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Colorcon Inc. Announces the Launch of SureSpheres

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 luglio 2009

West Point, Pa., Colorcon has launched SureSpheres(TM), drug layering substrate, which are uniform, free flowing pellets made of sucrose and starch. The use of sugar pellets or “sugar spheres” in multiparticulate drug delivery systems has been an area of continued interest in the pharmaceutical industry. This is largely due to the clinical and formulation advantages sugar pellets have over single-unit dosage forms, including the ease of processing them in modified release applications.  SureSpheres exhibit consistency in critical factors such as surface roughness, sphericity, particle size and distribution, density, hardness and friability. This product consistency provides an accurate dose of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in the finished product. The uniform surface of the sugar spheres allows for proper adherence of the API, and any selected coating applied later in the process. Most importantly, the use of SureSpheres results in precise drug release when combined with modified release coatings.
Colorcon is a world leader in the development, supply and technical support of formulated products for the pharmaceutical industry. Its core businesses include film coatings, modified release technologies, functional excipients and tablet design services. Colorcon has 18 technical service laboratories globally and more than 1,200 employees exclusively dedicated to its pharmaceutical customer base. For further information, visit

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