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An American World Series ‘Campionessa’ and a Winning Run

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 14 settembre 2015

polignano2Hunt and Simpson win Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series stop in Polignano a Mare, Italy, on September 13, 2015. The 31-year-old Englishman pulled off five 10s in three rounds of competition and finished with a running take-off and a personal best of 548.20 points, making it six out of seven victories this season. On his heels in the penultimate stop as well as in the overall standings is Colombia’s Orlando Duque in second, closely followed by Jonathan Paredes from Mexico only 2.45 points behind. In the 2015 Women’s World Series American Rachelle Simpson defended her overall title by taking her second victory in three competitions in front of an enthusiastic crowd of 55,000 Italian cliff diving aficionados. With an immaculate display of dives, Gary Hunt, the season’s dominating athlete, scored highest in each of the day’s three rounds and bettered his own point record by 14.30 points to hit an all-time high score of 548.20 points. Literally skipping to first place, the ‘brilliant Brit’ settled old scores with the venue in Italy’s south by successfully performing a running take-off – a technique that only he has ever attempted. The World Series’ most experienced athlete – 41-year-old Orlando Duque (480.20pts.) – secured this year’s fifth podium finish on second to keep his closest competitor in check. Mexico’s style master Jonathan Paredes (477.85pts.) defied the odds of the final round’s lowest degree of difficulty by completing the podium in Italy. Over in the women’s World Series, all questions were answered in today’s final when America’s Rachelle Simpson (241.60pts.) secured her second season victory ahead of fellow American Ginger Leigh Huber (231.40pts.) and Yana Nestsiarava (209.50pts.) from Belarus to retain the overall title. USA women – Simpson, Leigh Huber and wildcard polignano1Cesilie Carlton, occupy the final podium in the 2015 Red Bull Cliff Diving Women’s World Series. While the women closed their season in Europe’s mecca of cliff diving this weekend, the male cliff diving elite travels to Spain’s Bilbao, where the fight in the overall rankings gets tighter as only the season’s best six athletes will be granted a permanent spot in a 2016 Series. Behind the leading trio of Hunt, Duque and Paredes, five athletes are battling it out, with Andy Jones (530pts.) sitting in the longed for sixth spot. Can Russia’s Artem Silchenko (410pts.), the leader after the seeding round, or Czech’s Michal Navratil (400pts.) push the American off his position in the final stop of the 2015 season? All will be revealed in Bilbao with the coronation of the season’s best athletes during the World Series’ 50th stop in two weeks’ time.
Gravity-defying freefall punctuated by awe-inducing tricks – that is cliff diving. The sport’s best athletes leap aesthetically from almost three times the Olympic height with no protection at all, except their concentration, skill and physical control. In less than three seconds, gravity propels the divers’ bodies as they fall the equivalent of eight stories, reaching speeds in excess of 85kph.
Since 2009, the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series has provided a platform for breathtaking action and dives of incredible complexity, spotlighting the sport’s top athletes as well as young talent and in 2014 it introduced a Women’s World Series. In its seventh season, this rapidly-evolving sport will crown new champions during eight demanding competitions for the men and three stops for the women. Between April and September, this pure extreme sport will touch waters in natural and urban surroundings as well as remote and iconic venues across South America, the US and Europe and top it all with the season finale and the 50th World Series competition. LifeProof® is the official World Series partner to protect competitors’ smartphones to ensure they can focus on competing, safe in the knowledge that their device is protected from dirt, dust, rocks and crucially, water! (Photos polignano)

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The “stupidity pact” is not stable

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 maggio 2014

romano prodiThe positions recently adopted by the French and Italian authorities concerning the 3% of public deficit threshold have imparted a fresh boost to the recurring debate on the Stability and Growth Pact, which former Commission President Romano Prodi once called a “stupid” pact. As the member states present their stability or convergence programmes to the European authorities and with the up-coming European elections of May 2014, it is more important than ever to clarify the terms of this debate. It is the purpose of Yves Bertoncini and Sofia Fernandes analysis, based on three complementary statements :
1. The Stability and Growth Pact is not a dogma carved in stone
2. The Stability Pact is a pact resting on political trust among the member states
3. The debate on the Stability Pact is also economic in nature
If the Stability Pact is not completely stable, it is not completely stupid either. Let those countries in difficulty set their economies back on track, let them make choices designed to bring down unemployment and to boost growth – the rest “will be added to them”.

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Background on Housing Refinance Roundtable

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 aprile 2009

President Obama will host a roundtable discussion this morning in the Roosevelt Room about the impact of historically low interest rates.  Attending the meeting will be a handful of households who have re-financed their homes and benefited from lower mortgage payments, as well as members of President Obama’s economic team. Our Financial Stability Plan will address the key problems at the heart of the current crisis and get our economy back on track.  A critical piece of that effort is Making Home Affordable, a plan to stabilize our housing market and help up to 7 to 9 million Americans reduce their monthly mortgage payments through modifications or refinancing to more affordable levels.As more and more American homeowners face difficulty making their mortgage payments, we are doing everything we can to help them lower their payments to affordable levels.  In many cases, falling home prices and disruptions in credit markets have limited borrowers’ ability to refinance, through no fault of their own. Our new Making Home Affordable refinance program targets those borrowers directly by giving borrowers with mortgages through Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac the opportunity to refinance even if their home has lost value. More broadly, together with the Federal Reserve’s actions, our policies have helped to bring down mortgage rates to historic lows, giving millions of Americans the ability to refinance. A typical homeowner can now refinance and save around $2,000 a year.

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