyprus and Greece from the European Currency Union is a distinct possibility. The scares about what would happen if they left are unjustified, especially in the medium term.“A return to the national currency would give the governments of Greece and Cyprus control of key economic levers rather than having to bear the fiscal inflexibility and targets necessitated by a single cross-national currency. In fact, Cyprus and Greece probably don’t need to be part of the Eurozone to grow. Cyprus’ growth was higher between 1980 and 2004, before it joined the Eurozone, and it has been particularly low since 2008, when it adopted the Euro. There’s no reason why its economy cannot be strong without being part of the Eurozone, or that foreign currency deposits will flee the island if the local currency is not the Euro.“An alternate way forward may be to use higher government spending to assist vulnerable people, to lend to business, and to execute projects that inject money into the economy. The state can do that in conjunction with structural reforms that will, over time, reduce the size of the public sector, increase the flexibility of labour, improve tax collections, invite foreign direct investment, and get debt under control. The relatively cheap national currencies would provide a boost to exports, real estate, manufacturing, agriculture (for instance, olive oil production), and services such as tourism.”
Warwick Business School, located in central England, is the largest department of the University of Warwick and the UK’s fastest rising business school according the Financial Times. WBS is triple accredited by the leading global business education associations and was the first in the UK to attain this accreditation. Offering the full portfolio of business education courses, from undergraduate through to MBAs, and with a strong Doctoral Programme, WBS is the complete business school. Students at WBS currently number around 6,500, and come from 125 countries. Just under half of faculty are non-UK, or have worked abroad. WBS Dean, Professor Mark P Taylor, is among the most highly-cited scholars in the world and was previously Managing Director at BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager. (photo font: Wikimedia)

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The way out of the Cyprus economic crisis

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 17 settembre 2013

English: Map of Cyprus showing all Municipalit...

English: Map of Cyprus showing all Municipalities and communities with over 750 people (government-controlled area, 2001 census) or over 500 people (Turkish-occupied areas, 1960 census), as well as 34 former Improvement Boards with population less than 500/750 people. The map was designed by Alexander-Michael Hadjilyra (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This policy paper presents the current situation in Cyprus, and proposes two scenarii of a way out of the Cyprus economic crisis: a reframing of the current Troika’s philosophy, or an eventual temporary exit from the euro area.After having analysed the current economic, political and social situation of Cyprus, the president of the Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs Andreas Theophanous presents two hypothesis which could lead to better deal with the crisis in Cyprus. The first consists in a reframing of the Memorandum of understanding applied by the Troika’s and its philosophy and implications. The second elaborates on how a possible temporary exit of Cyprus from the euro area could be an alternative option. The author concludes by a wider reflexion of the political dimension of the options Cyprus faces.

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Saxo Bank Continues Expansion in Europe with new Cyprus Office

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 aprile 2012

Copenhagen, Denmark,(PRNewswire)Saxo Bank, the specialist in online trading and investing, today announces the opening of its new office in Cyprus which will provide Cypriot investors with access to international financial markets. Vitali Boutbaev has been appointed as Head of Saxo Bank A/S Cyprus and will be responsible for running the business and bringing new clients on board. He also remains responsible for all Central and Eastern European activities in the Bank.Saxo Bank A/S Cyprus is a branch of Saxo Bank A/S Denmark. The new office, located in Limassol, will be a regional business centre covering the whole of Central and Eastern Europe.
Since joining the EU in 2004, Cyprus has become an attractive place to be for many high-net worth individuals due to attractive conditions for capital markets participants. With per capita GDP just above the average of the EU, Cyprus is emerging as a great place for fully licensed and regulated European banks to setup their presence. At the same time, Cyprus has built strong relationships with countries like Russia, which is one of the biggest markets for Saxo Bank, and is an internationally recognised place for trading and investments. In 2008, Cyprus introduced the Euro and, on 1 July, this year, Cyprus is taking their turn at the EU Presidency.
Saxo Bank is a leading online trading and investment specialist. A fully licensed and regulated European bank, Saxo Bank enables private investors and institutional clients to trade FX, CFDs, ETFs, Stocks, Futures, Options and other derivatives via three specialised and fully integrated trading platforms; the browser-based SaxoWebTrader, the downloadable SaxoTrader and the SaxoMobileTrader application available in over 20 languages. Saxo Bank also offers professional portfolio and fund management through Saxo Asset Management who accommodates high-net worth private clients and institutional investors and provides banking services and advice to retail clients through Saxo Privatbank. The Saxo Bank Group is headquartered in Copenhagen with offices throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America and Australia.

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Prisoners’ rights: MEPs call for EU common standards for detention conditions Civil Liberties

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 17 dicembre 2011

European Union

Image by ana branca via Flickr

Urgent measures are needed to remedy the “alarming” state of prisons across the EU, says Parliament in a resolution passed on Thursday. MEPs call for action to protect prisoners’ fundamental rights and minimum common standards for detention conditions in all EU countries.MEPs call on the Commission to table a law on the rights of persons deprived of their liberty and minimum standards for prison and detention conditions, and also uniform standards for the compensation of persons unjustly detained or convicted. An “alarming picture” of prison overcrowding, a growing prison population, ever more foreign nationals being held, large numbers of pre-trial detainees, detainees with mental and psychological disorders and many cases of death and suicide, is painted in the Commission’s June 2011 “Green Paper on the application of EU criminal justice legislation in the field of detention”, MEPs note. Prison conditions must be consistent with human dignity and the rights of suspects or accused persons must be guaranteed, including the right not to be subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment, Parliament stresses.Pre-trial detention must remain an exceptional measure to be used under strict conditions and for a limited period of time, it adds. Providing decent conditions for prisoners and granting them access to schemes to prepare them for a return to society should also help to reduce the likelihood that they will re-offend, MEPs say. One problem that Member States often point to is a lack of resources to improve prison conditions. MEPs therefore call for a specific EU budget heading to be created with a view to encouraging them to comply with high standards.
Parliament calls for measures to be taken at EU level to grant national MPs and MEPs the right to visit prisons anywhere in the EU. Ensuring mutual confidence among Member States in this area is crucial, since the number of Member State nationals held in another Member State may rise as a result of the judicial cooperation among Member States in criminal matters, say MEPs. The total prison population of the EU was estimated at 633,909 for 2009-2010. According to the Green Paper, prison overcrowding is a serious concern in 13 Member States, with the highest overcrowding rates reported in Bulgaria, Italy, Cyprus, Spain and Greece. The EU countries with the highest percentages of foreign nationals being held in prisons are Luxembourg, Cyprus, Austria, Greece and Belgium. The highest percentages of pre-trial detainees are held in Luxembourg, Italy and Cyprus.

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The cultural heritage in the Republic of Cyprus

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 17 aprile 2010

Protection of the cultural heritage in the Northern part of Cyprus was called for at the seminar hosted today by MEP Dr. Eleni Theocharous, under the high patronage of His Excellency Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering, the Representation of the Church of Cyprus to the EU and in co-operation with the Church and Society Commission of CEC. The destruction of Holy sites in the occupied areas of Cyprus still remains.  Two programmes concerning the restoration of cultural and religious monuments have already been completed within the occupied part of Cyprus, the Agios Nikolaos Church (Bedestan) and Emerke Hamam. There is also another programme currently running which consists of a fund of €800 000 for the architectural documentation of religious monuments. In this respect, speakers and participants of the seminar requested from the EU Institutions, and especially those with the proper competencies such as the Commissioner for Enlargement and the Commissioner for Culture and Education as well as the Committee for Culture and Education in the European Parliament, to enhance and increase their engagements in view of saving the religious and other cultural heritage that runs the risk of absolute destruction. We also call for the respect of religious freedom and human rights in the occupied part of Cyprus for all religious denominations. We consider it our duty, within a civilized society, to respect, protect and save the religious and cultural heritage of the occupied part of Cyprus which constitutes, in fact, a civilization belonging to the EU and the international community.
The Conference of European Churches (CEC) is a fellowship of some 120 Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican and Old Catholic Churches from all countries of Europe, plus 40 associated organisations. CEC was founded in 1959. It has offices in Geneva, Brussels and Strasbourg. The Church and Society Commission of CEC links member churches and associated organisations of CEC with the European Union’s institutions, the Council of Europe, the OSCE, NATO and the UN (on European matters). Its task is to help the churches study church and society questions from a theological and social-ethical perspective, especially those with a European dimension, and to represent common positions of the member churches in their relations with political institutions working in Europe.

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