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Elke Krystufek Der Sex ist im Text

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 maggio 2009

elkeZurich Galerie Nicola von Senger  Limmatstrasse 275 –  I’ll say it straight away – SEX is something special. You won’t agree with me. Nevertheless language is also in a perpetual state of flux and the number of women who play a part in determining the language that we speak is increasing. The number is growing just as women’s bodies in general have been designed for expansion and reproduction. Still in 2009, impressed with towers, the money machine is falling apart unfortunately but reproduction remains. We need to talk again. We have to talk about how we solve this problem with the MONEY. No more quick promises, we want the realities. Invest more in real estate, but then the endless new properties stand empty, therefore we need paintings to fill these properties with meaning. Or refugees. Migrants are always grateful for the large number of empty real estate speculation projects. How much space does a person need and can he pay for it? Can he pay for the image of a person. So you pay me for my picture. No, this sort of thing doesn’t actually belong in a press release, I just wanted to seduce you to buy one of my works. With my charm, my evening gown and my biography, I wanted to seduce you into buying a painting from me. You can google me and you can see just how much I’ve accomplished in the last 20 years, what I’m still accomplishing and how much I’ll accomplish next year. (image elke)

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