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A home away from home

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 3 Maggio 2019

Cars of the future will be fully automated, transforming drivers into passengers – people who are no longer occupied with paying attention to the road, and who may have the desire or even the need to divert themselves with other activities. With vehicles steering, accelerating and braking entirely by themselves, drivers are freed up to admire their surroundings in a whole new way through the windshield display, or simply dim the windows and settle back to watch a movie. The car’s interior has been transformed into an office or living room. Sebastian Stegmüller, researcher at Fraunhofer IAO, is familiar with the scenarios and believes they could become a reality in just a few years. Together with his team, his job is to look at the various ideas that are emerging, and determine as quickly as possible which technologies, services and business models could catch on and which of them are unlikely to succeed in the marketplace.
To conduct their research, Stegmüller and his colleagues have joined forces with management consultancy McKinsey & Company. Through the Mobility, Experience and Technology Lab, or MXT for short, the two partners are establishing a network that endeavors to bring the future of autonomous driving to life. This includes analyzing trends to support businesses in making decisions on innovation projects. “Our job is to pick out the most promising ideas at the beginning of the innovation lifecycle, even before product development has begun,” explains Stegmüller. In that way, the collaboration partners are doing their part to respond to the overwhelming wave of potential new innovations presented by the next big trends in the automotive industry: automation, vehicle connectivity and electrification, as well as new mobility services. “Business will have to reposition itself to respond to the digital transformation, but this also offers the opportunity for whole new mobility services and driving experiences,” says Stegmüller, who heads the Mobility Innovation department. One solution, for instance, envisages voice-assisted services that draw on artificial intelligence, with car windshields turning into multifunctional displays. “Imagine, for instance, that the ticketing service popped up on the display while you were driving past the opera house. You’d be able to book your Aida tickets while you were driving by,” says Dr. Tobias Schneiderbauer, Project Manager at McKinsey & Company.
At the heart of this initiative to pursue the most promising ideas is Fraunhofer IAO’s Mobility Innovation Lab in Stuttgart. This modern research facility for prototyping and creative workshops already provides an insight into the mobility of tomorrow, featuring, for instance, a converted vehicle that interacts with pedestrians; an electric three-wheel scooter that hints at the future of sustainable inner-city mobility; and a futuristic car cockpit complete with modular dashboard, windows made of switchable glass, reclining seats, fold-out tables and a pull-out monitor – a glimpse into the cockpit of the future and how it might interact with future on-board electronics and services such as language learning, pizza delivery or personalized entertainment.Through their research, the partners in the innovation network are creating a founded basis for lucrative business models and technologies. This targets not only automotive manufacturers and suppliers, but companies from the entertainment and IT sectors as well. The partners have also taken care to bring on board businesses, municipalities and other stakeholders who support and enrich the network with their particular expertise. The network remains open to any companies wishing to be involved with the MXT Lab.One of the key roles of the MXT Lab is to carry out user studies, providing a first indicator of the viability of potential innovation opportunities. In one of the first such studies, the partners investigated whether the time freed up by autonomous driving might be suited to language learning. On top of a quantitative online survey conducted in Germany, China and the U.S., the researchers also set up an experiment at the lab to gather qualitative user feedback. The goal was to assess the underlying demand for these sorts of services as well as the attractiveness of various technical solutions and driving-related applications. This information allows the researchers to draw conclusions that can then be fed into the automation of the driving experience in the future and the way that these vehicles are designed. (by Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAOFraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO)

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10 FedEx Drivers Take Home Top Honors at the 2018 National Truck Driving Championships

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 25 agosto 2018

FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) today announced that 10 drivers representing the global transportation company were recognized with top honors at the 2018 National Truck Driving Championships and National Step Van Driving Championships (NTDC/NSVDC). Seven were crowned National Champions in their respective driving classes and Scott Woodrome of FedEx Freight was recognized as the recipient of the Bendix Grand Champion Award.The competition, which took place August 15-18 in Columbus, Ohio, is hosted each year by the American Trucking Associations and has a long history dating back to 1937, when it was known as the National Truck “Roadeo.” “As a global transportation company, FedEx is deeply committed to road safety, and we are proud of our team members who were recognized for their superior driving skills at NTDC,” said Frederick W. Smith, chairman and CEO, FedEx Corp. “Each of these drivers represent both our commitment to excellence and our dedication to ‘safety above all’ in the communities in which we operate.” This year, FedEx had the privilege of sending a total of 185 drivers from across the country to the NTDC. This was the largest number of FedEx team members to ever qualify for this prestigious competition since Smith first called on drivers from across the enterprise to participate in 2003. In the last 16 years, FedEx drivers have earned five National Grand Champion titles, 57 National Championships, and eight National Rookie of the Year titles.

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Teamsters Statement On Bus Attack Impacting Teamster Drivers, Tech Shuttle Passengers

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 20 gennaio 2018

INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF TEAMSTERS LOGOSAN FRANCISCO,/PRNewswire-USNewswire/ Teamster shuttle bus drivers safely navigated through an apparent pellet gun attack on commuter shuttle buses this week along Highway 280. Buses sustained damage in the attack, but there were no reported injuries to the drivers or passengers.Two out of the five buses damaged were operated by Teamsters Local 853 members working for Loop Transportation and Compass Transportation and transporting employees for Apple.”We take the safety of our members and their passengers very seriously,” said Dennis Hart, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 853 in Oakland. “We are working with the employers to ensure that everyone stays safe.”Apple has announced its buses will be rerouted away from Highway 280.There is no apparent motive for the attacks. High-tech companies have come under criticism locally for contributing to a housing affordability crisis in San Francisco. High-tech commuter shuttle contractors, meanwhile, employ thousands of professional drivers who have raised standards over the past several years by organizing with the Teamsters.
More than 1,000 tech commuter shuttle drivers have joined the Teamsters since 2015 at Facebook, Apple, Yahoo and more than a dozen other high-tech companies with the exception of Google. Teamsters form the majority of shuttle bus drivers serving high-tech companies in Silicon Valley. The union has negotiated industry-leading contracts for organized tech industry workers, bringing them into the middle class with good wages and benefits.The Teamsters Union is part of a growing movement of labor, faith and community-based organizations and workers challenging income inequality in Silicon Valley through an innovative partnership called Silicon Valley Rising.
Founded in 1903, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters represents 1.4 million hardworking men and women in the United States and Canada. Visit for more information. Follow us on Twitter @Teamsters and “like” us on Facebook at (photo: international brotherhood)

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Mobile Data Drives New Customer Insights

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 15 gennaio 2018

Natali a New York (2)New York. Esri, the world leader in spatial analytics, and UberMedia, provider of the highest quality mobile data business solutions, today announced a partnership to provide retailers with location-specific mobile data. This data enables retailers to better understand where their customers are coming from, and the behaviors and movements exhibited in the path to purchase. Mobile data, enriched with Esri’s Tapestry, provides unique context to this data about customers that allows retailers to be more precise in the assortments, offers, and services they offer in their local stores and on customers’ devices.Consumers can research, shop, purchase, and receive products from retailers anywhere at any time. The key to growing market share and sales is delivering experiences that are personal and relevant. By leveraging Esri’s location intelligence capabilities together with UberMedia’s mobile commerce solutions, retailers can create more specific, personalized, and localized offers to customers. “The adoption of mobile technology is creating new data streams that can provide retailers with an unprecedented amount of information about who their shoppers are and how to bring them further into the fold,” said Doug Shaddle, Director of Sales for UberMedia. “By partnering with Esri to provide the unique visualizations and insights needed, retail customers can quickly analyze and act on the information to deliver the right offer, at the right time, to the right customer.”As mobile commerce and the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to mature, the ability to make sense of seemingly unconnected data sources about stores, inventory, shopper traffic patterns, digital offer success rates, and even social media interactions will require a new level of context that only location can provide.“To compete in today’s disruptive retail environment, retailers must not only understand who their customers are and what they buy, but where they live, work, and shop,” said Gary Sankary, Head of Retail for Esri. “By layering mobile data onto the ArcGIS platform, we can provide a precise picture of the customer’s behavior to help retailers understand why things happen where they do, so they can adjust their strategies accordingly, particularly when armed with data about competitors.” By combining consumer data with spatial analytics and mobile capabilities, Esri can deliver the precision detail required to improve the overall customer experience and give consumers more reasons to shop.Retailers are invited to visit Esri and UberMedia during the National Retail Federation (NRF) 2018 Retail’s Big Show to see a firsthand demonstration.

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IT Market in Qatar – Drivers and Forecasts by Technavio

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 6 settembre 2017

TechnavioThe research study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the IT market in Qatar for 2017-2021. To calculate the market size, the report considers the revenue generated through the sales of IT hardware, software, and services in government organizations, large enterprises, and SMEs.The IT market in Qatar is currently driven by the rising demand for IT services owing to the adoption of advanced solutions such as cloud computing services, big data and analytics services, IoT, and virtualization. A major driver for this market is the availability of funds to install new IT infrastructure and upgrade legacy systems. With the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup, there are millions of dollars being spent to enhance the existing infrastructure and improve the security infrastructure of the country.This report is available at a USD 1,000 discount for a limited time only: View market snapshot before purchasing
In 2016, Qatar’s financial services sector performed well, experiencing high growth in Islamic banking. Sharia-compliant banking grew over 7% while the conventional banks grew by over 6%, with high retail and real estate financing. Qinvest, a local sharia-compliant investment bank, announced a revenue increase of 18% in 2016. The Central Bank of Qatar (QCB) increased interest rates by 0.25%, following the US Federal Reserve’s 2016 December announcement that it was raising its federal fund’s rate target range to 0.5%-0.75%.Amrita Choudhury, a lead enterprise application research analyst at Technavio, says, “With such a position of Islamic banking in Qatar, the need for advanced IT solutions to track and maintain banking operations is high. Several banking software vendors in Qatar have realized this opportunity and are offering sharia-compliant software solutions specifically for Islamic banks. As a result, the revenue inflow from banking software is a major contributor to the growth of the IT market in Qatar.”The increase in IT consolidations and IT modernization is taking place to improve the operational efficiency of organizations and to achieve economies of scale, which is driving the IT market in Qatar. The ever-increasing consolidation of IT infrastructures such as data centers and networking systems in the organizations are forcing C-suite executives to implement advanced IT service delivery models such as shared and managed IT services. Financial inclusion can be achieved using mobile solutions, and people without access to a bank can use m-commerce, mobile banking, and mobile money. Unprecedented growth in the smartphone market leads to an increase in mobile app users. Mobile application developers require IT services such as backend as a service (BaaS) and the web integrated development environment (IDE) solutions for innovative mobile application development solutions. (photo: Technavio)

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More durability for SUV drivers: Nokian Tyres extends the use of Aramid Sidewall Technology

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 gennaio 2016

nokianNokian Tyres, the world’s northernmost tyre manufacturer, is increasing the use of its Aramid Sidewall Technology in SUV tyres designed for demanding and versatile winter use. From the beginning of 2016 onwards, nearly all premium products from the pioneer of winter driving will feature the unique Aramid Sidewall Technology that provides additional safety and durability. The new technology will also be included in products that are already on the market.The Aramid fibre that Nokian Tyres uses in the sidewall compound stiffens and strengthens the tyre’s sidewall, allowing it to better withstand impacts and cuts that can easily puncture the tyre. The same material is also utilised in the aviation and military industries.
Durability has been one of the most requested features for tyres from SUV drivers who want to enjoy the passenger car-like features of their large and powerful vehicles. According to research, tyres are most often damaged by impacts to the tyre sidewall. Typical scenarios include driving into unexpected potholes with low inflation pressure and parking too carelessly, allowing a sharp kerb to damage the sidewall. No repair is recommended for sidewall damage. Such damage usually requires fitting a replacement tyre.
– This new innovation that improves durability under surprising conditions has been extremely well received by SUV drivers. Tyre retailers have also been excited about the new invention that is entirely unique and provides added value for customers who want to enjoy care-free off-roading and urban driving. We want to maximise the features of our existing premium products and will be introducing this innovation at the beginning of 2016 in our winter products tailored for different markets, says Head of Product Management Petri Niemi. (photos: nokian)

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Motor Insurance for Autonomous Vehicles: Paying Premiums Will Shift from Drivers to OEMs

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 ottobre 2015

AutoveloxLONDON The current system of calculating motor insurance premiums places importance on driver-related factors such as age, gender and driving record. However, the introduction of autonomous vehicles will turn the spotlight on vehicle-related parameters. As the motor insurance business goes through this transformation, the future holds vast potential for novel risk evaluation models. New analysis from Frost & Sullivan, Impact of Automated Vehicles on Motor Insurance Market (, finds that motor insurers will move away from the driver-centric strategy to follow one or a combination of three models as automated vehicles become common:
· product-centric evaluation
· brand-centric evaluation
· system-centric evaluation
For complimentary access to more information on this research, please visit: “Along with higher product liability, the responsibility of insuring the vehicle will shift from vehicle owners to manufacturers,” said Frost & Sullivan Automotive and Transportation Senior Research Analyst Kamalesh Mohanarangam. “Further, all excesses currently covered by the insured will be shared among several stakeholders, such as road-operators and local transport authorities.” As the risk of accidents will fall drastically with the advent of autonomous vehicles, the insurance premium to cover that risk too will drop significantly. Nevertheless, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers will increase insurance spend to cover their share of product liability risk, thereby offsetting the shrinkage in consumer-driven insurance revenues.
With OEMs and tier 1 suppliers looking to ensure fool proof product safety, methods to access risk and certify the product will assume greater importance. The traditional method of underwriting that uses historic data will take a back-seat, paving the way for a new breed of underwriters capable of evaluating driving algorithms and assigning a relevant risk priority number. “Moreover, insurers will develop new products for risks arising out of innovations,” noted Mohanarangam. “For instance, with the digitalisation of automobiles, insurers will provide cyber cover for protection against cyber-attacks and hacks.” In the wake of plummeting premiums, motor insurance will become part of other insurance policies and value-added packages as stakeholders look to new avenues of profit generation in a changing environment.
Impact of Automated Vehicles on Motor Insurance Market (MA70-18) is a Strategic Insight that is part of the Automotive & Transportation Growth Partnership Service program. This research analyses and forecasts the risks and opportunities for the motor insurance industry due to the advent of autonomous vehicles. The study provides a strategic overview of the motor insurance industry and OEM involvement in this space. It also highlights the challenges that participants need to overcome, concluding with expectations on the future of the industry.

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Why Real Time Marketing Automation? Drivers, Potentials, Challenges

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 12 agosto 2015

digitalisationThe digitalisation has made the world for companies significantly more complex and more dynamic. For customers, digitalisation means maximum transparency and availability in the market. The barriers to switching between different providers are low, the competitive pressure is increasing. Traditional differentiation attributes such as price are losing significance when the most economical provider is only a click – or a line on the comparison portal – away. Even in the digital dialogue, the customer doesn’t lose sight of the best practice. “But Amazon makes individualised product recommendations, too?” Customers are becoming more emancipated, more self-determined and express higher demands on companies. Companies therefore have no choice but to orientate themselves on the best practice and focus radically on customer orientation. The large number of options do not only have a liberating effect on the customers, the information and offer density can also make decisions difficult and stressful. Companies should bear this in mind and simplify the customer’s life through individualised communication, adapted to his requirements, wishes and interactions.
The complexity of the customer journey is also increasing. The times when customers could be lead from A to B via fixed touchpoints, is over. Customers today use a continually growing number of company-own and third party touchpoints for contact via numerous terminal devices and in a variety of contexts. Website, newsletter, communities, blogs, transaction emails, apps, mobile messenger, SMS, twitter, facebook, POS terminals, geo-location services, service hotlines are only a small selection. Customers do not differentiate between these touchpoints but expect that the company is “available” everywhere and the required information and (digital) service is immediate, convenient and available in the right quality. They also expect that the company comes across with a consistent image at all these touchpoints. A company that approaches a female customer with individualised offers on ladies’ shoes via the e-commerce app, but tries to sell her the latest men’s collection in the newsletter, is likely to lose this customer. Which requirements must be met by companies in the digital dialogue in order to meet customer expectations? Companies need to offer the right content in the required quality, individualised for each customer, respond in real time, take into consideration every interaction of the user, analyse it and feed the results immediately back into the communication, consider all relevant touchpoints, consistently communicate at each of these touchpoints,
orientate ithemselves continuously on best practice. Real Time Marketing Automation as the Key to Customers
The key to meet the market requirements lies in the correct use of real time marketing automation technology. Real time marketing automation must be able to display four key features:
The automated running of granular communication measures, individually for each user, in real time, based on his response.
The dynamic adaptation to the relevant context at the time of use: individual content e.g. based on location, weather, position in the customer lifecycle or terminal device properties.
The integration of all relevant channels in a lifecycle, including – in addition to email – social media, WhatsApp or mobile push messages in geo-fencing contexts. The data protection-compliant collection, processing and storage of real-time response data.

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Impact of Driverless Cars on Logistics and Insurance at GIL 2015: Monaco

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 30 luglio 2015

london-centralLONDON Disrupting unsustainable business models is the only way to survive and thrive in the current economy. Many companies are at a crossroad and making the right decisions has become a question of life or death in this marketplace. To help industry leaders identify the way forward and future growth strategies, Frost & Sullivan brings together a global network of visionaries and thought leaders at its annual Growth, Innovation, and Leadership (GIL) conference. GIL 2015 returns for its second edition on the glamorous shores of Monaco on Friday, 23 October. The event at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort will feature a mix of Frost & Sullivan experts and distinguished industry visionaries. The impact of new business models and a new world of opportunities that are shaking the marketplace are the key themes of this year’s conference in Monaco. Frost & Sullivan Senior Partner and Head of the Visionary Innovation Group Sarwant Singh will present some of these new business models: “We will look at some interesting case studies, such as the impact of driverless cars on logistics and insurance.” Driverless Cars: A Case Study. Shortage deemed to be the single largest challenge in the sector, the future of people logistics and freight logistics is expected to merge. “Think of it as a model in which DHL or UPS would deliver packages small and large using a combination of personally owned vehicles, commercial fleet and also car-sharing fleet. Needless to say this allows for a rather leaner road traffic that can move people and goods, by increasing the utilization of the seat-space and boot-space as well,” says Partner Sarwant Singh.Autonomous cars come with a larger set of challenges. On one hand, these virtually crash-free vehicles entail little or no risk from a collision perspective, which slashes down insurance premiums, thereby directly impacting the insurance community. On the other hand, it brings to the table a new set of risks that insurers have traditionally not been accustomed to addressing. Reliability of the driving algorithm, use-cases not taken into account by the automaker, robustness of fail-operational mode in the vehicle architecture are way too technical to be assessed by insurers.Vehicle insurance currently follows a driver-centric model, with some amount of the calculation of risk and premium being associated with vehicle- and traffic-related parameters. With the driver getting relegated to the level of an occupant in the future, when the vehicle drives itself, the insurance model also shall change accordingly. This would imply that the drivers need not pay as much of an insurance premium as they do in today’s scenario. In 2013, on average, a typical European vehicle owner paid around €470 on insuring the vehicle. Going forward, with level 4 automated vehicles replacing conventional vehicles, the risk of collision can be reduced by around 70 percent and inclusion of new parameters to assess the risk of vehicle is likely to result in average premium to reduce to €300.
The one-day conference will start at 9 am with a welcome speech by the Senior Partner & Global Head of Growth Consulting Jan E Kristiansen. This year, for the first time ever, a brand new analysis by Frost & Sullivan on opportunities in the Financial Services will be presented. Senior Partner and UK Operations Director Gary Jeffery will unveil the latest Mega Trends of a sector that is a key element of Monaco’s economy.
The congress will also host most stimulating keynote presentations from the following Government and Industry Leaders:
– Mr Jean Castellini, Minister of Finance & Economy of the Principality of Monaco,
– Mr Martin Péronnet, Managing Director of Monaco Telecom, the Principality’s Telecom Operator,
– Mrs Isabelle Hilali, VP Marketing and Strategy of Orange Healthcare,
– Mr David Chalmers, Vice President Presales and Chief Technologist (Enterprise Group, EMEA), Hewlett-Packard Limited
The conference will be preceded on Thursday 22 October, by the presentation of the Frost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards to a range of regional and global market players for their superior leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development achievements.

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Italian rally drivers

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 28 marzo 2010

After about three months of events in Italy and abroad the IRDA, International Rally Drivers Association, published the updated 2010 ranking of the overall classification of the best Italian and San Marino rally drivers.The IRDA is established through a points system, which are calculated on the basis of the importance,  sporting difficulties and results of drivers and codrivers from Italy and San Marino in rallies recognized by both the FIA and ACI CSAI, national and international. A Ranking which aims to be objective, according to the  results obtained in the last 365 days (one year) of races, in which thousands of San Marino and Italian rallymen  (drivers and codrivers) may see their value recognized as a whole, The Ranking is not a career award, but it  rewards, in a comprehensive way, the drivers for the value of their victories and their results in the last year of  racing, something that the current classification systems obviously do not allow being based on rankings for each series, trophy or rally without a single national ranking. The first thirty Italian and San Marino drivers  classified in any rally in the world may enter the ranking. The drivers who have earned the points necessary to  enter the IRDA rankings currently are 1314 (Italy and San Marino)

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