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“Major support of democratic society”

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 10 settembre 2020

Former Federal President Joachim Gauck acknowledges the achievements and commitment of HARTING / Festive celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Technology Group attended by many prominent guests.In view of a German society that would appear “satiated and fatigued in parts” (“the country’s spirit is on the brink”) as the former
headed of state commented, it is all the more remarkable to experience HARTING as decidedly and firmly looking to the future with courage, optimism and genuine joy, and bearing responsibility as “the most beautiful form of freedom.” Family owned and managed companies like HARTING are a “stable support of society”. Government cannot
replace their activities. In his speech, Dietmar Harting, the former long-standing Chairman of the Board of Management and son of the company founder, cast a look back on the beginnings of the company, which just a few months after
the end of the war had started to manufacture household appliances such as energy-saving lamps, hotplates, lighters, waffle irons and irons in a small workshop and a dozen employees. The company’s first buyer brought raw materials in from the Rhineland, stowed away in a backpack while riding a coal waggon; the wife of the company founder delivered the company’s
goods by bicycle, accepting food as payment from farmers in the surrounding area. The young firm developed rapidly, soon
concentrating on automotive electrics, medical equipment, jukeboxes, record players and tape recorders. With the advent of the patented Han® connectors in 1956, the company, which was gradually relocated to neighbouring Espelkamp from the 1950s onwards, went on to write technology history. The mayors of the cities of Minden and Espelkamp, Michael Jäcke and
Heinrich Vieker (“Espelkamp would not be conceivable without HARTING”), the District Administrator of the Minden-Lübbecke district, Dr. Ralf Niermann, as well as the District President of Detmold, Judith Pirscher, emphasized HARTING’s role in the technology sector, as an attractive employer and leading-edge, ultra-modern training company, and as a promoter and generous supporter of the region in their welcome addresses. The musical accompaniment of the ceremony was by members of the NorthwestGerman Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Life Gospel Choir.The last highlight rounding up the exceptional festive day was a short reception of the former Federal President in the town hall of Espelkamp, where he signed the Golden Book. More information at

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The first Democratic debate: Too many candidates, too little time

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 29 giugno 2019

By Mathew Ingram. There were plenty of issues with the first round of Democratic debates. NBC had live-streaming lag issues and a hot mic problem involving two of the debate moderators meant they could be heard talking after they left the stage, a gaffe that repeatedly interrupted Chuck Todd when he was trying to ask Elizabeth Warren a question about gun control. But the biggest problem by far was one that was abundantly obvious before the debates even happened: Too many candidates—ten of them, to be specific, so many that every shot of the stage by definition had to be a fish-eye lens shot—and not enough time. Sixty seconds to answer a question and 30 seconds for a follow-up was barely enough time to string together a few sentences and look sternly into the camera, let alone make a substantial statement.
The result was also fairly predictable: Lots of shouting and interrupting (mostly by New York mayor Bill de Blasio) and repeated pleas of “your time is up” from the moderators, as the candidates continued trying to belabor their favorite point. And the difficulty of keeping track of all the people running (a problem compounded by the fact that “super” credits identifying the candidates showed up late and in some cases were completely missing) was compounded by the fact that there were arguably too many moderators as well—three of them (Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie and Telemundo’s José Díaz-Balart) asked questions during the first half of the program, and then another two (Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow) performed the same function during the second half.At certain points, some of the moderators—particularly Díaz-Balart and Maddow—seemed to be trying almost as hard as the candidates to make an impression on the audience, prefacing their questions with expository statements about topics like gun control and immigrant rights. And almost every candidate resorted to the typical tricks to get around the questions they didn’t want to answer: Namely, answering a previous question asked of one of their opponents that fit more closely with their favorite platform planks. Another casualty of the time constraint? Any real ability for moderators to challenge the candidates’ responses. Tulsi Gabbard, for example, made comments about her experience in the military (she served in Iraq with the National Guard) that suggested she was anti-war, but several observers noted that she has also showed support for Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad.Each campaign spent the evening tweeting out what they thought were their candidates’ best jabs or bits of repartee, trying to maximize the PR benefit of being part of the event. And much of the post-debate commentary centered on who had “won” by raising their profile the most. Many, including the folks at Politico, felt the big winner was Julian Castro, who saw searches for his name spike by more than 2,400 percent while the debate was underway, according to Google Trends. But other factors were difficult to judge amid the noise of the debates themselves, and will probably only become clear over time. Did Beto speaking in Spanish show that he’s a man of the people, or was he just pandering? De Blasio mentioned his black son more than once—would that help build support in the black community, or would he be seen as trying to make his son a campaign prop?
Trump, meanwhile, rendered his verdict on the evening in a tweet that said simply: “Boring!” and later mocked NBC’s hot-mic incident by saying it was “worthy of a fake news organization, which they are.” For many, the entire exercise seemed futile as a way of actually determining what candidates stood for. Cramming so many candidates into such a short space of time left them either clamoring to get a word in so they could try to make an impression on voters by shouting bumper-sticker style slogans, or disappearing into the woodwork. It seemed more like a ratings grab by NBC than a worthwhile airing of issues related to the election (although it’s not the network’s fault there are so many Democratic candidates). And the best part is we get to do it all again in the second round of debates tonight.(font:CJR Editors)

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Europol: Democratic oversight and EU internal security policies

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 30 novembre 2016

europolMembers from national parliaments and the Civil Liberties Committee will meet on Monday from 15.00 to 18.30 to discuss the framework of EU internal security policies and the democratic oversight and scrutiny of Europol’s activities. Among others Julian King, Commissioner of Security Union, and Rob Wainwright, director of Europol, will be on the panel. They will also debate how to make the security union a reality and discuss best practices of parliamentary scrutiny at national level.The interparliamentary committee meeting is a follow-up to the new Europol Regulation that entered into force on 11 May 2016. One of its innovative features is the setting up of a Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group to ensure proper democratic scrutiny of Europol’s activities by the European Parliament, together with national parliaments. Ensuring the democratic oversight of Europol was a high priority for the Parliament when approving the new regulation.MEPs and representatives from national parliaments will work towards defining the modalities of the scrutiny body so that it is ready by 1 May 2017, when the new Europol Regulation takes effect. The meeting will be split into two sessions, each followed by debates with MEPs and national parliaments. The first session is entitled “Setting the scene – making the Security Union a reality and the role of Europol therein: operational cooperation, information sharing and trust” (15.10 – 16.30) and the second session will be “Towards an effective and workable parliamentary scrutiny of Europol” (16.30 – 18.30).The new Europol Regulation strengthened the EU police agency’s mandate in order to ensure that it is fully equipped to fight terrorism, cybercrime and the rise in cross-border crimes. In particular, it is now easier to set up specialized units to respond immediately to emerging threats. The Joint Parliamentary Scrutiny Group will oversee this work.

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Hillary has chosen Senator Tim Kaine to join her on the Democratic ticket

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 25 luglio 2016

hillaryNothing can really prepare you for this job. You come to learn that it’s about having a firm grasp of the issues, sound judgment, and the tenacity never to stop fighting to make people’s lives better. The thing about Hillary is, she already understands all that. She does her homework, she masters the issues, and she never gives up. She gets the job done. And more than almost anyone I’ve worked with in Washington, Hillary’s the kind of person who sees a problem and says, “How can I fix this? What can I do to help?”
But this job is also about surrounding yourself with the best possible people. And there’s no more important decision you’ll make as a presidential candidate than choosing a vice president. There are basically two paths you can take. You can pick someone for purely political reasons — or you can pick someone who will be your partner in government. Someone who shares your values. Someone who will make you a better president.That’s why I picked Joe Biden — and it’s a testament to Hillary’s character and integrity that she chose a man like Tim Kaine.Like Hillary, Tim is an optimist. But like Hillary, he is also a progressive fighter. He’s the son of a teacher and an iron worker who’s always got working families on his mind. He spent nearly two decades and specialized in representing people who had been denied fair access to housing just because of what they looked like, or because they had a disability. And when a gunman killed 32 people on the campus of Virginia Tech, Tim knew he had a responsibility as governor to offer more than thoughts and prayers to the community he mourned with — and as a gun owner, he stood up to the gun lobby on their behalf.There aren’t a lot of elected officials in Washington whom people like even more when the cameras are off than when the cameras are on. But Tim is that kind of guy. He’s a man who’s risen to the highest levels of government but still lives in the same neighborhood he did as a city councilmember in Richmond. You just can’t find anyone with a bad thing to say about him, from the staff who’ve worked for him to the Republicans who’ve served alongside him.Simply put: Tim is a good man. He’s a true progressive. And he will make a great vice president. (Barack Obama)

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Le “ali” del Pd

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 novembre 2013

Gianni Pittella che ho conosciuto a Bruxelles anni fa e apprezzato come infaticabile parlamentare del suo partito e attivo nei lavori delle commissioni mi ha fatto pervenire una lettera circolare inviata agli organi di stampa riguardo la sua candidatura alla primarie e alla sua intenzione di proseguire il suo impegno politico per “determinare la rigenerazione del Partito Democratico”. “Voglio portare avanti le mie idee – egli scrive – su un partito che dia centralità ai territori e agli amministratori locali, sull’adesione al PSE, sul necessario cambiamento del gruppo dirigente archiviando i troppi errori del passato. E anche sull’importanza del no profit, sull’idea di un welfare innovativo, su un Paese che si rilanci a partire dal Mezzogiorno.”
Credo che sia importante, innanzitutto, restituire una sua identità politica e una sua progettualità a un partito che si lascia percepire al cospetto dell’opinione pubblica come indeciso, poco impegnato nel sociale e più incline agli inciuci istituzionali.
Il forte declino l’ho avvertito dalla nascita del governo Monti. Allora è mancata la decisione di sciogliere le camere e andare alle urne. Fu un errore grave che attribuiscono interamente a Napolitano nel suo spirito di sudditanza a Berlusconi, perché sarebbe stato possibile invertire il senso di marcia e restituire al Parlamento la sua centralità. I pasticci compiuti nelle ultime elezioni non hanno fatto altro che confermare la confusione esistente tanto che abbiamo avuto in Bersani un timido sostenitore del partito in un’infausta campagna elettorale dove si è fatta sentire solo la voce dell’opposizione. Il tutto è peggiorato con la formazione di un governo definito di “larghe intese” e il suo modo di vivacchiare con promesse di riforme semplicemente differite nel tempo ma senza alcuna garanzia che possano essere realizzate. Il caso Cancellieri oggi e quello di ieri che ha interessato Alfano mostrano solo gli sforzi per rattoppare uno straccio di governo. Ora con il pateracchio della non entrata degli amici di Alfano in Forza Italia si compie l’ennesima presa in giro con un Berlusconi che anticipa l’intento di voler inglobare, in una coalizione, questi transfughi e facendoli così rientrare dalla finestra dopo che sono usciti dalla porta.
Ora che ci troviamo al cospetto, volendo usare una benevola espressione, con un partito senza spina dorsale che non è stato capace nemmeno di eleggere il nuovo presidente della repubblica e deve oggi sottostare ai diktat del solito inquilino del Quirinale cosa possiamo fare se non sperare in qualcuno che gli dia la sveglia per farlo ritornare un soggetto diverso? E soprattutto che sappia guardare ai problemi locali con minore partigianeria e all’Europa con maggiore spirito costruttivo e a inviarvi non i soliti trombati casalinghi ma uomini di valore, e in questo caso Pittella non serva solo come eccezione ma bensì come regola. Che dire altro sennonché l’Italia sembra essere il paese che adora la mediocrità in tutti campi ma soprattutto in politica e le attuali candidature ne sono un esempio. (Riccardo Alfonso

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46th Democratic National Convention in 2012

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 2 febbraio 2011

Letter to editor. Riccardo I am thrilled to make sure you are the first to hear some very exciting news. Charlotte, North Carolina will host the 46th Democratic National Convention in 2012. Charlotte is a city marked by its southern charm, warm hospitality, and an “up by the bootstraps” mentality that has propelled the city forward as one of the fastest-growing in the South. Vibrant, diverse, and full of opportunity, the Queen City is home to innovative, hardworking folks with big hearts and open minds. And of course, great barbecue. Barack and I spent a lot of time in North Carolina during the campaign — from the Atlantic Coast to the Research Triangle to the Smoky Mountains and everywhere in between. Barack enjoyed Asheville so much when he spent several days preparing for the second Presidential debate that our family vacationed there in 2009.And my very first trip outside of Washington as First Lady was to Fort Bragg, where I started my effort to do all we can to help our heroic military families. All the contending cities were places that Barack and I have grown to know and love, so it was a hard choice. But we are thrilled to be bringing the convention to Charlotte. We hope many of you can join us in Charlotte the week of September 3rd, 2012. But if you can’t, we intend to bring the spirit of the convention — as well as actual, related events to your community and even your own backyard. More than anything else, we want this to be a grassroots convention for the people. We will finance this convention differently than it’s been done in the past, and we will make sure everyone feels closely tied in to what is happening in Charlotte. This will be a different convention, for a different time. To help us make sure this is a grassroots convention — The People’s Convention — we need to hear from you. We want to know what you’d like to see at next year’s convention, how and where you plan on watching it — and the very best way we can engage your friends and neighbors. That’s also the belief at the core of The People’s Convention. That the table we sit at together ought to be big enough for everyone. That the thread that binds us — a belief in the promise of this country — is strong enough to sustain us through good times and bad. Barack talked at the State of the Union of his vision for how America can win the future. That must be the focus now, and I know so many of you will help talk about our plans with your neighbors — that through innovation, education, reform, and responsibility we can make sure America realizes this vision. (Michelle Obama)

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Sudan Elections 2010

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 14 luglio 2009

By Hassan Abdel Ati The first democratic election in Sudan was organized in 1953 during the 3 years self rule period in the count down to independence on the first of January 1956. Yet during the 53 years of independence only 4 (four) democratic elections were organized because for 42 years Sudan was under military and/or civilian dictatorship (1958-64, 1969-85, 1989-2009). One of the major gains for all Sudanese people brought about by the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed in 2005 between the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Sudan Government led by the National Congress Party (NCP), was the clauses committing the two parties to a free and fair democratic election in the middle of the 6-years transitional period agreed upon (2006-2011).

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