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Leading Technology Distributor TBI Announces the Launch of Tech Guidance

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 8 novembre 2019

TBI announces the launch of Tech Guidance, a brand new business unit that operates an informative website designed to enhance digital transformation projects across the globe. Tech Guidance serves as an unbiased resource to help CIOs, CTOs, IT personnel and business owners select the right technology to meet specific business outcomes. The website offers free educational materials, case studies, white papers, articles, and eBooks to better inform and equip those responsible for technology purchases.“With the pace of technical advances, 5G soon becoming a commercial reality, increased consumption of cloud, and a dispersed/remote workforce, there is an opportunity to cut through a lot of noise and present straightforward use cases of how customers deploy and architect solutions to grow their businesses,” said Corey Cohen, TBI’s vice president of marketing. “Our goal with Tech Guidance is to educate IT decision-makers, delivering information on emerging technology solutions from network design and architecture, mobility and IoT, voice/contact center/collaboration and security, that will aid in any organization’s cloud pursuit.”
Tech Guidance is powered by TBI, the nation’s largest privately-owned master agent and technology distributor. The website leverages TBI’s nearly 30-year history in the information technology channel, selling the world’s premier service providers. The editorial content of the new media site explores current implementations and trends for technologies that include cybersecurity, IoT, network management and orchestration, backup and redundant architecture frameworks, managed services, and as-a-service offerings like cloud-based unified communications and contact centers as well as datacenter and colocation.Tech Guidance offers complimentary access to veteran tech consultants, solution engineers and subject matter experts who advise businesses on how to solve current IT challenges. Tech Guidance consultants assist companies of all sizes in executing everything from legacy technology upgrades and new investments in infrastructure to hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, cloud connectivity, solution implementation, security assessments, and expert technology advisement.

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Heilind Asia Wins the Best Connectors & Electromechanical Products Distributor Awards

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 21 ottobre 2018

Heilind Asia won the 4th edition EM Best of Industry 2018 – The Best Connectors & Electromechanical Products Distributor Awards from Electronics Maker in Bengaluru, India on September 26th.EM Best of Industry Awards is organized by India’s leading electronics magazine – Electronics Maker well known in the industry for the last 20 years. The award honors leading performers in the industry Best Individual Contributors, Organizations that drive the industry forward, and provide them with a platform to showcase their achievements & product successes. The result of this selection is based on public voting and Electronics Maker experts’ evaluation.
As a well-known interconnect and electromechanical distributor in North America market, Heilind Asia bases on the domestic business and looks to the global market from 2012 when first entered APAC. Heilind Asia provides the operations on the ideals of deep inventory, flexible policies, responsive systems, knowledgeable technical support and unsurpassed customer service; it is these philosophies that have made Heilind Asia move forward fast.
“We are very honored to receive the Best Connectors & Electromechanical Products Distributor Awards from Electronics Maker. With the world’s second largest population of more than 1.2billion, millions of internet users, our market potential in India is enormous. Heilind provides a high quality, flexible and responsive resource that can shorten lead times, consolidate SKUs, reduce manufacturing & handling costs, and improves inventory performance & response to manufacturing, which delivers multiple customer benefits. I believe more and more customers need our service on products and solutions, we will continue to carry forward our strengths and bring the core values of distributors to the industry.” said Mr. Vinod Shekhar, Heilind Country Manager (India).Heilind supports both original equipment and contract manufacturers in all market segments of the electronics industry, stocking products from the industry’s leading manufacturers in 25 component categories, with a particular focus on interconnect, electromechanical, fastener/hardware and sensor products.

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Vidyo Appoints Japanese Visual Communications Leader V-CUBE Primary Distributor in Japan

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 giugno 2018

Vidyo, Inc., the leader in embedded real-time video solutions, today announced that V-CUBE, the leader in the Japanese visual communications market, will become the primary distributor for Vidyo in Japan. Having already integrated the Vidyo platform into its V-CUBE Meeting product, V-CUBE will now support all Japanese Vidyo distribution partners with both technical expertise and sales support. V-CUBE’s support extends to the financial services and healthcare sectors as well as to enterprise video conferencing.In Japan, remote work is increasing rapidly with the market for video solutions that support “working anywhere” expected to continue to grow across many different sectors. Government deregulation is driving this growth in real estate, while online sales of financial services products, and telemedicine, all further drive adoption. Today, Vidyo’s solutions are used by more than 450 financial institutions and over 4,500 healthcare delivery organizations worldwide, and it is widely recognized as a market visionary and leader.V-CUBE has been the established leader in the Japanese video communications market for eleven consecutive years by providing unmatched service to organizations across the country. Through this partnership, V-CUBE becomes a key strategic partner for Vidyo and will both support customers and help drive innovation in the space.“We are thrilled about our expanded relationship with V-CUBE,” said Vidyo CEO Michael Patsalos-Fox. “Together we are building on Vidyo’s success in the unified communications, global financial services and healthcare sectors. We are particularly excited about the opportunity to jointly serve the Japanese market through our platform offering, which enables customers to embed interactive real-time video into applications in any industry, including manufacturing, education, real estate and more.”

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SolarEdge Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Huawei and Distributor in Germany

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 21 giugno 2018

SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. (“SolarEdge”) (NASDAQ: SEDG), a global leader in smart energy, announced today that it has filed a lawsuit for patent infringement against Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., a Chinese entity, Huawei Technologies Düsseldorf GmbH, a German entity, and WATTKRAFT Solar GmbH, a German distributor for Huawei.The lawsuit, filed in the Regional Court of Mannheim in Germany, one of the most pre-eminent German patent courts, asserts unauthorized use of patented technology, which is prohibited by law, and is intended to protect SolarEdge’s significant investment in its innovative DC optimized inverter technology. Seeking monetary damages, an injunction, and recall of infringing Huawei inverters from the German market, the lawsuit is intended to prevent the defendants from selling any multi-level inverters infringing upon SolarEdge’s PV inverter technology protected in the asserted patent in Germany.“The success of the entire PV industry has been and continues to be driven by innovative technology that makes PV energy more affordable and ubiquitous. Such innovation requires significant financial investment and years of dedication and hard work from skilled R&D engineers. The PV industry cannot sustain such efforts under the constant threat of, in our view, illegal use of proprietary technology and we will not remain silent as our intellectual property is exploited,” stated Guy Sella, CEO, Chairman, and Founder of SolarEdge. “SolarEdge’s patents and other intellectual property are the result of our relentless pursuit of innovation and commitment towards worldwide PV proliferation. In order to protect our intellectual property, we are taking legal action against Huawei and its distributor.” As a global leader in smart energy technology with world-class engineering capabilities, SolarEdge holds 126 awarded patents, 169 additional patent applications worldwide, and other extensive intellectual property covering smart energy technology.

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Mister Spex increases sales in 2014 to 65 million euros and is in the black

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 febbraio 2015

Goldman-Sachs-HQ-001In 2014 Mister Spex was once again able to grow further, increasing on a 47 million revenue in 2013 to 65 million euros this year. This represents an increase of 38 percent. In addition, the online glasses shop finished up last year for the first time in the black. For further European expansion Mister Spex has a total investment of 32 million euros. The money largely comes from the US investment bank Goldman Sachs, which invested earlier in the year at Mister Spex. A portion of these funds have now been used for expansion in Scandinavia: Norway’s contact lens online shop now belongs also to the Mister Spex group.
“We are pleased that we continued our course for growth in 2014 and could expand our position as the European leader in online optics now with 1.5 million customers,” said Mister Spex-founder and CEO Dirk Graber. “By achieving the profitability and stabilization of our position in Scandinavia with the purchase of Lensit, we are prepared to expand in existing and new European markets.” By mid-2013 Mister Spex already had acquired the Swedish online eyewear stores Lensstore and Loveyewear. Together with the newly acquired contact lens distributor Lensit in Norway Mister Spex becomes the second largest online optician in Scandinavia.
In 2015 Mister Spex aims, in addition to international expansion plans, to also develop the internal logistics of the company as well as the network of opticians with whom they work locally. Currently, the online eyewear shop is already working in Germany and Austria with 500 partners. “Customers of Mister Spex receive the all-round service they need when buying a pair of glasses.” said Mirko Caspar, co-managing director of Mister Spex. “Firstly our partner opticians offer free eye tests and adjustments to glasses. Secondly there is the largest assortment of immediately available designer eyewear at fair prices in our shop. We are therefore well placed to continue to grow this year and see the online glasses purchasing in Europe effectively strengthen.“ For 2015 Mister Spex aims to achieve an average double-digit growth.

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EU-wide penalties for forgers and distributors of counterfeit euro

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 aprile 2014

Euro forgers and distributors will face tougher criminal sanctions EU-wide, under new rules adopted by Parliament on Wednesday and already informally agreed with Council. The directive will also enable prosecutors to make use of investigative tools used to combat serious crimes, including the interception of communications, covert surveillance and the monitoring of bank accounts, to catch the culprits. The euro is one of the three most-used currencies worldwide, making it a target for organised crime groups which specialise in forging money. Innocent citizens and firms currently bear the costs of fake euro, because they are not reimbursed. Since its introduction in 2002, counterfeiting of the euro has led to financial damage of at least €500 million. The maximum penalty for currency forgers under national law must be of at least eight years of imprisonment. For currency distributors, the penalty must be of at least five years. Important preparatory work to these offences, for example the production of counterfeiting instruments and components, should be punished independently.The misuse of legal facilities or material of authorised printers or mints for the production of unauthorised notes and coins for fraudulent use should also be a criminal offence. This would cover, for instance, situations where an employee of a legal printer or mint abuses the facilities for his/her own purposes.As this directive provides for minimum rules, member states are free to adopt or maintain more stringent rules for currency counterfeiting offences.Investigators and prosecutors working on currency counterfeiting cases should be able to use investigative tools already used to combat organised crime and other serious crimes. These tools include intercepting communications, covert surveillance and the monitoring of bank accounts. The use of such tools in accordance with national law should be commensurate with the nature and gravity of the offences under investigation.

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