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The future of European doctoral education

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 13 giugno 2010

The development of a European knowledge society is likely to drive demand in all sectors of workforce for PhD (doctorate) holders with  the ‘creative and intellectual skills’ to work in a wide variety of roles – going well beyond research and development. More than 200 stakeholders meeting last weekend (4-5 June) at the Freie Universität Berlin for the Annual Meeting of the EUA Council for Doctoral Education, came together to discuss how universities should develop strong research-based doctoral programmes. Looking to the future, EUA Board member Giuseppe Silvestri told the audience that as providers of doctoral education universities must take responsibility for the changes and reforms in the coming years. In particular, he underlined “they must ensure that research environments (within universities) have the necessary critical mass” to be successful, and that administrative structures in place “create transparency and support the professional development of doctoral candidates”.
University leaders were also encouraged to promote risk-taking in the recruitment of doctoral candidates – by focussing more on the research potential of the candidate rather than his past academic record.There was also a lively discussion on the development of specific Quality Assurance systems that would be more suitable for doctoral education. There was a general consensus that such quality systems should use peer-review systems to improve the delivery of European doctoral education.

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Doctoral education

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 3 maggio 2010

The EUA Council for Doctoral Education will hold its Third Annual Meeting at Freie Universität Berlin from 4-5 June 2010. This will be the landmark event for all stakeholders working in doctoral education in Europe. The event aims to set the course for the future of the doctorate (Ph.D) in Europe by preparing a statement with a common vision for European doctoral education, which builds on the experiences of the ongoing reforms within universities.  Doctoral education is not only one of the most dynamic areas of European higher education; it is also a cornerstone in the development of the European knowledge society. Doctorate holders occupy vital research positions in a wide range of sectors, but moreover, they increasingly take on management roles outside of academia. Europe’s universities have taken the lead in structuring and professionalising doctoral education to meet the challenges of the knowledge society. During the last five years, institutional reforms have been the order of the day all over the continent. As the recent EUA Trends 2010 report demonstrates, half of Europe’s universities have now established doctoral schools, which are becoming the ‘institutional norm’ for managing doctoral education. Since 2005, the reform process has been shaped by the EUA Salzburg Principles, which underlines that the foundation of the doctorate lies in original research as well as the necessity to embed this research training in institutional strategies. At the fifth anniversary of the Salzburg Principles, it is time to gather the experiences and expertise of European universities to set a clear course for the future of the doctorate. The EUA Council for Doctoral Education has been consulting its member universities about their experiences and gathered a number of recommendations on specific issues such as supervision, quality assurance and international collaborations. The Third Annual Meeting will be the place to share these experiences and discuss the recommendations as a whole, setting the course for the future of the doctorate.

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