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After the Greek psychodrama, what improvements for the EMU?

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 1 ottobre 2015

Pierre MoscoviciPierre Moscovici, European Commissionner for Economic and Financial Affairs, Taxation and Customs, takes a stand on the future of the EMU after the Greek crisis in this Tribune reproducing the speech he delivered in a conference organised in Paris by the Jacques Delors Institute and the MACIF, on the 24 September 2015.After having underlined that Jacques Delors “needs people to pick up the beacon that he lit and to follow in his footsteps”, Pierre Moscovici came back on the Greek crisis and the lessons that should be drawn from it, in two parts:
1. What the crisis revealed about European governance
2. The necessity for a profound reform of EMU governance
He concludes by stressing the need to “finally give the single currency the political and democratic architecture that it so sorely needs”.
Pierre Moscovici, Commissaire européen aux Affaires économiques et financières, à la Fiscalité et à l’Union douanière prend position sur l’avenir de l’UEM après la crise grecque dans cette tribune reproduisant le discours qu’il a prononcé à l’occasion de la conférence organisée par l’Institut Jacques Delors et la MACIF à Paris le 24 septembre 2015.Après avoir souligné que Jacques Delors “a plus que jamais besoin d’une postérité”, Pierre Moscovici est revenu sur la crise grecque et les leçons à en tirer, en deux temps:
1. Ce que la crise grecque a dévoilé de la gouvernance européenne
2. La nécessité d’une profonde réforme de la gouvernance de l’UEM
Il conclut son propos en soulignant la nécessité de “donner enfin à la monnaie unique, l’architecture politique et démocratique dont elle a tant besoin”. (Photo: Pierre Moscovici)

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Revisit European fiscal policy

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 settembre 2015

eurozonaFollowing what seems to be the end of hostile negotiations, our three presidents Jacques Delors, Pascal Lamy, António Vitorino and Henrik Enderlein and Gerhard Cromme, analyse the dangers and opportunities resulting from the agreement for a strengthening of the EMU.They identify notably the risks of complacency, the start of a blaming game, and of “fiddling about” in the absence of a long-term strategy and a political vision of the EMU.However, this agreement could also prove to be a basis for intelligent reforms that push to revisit European fiscal policy, and to reinforce investment and integration.The authors calls for greater Franco-German cooperation in order to finally realize the historic goal of completing the EMU. (Photo:euro)

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Endowing the EMU with a Social Dimension

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 4 novembre 2013

Our October Viewpoint, co-signed by Jacques Delors and Sofia Fernandes, comes back on the necessity for endowing the EMU with a social dimension treating four complementary issues:
1 – A social dimension based on the completion ofthe EMU and respect for national competences;
2 – A social dimension to limit the negative impact of the single currency on national welfare states;
3 – A social dimension to ensure the smooth functioning of the EMU;
4 – A mainstreamed EMU social dimension toact not as a curb on EU-28 Social Europe but as a driving force behind it.
This social dimension is necessary on several counts: not only to compensate for the impact of the crisis but also to limit the negative impact of the common currency on national welfare states, to ensure the smooth functioning of the euro area and to reconcile Europe’s citizens with the European project.

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