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Dublin enters the top ten most liveable cities for Europeans

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 febbraio 2019

Dublin has re-entered the top ten most liveable cities, becoming one of the most attractive cities in Europe for European expats. Cities around the world are evaluated annually by ECA International (ECA) on a variety of liveability factors including availability of health services; housing and utilities; isolation; access to a social network and leisure facilities; infrastructure; climate; personal safety; political tensions and air quality.
ECA’s annual Location Ratings survey has followed Dublin’s steady rise in recent years as liveability in Ireland’s capital started to become one of the most desirable in Europe, and indeed, the world. This year Dublin re-entered the top ten in joint ninth place with Gothenburg and Luxembourg, offering the most superior living conditions for European expats. Dublin also came in at 23rd place for Asians expats, beating many Asian locations including Hong Kong, which is 41st.“Dublin has seen a return to the top ten after dropping out in 2017 due to a shortage of suitable housing for expatriates in the city. However, our research reveals a general opinion from the expat community that they feel safer in Dublin after dark, which has improved the city’s personal security score this year,” said Neil Ashman, Senior Location Ratings Analyst at ECA International, global mobility experts.“Dublin has a strong international expat community, which is why it also scores well for Asian expats versus cities such as Hong Kong that suffered disruption and considerable damage caused by Typhoon Mangkhut in September,” explained Ashman.ECA’s Location Ratings system objectively evaluates a host of factors to form an assessment of the overall quality of living in over 480 locations worldwide. The system helps companies establish appropriate allowances to compensate employees for the adjustment required when going on international assignment. The impact of some of the factors assessed will vary according to the home location of the assignee.Northern European cities continue to dominate the top of the rankings. Alongside Dublin, cities in northern European and Scandinavian nations once again dominate the top of the liveability rankings. Copenhagen in Denmark and Bern in Switzerland offer the best liveability standards for European expats, scoring at the top of ECA’s ranking for over seven years. Alongside Dublin, cities in northern European and Scandinavian nations once again dominate the top ten most liveable locations for European expats. The Netherlands and Switzerland each have three cities within the top ten.

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According to the latest Salary Trends

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 novembre 2018

Report by ECA International (ECA), UK employees in the private sector are expected to see a real salary increase of 0.8 percent in 2019, the equivalent of almost £20 a month (£237.35 per annum) for the average worker¹ before tax. This is following a better than expected salary increase for UK workers in 2018 (0.4 percent), originally forecasted to be among the lowest in Europe at 0.2 percent.The real salary increase is calculated based on the difference between the forecast nominal salary increase (3 percent in the UK) and inflation² (2.2 percent).A significant factor which could impact these figures however, is the UK’s impending withdrawal from the EU.The annual Salary Trends Report from global mobility experts ECA International, analyses current and projected salary increases for local employees in 69 countries across the world.
The average real salary increase across Europe is expected to be 0.8 percent, unchanged from 2018, while inflation in Europe is forecast to be the lowest in the world next year at 1.8 percent on average.After employees in Ukraine experienced a -0.9 percent decrease to their salaries in 2018, the improved inflation forecast in the country means that workers look set to receive a real salary increase of 2.7 percent – the highest in Europe next year. Ukraine is also the only European country to be in the top 10 for highest real salary increases in the world next year, and the only nation outside of the Asia-Pacific region.
Asian nations once again dominate the global top twenty highest wage increases. 14 of the top twenty, and all but one of the top ten, are Asian countries.
India tops the rankings for 2019, where employees are forecast to receive a 5.1 percent real salary increase, over six times more than employees in the UK.
Although employees in the United States are forecast to receive a slightly higher real pay rise than those in the UK (0.9 percent), it still falls below the average real salary increase in the Americas which is predicted to be 1.5 percent. Inflation in the Americas remains higher than average at 3.2 percent on average, compared with the global average of 2.3 percent.
However, employees in Peru look set to benefit from the lowest inflation in the region in 2019, making it the highest salary increase expected in the Americas at 2.5 percent.
Argentina sits at the bottom of ECA’s table, with the forecast predicting a -8.7 percent decrease in the average real salary. This comes off the back of a -11.6 percent decrease in real salaries in 2018.
Kilfedder said “The bad news continues for workers in Argentina with another decrease in their real wages predicted for the coming year. The economic policies of President Macri, that were designed to reverse years of economic turmoil, have failed – resulting in an International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout of over USD 56bn. With inflation set to remain sky-high at 31.7 percent, far outstripping salary increases, another decrease in Argentinian real salaries now looks inevitable.” High inflation continues to suppress pay increases in Africa, Middle Eastern outlook is mixed. Although employers in Egypt, Nigeria and Turkey are expected to offer among the highest nominal pay increases next year, high levels of inflation mean employees in each of these countries will likely receive real pay decreases of 1 percent, 3.2 percent and 6.7 percent respectively. However, workers in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates are expected to see a boost in 2019 compared to this past year as inflation in most parts of the Middle East looks set to ease.Kilfedder said “The real salaries in Saudi Arabia and the UAE look set to increase to 2.0 percent and 2.1 percent respectively after a disappointing 2018 which saw a drop in salary increases for both nations. This is a result of inflation easing after a short-lived spike last year following the introduction of a 5 percent VAT in January 2018.”

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Northern European cities offer best living conditions and in the world

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 24 marzo 2018

Copenhagen and Bern offer the best living standards in the world for expatriates according to a report by global mobility experts, ECA International (ECA).
Analysing a range of ‘liveability’ scores for Europeans moving abroad, from air pollution and personal security, to language barriers and isolation, ECA reveals cities in Denmark, Switzerland and the Netherlands offer Europeans the best living standards overall.According to ECA’s annual report, living standards in London do not score as well in comparison. The UK capital features further down in the liveability rankings mainly due to higher air pollution levels and crime rates. Glasgow is the only UK city that scores worse, primarily due to a more limited access to schools offering an international curriculum.
“London does not score as well as most other UK locations in our report due to higher levels of crime and air pollution, although this is to be expected for a city of its size,” said Neil Ashman, Senior Location Ratings Analyst at ECA International. “Even so, when compared to other major capital cities in Europe such as Madrid, Berlin, Lisbon and Brussels, we can see that London’s overall living conditions are still slightly worse – with only Rome scoring lower. However, London is still relatively high in the rankings and scores very well in areas such as recreation and the quality of healthcare, so there are still many positives for an expatriate moving to the UK’s capital city.”Although Berlin’s scores for natural phenomena and language limitations are worse than London’s, crime is considered somewhat less of an issue based on expatriate feedback and external sources. The same goes for Lisbon and Madrid, where although the language barrier is more of an issue, both cities score better for crime.Eastern European cities tend to be some of the worst-performing European locations, with Belgrade, Sarajevo and Minsk all outside the top 100 in the rankings. However, Chisinau, Moldova is the worst-performing European city on the list at a lowly 198th. The Moldovan capital scores poorly on a range of criteria, including availability of healthcare and international schooling.
Canadian cities in ECA’s report score better than many cities in Europe. Air pollution is low, personal security is good, and most Canadians speak English (which cannot be said for most cities in Spain and Italy, for example). Many Canadians also speak French, the third most widely spoken language in Europe.
“Canadian cities, namely Toronto and Vancouver, are relatively easy for European expatriates to adapt to thanks to excellent infrastructure and facilities coupled with low levels of pollution and crime,” explained Ashman. “It’s for the same reasons that Canberra in Australia and Wellington in New Zealand also score well for Europeans despite their geographical distance from home.”Austin and Boston in the USA also score better than some cities in the UK, France and Italy despite their distance from Europe, again due to lower air pollution as well as a better language score. English is of course spoken by the majority of residents in the US; however, Spanish is also widely spoken in Texas due to its Mexican influence.
Singapore offers the best quality of living for European expats in Asia, mostly due to its culture score compared to other Asian cities. Singapore is also considered to be much safer in terms of personal security than many European cities.
“The large number of expats in Singapore, combined with a low crime rate and lower levels of pollution than many of its regional neighbours, means it remains the most liveable city in Asia for Europeans,” said Ashman.South American locations tend to feature lower down the rankings for European expats, with Montevideo, Uruguay and Santiago, Chile the only cities to feature in the top 125. However, compared with many other South American cities in the list, Montevideo has a very favourable score for socio-political tension, as well as relatively low crime rates, making it the most liveable South American location for Europeans.
Although Port Louis has a fairly high natural phenomena score due to frequent cyclones in the area, the capital city of Mauritius has good air pollution and culture scores.
Ashman explained, “Port Louis has a population where many of the residents speak both French and English. Socio-political tensions in Port Louis are also much lower than in most other cities in Africa.”
Cape Town in South Africa follows Port Louis. Although the city offers a much better score for both natural phenomena and quality of healthcare, its overall rank is below Port Louis. This is mainly due to the very high crime levels the city experiences. There are also issues with utility provision, as evidenced by the extreme water shortages currently being experienced. High crime levels in most African cities make Africa generally the most difficult region to live in.

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Top 20 most liveable locations for Asian expatriates

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 13 marzo 2018

Singapore is once again the most liveable city in the world for Asian expatriates. This was one of the conclusions of the latest Location Ratings survey published by global mobility expert, ECA International.“Singapore has traditionally sat at the top of the ECA rankings and this year is no different,” said Lee Quane, Regional Director – Asia at ECA International. “This is due to a combination of factors such as low crime rates, easy access to good quality schools and healthcare and lower levels of pollution than a lot of other locations in the region”.Updated annually, ECA’s Location Ratings system objectively evaluates a host of factors to form an assessment of the overall quality of living in over 480 locations worldwide. The system helps companies establish appropriate allowances to compensate employees for the adjustment required when going on international assignment. Factors assessed include climate; availability of health services; housing and utilities; isolation; access to a social network and leisure facilities; infrastructure; personal safety; political tensions; and air quality. The impact of some of the factors assessed will vary according to the home location of the assignee.
Elsewhere in Asia, Hong Kong is only joint 28th in ECA’s Asian rankings for expat quality of life.
Quane said “Hong Kong has failed to see an improvement on its score from last year and continues to suffer from long-term air quality and pollution issues which has seen it stay in the low position in the rankings”.The majority of Chinese cities saw a fall in ECA’s rankings. Beijing saw the biggest drop, falling 10 places to 134th on the list.Quane said “With only a few exceptions, Chinese cities saw a drop in their liveability scores for expats. This was mainly due to the increase in internet censorship and the ban on virtual private networks (VPNs) in the past 12 months, as well as the worsening pollution in a number of Chinese locations included in the survey”.Meanwhile, Kuala Lumpur features at a lowly 126th in ECA’s rankings for Asian expats.Quane explained, “In the last five years, Kuala Lumpur has seen a drop in the rankings, falling from 25th to outside the top 100. One of the main causes for this is that whilst other locations have improved their air quality, the high levels of pollution in Kuala Lumpur, coupled with relatively high rates of petty crime, have seen the city slip down the rankings.” “However, the Malaysian capital scores well in categories such as utilities and the availability of housing, so there are still positives for any Asian expatriate moving to Kuala Lumpur.” Quane continued. Taipei is the highest ranked Taiwanese city, featuring at joint 65th on the list.
Quane said, “The main issue for any expatriates moving to Taiwan is the heightened risk of natural disaster in the area. This includes phenomena such as earthquakes and typhoons which, although rare, mean that Taiwanese cities are not considered as liveable as many other locations in Asia.” Japanese cities continue to perform strongly in the liveability rankings, with all the surveyed Japanese locations featuring in the top 40 places for Asian expatriates.Quane said, “Japanese cities are consistently among the best locations for Asian expatriates to relocate to. This is due to, among many things, the excellent facilities and infrastructure, as well as the prevalence of a range of goods and services. Tokyo especially has become increasingly attractive to expats and climbs into the top 10 this year.”
Outside of Asia, Australia leads the way for Asian expats, with Brisbane as the second most liveable location and Sydney and Adelaide in joint third. Quane explained, “Australian cities always tend to perform strongly in terms of liveability for Asian expats due to the excellent facilities and infrastructure, as well as the generally low levels of crime and air pollution”.In Europe, Copenhagen leads the way in 10th place whilst London lags behind in joint 67th. New York is similarly low in the rankings as the joint 82nd most liveable location for Asian expatriates. Quane said, “It may be surprising to some that London and New York do not score as well as many other European and North American locations on the list, but this is due primarily to higher levels of crime and air pollution. However, this is to be expected for cities of this size and both locations are relatively high up the rankings when looking at the full list.”

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