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From the seas of New Zealand an important discovery on the relationship between clayey materials and earthquakes

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 5 Maggio 2021

The clayey materials of the faults present in the subduction areas, that is, where a tectonic plate slides under another plate, retain a “water buffer” inside them. This means that they favor earthquakes potentially capable of causing tsunamis. This is the result of the study “Fluid pressurization and earthquake propagation in the Hikurangi subduction zone” conducted thanks to the collaboration between the Italian Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia, the Universities of Pisa and Padua, and the University College London, on some samples from the Hikurangi area in New Zealand. The work was published in Nature Communications. “In subduction zones”, explains Stefano Aretusini, researcher at INGV and first author of the study, “the seismic sliding that occurs at shallow crustal depths can lead to the generation of tsunamis and earthquakes. Due to the experimental difficulties in deforming the materials present in these areas, the physical processes that reduce the resistance of the thrust to which the fault is subjected are poorly understood. Analyzing in the laboratory the behavior of the samples taken in the Hikurangi subduction zone”, continues the researcher, “we discovered that the clays present tend to have a low resistance to seismic movement due to the pressurized water they retain inside”.To study the behavior of these clays coming from the fault, the researchers conducted experiments on the samples collected during the international drilling mission “Integrated Ocean Drilling Program 375” carried out in 2018 off the North Island of New Zealand, attended by Professor Francesca Meneghini of the University of Pisa, second author of the published work.In detail the samples of the rocks present inside the fault have been pulverized. The powders have been tested in the High Pressure and High Temperature (HP-HT) Laboratory of the INGV through a sophisticated apparatus, SHIVA (Slow to High Velocity Apparatus), funded by the European Research Council on a project by Giulio Di Toro, from University of Padua and co-author of this study, and reproduces the “engine” of earthquakes (the fault) allowing to observe what happens to the interior of the earth’s crust, with the deformations that the rock undergoes under high pressures.Inside SHIVA, the powders have been analyzed using a new method to retain the water inside them while they are deformed at the typical speeds of earthquakes”. Through the control tests conducted on a material whose characteristics are known, a Carrara marble powder, the researchers came to the conclusion that these clays favor the seismic slip of the fault precisely because of their ability to retain water, a characteristic that makes them ‘weak’.

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Everspin to Participate at the Benchmark Discovery Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 23 novembre 2019

Everspin Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: MRAM), the market leader in MRAM, today announced Jeff Winzeler, Chief Financial Officer, will participate at the Benchmark Discovery One-on-One Conference to be held at the New York Athletic Club in New York City. Mr. Winzeler will be available to meet with investors throughout the day on Wednesday, December 4, 2019.
Headquartered in Chandler, Arizona, Everspin Technologies, Inc. is the worldwide leader in the design, volume production and distribution of Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) into markets and applications where data persistence, performance, and endurance are paramount. Serving applications across the data center, industrial, and transportation markets, Everspin has built the strongest and fastest-growing foundation of MRAM users in the world. For more information, visit

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Twist Biopharma Implements Genedata Biologics to Advance Synthetic Biology-driven Antibody Discovery

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 11 novembre 2019

Genedata, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for biopharmaceutical R&D, today announced that Twist Biopharma, a division of Twist Bioscience (NASDAQ: TWST), has adopted Genedata Biologics® to support their R&D innovation for biologics drug discovery services. In addition, Twist will use the Genedata platform to enable research in their development of highly sensitive diagnostics and reagents antibodies.Genedata Biologics will be used to enable high-throughput, high-quality biophysical characterization of high-affinity, functional fully human IgG and single domain antibodies, with a focus on difficult target classes, such as GPCRs. Genedata Biologics will be fully integrated with Twist’s proprietary technology platform for lead identification and optimization, including Twist proprietary human antibody phage display libraries, Twist Antibody Optimization (TAO) platform for affinity/developability maturation, affinity binding assays, analytical/developability assessment, receptor-ligand assays, in vitro functional assays and CHO stable pool generation to enable predevelopment activities.For more than 20 years, Genedata has been leading the digitalization of R&D and is the predominant platform used by global biopharma giants such as Pfizer, Janssen, Sanofi, GSK, and Merck, as well as innovative biotechs, such as Genmab, Morphosys, and Kymab. Users of Genedata Biologics report up to 50% gains in efficiency and throughput as well as improved quality of results. This is accomplished by tracking and managing all molecules, samples, and testing data in one shared system and streamlining and automating the underlying laboratory logistic processes.

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Drug Discovery Collaboration for Multiple Therapeutic Areas

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 settembre 2019

Hansoh Pharmaceutical Group Company Limited (“Hansoh Pharma”), a leading biopharmaceutical company in China, and Atomwise, Inc. (“Atomwise”), the leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for drug discovery, have announced a collaboration to design and discover potential drug candidates for up to eleven undisclosed target proteins in multiple therapeutic areas. Scientific teams from Atomwise and Hansoh Pharma will work closely together on the programs. The combination of complementary expertise and technologies has the potential to dramatically increase success and compress timelines for drug discovery and clinical development.
Atomwise’s world-class AI platform for structure-based drug design will direct hit discovery, hit-to-lead selection, and lead optimization efforts. Hansoh Pharma will contribute its capabilities in biological assays and medicinal chemistry, as well as lead subsequent preclinical and clinical development activities.Under the terms of the collaboration, Atomwise will receive undisclosed technology access fees, option exercise fees, royalties, and income based on sublicensing or sale of assets created under the collaboration. Based on historical average revenues for small molecule drugs, the total potential value of the deal to Atomwise with success in all projects could be in excess of blockbuster potential. Hansoh Pharma will receive rights for development and commercialization in all fields and geographies.

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TimeXtender Announces Several New Features in Discovery Hub

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 15 luglio 2019

TimeXtender, a recognized global software company enabling instant access to any type of data in an organization to support advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI), today announced that several new features have been designed in its Discovery Hub® data management platform.TimeXtender has redesigned the user interface that now includes flexible tabs, making it even easier to build a modern data estate. A new solution explorer provides a more complete view of the overall data estate defined in Discovery Hub.This upgrade is also significant since Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 now fully supports data storage. Using Discovery Hub, customers can now prepare for big data analytics, while also providing file system semantics, and directory and file level security.In addition, Discovery Hub now uses Azure Databricks to manage incremental loading to Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, as well as transferring data from a Discovery Hub Operational Data Exchange (ODX) to a Modern Data Warehouse (MDW).TimeXtender is exhibiting at the Microsoft Inspire event in Las Vegas from July 14-19. Attendees can stop by the TimeXtender booth, #2310, to see a live demo of this new release of Discovery Hub. Company executives will also be available to meet with existing and potential partners during the event.In addition, this Discovery Hub announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recent announcement that it was named a Finalist in the 2019 Microsoft Data Estate Modernization Partner of the Year Award.

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TiVo Deploys Personalized Content Discovery Platform in Sweden

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 15 settembre 2018

TiVo Corporation (NASDAQ: TIVO), a global leader in entertainment technology and audience insights, today announced that Com Hem Group has selected TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Platform to deliver engaging, personalized content experiences to its subscribers. Com Hem offers broadband, TV, play and telephony services to 1.45 million customers in Sweden, with its digital network covering more than half of the country’s households.Com Hem has deployed TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Platform on its TV and mobile platforms, including both Android and Apple iOS. With the fully-integrated Personalized Content Discovery Platform, Com Hem is making it easy for subscribers to connect with their entertainment by simply searching “what’s on TV” and receiving tailored search results.TiVo’s Personalized Content Discovery Platform consists of personalized search and recommendations and analytics capabilities. The platform’s search capability spans across available content catalogs, including linear TV, video-on-demand (VOD) or over-the-top (OTT) programming. As a result, the platform is capable of recognizing users’ subscriptions and can return only what is available to a specific user within that user’s programming packages.
The platform’s fully integrated backend business console provides operators with the ability to manage and tune search results, easily improving the user experience and generating more engagement from viewer searches. Operators can use rules to drive internal business objectives, such as boosting more VOD titles in searches to promote broader category awareness. Operators may also benefit from a decreased cost in ownership since they can quickly make real-time changes minimising extra support from engineering teams.Additionally, TiVo Insight allows Com Hem to optimize content discovery, target promotions and monitor audience engagement through the analysis of actual viewer behavior. Insight makes it easy to examine discovery use cases and extract key performance indicators (KPIs) for ongoing optimization. Essential to data-driven decision-making process, Insight will help Com Hem maximize the value of the Personalized Content Discovery Platform.

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GeoPark Announces New Jauke Gas Field Discovery in Chile

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 agosto 2018

GeoPark Limited (“GeoPark” or the “Company”) (NYSE: “GPRK”), a leading independent Latin American oil and gas explorer, operator and consolidator with operations and growth platforms in Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, today announced the successful drilling and testing of the Jauke 1 exploration well in the Fell block (GeoPark operated, 100% WI) in Chile.
GeoPark drilled and completed the Jauke 1 exploration well to a total depth of 9,592 feet. A production test through different chokes in the Springhill formation resulted in an average production rate of 5.8 million standard cubic feet per day of gas (or 970 boepd) with a wellhead pressure of 2,738 pounds per square inch. Additional production history is required to determine stabilized flow rates of the well and the extent of the reservoir. Surface facilities are in place, the well is in production, and the gas is being sold to Methanex through a long term gas contract. Drilling and completion costs are estimated at $3.4 million, and at current gas prices and testing rates, this well is expected to have a payback period of 6-7 months.The Jauke gas field is part of the large Dicky geological structure in the Fell block – and has the potential for multiple development drilling opportunities. Petrophysical analysis also indicates hydrocarbon potential in the shallower El Salto formation which will be tested in the future.The Jauke exploration effort is part of GeoPark’s 2018 overall 40-45 well drilling program in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile – with five drilling rigs currently in operation.James F. Park, Chief Executive Officer of GeoPark said: “This discovery illustrates the hydrocarbon-generating capacity of GeoPark’s unique Latin American multi-country platform. In addition to the new gas production, revenues, reserves, and upside this new field will contribute to our bottom-line, we are pleased to congratulate our younger generation geoscience team for this new success – further demonstrating the depth and range of the long term oil-finding capacity being continuously developed within GeoPark.”

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Agilent Thought Leader Award Presented to Renowned Drug Discovery Researcher Professor Jiandong Jiang

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 14 novembre 2017

pechinoPechino. Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A) today announced that Professor Jiandong Jiang has received an Agilent Thought Leader Award in support of his studies on cancer stem cells differentiation induced by natural products.“Cancer is a chronic disease generated by multiple factors. Our research is focused on the treatment of cancers with new concepts or principles, using cutting-edge techniques,” said Professor Jiang.Professor Jiang is director of the Institute of Materia Medica (IMM), Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) in Beijing, China. He is also the vice-chairman of the China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association (PhIRDA). Professor Jiang’s research focuses on antimicrobial drugs, including viruses and bacteria, anticancer drugs, and the development of treatments for metabolic syndrome. The Agilent Thought Leader Award will enable Professor Jiang’s team to implement metabolite flux analyses, metabolism analyses, and integrated biology approaches to characterize the anti-tumor activity of natural products. In addition to Agilent mass spectrometry solutions, Professor Jiang’s lab will also make extensive use of Agilent Seahorse XF technology, and Agilent MassHunter and VistaFlux software. The project will also include a collaboration with Professor Wenbin Li from the Beijing Shijitan Hospital, Capital Medical University to perform clinical related research.“Agilent is proud to continue its support of cancer research with the use of our mass spectrometry systems, bioinformatics software, and metabolic analysis tools to facilitate the identification and characterization of cancer drugs,” said Victor Chan, Agilent vice president, and general manager of Laboratory Solutions for Agilent Greater China. Chan is the executive sponsor of this award.The IMM supports research and discovery of innovative drugs useful in treating or preventing human diseases. This work is done via creative multidisciplinary research based on Chinese herbal medicine and natural product research, along with the adoption of modern medical, and pharmaceutical theories and technologies.The Agilent Thought Leader Award promotes fundamental scientific advances by contributing financial support, products, and expertise to the research of influential thought leaders in the life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets. Information about previous award recipients is available on the Agilent Thought Leader Award webpage.

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CDISC Releases Therapeutic Area User Guide to Accelerate Development of Safer, More Effective Vaccines

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 6 ottobre 2017

vacciniThe Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) is pleased to announce the release of a new Therapeutic Area Standard for Vaccines in the form of a User Guide for data managers, statisticians, programmers and study managers, which is freely available on the CDISC website. This Vaccines standard was developed and funded through BioVacSafe, Biomarkers for Enhanced Vaccines Safety, a project funded by the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). Since their discovery, vaccines have protected millions of people worldwide from a broad range of infectious diseases, making them one of the most effective public health interventions available. New and better vaccines are still urgently needed, yet their introduction is hampered by lengthy and expensive vaccine safety testing procedures. The goal of BioVacSafe is to develop cutting-edge tools to speed up and improve the testing and monitoring of vaccine safety, both before and after release to the market. By bringing together for the first time three of Europe’s leading vaccine and manufacture companies as well as top experts from academic institutions and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), the standard will ultimately accelerate the development and introduction of a new generation of safer, more effective vaccines.“We are delighted to see this important new vaccines data standard published and are grateful to IMI for their generous support in achieving this goal,” remarked Stephen Pyke, Senior Vice President, GSK. “This will help to simplify and streamline the long journey for all new vaccines from idea to clinical use.” CDISC Standards were originally developed to enhance the review of safety and efficacy data, and most recently have been extended in specific disease areas. The Therapeutic Area User Guide describes the most common biomedical concepts relevant to Vaccine studies, and the necessary metadata to represent such data consistently with CDISC Standards.This CDISC Therapeutic Area Standard for Vaccines was developed through the Coalition For Accelerating Standards and Therapies (CFAST) initiative, a partnership of CDISC and the Critical Path Institute (C-Path), with participation from the U.S. NIH National Cancer Institute Enterprise Vocabulary Services (NCI-EVS), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), TransCelerate, the Japan Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) and additional stakeholders. The goal of the CFAST initiative is to accelerate clinical research and medical product development by creating and maintaining data standards, tools and methods for conducting research in therapeutic areas that are important to public health.CDISC standards have been adopted and used in more than 90 countries, and are required for submissions to the U.S. FDA and Japan PMDA. To date, Therapeutic Area standards have been developed for over 30 disease areas.

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IBM espande le funzionalità di Data Discovery e Q&A di Watson Analytics

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 26 ottobre 2015

ibmMilano. IBM (NYSE: IBM) ha introdotto nuove funzionalità di data discovery e question-and-answer per Watson Analytics che renderanno ancora più facile per gli utenti estrarre informazioni dai loro dati. IBM ha inoltre annunciato l’adozione su larga scala, con la registrazione di mezzo milione di professionisti, a questo innovativo servizio di esplorazione e visualizzazione dalla sua introduzione avvenuta meno di un anno fa.La rapida affermazione di Watson Analytics fino a diventare una delle piattaforme di self-service analytics più popolari al mondo è stata alimentata dalla sua abilità unica di porre le capacità cognitive nelle mani dei business user, e di inaugurare un’era di analisi senza eguali. IBM Watson Analytics aiuta le persone a estrapolare il valore dei dati che sono già disponibili nei loro sistemi, oltre che in nuove preziose fonti esterne di dati di cui probabilmente nemmeno si immagina di poter aver bisogno. Avendo a disposizione quanti più dati possibili sul problema in esame, i professionisti possono rispondere alle domande più ardue e inglobare conoscenze e competenze in ogni singola decisione presa. Ventana Research di recente ha confermato la leadership di IBM Watson Analytics in materia di Business Analytics conferendole il suo Technology Innovation Award. Il premio è un riconoscimento a quelle tecnologie che hanno avuto o possono potenzialmente avere l’impatto positivo più rilevante sul business.Tramite la comprensione del linguaggio naturale, il ragionamento e la generazione di ipotesi, il cognitive computing aiuta gli utenti a comprendere, ragionare e apprendere secondo nuove modalità dai propri dati. IBM annuncia delle funzionalità ampliate di data discovery e question-and-answer per Watson Analytics, volte ad aiutare i professionisti a porre domande, scoprire modelli e creare previsioni, fra cui:
Accesso a nuovi data connector: Watson Analytics consente agli utenti di attingere da più fonti esterne di dati in relazione a una questione professionale, aiutando ad assicurare che vengano raccolti e trattati i dati giusti per fornire il contesto corretto, e aggiungere profondità e fiducia ad ogni decisione. Questo include l’accesso a dati di IBM DB2, IBM Informix, IBM Netezza, IBM SQL Database, IBM dashDB e fonti note di dati di terze parti.Una nuova connessione sicura a dati aziendali: La capacità di collegarsi in modo sicuro ai dati aziendali dal cloud viene incrementata grazie alla nuova funzione Dataworks di IBM, un servizio di accesso e affinamento di dati basati sul cloud. La nuova funzionalità si avvale della tecnologia Secure Gateway per stabilire un tunnel tra i database on-premise dell’utente e Watson Analytics, cifrando automaticamente i dati e utilizzando container Docker per trasportarli attraverso una connessione dedicata per consentire un’analisi sicura.
Data discovery interattiva con Expert Storybooks: In collaborazione con i partner del settore, IBM sta presentando nuovi modelli di data discovery – chiamati Expert Storybooks – che aiuteranno a guidare gli utenti su come comprendere, apprendere e ragionare con diversi tipi di fonti di dati per fare emergere i fatti più rilevanti e scoprire modelli e rapporti per un processo decisionale predittivo. Di seguito sono riportati alcuni esempi di tipi di Storybooks che IBM metterà a disposizione:
· AriBall – uno Storybook che aiuterà gli utenti ad analizzare la performance dei giocatori di baseball per creare previsioni sulle loro prestazioni che potranno usare per acquisire un vantaggio nella formazione del fantabaseball.
· Deloitte – uno Storybook che misura l’efficienza di programmi incentive per aumentare la leadership delle vendite determinando come e quando distribuire efficacemente incentivi a breve termine per aumentare le entrate.
· The Weather Company – uno Storybook che aiuta gli utenti a incorporare i dati meteorologici nella loro analisi per capire quanto incide il meteo sulla loro attività.

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Nuovi farmaci antivirali

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 23 settembre 2011

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries

Image via Wikipedia

Gerusalemme. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (NASDAQ: TEVA) ha annunciato di aver sottoscritto un accordo di cooperazione con Cocrystal Discovery Inc. (CDI), una società biofarmaceutica la cui attività è focalizzata sulla scoperta e lo sviluppo di nuove terapie antivirali per il trattamento di malattie virali gravi e croniche. Questo investimento sarà utilizzato da CDI per continuare il suo programma di sviluppo di nuovi farmaci antivirali che agiscono sugli enzimi di replicazione virale. Attualmente CDI, grazie alle sue tecnologie all’avanguardia, sta sviluppando farmaci antivirali orali ad ampio spettro, da assumere una volta al giorno, per il trattamento dell’epatite C, dell’influenza e del rinovirus (raffreddore comune). Secondo i termini dell’accordo, Teva investirà inizialmente 7,5 milioni dollari, e CDI svilupperà per Teva un farmaco antivirale attivo contro la polimerasi del virus dell’epatite C. Completato il piano di sviluppo iniziale, Teva avrà la possibilità di prevedere ulteriori investimenti, al raggiungimento di milestone definite. Teva avrà la licenza esclusiva per un ulteriore sviluppo e commercializzazione del farmaco, secondo i termini commerciali concordati . Teva potrà investire ulteriormente per lo sviluppo di altri due farmaci antivirali e antibatterici. Per tutti questi investimenti, Teva riceverà fino a circa il 23% delle partecipazioni.
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. (Nasdaq: TEVA) è una delle prime 15 aziende farmaceutiche mondiali. È impegnata nell’accrescere l’accesso ad un’assistenza sanitaria di qualità attraverso lo sviluppo, la produzione e la commercializzazione di farmaci generici e di cure innovative. Con sede in Israele, Teva è il più grande produttore di farmaci equivalenti al mondo, con un portfolio di prodotti globale di oltre 1.450 molecole e una presenza diretta in circa 60 paesi. Il prodotto innovativo di punta di Teva è glatiramer acetato (Copaxone®), il farmaco più prescritto nel trattamento della sclerosi multipla recidivante-remittente. Teva impiega circa 40.000 persone in tutto il mondo e ha registrato un fatturato a livello mondiale di 16,1 miliardi di dollari in vendite nette nel 2010.
Cocrystal Discovery, Inc. è una società biotecnologica privata che sviluppa terapie antivirali per le malattie umane. Cocrystal unisce tecnologie informatiche e tecnologie innovative per la determinazione della struttura a livello atomico per produrre antivirali di prima qualità.

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The conquest of the South Pole

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 4 marzo 2010

Hamburg March 26th, 2010, 6 – 8 pm Exhibition:  March 27th – May 14th, 2010 Flo Peters Gallery • Chilehaus C • Pumpen 8. With the exhibition Herbert G. Ponting: The Conquest of the South Pole the Flo Peters Gallery will present as of March 27th photographs of historic significance and incomparable suspense. In 1910 Captain Robert Falcon Scott set sail under the British Flag aboard the research ship Terra Nova aiming to be the first man to conquest the South Pole. Also part of the crew was a photographer and cameraman by the name of Herbert G. Ponting. With his photographs of the expedition and its participants he not only left a unique document about the beginnings of polar exploration but also lets the posterity be part of one of the last great adventures of human discovery. In 1913 the British expedition of the Terra Nova to the South Pole ended in tragedy. Robert Falcon Scott just missed the glory to be the first man on the South Pole. He lost the race to the Norwegian Roald Amundsen, who rammed the Norwegian flag into the snow just a month earlier. From the very start Scott had fallen behind with his expedition. His lack of experience in comparison to Amundsen as well as catastrophic weather conditions not only prevented a successful expedition outcome but also cost the lifes of Scott himself and four of his men. Scott and his four comrades all perished from a combination of exhaustion, hunger and extreme cold on their way back from the Pole and only 17 kilometres away from food and shelter.
Herbert Ponting, who boarded the Terra Nova 1910 as the expeditions photographer and cameraman returned to England in 1912 with more than 1700 awe-inspiring big scale glass negatives of arctic landscapes, the scientists and the expeditions circumstances. The archive of Herbert Ponting is situated today at the Scott Polar Research Institute of Cambridge University. The Photographs on show were printed in a co-operation with the Belgian publisher Salto Ulbeek with the platinum printing method (a high quality black and white printing method) from the original glass negatives. The result is a portfolio of photographs that impresses with a comprehensive tone wedge as well as an unrivalled brilliance and three-dimensionality. Ponting died in 1935 in London. (ponting)

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