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From rapporteur to coordinator: the different roles taken on by MEPs

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 29 agosto 2015

Attribution - Non Commericial - No Derivs Creative Commons © European Union 2014 - European Parliament ---------------------------------------- Pietro Naj-Oleari: European Parliament, Information General Directoratem, Web Communication Unit, Picture Editor. Phone: +32479721559/+32.2.28 40 633 E-mail:

Attribution – Non Commericial – No Derivs Creative Commons
© European Union 2014 – European Parliament
Pietro Naj-Oleari:
European Parliament,
Information General Directoratem,
Web Communication Unit,
Picture Editor.
Phone: +32479721559/+32.2.28 40 633

Being an MEP involves more than just debating and voting on legislative proposals. They can be tasked with drawing up a report to represent the Parliament’s position on a legislative proposal or any other matter. They can also act as group coordinators in a committee, follow the progress of a legislative report or be in charge of preparing an opinion on a proposal. Read on to find out more about the different responsibilities MEPs are able to take on in the European Parliament. Whenever a new legislative proposal arrives, a committee that deals with the issue involved is charged with drawing up a recommendation for all MEPs to vote on. For example, if it is something to do with the transport of livestock, then the agriculture committee would deal with it, whereas if it is about a trade treaty with Canada, it would go to the international trade committee. The committee appoints a MEP to prepare the report. This person, known as the rapporteur, often consults with the political groups and with experts, sometimes during specially organised hearings. Based on the information received, he or she drafts a text, including amendments, which the committee then votes on. All MEPs then vote on the report during a plenary session. To follow the progress of a report, political groups have the option of appointing shadow rapporteurs. They represent the views of their political group on the subject and play an important role by facilitating the search for a compromise on the legislative proposal in talks with the other political groups. Political groups can also appoint someone as coordinator in every committee to act as the group’s main spokesperson in that committee and together with the other coordinators prepare decisions to be taken by the committee, especially on the procedure and the appointment of rapporteurs. They can also mobilise group members during important votes and can appoint shadow rapporteurs. (photo: MEPs)

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“Gesture and word analysis: the same or different processes?”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 27 giugno 2015

parma universitàImportante “palcoscenico” per uno studio firmato dal Dipartimento di Neuroscienze dell’Università di Parma. Il prof. Maurizio Gentilucci, docente di Fisiologia, e le sue collaboratrici Elisa De Stefani e Doriana De Marco hanno pubblicato sulla rivista internazionale “NeuroImage” l’articolo “Gesture and word analysis: the same or different processes?”, nel quale si studia l’integrazione del linguaggio gestuale con il linguaggio verbale utilizzando tecniche comportamentali e neurofisiologiche.
Gli autori riportano che, se il significato di un gesto è congruente col significato di una parola (per esempio: gesto “pollice su” e parola “bene”) a 250ms (millisecondi) dalla presentazione di un gesto, la parola è integrata col gesto. Ne risulta un’amplificazione dei parametri cinematici del movimento delle labbra e dei parametri vocali della parola, e conseguentemente un rafforzamento del significato della parola. Inoltre, usando tecniche neurofisiologiche di stimolazione magnetica transcranica applicata alla corteccia motoria, gli autori hanno mostrato che, a 100 ms dalla sua presentazione, il gesto viene automaticamente simulato verosimilmente per comprenderne il significato. Di conseguenza, il significato del gesto incomincerebbe a essere compreso a 100ms dalla sua presentazione e sarebbe poi integrato con la parola a 250ms. Questo studio supporta l’ipotesi secondo la quale il linguaggio parlato deriverebbe da un sistema di comunicazione gestuale (pubblicazioni di Gentilucci e Corballis del 2006). E ciò potrebbe avere significative ricadute: un avanzamento delle conoscenze dei rapporti tra i circuiti legati al controllo dei gesti e delle parole potrebbe ad esempio trovare un’applicazione anche nella riabilitazione delle afasie.

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Isabelle PARTHONNAUD has joined Korian as Group Human Resources Director

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 29 Maggio 2015

isabelleAs part of Korian’s executive management team, Isabelle PARTHONNAUD will be responsible for defining the Group’s global HR strategy and ensuring its roll out in the different countries where the group is based.
Her role will also consist in coordinating and developing HR cross-borders programs. Therefore, she will work in coordination with the Human Resources Director of each country.
She will be a member of the Group’s Executive Committee.
With a postgraduate degree in Human Resources Management from IGS (Institute for Social Management), Isabelle PARTHONNAUD

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Food and culture

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 ottobre 2010

Toronto  Tuesday, October 26, 2010 – 6:30 pm Istituto Italiano di Cultura – 496, Huron St.,  Free admission. Proceedings will be in English  Gastronomy in Friuli – Venice Jiulia is the result of the combination of three great cooking  traditions – the middle-European, the Venetian and the Slavic one – accompanied by a  strong and tasty folk cuisine. Prof. Trevisan will offer a panorama of the different cultural,  historical and geographical, components of a cuisine that relies on a rich agriculture,  traditional animal farming and lively fishing industry. Of course she won’t forget to give a  brief presentation of the typical red and white wines of the region.

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Philippe Pasqua: new space

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 settembre 2010

Paris. Will open its doors on 30 September 2010 at 7:30 PM. Shuttles from Porte Maillot between 7 and 20 PM. in the Paris Region, Philippe Pasqua. Will inaugurate a new space devoted to collective, innovative artistic experimentation as well as his own work. Situated in the nearby Paris suburbs, The Storage promises to be a place open to different audiences devoted to contemporary creation in all its forms: contemporary art, design, new technologies (sound and image), photography, architecture, etc.
Philippe Pasqua has been painting bodies and faces in a nearly compulsive manner for more than twenty years. Those who, like Pierre Restany, knew him in the early days were immediately struck by the physical and emotional power emanating from his canvasses. When this work is examined with a retrospective eye, one cannot help being struck by the inescapable nature and coherence of the path that brought him to his most recent works, to be shown at this exhibition.
Philippe Pasqua was born in 1965 in Grasse. He lives and works in Paris. A painter and sculptor since the 1990s, he is now considered one of the most influential artists of his generation, and numerous authors, including Pierre Restany and Michel Waldberg, among others, have written important essays and publications about him. His works are featured in prestigious French and international collections and are regularly present in major public contemporary art auctions. Philippe Pasqua is regularly on exhibit in France and abroad through the workings of public and private cultural institutions. Two of his monumental sculptures were recently shown in Paris on the Champs-Élysées and in Venice during the last Contemporary Art Biennial.

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Summit with Four Haitian Mayors

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 febbraio 2010

Geneva/Rotterdam, Four metropolitan mayors from the areas affected by the 12 January earthquake in Haiti today confirmed they will attend the 7th edition of the World Alliance of Cities Against Poverty (WACAP), organized by the United Nations Development Programme and the city of Rotterdam. The mayors, representing Port-au-Prince, Tabarre, Carrefour and Croix-des-Bouquets, will share their experiences, successes, lessons learned and future plans in addressing poverty and reconstruction challenges.  The costs for their travel are being covered by the City of Rotterdam.This conference, focusing on “Confronting the Crisis Collectively,” will bring hundreds of mayors from around the world to discuss, debate and deliberate strategies to strengthen solutions to global challenges at local and regional levels. WACAP 2010, which takes place from 24-26 February, will call upon local and regional authorities to work together with governments, international organizations, civil society, non-governmental organizations and the private sector in order to take concrete measures to combat poverty. Kim Bolduc, Deputy Head of the UN Mission and the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in Haiti, agrees. “Given the magnitude of the challenges the mayors are facing here in both the emergency and in reconstruction,” she said, “this is a great opportunity for them to connect with colleagues from around the world, and to establish alliances and partnerships. It is absolutely fundamental that the local authorities be supported in building and expanding an international network of solidarity to strengthen their capacity to accomplish their objectives.” Muscadin Jean Yves Jason, mayor of Port-au-Prince, said he hopes the conference will enable him and his colleagues to exchange best practices in human, material and financial resources and to learn more about experiences and projects in different countries that could be replicated during the reconstruction of their municipalities in Haiti. “We’re looking forward to working with other mayors, to exchange experiences and establish partnerships that can be used in this post-disaster situation in Haiti,” he said. “Working together, I know that Haiti will rise like a Phoenix from this current crisis.”

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BroadVision’s Kona(tm) 8.2 platform

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 30 luglio 2009

Redwood City, Calif., BroadVision’s Kona(tm) 8.2 platform contains new features that facilitate and promote code reuse for easier and quicker e-business optimization. Instead of creating functionality or process code in two different web application packs, BroadVision allows the creation of common functionality in one shared pack and then the ability to reuse it in the two different applications by creating a dependency to the shared pack. This reduces QA cycles within a project and supports customers’ needs for faster time to market.  BroadVision 8.2 includes an enhanced administrative support for multiple currencies that allows the site administrator to specify a currency and the conversion rate. When a purchaser places an order, the purchaser can choose among the currencies and the order price will be adjusted based on the currency the or she chooses.
About BroadVision  Driving innovation since 1993, BroadVision is a global provider of strategic e-business solutions. Our modular applications and agile toolsets, built on a robust framework for personalization and self-service, power mission-critical web initiatives that deliver unparalleled value to diverse customers worldwide. Hundreds of organizations, serving over 50 million registered users — including, Baker Hughes, BlueCross/BlueShield, Canon, EFG Bank, Epson America, Fiat, Hilti, Honeywell, Iberia, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Oreck Corporation, PETCO, Sony, and Verifone — rely on BroadVision as their platform of choice for e-business.

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Travesties and Masquerades

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 1 luglio 2009

cindy shermanNew York until 11/7/2009495 Broadway Swiss Institute Eleanor Antin, Joan Jonas, Manon, Ursula Mayer, Cindy Sherman, Hannah Wilke Curated by Gianni Jetzer Eleanor Antin, Joan Jonas, Manon, Ursula Mayer, Cindy Sherman, Hannah Wilke A large number of feminist artists from the early 1970’s adopted aspects of self performance and masquerade to unhinge the alignment of certain codes of objectification with the female body, as Amelia Jones remarks in her essay Manon and Masquerade – Gender as Counter- Transference. In conjunction with Manon’s first show in the U.S., five films from female artists are added as an additional layer to her exhibition, bringing artists together from different generations and backgrounds, grouped around the idea of the masquerade.
In her filmic performance The King (1972), Eleanor Antin applies hair to her face. She moves through a variety of bearded faces seeking the identity most appropriate to her facial structure and satisfying to her aspirations. Antin transforms herself into a man and adopts one of her recurring performance personae, “The King.” Based on the 1972 performance of the same name, Organic Honey’s Visual Telepathy, a film by Joan Jonas, is an enigmatic ritual of identity. In this performance, Jonas plays both herself and her masked double Organic Honey. This alter ego, whose guise is a frozen doll’s face adorned in feathered headdress and costumes, embodies artifice, masquerade and narcissism. The film examines female gestures and archetypes, both personal and cultural. In using disguise and masquerade to examine the self, the film of Jonas inquires into the subjectivity and objectivity of personal identity. (Image: Cindy Sherman)

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