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Social change organization Stand Together is calling on Americans to “Donate the Difference”

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 25 novembre 2018

Of their holiday savings toward organizations that are working to help break the cycle of poverty in their communities. Through its Make It Count campaign, Stand Together will match all donations toward any of the 100+ organizations in its national network, doubling dollars and expanding impact. The campaign spotlights and benefits more than 50 funding opportunities for social entrepreneurs across the country that Stand Together has recognized for demonstrating their ability to solve the nation’s toughest problems and help people improve their lives.“Through the Make It Count initiative, people have the opportunity to learn about and donate to some of the most effective and creative community-based organizations across the country,” said Evan Feinberg, executive director, Stand Together. “We’re on a mission to break the cycle of poverty by supporting and building a network of the most innovative and effective nonprofits committed to building strong and safe communities. We hope people will consider supporting these organizations that are doing real, meaningful work so that we can match and double the difference.”In the network is Cafe Momentum, a Dallas-based, restaurant and culinary training facility transforming the lives of young people who have spent time in juvenile facilities. Chad Houser, founder and CEO of Café Momentum, leads an operation to provide the kids a positive environment, paid internship that involves intensive culinary, job and life-skill training, as well as continued mentorship and support.“Everything we do in this restaurant is designed to build momentum so that when these kids leave they are on a trajectory to meet their full potential. We believe in them and we want to empower them to define themselves and their future,” Houser said. “This is our way of trying to fix the problems with the criminal justice system. While about half of the kids released from juvenile facilities in Texas end up back there within a year, 85 percent of our kids never go back.”Americans are expected to spend more than $7 billion this Black Friday. On Cyber Monday, Stand Together will call on online shoppers to also donate a portion of their purchase savings. In 2017, online transactions in the U.S. reached a record $6.59 billion on Cyber Monday. That same year, on Giving Tuesday, initiatives raised more than $274 million from more than 2.5 million contributions.

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The European dream is not working because individual EU governments are not fully committed to integration and populations are wedded to parochial perspectives

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 ottobre 2014

BruxellesIf there is going to be sustained economic growth in continental Europe over the next few years it is going to have to happen between 9am and 5am on weekdays and never at lunch time. Most workplaces are dead at weekends and in countries such as France, Italy. Although border posts have gone, populations cling to their cultures and linguistic differences. Travel through the narrow tunnel linking France and Spain in the mid- Pyrenees and it will not only be better weather on the other side, but in the border town of Bielsa it will be difficult to find someone who admits to speaking French. On both sides of the border there is a refusal to post town names in the other country and even satnavs decline to recognize destinations until the border is reached.“After more than half a century the EU remains a fragmented mix of national and local interests all in rivalry with each other” observes Robin Chater, Secretary-General of The Federation of European Employers. “Officials in Brussels can dream of integration, but in reality the members of the EU club are only cooperating to the extent that it suits them.”The absence of true integration is everywhere to be seen. It has taken years for national air traffic control authorities to accept the principle of “a single European sky”. In 18 countries the authorities persist in taking only direct responsibility for their own air space. Meanwhile both Austria and Poland continue to refuse to apply the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive by ensuring that minimum energy performance requirements are set for all buildings. The European Commission has had numerous meetings with the Finnish government in order to persuade them to set up a race equality organisation in line with the race equality Directive that was passed 14 years ago – yet the government continues to ignore their obligations.
In July, the European Commission took 419 decisions concerning actual and potential infringements and made 14 referrals to the European Court of Justice. According to Robin Chater, “this is hardly a sign of a fully functioning European Community. True integration would give a tremendous boost to business and vastly improve living standards for everyone – but national governments are all too prepared to drag their feet if it suits their petty concerns.”Meanwhile China — the most rapidly growing economy in the world, with its vast and truly integrated economy — can take advantage of political divisions, over-regulated labour markets and linguistic divides across Europe to build a dominant position. It will become the biggest economy in the world by 2019 and have achieved this largely through a combination of inward investment and companies exploiting its huge domestic economy. For Robin Chater the writing is already on the wall. “In the next phase of growth large Chinese companies will establish themselves as multinational entities, dictate both the terms of business and language that we shall all have to learn and, within a very brief period of time, no western market or brand will be safe from strenuous competition from organisations that today are barely known outside the Chinese marketplace.”He warns that “the continued fragmentation of Europe — arising largely from the existence of national boundaries and refusal to accept a common lingua franca — will leave its markets exposed to challenges from outside. The world is about to witness a huge change in political, cultural and economic orientation – whilst the governments of tiny entities in Europe refuse to recognise the bigger picture and people everywhere in the EU continue to think largely in parochial ways.”

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Fashion and utility retailers join forces to debate sustainable shopping

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 aprile 2014

fashion2•First meeting of fashion and utility retailers to debate how to encourage customers to shop in a sustainable way
•Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton cited as a role model for re-wearing outfits
•Event spearheaded by University of Sheffield psychologists and management experts with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of FashionFashion and utility retailers will meet for the first time today (Friday 25 April 2014) as part of a unique collaboration to debate how best to encourage customers to shop in a sustainable way.The discussion at Westfield Shopping Centre, London, builds upon a growing recognition and requirement within both retail sectors of the need to encourage more conscientious consumption of their products in order to reduce the environmental impact of their activities.While utility companies are governed by legislation that requires they encourage people to use less energy and water, the fashion industry currently has no set regulations.However, fashion retailers are increasingly aware of the need to reduce their environmental impact and are keen to work with experienced retailers from other sectors to identify the best means of promoting more conscientious consumption of clothing while staying in business.The unlikely coupling of retail sectors has been spearheaded by psychologists and management experts at the University of Sheffield and fashion experts at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion in a multidisciplinary, knowledge exchange project called TRANSFER, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).Dr Natalie McCreesh, TRANSFER Research Associate at the University of Sheffield, said the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was a “great role model” for dressing and shopping in a more sustainable way.“She often re-wears the same items and shows how you can make the same dress look like a new outfit just by changing accessories. She even borrows clothes from her mum and sister, buys from outlet stores and consignment shops”All these things might not immediately seem environmentally friendly but they add up to make a huge difference. It’s about looking after what you already have and getting more use of what you do buy,” she added.The academic team is confident that TRANSFER can make a positive impact on sustainability in both the fashion and utility retail sectors and will extend their findings to consult members of the public later in the year.Dr Christopher Jones, TRANSFER lead investigator at the University of Sheffield, added: “We have brought together a diverse group of retailers to the table at today’s event. However, this diversity masks a number of common challenges and opportunities for those involved.“We hope the TRANSFER project will help to ensure that UK Plc develops in a more economically, environmentally and socially sustainable way.”Confirmed partners include ASOS, DED Associates, E.ON UK, Ecotricity, LUSH Cosmetics, Marks and Spencer, Meadowhall Sheffield, MK Things Happen PR, National Grid Plc, Neals Yard Remedies, Retail Centric, Reve en Vert, ReWardrobe, Susie Stone Ltd, Thames Water, UK Data Service, United Utilities, Westfield London and WRAP, as well as Sunday Times journalist Jessica Brinton and journalist and ethical consultant Marion Hume.

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The Difference

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 31 gennaio 2010

Bologna fino al 27/2/2010 Via della Liberazione 15, Officine Minganti Un progetto espositivo site specific dedicato agli artisti emergenti della galleria A cura di Piero Deggiovanni  Il tema della differenza, posto al centro dell’intero progetto, e le problematiche e considerazioni che da esso scaturiscono, il diverso modo di concepire e affrontare le diversità, la libera interpretazione di cio’ che per ciascuno di noi rappresenta tale concetto, e’ un argomento di particolare interesse soprattutto oggi, in una società che tende sempre piu’ – soprattutto attraverso i mass media – a stereotipare pensieri e persone, proponendo modelli che si conformano e uniformano sempre piu’, sfociando, talvolta, in comportamenti di massa che annullano le diversità negandone la forza positiva e costruttiva in esse intrinseca. Nucleo centrale da cui si e’ sviluppato l’intero progetto e’ il video A Hole Can Make A Difference di Roberta Rose Cavallari e Caterina Curzola. Il video rappresenta la progressiva liberazione di una donna dalle costrizioni che ne limitano l’azione e reprimono la soggettività, simbolicamente rappresentate dal un velo che ne copre il volto. La lacerazione che la performer produce, tagliando il velo all’altezza della bocca, e’ la rappresentazione ideale di un nuovo inizio, il respirare per la prima volta o, forse, nuovamente, in modo autonomo, l’uscire dalle convenzioni e costrizioni, e il distinguersi, in una consapevole affermazione della propria individualità e quindi differenza. Entrambe le artiste propongono, inoltre, lavori realizzati separatamente, Roberta Rose Cavallari presenta una serie di disegni di grandi dimensioni, riprendendo i contenuti presenti nel video A Hole Can Make A Difference e riaffermandone nuovamente, ma attraverso una espressione artistica diversa – la pittura appunto – l’esigenza di rivendicare la differenza per affermare una soggettività libera di esistere.  Francesco Di Tillo, altro giovane artista presente in mostra, propone invece Aria Fresca, una installazione sonora che diffonde nello spazio del Centro Commerciale Officine Minganti, il suono del vento in loop, creando nel pubblico una sorta di separazione psicologica fra l’ambiente circostante e il suono primordiale e naturale del vento.  Stefano Guerrini, diversamente, parte dalla parola hole (buco) e compie un percorso che lo conduce direttamente e idealmente ad una località geografica amena – la cittadina di Hole, in Norvegia. Cosi’ come rileva il curatore Piero Deggiovanni, questa comunità diventa per l’artista il luogo in cui fondare una nuova e differente spiritualità laico-religiosa rappresentata metaforicamente dalla rielaborazione di una locale favola popolare inscenata in una finzione video.  Il lavoro che, infine, Silvia Venturi, presenta al pubblico e’ una protuberanza di grandi dimensioni, una forma biomorfa che rappresenta un contenitore uterino, origine di nuova umanità. La sua opera esprime una ricerca che trae origine dalle profondità insite in ciascun essere umano, ricerca che si lega al lavoro degli altri artisti presenti in mostra attraverso la rappresentazione scenica di qualcosa di nascosto, morboso, interno. Catalogo: Christian Maretti editore (Immagine: Roberta Rose Cavallari, Caterina Curzola)

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