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COVID-19: MEPs call for a strong EU action to help developing countries

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 22 aprile 2020

Development Committee discussed EU measures to combat COVID-19 in developing countries, with International Partnerships Commissioner Urpilainen and Crisis Management Commissioner Lenarčič. On Tuesday, MEPs highlighted the global nature of the pandemic, and therefore the need to work in solidarity both within the EU, and outside in support of partners. COVID-19 cases continue to evolve in Africa, where it is now present in 52 countries. Numbers are growing every day and experts believe that the pandemic in Africa could be more deadly than elsewhere in the world. The coronavirus is also spreading rapidly in other developing countries such as Yemen and Afghanistan.Committee members highlighted the need to build pandemic defence not only within the EU, but also outside in partner countries. The effects of the pandemic could be devastating given the poor quality of the healthcare systems in some developing countries, which makes it essential for the EU to provide external support to its partners, they stress.MEPs fully support all the efforts of the EU institutions to coordinate and strengthen its work within the European Union. Nevertheless, they underlined that the EU needs to marshal its global leadership and enhance international solidarity toward developing countries and more specifically to cooperate with partners in Africa on the COVID-19 pandemic.
Commissioner Lenarčič stated that on 8 April, the European Commission adopted the communication on the global EU response to COVID-19 under which it will coordinate its actions with the EU member states, United Nations agencies and NGOs to support emergency humanitarian needs, strengthen health systems and mitigate economic and social consequences. The European Commission has so far provided EUR 30 million to the World Health Organization (WHO). This is not fresh money and options for mobilizing the reserve for humanitarian aid are being explored.Commissioner Urpilainen promised that her team would follow up on the EU supported COVID-19 global initiatives to ensure the speedy operationalisation on the ground on three priorities: reallocate EUR 500 million to short-term emergency response; provide EUR 2.8 billion to bolster research as well as enhancing social protection, and provide EUR 12.3 billion to address social-economic impact of the pandemic. This is retargeted and not fresh money. She also said that the Commission would coordinate well with the EU member states and partners such as the W.H.O., multilateral lending institution and other partners in a global partnership to ensure maximum impact. Urpilainen added that the European Commission is co-organising an online pledging event on 4 May 2020, to team up with partners to boost funding for diagnostics, medicines and vaccines to up to 7.5 billion euros. By taking this lead, the EU aim to align efforts with other donors and initiatives such as Gavi (the Vaccine Alliance) and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations.
Commissioners Urpilainen and Lenarčič promised to work closely with MEPs on humanitarian response and development policy.
“Even if the external relations angle was somewhat absent in the weeks when the COVID-19 pandemic first affected EU countries, there is now an acute awareness that the situation in developing and crisis-affected countries makes it essential to provide an ambitious and action-oriented EU external response,” said Tomas Tobé (EPP, SE), Chair of the Committee on Development.

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TellusLabs: the leader in the use of satellite imaging for developing agricultural insights

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 16 dicembre 2018

Indigo Ag, Inc., a company dedicated to harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet, announces the acquisition of TellusLabs, a leader in the use of satellite imaging for developing agricultural insights. Indigo adds TellusLabs’ proprietary platform and staff of experts to reduce risk and increase yield potential for growers. With this technology and personnel, Indigo will expand the scope and precision of its data insights and recommendation platform. These insights will bring transparency to the global food system while supporting grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health.TellusLabs has built a living map of the world’s food supply, tracing farm management decisions and agronomic parameters in real time, including field boundaries, crop type, planting and harvest dates, and overall crop performance. When paired with proprietary machine learning, the platform can infer the environmental impact of farming practices from space. Combining these insights with weather and other historical data, along with predictive algorithms, TellusLabs built their flagship product, Kernel, to gather insights on the global food system. This product, capable of monitoring crop progress daily and forecasting crop yields prior to harvest across the globe, will be leveraged by Indigo to enable data-based decision-making for growers and buyers throughout the season.“At Indigo, we are always looking to expand and improve our offering to growers,” said David Perry, Indigo’s CEO. “TellusLabs’ technology will bolster our effort to produce rigorous and useful agronomic recommendations tailored to each acre of a farm. And the team behind the technology is fundamentally aligned to our mission.”Indigo’s microbial products have been shown to increase the drought resistance, nutrient use efficiency, and yield of crops. Understanding the grower’s yield potential and unique land characteristics with TellusLabs’ spatial insights allows Indigo agronomists to make recommendations to improve overall crop yield and quality throughout the season. In addition, by utilizing geospatial insights to optimize the agricultural value chain, Indigo will further enhance its ability to deliver high-quality, sustainably grown crops to the right buyers.“We imagine the combination of satellite data and machine learning providing a spectrum of insights to growers — from the past, in the present, and for the future of their farms,” said Geoffrey von Maltzahn, Indigo’s Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “Understanding each field on its own terms, identifying the features that make them unique, and predicting the best products and growing practices for every acre of land are tricky, nebulous agricultural questions. With Indigo’s acquisition of TellusLabs, a farmer looking to grow his or her best crop can receive personalized data and recommendations that change the course of a growing season for the better.”
TellusLabs, founded in 2016 by David Potere, PhD, and Mark Friedl, PhD, was previously based out of Somerville, Massachusetts. The two-year-old company is comprised of statisticians, scientists, and engineers utilizing remote sensing technology to analyze large quantities of agricultural, weather, and satellite data. TellusLabs’ partnership with Indigo was established through Indigo Research Partners, a program designed to evaluate agricultural technologies to support growers with real-time, farm-specific insights. One significant collaboration included the analysis of over 40,000 acres of land to determine yield and quality improvements for the 2018 Indigo Wheat™ harvest. The team will integrate as Indigo’s Geospatial Innovation unit.

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Developing Tolerance is Imperative for Students to Flourish in a Diverse World

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 settembre 2018

Top Global Teachers have shared their unique perspectives with CMRubinWorld on how education can help students find a “common ground” as part of the important 21st century skills needed to flourish in a diverse world.International migration has increased social and cultural diversity significantly. Fighting bias remains a local and global challenge. Students are facing a world infused with differences, where their tolerance and ability to cope with differences determine whether they can thrive in society. Children in the 21st century need to be able “to cross cultural boundaries, regardless of ethnic boundaries, race, age, geography or other boundaries,” says teacher Nam Ngo Thanh based in Vietnam. “An alternative rhetoric of ‘us’ is needed to build others as we grow and not at the expense of others,” notes Miriam Mason based in Sierra Leone. “A restorative approach strives to develop compliance with social norms and rules through internalization of responsibility for one’s action and a respect for the rights of other people,” says Maarit Rossi based in Finland.

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First Solar and Apple Strike Industry’s Largest Commercial Power Deal

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 febbraio 2015

tempe arizonaTEMPE, Ariz.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– First Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSLR) today announced that Apple has committed $848 million for clean energy from First Solar’s California Flats Solar Project in Monterey County, Calif. Apple will receive electricity from 130 megawatts (MW)AC of the solar project under a 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA), the largest agreement in the industry to provide clean energy to a commercial end user. “Apple is leading the way in addressing climate change by showing how large companies can serve their operations with 100 percent clean, renewable energy,” said Joe Kishkill, Chief Commercial Officer for First Solar. “Apple’s commitment was instrumental in making this project possible and will significantly increase the supply of solar power in California. Over time, the renewable energy from California Flats will provide cost savings over alternative sources of energy as well as substantially lower environmental impact.” The 2,900-acre California Flats Solar Project occupies 3 percent of a property owned by Hearst Corporation in Cholame, Calif. Construction is expected to begin in mid-2015, and to be completed by the end of 2016. The output of the remaining 150MW of the project will be sold to Pacific Gas & Electric under a separate long-term PPA, and the project is fully subscribed between the Apple and PG&E PPAs. In January, the Monterey County Planning Commission unanimously approved the California Flats Solar Project, sending the project to the Monterey County Board of Supervisors, which will consider final approval of the project today. Building on its proven record of developing, building and operating utility-scale solar power plants, First Solar has placed a strategic focus on directly providing large commercial and industrial customers with wholesale electricity through long-term agreements. This deal marks the first wholesale commercial and industrial PPA executed by First Solar.
First Solar is a leading global provider of comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) solar systems which use its advanced module and system technology. The company’s integrated power plant solutions deliver an economically attractive alternative to fossil-fuel electricity generation today. From raw material sourcing through end-of-life module recycling, First Solar’s renewable energy systems protect and enhance the environment. For more information about First Solar, please visit For First Solar InvestorsThis release contains forward-looking statements which are made pursuant to safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. These forward-looking statements include statements, among other things, concerning: our business strategy, including anticipated trends and developments in and management plans for our business and the markets in which we operate; future financial results, operating results, revenues, gross margin, operating expenses, products, projected costs, warranties, solar module efficiency and balance of systems (“BoS”) cost reduction roadmaps, restructuring, product reliability and capital expenditures; our ability to continue to reduce the cost per watt of our solar modules; our ability to reduce the costs to construct photovoltaic (“PV”) solar power systems; research and development programs and our ability to improve the conversion efficiency of our solar modules; sales and marketing initiatives; and competition. These forward-looking statements are often characterized by the use of words such as “estimate,” “expect,” “anticipate,” “project,” “plan,” “intend,” “believe,” “forecast,” “foresee,” “likely,” “may,” “should,” “goal,” “target,” “might,” “will,” “could,” “predict,” “continue” and the negative or plural of these words and other comparable terminology. Forward-looking statements are only predictions based on our current expectations and our projections about future events. You should not place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements. We undertake no obligation to update any of these forward-looking statements for any reason. These forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that may cause our actual results, levels of activity, performance, or achievements to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, the matters discussed in Item 1A: “Risk Factors,” of our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2013, Quarterly Reports on Form 10-Q, Current Reports on Form 8-K and other reports filed with the SEC.

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Nobel Laureates contribute to IBA report and film on the global financial crisis and poverty

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 novembre 2013

An in-depth report about the post-global financial crisis (GFC) effect on poverty, challenges in the aftermath of the GFC, and the role the law and lawyers can play in addressing this, has been published by the International Bar Association (IBA) Presidential Task Force on the Global Financial Crisis. It features the opinions of seminal contributors including four Nobel laureates – microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus; economists Amartya Sen, James Heckman and Joseph Stiglitz, former Chief Economist at the World Bank.Peter Maynard, IBA Task Force Chair, and co-editor of the Report commented, ‘Few contemporary issues are more pressing than one billion people living in poverty. This report is a brilliant first step for the IBA in dealing with that most urgent issue, and identifying how lawyers, through legal reform, can contribute to the sustainable development of the world economy and improve prosperity for people across the globe.’ He added, ‘It is particularly timely because the deadline for achieving the Millennium Development Goals is in 2015. So, discussion is now turning to what needs to be done post-2015.’The 14-chapter report entitled ‘Poverty, Justice and the Rule of Law’, explores ways for the global community to mitigate the effects of the GFC on the world’s poor. Agenda-setting thinkers, academics and leading lawyers from a wide range of practice areas including corporate social responsibility, labour law and employment, pro bono, access to justice, and human rights, contributed analysis and opinions. The focus of the Report goes beyond poverty in developing countries, to austerity measures taken during the global financial crisis in more developed economies.

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Klezmerata Fiorentina

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 19 agosto 2010

Toronto Sunday, September 5th at 2:30pm Brigantine Room, Harbourfront the Canadian Premiere of the Italian Quartet Free admission Comprised of three principal players of Florence’s Orchestra del Maggio Musicale, a leading Italian symphony and opera orchestra, Klezmerata Fiorentina was formed in May of 2005 with the purpose of developing a concert version of traditional Ukrainian-Jewish instrumental music, the family heritage of the group’s founder, Igor Polesitsky. The resulting style could be described as improvised Klezmer chamber music, which imbues the unique instrumental language, dance rhythms and authentic melodies of the historical klezmorim with classical music’s complexity of expression, elasticity of tempo and wide dynamic range. Featuring Igor Polesitsky (violin), Francesco Furlanich (accordion), and Riccardo Donati (bass).

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The state of play in the Copenhagen

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 19 dicembre 2009

World leaders are meeting on this morning to hammer out a declaration in the dying hours of the Copenhagen climate conference. On the table at the moment is a figure on the need for long-term funding for climate action in developing countries, but no clarity on who will provide the money and where it would come from. Leaders have also apparently agreed on short-term (fast-track) finance for the developing world. But heads of state and government have so far failed to agree on the crucial issues of emission reduction targets and how to verify these cuts. Greenpeace International head of climate policy Martin Kaiser said: “Failure is staring us in the face in Copenhagen. Further empty promises from world leaders could make negotiations spiral towards a major fiasco. As world leaders get together this morning, it is obvious that the job is far from done, the climate is far from being saved. Negotiators have only repeated good intentions, but are not giving themselves the tools to keep their promises.”

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President’s call with President Mills of Ghana

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 11 aprile 2009

President Obama congratulated President Mills on his inauguration and noted that Ghana’s election demonstrated the Ghanaian people’s commitment to democratic governance.  President Obama emphasized the importance of Ghana’s democratic leadership in Africa, particularly in light of the troubling coups in Mauritania, Guinea, and Madagascar.  The two leaders also discussed the importance of combating the growing narcotics trade which threatens stability throughout West Africa.  The President said that he is looking forward to further developing the strong U.S.-Ghana partnership.

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