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PPF boosts Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 13 maggio 2015

Bangkok-panorama-italthaiBangkok, Thailand: The International Planned Parenthood Federation today renewed its call for donations to help its work in the wake of two devastating earthquakes in Nepal.The second quake which hit Namche Bazar, near Mount Everest earlier on Tuesday came as IPPF’s Nepal Member Association was due to receive an award for their work in Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN) President Amu Singh Sijapati said: “The FPAN team reacted to the first earthquake and provided a range of support and services today at 12.30 Nepal has been hit by another major earthquake.“We are happy to receive this award but our heart is with our country. To all the people across the world – we need to deploy more assistance we appeal to you to help us.”IPPF Director General Tewodros Melesse added: “Our thoughts are with all the people of Nepal and our colleagues and their families – but to help them we need to appeal to people all over the world to provide support. Let us show our solidarity at this critical time.”FPAN an International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) Member Association was recognized for its exceptional services and advocacy on family planning, comprehensive sexuality education and work with Government and partners in a special ceremony today.IPPF’s Governing Council awards Member Associations annually for their outstanding contributions to sexual and reproductive health and rights. The award now in its fourth year celebrates the national successes and services for local communities and marginalized and vulnerable groups.The Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPA Nepal) was established in 1959 and first joined IPPF in 1960 and became a full Member Association in 1969. FPA Nepal has been successful in seeing comprehensive sexuality education included in school curriculum from Grades 6 to 10. Advocacy for youth friendly services will result in youth information centres in all 75 districts by 2015.More recently, FPA Nepal is actively engaged in dealing with the aftermath of the earthquake of 25 April through IPPF’s Sprint Initiative that specializes on immediate humanitarian response through life-saving sexual and reproductive health services. This includes the provision of emergency obstetric and newborn care services and referrals, reproductive health medical mission in camps, delivery of dignity kits, family planning services, community awareness and the provision of syndromic treatment for sexually transmitted infections. FPA Nepal has stepped up activities to respond to the second earthquake disaster of Tuesday lunchtime 12 May.IPPF launched an appeal for the earthquake disaster on 26 April to deliver critical services in the aftermath.

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Terremoto in Giappone

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 marzo 2011

Un violentissimo terremoto e uno tsunami hanno colpito il nord del Giappone ed è allerta  tsunami in tutto il Pacifico.  Onde alte dieci metri hanno devastato la costa di Sendai, nel nordest del Giappone e il  Paese è sconvolto da questa emergenza. Il Presidente di Caritas Giappone, S.E. Mons. Isao Kikuchi, vescovo di Niigata, ha  assicurato l’impegno di Caritas Giappone, il cui direttore, padre Daisuke Narui si sta  attivando per far fronte ai bisogni più urgenti. La Caritas in Giappone è un piccolo  organismo che comunque ogni anno riesce a sostenere un centinaio di progetti nel Paese e  all’estero per circa 3 milioni di dollari. Si è attivata in passato per grandi emergenze in Asia, come lo tsunami del 2004, il terremoto in Pakistan del 2005 e quello a Yogyakarta  nel 2006.  In tutto il territorio nazionale con 127 milioni di giapponesi i cattolici sono circa 450mila,  pari allo 0,35%, sparsi in 16 diocesi.  Caritas Italiana esprime solidarietà e vicinanza nella preghiera a Caritas Giappone e alla  popolazione colpita ed è pronta, in collegamento con la rete internazionale, a sostenerne  gli sforzi una volta messo a punto un piano di primo intervento.  Resta anche in contatto con le altre Caritas del Pacifico per monitorare l’evolversi  dell’allerta tsunami. In particolare gli operatori di Caritas Italiana in Indonesia riferiscono al momento, dopo l’allarme lanciato, di una vigile situazione di attesa. Per sostenere gli interventi in corso si possono inviare offerte a Caritas Italiana tramite   C/C POSTALE N. 347013 specificando nella causale: maremoto Pacifico 2011.  Offerte sono possibili anche tramite altri canali, tra cui:
• UniCredit, via Taranto 49, Roma – Iban: IT 88 U 02008 05206 000011063119
• Intesa Sanpaolo, via Aurelia 396/A, Roma – Iban: IT 95 M 03069 05098 100000005384
• Banca Popolare Etica, via Parigi 17, Roma – Iban: IT 29 U 05018 03200 000000011113
• CartaSi e Diners telefonando a Caritas Italiana tel. 06 66177001 (orario d’ufficio)

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Haiti earthquake six months on

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 9 luglio 2010

Caritas has helped more than 2.3 million Haitians six months after an earthquake in January.  The devastating 7 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti on 12th January 2010. It left over 230,000 dead and many more people homeless and injured. Bishop Pierre Dumas, President of Caritas Haiti, said, “Six months ago the devastating earthquake destroyed the foundations of social life in Haiti and plunged many families into grief and distress. Today, Caritas continues to share the joys and miseries, the sorrows and hopes of this nation and its crucified history. Caritas has provided food, water, shelter, healthcare, sanitation, counselling and protection at a cost of US$46.8 million (€37.4 million). Up to 1.5 million people received food aid and close to 400,000 people benefited from Caritas healthcare programmes following the disaster. However, major challenges remain for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of Haiti such as housing.  Over one million people still live in makeshift settlements and camps around the capital Port-au-Prince and providing them with better accommodation ahead of the imminent rainy season is essential. Caritas has provided emergency shelter or temporary homes to almost 160,000 people in Port-au-Prince and in rural areas since the earthquake struck. Caritas is currently developing a rehabilitation and reconstruction plan for the next five years. Caritas will provide further aid all throughout this rebuilding period. The focus will mainly be on shelter, education, disaster risk reduction, health and livelihood recovery.

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Haiti three months after earthquake

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 10 aprile 2010

Progress is underway in Haiti as Caritas relief efforts have reached more than 1.5 million survivors three months after a devastating earthquake. The 12 January quake killed 230,000 people, destroyed infrastructure, affected three million people, and pushed a poor and underdeveloped country further into misery. Caritas members from over 60 countries have been supporting relief efforts to provide food, shelter, livelihoods, clean water, a safe place for children to play and learn, healthcare, and trauma counselling. Caritas has spent over US $14 million (Euro 10 million) so far and plans to respond to the emergency in Haiti over the next five years to help Haitians build a self-sufficient country.  Caritas shelter programmes have provided 100,000 people with tents or tarpaulins in the capital Port-au-Prince, in Léogâne, Jacmel and other communities. Working with affected communities means providing meals for 1.5 million people, trucking in 30,000 gallons of clean water to four camps every day, building latrines and giving out hygiene kits, jerry cans, and water purification kits.  Caritas is also working with the international community on finding safer places for people at present in makeshift camps to move to while ensuring their rights are respected. To prepare Haiti’s regions for an influx of 600,000 displaced people from the capital, Caritas has distributed emergency food aid in areas preparing for an influx of 600,000 people.
Caritas cash-for-work programmes have employed 2,000 Haitians since the quake. Canals posing a serious health threat in Solino camp in Port-au-Prince have been cleared. A home for the elderly and the disabled and a primary school in Léogâne have been made safe for use. Hiring people to help clean up also injects cash into the local economy. Over 350,000 people in Haiti have benefited from Caritas healthcare programmes. These include trauma care, 480 surgeries, and primary care in 21 hospitals and heath posts, distribution of health kits and medicine, and supporting a public health campaign. As part of that, Caritas is working with graffiti artist Jerry Rosembert to create city wide signs in Port-au-Prince to remind people to wash their hands.   Caritas held two seed fairs in the south for farmers, who were given vouchers so they can get the seeds, fertilizer and supplies they need from local merchants. Caritas is also working with farmers to prevent soil erosion by encouraging them to plant fruit trees with their regular annual crops.  Caritas staff give counselling to more than 2,000 children in camps. Counselling has been set up to help children and give them back some normality in their lives. 25 school tents have been set up and 53 schools have received materials so they can begin lessons again. Caritas is also working on family reunion programs for children that were separated from their parents in the earthquake.

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Haiti one month after earthquake

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 13 febbraio 2010

The Haitian government has declared Friday 12 to Monday 15 February as days of prayers as Haitians remember loved ones on the one month anniversary of a devastating earthquake. At least 230,000 people were killed in the 12 January quake. Half a million people were made homeless, many of whom are now in makeshift camps in Port-au-Prince, and towns such as Carrefour, Gressier and Léogane.  The Apostolic Nuncio to Haiti, Archbishop Bernardito Cleopas Auza, hosted a Caritas meeting Thursday at the Holy See’s Embassy in Port-au-Prince to look at relief operations and longer term challenges such as education, agriculture, reconstruction and preparing for disasters.  Participating at the meeting were Caritas Internationalis Secretary General Lesley-Anne Knight, Caritas Latin America and Caribbean President Bishop Fernando Bargallo,  Caritas organisations from around the world, and Caritas Haiti’s diocesan directors.  Caritas Internationalis Secretary General Lesley-Anne Knight said, “Caritas is committed to not just rebuilding destroyed infrastructure but also to securing the dignity and sustainable development of all Haitians.”  So far, Caritas Haiti and American Caritas member Catholic Relief Services (CRS) have given out emergency shelter kits at Pétionville Club, reaching 35,000 people. A further 10,000 shelter kits have been prepared for distribution this week and 5000 tents from Caritas Austria have arrived.   Caritas has provided over 200,000 people with food, 10,000 people with medical supplies, and over 60,000 people with other essential aid items. CRS has also distributed UN World Food Programme rice to 198,955 people, and hopes to complete the special distribution within a week, reaching an estimated 257,455 people. Caritas is providing healthcare in ten sites, plus trained 40 people to deliver promoting public health messages in the camps. The Caritas supported St. Francois de Sales Hospital is performing 20-25 surgeries every day.

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Relief operation in Haiti

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 24 gennaio 2010

Words cannot describe the devastation that has been wrought on Haiti by the January 12 earthquake. Parts of the capital Port-au-Prince look worse than many war zones.  After two days in the city, I have seen the depth of grief and the massive needs the quake has left in its wake. This is the most complex operation WFP has ever launched. Haiti’s entire supply chain infrastructure has been devastated, and we have been faced with launching an operation from scratch.  WFP is pushing food supplies to the worst affected through five corridors. Our initial response – which was launched within 24 hours of the quake – has focused on targeting the most vulnerable, especially women and children. Our capacity to ramp up the operation is growing on a daily basis.  On Friday, we delivered about two million meals – a significant increase on the 1.2 million meals distributed on Thursday. We are getting the job done, even if we wish we could do more, quicker.  In my discussions with the President and Prime Minister of Haiti, the UN Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), as well as other partners such as the United States and the European Union, I have been encouraged to find genuine cooperation and coordination. This will allow us to knit together the operation over the coming weeks, in a way that will ensure every Haitian who needs assistance, gets it.  Let me not forget my staff at WFP Haiti. Ninety percent of them have lost their homes, all of them are grieving the loss of friends and loved ones – and yet they have returned to work with a remarkable resilience of spirit and determination to help their country back to its feet.  I was able to spend time with them, camping out in tent as all our staff are doing, and listen to their heartbreaking stories of loss.  I salute them, and admire them deeply.  My heart also goes out to our sister agencies, who lost many beloved staff members, but who nonetheless carry out their important work.  None of us can count the human cost of this disaster, but generous action can help alleviate the suffering. For WFP to do its work, we’ll need the support of the international community for many months to come, and at a level that no one had initially anticipated. We thank those that have stepped forward so generously already – the people of Haiti need your continued support now more than ever.

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About the recent Sumatran earthquake

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 10 ottobre 2009

By Tim O’Connor, Caritas Australia: “I was just thinking I have to save my Adik (little brother)”, says Eman a construction worker with an incredible story of courage and survival in the wake of the recent Sumatran earthquake. It was 5.16pm local time on a humid 30th of September in Padang city. was working with his friend Eman and their team on the seventh floor of a construction site and their long day was nearing an end. Yet everything was about to change. Within seconds the building was shaking violently and huge chunks of concrete and debris began to rain down. The workers quickly fled to get out to the street below. But as they did, Ramlan was left behind. In this earthquake prone province, it is well known that the first quake is often followed by aftershocks. Lying in the billowing dust Ramlan quickly realized he must free his leg and get down before the building crumbled. He was stuck fast though and no matter how hard he pulled, his leg was trapped. And with it, he was too.The awareness quickly dawned.  Thinking quickly, he reached into his pocket and called his friend and co-worker Eman. Seeing Ramlan trapped, Eman quickly assessed the situation. He found a concrete trowel and handed it to his friend who attempted again to sever the lower leg. It too was not sharp enough. Eman looked around and found a wood saw. nforever, Ramlan due to his own courage and the solidarity of his friend Eman, is now on the mend. Despite the tragedy there is no hint of it in the eyes of the young Ramlan. His smile lights up the makeshift ward. The resilience of Ramlan is undoubtedly exceptional but the strength of the people affected by the earthquake is seen across the devastated area. Ramlan, like all the people across Padang and throughout the neighbouring provinces that have been affected by this earthquake, have had their lives changed forever. Caritas and our local partners will be there for the long haul to make sure we give them all the support they require. (abstract)

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Many dead and buried in Indonesia

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 ottobre 2009

Hundreds people are dead and thousands more buried under rubble following a massive earthquake which hit the city of Padang in Indonesia today. Caritas staff on the ground are carrying out assessments on the number of casualties and the needs of survivors of the 7.6 magnitude earthquake. Staff report difficulties in gathering information from Padang as few phone lines work. The main airport in  West Sumatra, where the earthquake struck was initially closed after the disaster, but has now reopened. There are some difficulties in accessing Padang by road from some directions An international Caritas team is preparing to head to Padang as part of ongoing evaluations. Temporary shelter is needed as many people fled their homes during the tremors and are afraid to return as a large number of houses were are in a perilous state. Other damage so far includes a collapsed bridge and damage to a hospital. The Caritas team will make a quick assessment of needs of survivors and coordinate the response.  This is the second powerful earthquake to hit Indonesia in a month. On 2 September, Java suffered a 7.2 magnitude earthquake which killed dozens of people.

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Honduras assesses damage following powerful earthquake

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 30 maggio 2009

A powerful earthquake struck off the coast of Honduras in the early hours of yesterday morning, killing six people and injuring a dozen people. At least four of the people killed were children between the ages 3 and 15.  The 7.1 magnitude tremor seriously damaged a bridge and dozens of houses and blocked some roads.  The epicentre was out in to sea, to the north of the Caribbean island of Roatan. But the tremor was felt as far away as Mexico. It is said to be the strongest earthquake to hit Honduras in ten years.  Departments which were heavily affected include San Pedro Sula, Atlántida, Yoro, Cortés, Lempira, Santa Bárbara, Comayagua and Colón.  The initial tremor lasted for around 40 seconds and aftershocks were felt in the following hours. Caritas is currently assessing its plan of action. In many cases, Caritas is active in the long-haul period of recovery following natural disasters in which it provides aid and moral support to people who have been affected. Last year, Caritas President, Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, himself a Honduran national, was presented with an award by the Peruvian Government in recognition of his work to help those affected by Peru’s 2007 earthquake.

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