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International Child Helpline Day

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 20 maggio 2019

On the occasion of International Child Helpline Day, “The Smile of the Child” joins forces with organizations and partners from around the world by participating in a global awareness-raising campaign on the decisive role the operation of child helplines plays.
This year Child Helpline International (CHI), whose active member is “The Smile of the Child”, celebrates the International Child Helpline Day by focusing on the issues faced by especially vulnerable and underrepresented children. With “EVERY Child has a Voice” as its slogan, this year’s campaign spreads the message about the need for non-discrimination and for truly listening to every child.In Greece, “The Smile of the Child” has been operating the National Helpline for Children SOS 1056 since 1997, the European Hotline for Missing Children 116000 since 2008, as well as the European Helpline for Children and Adolescents 116111, and, thus, contributes directly to preventing and addressing serious problems related to children victims of violence, abuse, neglect, disappearance, trafficking, exploitation, bullying or suicide.
The European Helpline for Children and Adolescents 116111 was inaugurated in 2016 and operates under the umbrella of CHI providing its services for all children in Greece, including refugee and migrant children at risk and in need of support. The services of 116111 are free, available nationwide on a daily basis, 24 hours a day, with 6 interconnected calling centers as one, staffed by social workers and psychologists, and a maximum waiting time of 11 seconds.A Disaster Recovery Area at the Athens International Airport ensures the continuous operation of the helpline (similarly to the 1056 and 116000 lines) in the event of any emergency or crisis situation.The lines are officially recognized as Emergency Lines and are interconnected with the European Emergency Number 112.“The Smile of the Child”, active member of CHI and Trusted NGO partner of Facebook, utilizes innovative technological tools thanks to the support of international bodies and actors, as well as technology and telephone companies in Greece, which offer their services free-of-charge and, thus, play an important role in ensuring the necessary quality in the provision of holistic and effective support of children in need.
This International Child Helpline Day, and in light of recent tragic cases of children and young people in Greece who committed suicide, “The Smile of the Child” would like to highlight that children and young people in extreme distress can also receive immediate and effective support. In this regard, the specialized staff of the Organization activates its entire network of services and structures, and in cooperation with all the competent institutional actors the Organization can help children and adults who find themselves in a deadlock and need continuous assistance.

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18th annual Comcast Cares Day

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 6 maggio 2019

Today, as part of the 18th annual Comcast Cares Day, nearly 1,000 Northern California Comcast NBCUniversal employees and their families, friends and community partners worked alongside Paradise High School students, teachers and administrators to clean, paint, plant trees, landscape and beautify the campus ahead of this June’s graduation ceremony, which will be the first since the devastating Camp Fire in Fall of 2018.
On Nov. 8, 2018, the lives of Paradise residents were changed forever when the Camp Fire destroyed most of the city, killing 86 people, destroying nearly 14,000 homes and numerous businesses and burning more than 150,000 acres. Thankfully, and perhaps miraculously, the structure of Paradise High School was mostly spared. Still, due to safety hazards and other concerns, classes were moved to a temporary location in Chico and plans remain underway for a full return to the Paradise campus in time for the new school year this Fall.A signature project on Comcast Cares Day today involved the painting of a mural by the artist Shane Grammer, whose portrait of a woman on a friend’s chimney went viral shortly after the fire. When Comcast learned that the Paradise High School seniors wanted to engage Grammer to create a mural as a thank you to the school, and as something to remember them by, the company stepped in to fund the effort.During a special ceremony at the school this morning, featuring Comcast executives, Congressman Doug LaMalfa and California State Senator Jim Nielsen, Comcast also announced that 238 graduating seniors from Paradise will receive a laptop computer.
Paradise High School students and educators pride themselves on their resilience. The school’s longtime motto “Rise Up” is a fitting way to describe the grit, courage and determination displayed throughout the community. It was in this spirit that Comcast, as part of Cares Day, approached Paradise High School administrators offering to help refurbish, restore and renew the campus exteriors, common areas and school grounds in preparation for June’s graduation ceremony.Comcast Cares Day is more than just a day – it is an illustration of the spirit of volunteerism that Comcast employees bring to life each and every day. From using technology to create positive change, such as teaching digital literacy skills and mentoring youth, to stocking food banks, revitalizing homeless shelters and beautifying parks, Comcast NBCUniversal employees volunteer during this celebration and throughout the year to make a lasting impact. To date, more than 1 million Comcast Cares Day volunteers have contributed over 6 million service hours to improve local communities at more than 10,000 projects. This year, the Company expects more than 100,000 volunteers from Comcast, NBCUniversal, and for the first time Sky, to participate in projects across the country and around the world.The Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation will also provide grants to local partner organizations on behalf of volunteers who contribute their time on Comcast Cares Day. The grants will help Comcast’s partners continue their mission of serving the community throughout the year. To date, the Comcast NBCUniversal Foundation has awarded nearly $25 million in grants to local nonprofit organizations who have served as partners on Comcast Cares Day.

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European Maritime Day

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 30 aprile 2019

Lisbon Congress Centre 16-17 May 2019 This year EMD focuses on blue entrepreneurship, innovation and investment and offers an intense programme tackling all about blue economy. Starting with an inspirational opening session, the conference offers 8 breakout sessions organised by the European Commission focusing on a number of strategic EU policy initiatives to support Europe’s sustainable blue economy. During the two-day event, the participants can also attend 28 high-quality thematic workshops designed and organised by maritime stakeholders.But it’s not over: in fact, European Maritime Day will also host an exciting array of 100 exhibitors from around Europe who will showcase their innovative ideas, products and services related to the conference themes. . R&D centres, universities, incubators, spin-offs, start-ups, companies, associations, NGOs… have a look at the list of the exhibitors.It’s not enough for you? There is more! 21 pitchers from across the EU will present advanced innovative projects on blue economy from the pitch stage: 3 sessions (session 1, session 2, session 3) dedicated to green energy, shipping, aquaculture and much more! Navigate through the sessions programme to pick your favourite. Matchmaking opportunities are available for all the participants in the B2B dedicated area: an ideal opportunity for blue economy professionals to connect. Once registered to the EMD conference you will be able to book B2B meeting slots, post your profile and/or register to workshops or breakout sessions.

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Social media Day

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 17 settembre 2018

Milano. L’evento sarà ospitato, il 18, 19 e 20 Ottobre 2018, all’interno dell’edificio IULM Open Space (IULM 6) Via Carlo Bo, 7. La manifestazione si propone di affrontare le tematiche del digital marketing, del social media marketing, dell’imprenditoria e dell’innovazione, attraverso la presentazione e la discussione di strategie concrete e case study di successo presentate dalle migliori eccellenze del settore digitale.Tra gli argomenti affrontati nell’edizione di quest’anno ci saranno: Influencer & Micro Influencer Marketing, Blockchain & Cryptovalute, rapporto tra TV & Social Media Marketing, Smart Working & Sharing Economy, Strategie di Facebook Advertising, rapporto tra Pubblicita’ tradizionale e nuovi media, nuove frontiere della comunicazione sia in ambito Ecommerce che nel settore Retail, utilizzo strategico dei dati e molto altro ancora. I panel previsti durante la 3 giorni di #SMDAYIT + #DIDAYS: Eleonora Chioda, caporedattore di Millionaire, e i suoi ospiti si occuperanno di Bitcoin, Blockchain, ICO e Criptovalute; mentre il panel moderato da Chiara Dal Ben, Head of Influencer Network di Venicemesh, affronterà il tema dell’Influencer Marketing inserito all’interno di Piani di Comunicazione piu’ ampi, facendo il punto su strategie e misurabilità dei risultati.Anche la quinta edizione di Mashable Social Media Day + Digital Innovation Days vedrà la presenza di relatori provenienti anche da oltre oceano, come nel caso di Chimeren Peerbhai, Global Digital Product Manager della celebre casa farmaceutica GlaxosmithKline, la quale spiegherà come utilizzare nuove tecnologie come augmented reality e virtual reality possano essere utili per testare, convalidare e modellare l’offerta di prodotti di consumo garantendo risultati di maggiore impatto; o di Vin Clancy, Growth Hacker di fama mondiale in arrivo da Los Angeles.Infine, una startup competition arricchirà questa edizione 2018 di #SMDAYIT + #DIDAYS: il tradizionale “pitch” lascia spazio al racconto della propria impresa attraverso le parole e le immagini. Tutte le startup che parteciperanno inviando la Startup Model Board riceveranno il ticket gratuito per partecipare all’evento.

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World Oceans Day

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 giugno 2018

The time you scroll down the news on your smartphone commuting to work, numbers of whales are killed or seriously wounded in the ocean. Chances are high that the vessel which shipped your brand new phone from the other side of the globe impacted whale populations on its way. The day the world celebrates marine life, collisions between vessels and cetaceans – commonly known as ship strikes – are still unnoticed and unreported. “Consumers are mostly unaware of the connection between the goods they consume daily and whale mortality from ship strikes”, explains Paolo Bray, Director of Friend of the Sea. “This is probably the reason why the international shipping industry hasn’t really felt the need to solve the problem yet, although affordable technology is available to prevent the collisions”. Several critical areas worldwide are experiencing an unsustainable number of ship strikes. The Mediterranean Sea is among the most affected areas. Every year, fin whale and the sperm whale are forced to dodge 220,000 ships greater than 100 tons, which constitute 30% of international seaborne volume. Other whale populations at risk are in the Hauraki Gulf, one of the busiest shipping passage in New Zealand, home to a semi-resident population, the bryde’s whale; in the Bering Strait, a nexus of trade between North America and Asia for millennia, where maritime traffic is increasing and seriously threatening a population of bowhead whales, and in the waters off Oman where a genetically distinct group of humpback whales risks extinction because of different causes including ship strikes. Due to their size and speed, major shipping vessels are often unaware of the occurrence of the strikes and consequently are not able to report collisions. Nevertheless, most scientific studies conclude that ship strikes are likely the main cause of whale mortality globally.
Friend of the Sea, a non-governmental organization whose main mission is the conservation of the marine habitat, since 2015 has campaigned internationally for the shipping industry to consider measures to reduce ship strikes. “Although some major international shipping companies and associations are showing willingness to collaborate on the issue”, comments Bray “the greatest majority of the shipping lines and industry associations have not implemented the existing measures to spot presence of whales, report and undertake measures to prevent strikes yet”.
In order to allow consumers, as well as cruise and shipping lines tourists to be able to select only those operators which have implemented whale ship strikes prevention measures, Friend of the Sea promotes a sustainable and whale-safe shipping certification. Friend of the Sea logo will allow environmentally aware customers to make a choice safe for whales.

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Food science day

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 26 settembre 2015

parma universitàParma Lunedì 28 settembre nel Campus Universitario dell’Ateneo di Parma (Parco Area delle Scienze) si terrà la giornata di presentazione dei corsi di laurea “FOOD SCIENCE DAY”.Dalle 8:30 alle 10:30 nell’Aula A della sede didattica di Scienze degli Alimenti si terrà il ritrovo per gli studenti di Scienze e Tecnologie alimentari mentre dalle 10:30 alle 12:30 nell’Aula R del Polo didattico “Q02” si troveranno gli studenti di Scienze Gastronomiche.In entrambi gli incontri, laureandi, neo laureati e studenti di dottorato accoglieranno le matricole dei corsi di laurea in Scienze e Tecnologie Alimentari e Scienze Gastronomiche per raccontare ai futuri studenti l’organizzazione didattica e i contenuti del corso di studio scelto, lasciando spazio anche alle domande delle matricole. Le neo matricole riceveranno tutte le indicazioni e suggerimenti utili per cominciare al meglio la loro esperienza universitaria. Inoltre saranno presenti testimonial del mondo imprenditori alimentare (ex studenti dei cdl dell’Ateneo parmense) che racconteranno la loro esperienza. I docenti dei corsi saranno presenti per garantire il corretto svolgimento della manifestazione.

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QUI! Group, Sodexo e Day: un accordo aperto a tutti gli operatori per la diffusione di un unico POS Multicard

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 2 aprile 2015

buoni pastoE’ stato firmato il primo protocollo di intesa per agevolare, il prima possibile, l’introduzione del POS UNICO per leggere i buoni pasto elettronici sotto forma di card di diversi emettitori. Ad annunciarlo sono le tre società coinvolte, Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services, QUI! Group e Day Ristoservice Group Up, che hanno deciso di porre le basi per un accordo, aperto a tutti gli operatori, all’indomani dell’approvazione della Legge di Stabilità che porta a 7 euro la deducibilità fiscale per i buoni pasto elettronici a partire dal 1 Luglio 2015. Si tratta di un passo fondamentale per la creazione di un’infrastruttura condivisa e diffusa in grado di supportare la diffusione del buono pasto elettronico. Il POS UNICO inoltre, con apposito lettore ottico, sarà in grado di operare la smaterializzazione del buono pasto cartaceo, che garantisce all’Esercente la validità del buono e la certezza del rimborso. L’iniziativa, in linea con la tendenza attuale di digitalizzazione dei servizi e delle politiche di welfare, anticipa il futuro e apre ufficialmente la strada dell’innovazione e la diffusione su larga scala dei buoni pasto in formato elettronico. L’accordo è aperto a tutti gli operatori e al momento è al vaglio delle autorità competenti per l’approvazione definitiva. Ma quali sono i vantaggi concreti? Per gli esercenti si scongiura il moltiplicarsi di POS sul bancone, con conseguente riduzione di costi e complessità gestionale. Oltre alla maggiore sicurezza, evitando il rischio di accettare buoni falsi o scaduti, il POS UNICO elimina costi connessi alla spedizione dei buoni, errori nei conteggi e semplifica enormemente la gestione contabile. L’automazione di tutto il sistema ed i relativi benefici in termini di gestione e semplicità è importante anche per i consumatori finali, senza contare la possibilità di integrare, su card, più servizi a valore aggiunto. Utilizzatori e clienti avrebbero inoltre a disposizione una rete diffusa, capillare e potenziata in grado di garantire una spendibilità ottimale. “Si tratta – spiega Sergio Satriano Managing Director di Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services – di un accordo che getta le basi per una reale introduzione del POS unico, in grado di contribuire in maniera concreta a una valorizzazione del buono pasto come benefit integrativo, incrementandone la diffusione e migliorando il funzionamento dell’intero sistema per tutti gli attori della filiera. Auspichiamo che presto tutti gli operatori del mercato vi aderiscano.” “Abbiamo voluto dare una risposta concreta alle esigenze del mercato al fine di renderlo più semplice per tutti. Si tratta di un accordo storico che arriva a raggruppare circa un 50% delle quote del mercato italiano. – commenta Luigi Ferretto, Amministratore delegato di QUI! Group – Il buono pasto è la prima forma di welfare aziendale ed è necessario sostenerlo anche nell’ottica della nuova normativa di riferimento” . “Il passaggio del buono pasto all’elettronico – afferma Marc Buisson, Amministratore Delegato di Day Ristoservice – Group UP – garantisce un sistema più trasparente, tracciato ed integrato. La bontà del sistema è confermata dalla tendenza alla digitalizzazione in tutti gli altri Paesi in cui opera il nostro Gruppo. Per questo DAY si impegna in prima linea per promuovere l’accordo. Una rete condivisa e multi-servizio è prerogativa fondamentale per questa evoluzione anche sul mercato italiano”.

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Why isn’t same day banking catching on?

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 7 maggio 2014

bankingThere has been a buzz for a while about same day banking, yet is doesn’t seem to quite catch on, why? Let’s start with what same day banking is. Let’s say you own a store, restaurant or another business where a part of your daily revenue is cash. You want that cash in your bank account as quickly as possible. The sooner it gets into your bank account, the better cash flow and the more interest for you. Same day banking technology  moves the money from the safe in your business to the bank account, usually the same day. In today’s reality, the money is picked up by a company and transported to a cash center. Once there, the cash is counted and credited to your bank account, a procedure that takes a day or two at best. This means that you, the business owner, who got paid by a customer on a Monday won’t see the money on the account until Friday. That doesn’t make for great cash flow, does it? A smarter way of doing this is to credit the money in your safe to the bank account. There are solutions in the market for this. Our Presidio solution is one. All cash is tracked and kept safe until it is picked up by the transport company. The information stored in the software could easily be transferred to stakeholders such as banks and transporters and be credited while still in the safe.This is not the case today though and the question is why. My bet is interest. By moving money quicker between institutions the opportunity of earnings on interest is diminished for the various stakeholders. So there is a natural inertia in the change process as the stakeholders try to find new ways of recreating the value they lose as the interest disappears.There is no doubt that same day banking is in the best interest of you, the business owner. And I think it’s time to put the pressure on banks and other stakeholders to accommodate their customers – you – in a more efficient way.So which bank will be the first to move? Are there any trailblazers out there or is status quo as good as it gets? (Magnus Bäckström, Vice President Solution Management)

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Today is Veterans Day

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 12 novembre 2011

Veterans Day 2011

Image by BusNikon "Take a picture it will last longer" via Flickr

Yesterday, the Senate passed the President’s jobs plan to help veterans find work after returning home. It’s a huge victory for the men and women who served with honor and distinction, and in many cases put their lives on the line for us. So let’s join the Senate in honoring veterans today — write a quick note to say thank you. We’ll be sharing some of your words on our blog and social networks this weekend. This wouldn’t have happened without your persistence and the President’s refusal to take no for an answer. That’s why he insisted on Congress voting on parts of the American Jobs Act — one by one — until they finally did the right thing.The two bills that the Senate passed yesterday, the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior Tax Credits, will give businesses up to $9,600 back for hiring veterans who are out of work or who have service-related disabilities. That’s on top of new career resources that the President announced this week to support the more than 850,000 unemployed veterans living here at home, and more than a million returning from Iraq and Afghanistan in the next few months and years. One of the highest duties we share as Americans is to serve the men and women who’ve served us. We simply couldn’t wait for these commonsense steps to help our veterans. And thanks to Democrats and Republicans in the Senate putting country before party, we won’t need to.

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Dark, and night and day

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 5 dicembre 2010

New York 1105 44th Road, 3rd Floor, Long Island City. NY Jeffrey Leder Gallery presents an exhibition of works by Donna Levinstone. Levinstone’s works of art concern themselves more with a spirit of place than an actual place – they are not descriptive of a specific location or place as much as they strive to create an essence of light and atmosphere. Her current work is centered around the relationships between tranquility and volatility, the ethereal and the earthly, light and dark, and night and day. Through the reflected light in her atmospheric drawings, Levinstone invites the viewer to explore the duality of what is permanent in our world and what is ever changing in it. An active member of the community, Levinstone has made giving back a large part of her life. She donates both her time and her artwork to many charities and causes throughout the city, including conducting art therapy workshops for cancer patients. Her collectors include the Library of Congress, the Museum of the City of New York, CBS, General Electric, the US Department of State, AT&T, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Citigroup, Time Inc, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, Nabisco Brands Inc, Columbia House, The Disney Company, The Bristol Meyers Company, Pfizer, The New-York Historical Society and Touche Ross.

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World Food Day 2010

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 5 ottobre 2010

Roma 8 ottobre 2010, alle ore 9.30, presso l’Aula di Geografia della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia della Sapienza Università di Roma (1° piano, Dipartimento delle Scienze Documentarie, Linguistico-Filologiche e Geografiche), avrà luogo il Convegno “Il sapere geografico e l’emergenza fame”, nell’ambito delle Celebrazioni per il World Food Day 2010. La giornata di studio, organizzata dall’Associazione Italiana Insegnanti di Geografia (A.I.I.G), dalla Società Geografica Italiana e dalla Sezione di Geografia della Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia della Sapienza Università di Roma, ha come obiettivo quello avvicinare e sensibilizzare i giovani alle problematiche nutrizionali che affliggono un miliardo di persone, ponendo l’ accento sul rispetto delle diversità e sugli squilibri che permangono nello sviluppo umano. In tal senso verrà portata a conoscenza la campagna della FAO “1-biollonhungry”, la quale intende far risaltare come circa una persona su sei non ha abbastanza cibo per condurre una vita sana e attiva, per cui a livello mondiale il maggior rischio per la salute degli individui è rappresentato dalla malnutrizione ancor più che dall’azione combinata di Aids, malaria e tubercolosi. Inoltre, dal momento che il concetto di fame
non può essere equiparato soltanto a quello di carenza di cibo, è necessario affrontare le problematiche legate alla mancanza di micronutrienti (che espone le persone a contrarre più facilmente malattie infettive, impedendone un adeguato sviluppo mentale e fisico, riducendone la produttività nel lavoro e aumentandone il rischio di morte prematura) e alle ripercussioni che la fame produce per le potenzialità economiche dei Paesi in via di sviluppo (gli economisti stimano che ogni bambino il cui sviluppo fisico e mentale sia alterato da fame e denutrizione, ha una minor capacità di generare reddito dal 5 al 10%). Infine, al Convegno interverranno, tra gli altri: Luigi Frati, Rettore La Sapienza Università di Roma; Katia Meloni, Consultant Office of Corporate Communications and External Relations OCE-United Nations-FAO; Lelie Amoroso, Consultant Nutrition Security and Policy Group, Nutrition and Consumer Protection Division, AGN-United Nations-FAO; Gino De Vecchis, Presidente Nazionale dell’Associazione Italiana Insegnanti di Geografia; Franco Salvatori, Presidente della Società Geografica Italiana; Maria Teresa Silani, Dirigente ell’Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Lazio; Roberto Salvan, Direttore Generale dell’Unicef Italia; Paolo Di Giovine, Direttore del Dipartimento delle Scienze Documentarie, Linguistico-Filologiche e Geografiche della Sapienza Università di Roma.

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