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Caritas sends help in wake of Kerala flood devastation

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 agosto 2018

Caritas is distributing food to survivors of Kerala floods, declared as the Indian state’s worst in living memory. Caritas Internationalis has launched a €1.1 million global appeal to support Caritas India in providing food, clean water, shelter and assistance on livelihoods to 43,000 people over 12 months.The Kerala floods have left over 350 people dead, thousands marooned, forced 1.4 million people from their homes into relief camps and caused damage totalling over US$2.84 billion.“Declared as the worst flood in a century, the people of Kerala have never faced a deluge of this magnitude before,” says Fr Paul Moonjely, director of Caritas India.In Kerala, monsoon season started as far back as June, although the rains didn’t become severe until the beginning of August, when flash flooding caused rivers to overflow and nearly three dozen dams to be breached. As the rain stopped 20 August and waters began to recede, people began to return to their homes to find scenes of complete devastation with their houses filled with 60cm of mud. Authorities are concerned that returnees could now be hit by an outbreak of waterborne diseases.
The immediate needs include food, clothes, beds, mosquito nets, medicines, safe water and temporary shelter. Caritas is focusing on vulnerable people, such as women, children and the elderly. Remote caste and tribal dominated areas are completely cut off.“Our teams are reaching the most isolated areas where the poorest and most vulnerable Dalit and tribal people live,” says Fr Paul Moonjely. “Many people are helpless and homeless without even food and water.” Caritas India is rolling out its Kerala flood aid efforts in the districts of Alleppey, Kottayam, Wayanad, Idukki, Pathanamtitta and Ernakulam. Caritas will provide food, clean water, shelter and livelihood support over the initial phase of the emergency response.After all these needs are met, Caritas India says further support will be necessary for longer term rehabilitation, reconstruction and job creation. Farmers and labourers will not be able to earn anything for the next 3 months. Thousands have no homes to go back to.
“We ask all our supporters to extend their helping hand. This is our chance to show our solidarity with those who have lost everything, those who are desperate for help. In times like this, every second and every donation counts,” says Fr Paul Moonjely.“Kerala is known as God’s own country. We appeal especially to all Catholics for help in this hour of dire need. Remember, our Lord said, ‘Whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, that you do unto me.’”

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Greenpeace International Executive Director Kumi Naidoo visited Dolores

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 10 dicembre 2014

Philippine climateGreenpeace makes solidarity visit to Dolores, Samar, ground zero of Typhoon Hagupit Dolores, Eastern Samar, Philippines, Greenpeace has today made a visit of solidarity to Dolores in Eastern Samar where Typhoon Hagupit made landfall in the Philippines before weaving a destructive path across the country and displacing more than a million people.Together with Philippine climate commissioner Naderev ‘Yeb’ M. Sano and Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director Von Hernandez he met with local authorities, visited schools and talked with the public.They had earlier visited the town of Laiya in Batangas province on Monday night local time, sheltering from the storm front in churches and schools with villagers as the storm front made a direct hit on the coastal community.In Dolores, Naidoo was told 7,000 people of the population of 40,800, were still in evacuation centres, while one person was killed. Mayor Emiliana Villacarillo said 80 percent of homes were destroyed and much of the region’s farmland ruined.
“This is ground zero of the destruction caused by Typhoon Hagupit. It’s been an extremely humbling experience to spend time here and witness how the community has risen to address the devastation that they’ve faced. There’s a lot of pain and hardship. One life was lost, homes destroyed, infrastructure ruined and agricultural land damaged.“I’ve been moved by the spirit of the mayor. She is strong and determined but she needs help. All of us need to mobilise to support her when she says she wants to build a more resilient community and to adapt to climate change. The people are resilient, their spirits are strong and the smiles are amazing to see through all this pain, but the truth is they need help. I call upon people all over the world to find ways in which they can support communities like this as we face more and more impacts of climate change.”Greenpeace is calling on delegates at the UN climate talks in Lima to also stand with the people of the Philippines and deliver an ambitious climate solution and end the fossil fuel age.Real action can also be taken by citizens around the world, by the CEOs of major energy companies and by governments to bring about a future based on 100% clean and renewable energy sources, to end tropical rainforest destruction and shift towards ecological agriculture. Every day lost will add to the burden of devastating climate change.Greenpeace Southeast Asia Executive Director Von Hernandez said:“The major oil, coal and gas companies are to blame for the increased likelihood of more intense and destructive storms, and they should pay for the damage and help prevent causing further harm. Like Big Tobacco before them, the Big Polluters are going to have to face the survivors of disasters like those in Dolores who have had their homes destroyed, family and friends killed, and their livelihoods wiped out. Their product is the problem.”

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Gulf of Mexico: devastation

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 6 giugno 2010

From Barack Obama. I visited Caminada Bay in Grand Isle, Louisiana — one of the first places to feel the devastation wrought by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While I was here, at Camerdelle’s Live Bait shop, I met with a group of local residents and small business owners. Folks like Floyd Lasseigne, a fourth-generation oyster fisherman. This is the time of year when he ordinarily earns a lot of his income. But his oyster bed has likely been destroyed by the spill. Terry Vegas had a similar story. He quit the 8th grade to become a shrimper with his grandfather. Ever since, he’s earned his living during shrimping season — working long, grueling days so that he could earn enough money to support himself year-round. But today, the waters where he has worked are closed. And every day, as the spill worsens, he loses hope that he will be able to return to the life he built. Here, this spill has not just damaged livelihoods. It has upended whole communities. And the fury people feel is not just about the money they have lost. It is about the wrenching recognition that this time their lives may never be the same. These people work hard. They meet their responsibilities. But now because of a manmade catastrophe — one that is not their fault and beyond their control — their lives have been thrown into turmoil. It is brutally unfair. And what I told these men and women is that I will stand with the people of the Gulf Coast until they are again made whole. That is why, from the beginning, we have worked to deploy every tool at our disposal to respond to this crisis. Today, there are more than 20,000 people working around the clock to contain and clean up this spill. I have authorized 17,500 National Guard troops to participate in the response. More than 1,900 vessels are aiding in the containment and cleanup effort. We have convened hundreds of top scientists and engineers from around the world. This is the largest response to an environmental disaster of this kind in the history of our country. We have also ordered BP to pay economic injury claims, and this week, the federal government sent BP a preliminary bill for $69 million to pay back American taxpayers for some of the costs of the response so far. In addition, after an emergency safety review, we are putting in place aggressive new operating standards for offshore drilling. And I have appointed a bipartisan commission to look into the causes of this spill. If laws are inadequate, they will be changed. If oversight was lacking, it will be strengthened. And if laws were broken, those responsible will be brought to justice. These are hard times in Louisiana and across the Gulf Coast, an area that has already seen more than its fair share of troubles. The people of this region have met this terrible catastrophe with seemingly boundless strength and character in defense of their way of life. What we owe them is a commitment by our nation to match the resilience they have shown. That is our mission. And it is one we will fulfill. (President Barack Obama)

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Relief operation in Haiti

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 24 gennaio 2010

Words cannot describe the devastation that has been wrought on Haiti by the January 12 earthquake. Parts of the capital Port-au-Prince look worse than many war zones.  After two days in the city, I have seen the depth of grief and the massive needs the quake has left in its wake. This is the most complex operation WFP has ever launched. Haiti’s entire supply chain infrastructure has been devastated, and we have been faced with launching an operation from scratch.  WFP is pushing food supplies to the worst affected through five corridors. Our initial response – which was launched within 24 hours of the quake – has focused on targeting the most vulnerable, especially women and children. Our capacity to ramp up the operation is growing on a daily basis.  On Friday, we delivered about two million meals – a significant increase on the 1.2 million meals distributed on Thursday. We are getting the job done, even if we wish we could do more, quicker.  In my discussions with the President and Prime Minister of Haiti, the UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), as well as other partners such as the United States and the European Union, I have been encouraged to find genuine cooperation and coordination. This will allow us to knit together the operation over the coming weeks, in a way that will ensure every Haitian who needs assistance, gets it.  Let me not forget my staff at WFP Haiti. Ninety percent of them have lost their homes, all of them are grieving the loss of friends and loved ones – and yet they have returned to work with a remarkable resilience of spirit and determination to help their country back to its feet.  I was able to spend time with them, camping out in tent as all our staff are doing, and listen to their heartbreaking stories of loss.  I salute them, and admire them deeply.  My heart also goes out to our sister agencies, who lost many beloved staff members, but who nonetheless carry out their important work.  None of us can count the human cost of this disaster, but generous action can help alleviate the suffering. For WFP to do its work, we’ll need the support of the international community for many months to come, and at a level that no one had initially anticipated. We thank those that have stepped forward so generously already – the people of Haiti need your continued support now more than ever.

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Number of dead rises in Italy’s devastating earthquake

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 7 aprile 2009

terremotoA team from Caritas Italiana is in the city of L’Aquila to assess needs and coordinate relief efforts following yesterday’s 6.3 earthquake.   The disaster has left over 210 people dead and thousands more injured after it hit central Italy. The powerful earthquake, which happened in the early hours of Monday morning, flattened whole buildings and left an estimated 17,000 people homeless.  “In one tremor, whole streets came down,” said Fr Vittorio Nozza, director of Caritas Italiana. “Even compared to previous earthquakes in 2002 and 1997, I’ve never seen such devastation.”  “Caritas is working among those made homeless by the earthquake, and is focusing in particular on helping the vulnerable such as children and the elderly. We’re providing psychological support to help people pull through the disaster,” he said.  Caritas is currently assessing the needs of those affected and it is coordinating local efforts to provide relief.  It has set up a coordination centre outside L’Aquila to collect and redistribute food, blankets, hygiene items and clothes. The director of Caritas Paganica will celebrate Easter Sunday mass on a sports field in the town for those affected by the earthquake. The church of Paganica, which is ten minutes away from L’Aquila, was damaged by the tremors. “Easter Sunday offers a sign of hope and optimism,” says Don Dionisio Rodriguez, director of Caritas Aquila and parish priest of Paganica. “People aren’t feeling much joy at the moment, but Easter Sunday provides us with a sign of life and renewal.”  Caritas Italiana has also appealed for funds to help the relief effort. Meanwhile, it has set aside 100,000 euro to provide assistance to the people of L’Aquila and the surrounding area.  Caritas members from near and far have offered their solidarity and support as rescue efforts continue.  Caritas staff report that anxiety among the population is high, and further tremors today have left people feeling very vulnerable.

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