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KBRA Releases Research – KBRA Zooms in on Canadian Energy

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 maggio 2019

Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA) releases a new report focusing on Canadian Energy. As KBRA expands our energy sector coverage, we would be remiss if we overlooked what is taking place in Canada. In the KBRA Zooms in on Canadian Energy report, we highlight our credit views on a sample portfolio of 60 Canadian energy producers and discusses policy decisions by the sovereign and sub-sovereign governments that have an impact on the sector. The report also provides an overview of the dynamics underway in Canada’s oil sector in regard to pricing, supply, and exports. On balance, KBRA leans toward being constructive on the sector over the long term as infrastructure shortfalls are more likely to be addressed. Our view on the sector considers the improving performance of the model portfolio of Canadian energy corporates over the last two years as well as the policy environment, which may turn out to be the fulcrum that rebalances Canada’s energy story toward a more positive direction. This commentary builds on KBRA’s emphasis on bringing together viewpoints and expertise from across the company, in this case Sovereigns and Corporates, in order to maximize analytical depth.
KBRA is a full-service credit rating agency registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as an NRSRO. In addition, KBRA is designated as a designated rating organization by the Ontario Securities Commission for issuers of asset-backed securities to file a short form prospectus or shelf prospectus. KBRA is also recognized by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners as a Credit Rating Provider and is a certified Credit Rating Agency (CRA) by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). Kroll Bond Rating Agency Europe Limited is registered with ESMA as a CRA.

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Miami Valley Seniors Receive Energy Leadership Scholarships at the Ohio Youth Energy Celebration

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 10 maggio 2019

As part of the Youth Energy Celebration, hosted by Ohio Energy Project (OEP), Dayton Power and Light (DP&L) and Vectren Energy Delivery of Ohio (Vectren), a CenterPoint Energy Company, awarded Energy Leadership Scholarships to three high school seniors planning for careers in energy.The recognition event was held at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, where three local area students were presented the 2019 DP&L and Vectren Leadership Scholarship. Chloe Spencer of West Liberty-Salem High School, Erin Tebbe of Twin Valley High School and Alexander House of Oakwood High School will each receive $1,000 towards their college expenses.
Chloe Spencer plans to attend the University of Toledo majoring in chemical engineering. Erin Tebbe is heading to Purdue University to study engineering. Alexander House will major in aerospace engineering at the University of Cincinnati.Each year, DP&L teams up with Vectren to host the OEP Energy Fair teaching young people about energy efficiency through hands-on sessions that allow high school students to mentor their younger counterparts. These companies generously provide funding for the curriculum, training and materials that promote energy literacy and leadership for students and their families each year.DP&L was also recognized by OEP for its long-standing partnership and contributions to the program. The award celebrates a 30-year milestone of continued support and participation in the program.In addition, DP&L has sponsored the Be E3 Smart energy efficiency program since 2009. As a result, more than 50,000 energy efficiency kits have been sent home through the classroom. DP&L is supporting the AEGIS Energy Bike building program for the fifth year.
Two area teachers were honored with the Excellence in Energy Efficiency award. Jovita Wade, an intervention specialist at Fairborn High School, received the DP&L Teacher Award and Heidi Edwards, a science educator from Oakwood High School in Dayton, received the Vectren Teacher Award. Both award recipients have participated in OEP programs for several years, tailoring their curriculums to foster the next generation of energy leaders and conservation thinkers.

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Energy efficiency and renewable energy development – the main requirements for sustainable energy development

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 aprile 2019

Universal access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy is one of the 17 global goals of the UN 2030 agenda for sustainable development. One of the VIII Global Energy Prize Summit`s round tables, held at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, was devoted to the discussion of the requirements for achieving this goal. Representatives of the energy sector from 6 countries identified the economic, environmental, social aspects of the energy goal of the 2030-agenda, as well as the role of international energy cooperation.
In recent years, the proportion of the world’s population with access to electricity has increased from 78% to 87%, thanks to recent progress in electrification, especially in economically backward countries. However, nearly one billion people worldwide still have no access to electricity. Given that energy demand continues to grow, it will require significant investment in infrastructure, systemic integration and strong political action. In this scenario, the share of renewables in the global energy mix will be 50% by 2035 and carbon emissions due to the decrease in demand for coal will be reduced, says Marta Bonifert, Member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, Board Member of the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF), Environment and Sustainability WS Leader. She also added that the key to success in achieving the UN goals is the joint work of all state and non-state actors. “We need visionary transformational leaders, as well as leadership from government, science, politics, business and society, to lead this process. The Global Energy Prize is a vivid example of this and a real accelerator of change”. For 17 years, it has played a crucial role in the field of energy, showing the world of scientists whose innovative developments are transformative, expand the boundaries of science and open up new opportunities for humanity,” the expert concluded.
The importance of abandoning hydrocarbon sources for sustainable energy development was stressed by David Faiman, Member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, Professor Emeritus of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. According to him, solar and wind power plants can suspend the construction of new CHP. Thus, 348 billion kW of electricity generated annually by fossil-fuel power plants can be replaced by the construction of 232 GW of new photovoltaic power plants and 199 GW of wind generators. The construction of new power plants can be achieved through the sale of bonds. Such a power plant could generate more revenue per year and cover the cost of construction of the next one. According to the expert, it is necessary to increase the generation of energy from solar and wind power stations by 3-5 times to achieve the sustainable development goals, but this requires political will and concerted actions of various states. David Faiman`s idea about the future weakening influence of traditional energy sources was supported by William Byun, Member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, Managing Director at Asia Renewables, Head of Greenpower fuels and Principal at Conchubar Infrastructure Fund. According to him, global investment in coal-fired power plants will decline, but demand for electricity, especially in developing countries, will continue to grow and increase by 30% by 2035. Therefore, it is necessary to rapidly increase RES, and public and corporate investments in research and development can contribute to this process.The massive development of renewable energy sources is indispensable condition for achieving the seventh sustainable development goal – was accepted by all participants in the discussion. And most often, the advantages of using solar and wind energy were cited as an example. However, Tom Blees, Member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, President of the Science Council for Global Initiatives (SCGI), believes that solar and wind energy is not enough to cover the growing demand for electricity. “Wind and solar power plants require areas equal to South America to provide environmentally friendly electricity to every citizen of the Earth”, he said. The expert is convinced that nuclear energy is the key to achieving sustainable energy development. Among the promising options for nuclear installations, he highlights the low-pressure thorium reactors on molten salts. According to the project, such installations can be located on ships and transported to regions in need of electricity. Thus, they can become available sources of energy, especially for developing countries that do not have the means to build their own nuclear facilities. As a result, it will improve the quality of life of their citizens and raise production.Summing up the discussion, the experts made a conclusion that with the increase in the population, the need for clean energy will only grow. To meet the demand for electricity, it is necessary to increase the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix, improve energy efficiency, increase investment in clean energy sources, and all these measures should be taken into account the socio-economic aspects of a region. At the same time, states must show the political will to achieve a single solution that is environmentally and economically effective as well as socially just. (font: Global Energy Prize Public Relations)

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The energy of the new technological cycle requires large-scale investments and decisive political action

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 aprile 2019

Currently existing technologies for clean power requiring carbon capture and storage increase the cost of electricity by about 60%. New low-cost power systems based on oxy-fuel supercritical CO₂ will be commercially available in the mid-2020s. The so-called “Allam cycle” provides an opportunity not only to produce energy without harmful atmospheric emissions, but also has the additional advantage of low cost for electricity generation (6 cents per kilowatt).Sergey Alekseenko, the 2018 Global Energy Prize laureate, Head of the heat and mass transfer laboratory of the Institute for Thermophysics of the RAS Siberian Branch, underlined the importance of the development of environmentally friendly and efficient technologies to process fossil fuels. In particular, combined-cycle plants and advanced coal processing are the most important steps towards the decarbonization of energy. Although fossil fuels will remain a priority energy source for resource-rich countries Alekseenko stated the world energy mix will radically change due to the development of renewable energy sources (RES), which will start to dominate the global energy balance after 2050. Geothermal energy, and more specifically –petrothermal systems– ( based on hot dry rocks found from 3 to 10 km beneath the surface with temperatures up to 350°C) are the most promising procedures of generating alternative energy, Alekseenko highlighted. In contrast to the variability of sun and wind energy, “Petrothermal energy is on-demand and does not require any energy storage solutions. However, solar and wind energy will likely remain the predominant part of the global energy mix in the future. Therefore the development of renewable energy sources must be accompanied by the creation of efficient energy storage systems,” the scientist mentioned. Further elaborating on the imperative transition to renewable energy sources, Xiansheng Sun, Member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee and Secretary General of the International Energy Forum, stated that countries are trying to find an even balance between economic development and the solution of a variety of environmental issues. However, natural disasters caused by climate change are drivers that redirect counties’ development strategies. In pursuit of viable, sustainable energy markets, both corporations and developed countries are turning to new technologies, such as carbon capture, storage and utilization systems, big data analytics, automation, robotics, electric cars and smart grids.
Participants of the Summit concluded that the main challenge for the development of energy in the new technological cycle lies in the hands of political decision makers. While the leading scientists in the field are confident that efficient, environmentally friendly and economically viable technologies are available to provide holistic solutions that were previously impossible, politicians are called upon to take the necessary hard decisions today.

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NGL Energy Partners LP to Attend Mizuho Energy Summit

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 1 aprile 2019

NGL Energy Partners LP (NYSE:NGL) announced today that it will attend the 3rd Annual Mizuho Energy Summit in Napa, California on April 1– 2, 2019. Members of NGL’s management team will be participating in a series of one-on-one meetings with members of the investment community at the conference.NGL’s slide presentation referenced at the Conference will be available on NGL’s website at on the “Presentations” sub-tab under the “Investor Relations” section on Monday, April 1, 2019.
NGL Energy Partners LP is a Delaware limited partnership. NGL owns and operates a vertically integrated energy business with four primary businesses: water solutions, crude oil logistics, NGL logistics and refined products/renewables. For further information, visit the Partnership’s website at

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Energy: Platinum Power Resumes Normal Activity

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 26 marzo 2019

The president of the Commercial Court of Casablanca ruled today in favor of Omar Belmamoun, CEO of Platinum Power. The company will not be put in bankruptcy. As such, the judge dismissed the US shareholder Michael Toporek. The request has therefore been closed.
The chief executive officer of Platinum Power has indeed presented the necessary guarantees required by the president of the court in order to definitively eliminate the risk of dissolution.”We have made every effort to ensure that the shareholder conflict does not impact the company and its activities. This work has been achieved thanks to the implementation of a new unified governance, “said Omar Belmamoun, CEO of Platinum Power.This decision marks the end of a period of uncertainty. The General Meeting held on February 5, 2019, marked the continuation of the activities of the company and also appointed a new board of directors. Omar Belmamoun has been reappointed CEO of Platinum Power with the mission of restoring the social situation of the company with regard to strategic projects on which it is engaged in Africa.”Our main objective during this period of turmoil was to preserve the company and sustain African projects on which we are committed,” said Omar Belmamoun.Belmamoun added: “We are indeed fully aware that Platinum Power is a national flagship in the field of renewable energy and more specifically the hydroelectric sector. Our responsibility goes beyond Platinum Power because we have a duty to carry the Moroccan flag in this sector at the continental level and we will do everything to live up to this mission. “Platinum Power is therefore in a new dynamic that will now be supported by a strong desire to put the company in a cycle of growth and the continued development of its strategic projects both in Moroccan and sub-Saharan markets.

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CyrusOne Moves London Sites to 100% Renewable Energy

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 marzo 2019

CyrusOne (NASDAQ: CONE), a premier global data center REIT, has announced that its London I and London II data centre facilities are now running on a 100% renewable energy tariff, a move which the company says will transfer energy annual usage equivalent to 52,000 households to zero-emissions sources.Comprising a combined 23MW of IT power, both CyrusOne’s London I data centre in Slough and its London II facility in Prologis Park, Stockley, are now served by Hudson Energy, an independent provider of electricity and gas to businesses across the UK. CyrusOne has also confirmed that all new London data centre inventory, including the recently announced 9MW London III facility in Stockley Park, will run off renewable energy.In addition to the reduction in carbon emissions, CyrusOne customers will benefit from reduced unit costs as a result of the highly competitive rates secured through the procurement process and exemptions from the Climate Change Levy.“As large energy users in the UK, the data centre industry is in a strong position to effect change in terms of how green energy is priced and made available,” said Tesh Durvasula, President – Europe, CyrusOne.“Traditionally, green energy tariffs have been priced at a premium, but as more users demand their energy from renewable sources, the rates we can negotiate are decreasing rapidly. We continue to explore ways to maximise the efficiency and resource usage in our data centres so that we can pass those benefits along to our customers.”The move to an all-green energy tariff is the latest in a wave of innovations championed by CyrusOne to deliver highly efficient and sustainable data center infrastructure to its customers globally.More broadly across the company, water conservation has been a significant factor in how CyrusOne designs and builds new data centres. In the US, for example, CyrusOne’s hyperscale, purpose-built data centres use an air-cooled chiller technology with an integrated compressor and condenser that cool the closed loop of water. Filling the pipe with water just a single time is the only water consumption with the permanent water supply provided by a single tanker truck.

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“Austria Renewable Energy Policy Handbook 2019”

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 febbraio 2019

It is among the latest country specific policy report that offers comprehensive information on major policies governing renewable energy market in the country.The report provides the current and future renewable energy targets and plans along with the present policy framework, giving a fair idea of overall growth potential of the renewable energy industry. The report also provides major technology specific policies and incentives provided in the country.The report is built using data and information sourced from industry associations, government websites and statutory bodies. The information is also sourced through other secondary research sources such as industry and trade magazines.
The report covers policy measures and incentives used by Austria to promote renewable energy.The report details promotional measures in Austria both for the overall renewable energy industry and for specific renewable energy technologies that have potential in the country.

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Energy Impact Partners Invests Big in Palmetto Clean Technology

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 febbraio 2019

Energy Impact Partners (EIP), the leading utility-backed energy investment and innovation firm, today announced that it has provided up to $20 million in financing facilities to Palmetto Clean Technology, a platform technology & fulfillment company focused on the distribution and democratization of clean energy products.This announcement comes on the heels of Palmetto’s last capital raise in the fall, of $6 million. The round was led by Greycroft, with participation from Lerer Hippeau, Box Group, and NBA commissioner emeritus David Stern.“We continue to see opportunities in both the direct-to-consumer and cleantech sector. Palmetto offers a similar business-to-business-to-consumer platform that provides homeowners a seamless way to go solar and save money while doing so,” said Alan Patricof, Founder of Greycroft.“For the everyday consumer to focus on the renewable energy initiative is at an all-time high right now,” said former NBA Commissioner, David Stern.
EIP invested in Palmetto via their Energy Impact Credit Fund (EICF), the company’s credit platform. The financing will be used to expand Palmetto’s North American presence, increase staffing and develop programs to drive sales.

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Willdan Awarded New SoCalGas Schools Energy Efficiency Program

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 13 dicembre 2018

Willdan Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WLDN) announced today that it has been selected by Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas) to implement the utility’s new Schools Energy Efficiency Program (SEEP). This $2.7 million direct install program promotes natural gas savings by delivering no-cost energy-efficiency projects and education to participating public and private schools throughout SoCalGas’ service territory. Willdan will implement approximately 350 energy audits and facility upgrades with the goal to deliver nearly 2,000,000 annual therms savings to eligible pre-schools, K-12 schools, private colleges or universities, and trade schools.“SEEP will make natural-gas-saving upgrades more accessible and provide valuable energy efficiency information to our school customers,” said Dan Rendler, director of customer programs and assistance at SoCalGas. “Making energy upgrades can reduce their energy consumption significantly and keep their utility bills affordable.”“We have served educational facilities since 1986 and have delivered energy savings to over 950 schools in Southern California alone,” said Tom Brisbin, Willdan’s CEO and Chairman. “SoCalGas’ SEEP expands our offerings to existing and new school customers, providing more comprehensive savings from the same trusted team.”Following an energy site audit, Willdan will administer gas savings measures by installing appropriate upgrades at the schools, such as energy efficient aerators, low-flow pre-rinse spray valves, and thermostats, with minimal classroom disruptions. The company will also validate energy and cost savings.Willdan currently delivers programs for other major Southern California investor-owned utilities that focus on energy savings for K-12 schools and higher education institutions.

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New technologies in the ocean energy sector

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 20 novembre 2018

In Europe a large variety of concepts have been developed for ocean energy conversion, with more than 200 different devices proposed. In Europe a large variety of concepts have been developed for ocean energy conversion, with more than 200 different devices proposed.
While the ocean energy sector is still at an early stage of development, a new report analyses ten future emerging technologies to generate energy from the ocean tides and waves.An integrated systems approach is necessary for their successful commercialisation.It still takes a level of almost science fiction fantasy to imagine that we can use the oceans’ permanent movement to power our cities and houses.Yet, such ideas are on designer desks, going through demonstrations of viability, towards possible commercial success.
Moving to economically viable ocean energy technologies is a huge step towards decarbonisation and the growth of the blue economy in many coastal areas.With only 17 MW compared to 15.8 GW of offshore wind of operating capacity installed in European waters, mostly as demonstration or first-of-a-kind precommercial projects, every technological solution proposed to bridge the gap between R&D stage and the commercialisation of ocean energy devices can be seen for the time being as a future emerging technology.As part of the European Commission’s internal Low Carbon Energy Observatory (LCEO) project, the Joint Research Centre (JRC) is developing an inventory of Future Emerging Technologies relevant to energy supply.30 experts in the ocean energy analysed the needs for the sector, and the type of innovations to bridge the gap with the market.The new report, Future emerging technologies for the ocean energy sector: innovation and game-changers offers policy makers and all other ocean energy stakeholders an array of innovations that can bring ocean energy to the market, but it still needs further R&D, supported by private, national or European funding, and that would help maintain European leadership in this emerging sector.The experts describe state of advancement of each of the technology family, advantages, technological limitations, as well as their technology readiness level.

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AVANGRID’s Torgerson Highlights New England Clean Energy Projects

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 5 novembre 2018

New England is embracing the opportunity to be a national clean energy pioneer, AVANGRID, Inc. (NYSE: AGR) CEO James P. Torgerson told North American energy industry leaders on Friday.Speaking at the New England-Canada Business Council’s 26th Annual U.S.-Canada Energy Trade & Technology Conference, Torgerson highlighted the Orange, Connecticut-based company’s two major projects designed to inject a combined 2 gigawatts of renewable energy into the New England power grid and create thousands of jobs.
Torgerson said Vineyard Wind, a 50/50 joint venture of Avangrid Renewables and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP), is poised to build the nation’s first large-scale offshore wind farm off the coast of Massachusetts, pending approvals. He discussed the synergy between Vineyard Wind and another pending AVANGRID project: the New England Clean Energy Connect proposal to transport 1,200 megawatts of hydropower from the Canadian border to the New England power grid.“These projects present clear synergies,” Torgerson said. “When Vineyard Wind is fully operational in 2022, it will provide 800 megawatts of clean, offshore wind energy for the New England power grid at a competitive cost. The New England Clean Energy Connect proposal to transport 1,200 megawatts of hydropower from Canada to the New England power grid would complement Vineyard Wind, delivering a diverse supply of reliable, renewable power for the region.” Torgerson said both AVANGRID and CIP are well-positioned to help kick-start the development of offshore wind in the United States. As part of the global Iberdrola Group, AVANGRID has access to Iberdrola’s expertise and experience in building offshore wind facilities, such as the 350-megawatt Wikinger Offshore Wind Farm in Germany, which began operations last month.

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Peninsula Clean Energy Starts Construction of 200-Megawatt Solar Facility

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 13 ottobre 2018

California’s largest solar installation built exclusively for a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) agency broke ground today in California’s Central Valley. Peninsula Clean Energy (PCE), the electricity provider for 290,000 San Mateo County customers, expects the 200-megawatt utility-scale Wright Solar project to come online in late 2019. “This is a huge step for Peninsula Clean Energy and our customers,” said CEO Jan Pepper. “The Wright Solar project moves us toward our goal of providing all customers with 100% renewable power by 2025. This long-term contract locks in the price we pay for electricity, which helps ensure that our rates will remain low. The size of the project is unique for a CCA and positions PCE as a leader in the industry.” Peninsula Clean Energy has an exclusive 25-year power purchase agreement with Wright Solar Park LLC to buy the solar facility’s electricity. The project is owned by Centaurus Renewable Energy and the construction and operations are managed by Clēnera, LLC. The solar facility is being constructed by Swinerton Renewable Energy with union labor hired from the surrounding areas. The facility will produce enough electricity to power more than 100,000 San Mateo County homes a year. “One of our primary objectives for PCE is to grow the supply of new renewable energy sources,” said Dave Pine, founding PCE Board Chair and President of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors. “With the Wright Solar project, we are helping to fight climate change by adding 200 megawatts of new solar power. We’re also proud that the construction of this project will create approximately 400 union jobs in Merced County.” “This project will help the County achieve multiple goals,” stated Lloyd Pareira, Vice-Chairman of the Merced County Board of Supervisors. “From new construction jobs being created to millions of dollars in new tax revenues being realized, we are pleased this investment is being made in our county.” “An investment in solar energy provides value to American consumers and their communities on a local, state, and national level,” said George Hershman, President of Swinerton Renewable Energy. “Our team is proud to partner with Peninsula Clean Energy and Clēnera to bring affordable, clean power and hundreds of local jobs to California’s Central Valley.” Peninsula Clean Energy was the fifth Community Choice Aggregation entity formed in California. PCE launched its service in October 2016 and provides electricity to all of San Mateo County. PCE estimates its lower rates save San Mateo County customers approximately $17 million a year.

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World Energy Week

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 10 ottobre 2018

In materia di sicurezza informatica gli attacchi causati da personale interno alle organizzazioni sono più frequenti (33%) rispetto agli attacchi esterni (28%) che sono, però, in crescita. E’ quanto emerge dallo studio “The State of Cyber Resilience 2018” di Accenture, di cui si parlerà l’11 ottobre, nell’ambito della World Energy Week in programma a Milano da oggi a giovedì 11 ottobre. Lo studio Accenture è stato condotto su 4.600 responsabili sicurezza di aziende con un fatturato superiore a un miliardo di dollari in 19 settori e 15 paesi tra Nord e Sud America, Europa e Asia. L’argomento sarà oggetto di una sessione specifica dell’Italian Energy Day dedicata ai temi dell’innovazione digitale nel settore con Accenture, Eni, Cesi. La World Energy Week è un evento internazionale organizzato dal Consiglio Mondiale dell’Energia, che r-iunisce i leader globali del settore per promuovere un confronto a livello internazionale con l’obiettivo di rendere l’industria energetica più sostenibile e inclusiva.L’impatto delle violazioni dall’esterno è aumentato del 9% rispetto al 2017 (dal 19% al 28%), mentre gli attacchi interni che hanno causato danni maggiori sono diminuiti dal 43% al 22%.
A distanza di un anno dall’episodio di Wanna Cry, gli attacchi sono più che raddoppiati (+ 119%, 106 nel 2017, 232 nel 2018) e in risposta le aziende si sono dotate di sistemi di controllo preventivo (87% rispetto al 70% nel 2017).Secondo il World Energy Council (Marsch&McLennan Companies, Swiss Re Corporate Solutions) entro la fine del 2018 l’industria del petrolio e del gas potrebbe spendere 1,87 miliardi di dollari in sicurezza informatica.Del resto la spesa sulla sicurezza informatica è cresciuta in maniera significativa rispetto al 2017: nel 10% dei casi il budget è quasi triplicato (dal 22 al 74%) ma per quanto ci sia consapevolezza di un continuo aumento delle violazioni (una media di due/tre al mese), solo il 31% degli intervistati si aspetta che gli investimenti in cyber security crescano in maniera significativa (il doppio o il triplo). Quattro intervistati su cinque sono d’accordo nell’affermare che tecnologie rivoluzionarie come intelligenza artificiale, machine learning e blockchain siano essenziali per proteggere le aziende, infatti il 62% spenderebbe budget aggiuntivi per colmare i gap nell’attuale cyber security e il 59% investirebbe in innovazione.
Inoltre la maggior parte dei team sta diventando più veloce nell’arrestare le violazioni, ad oggi quasi due terzi dei tentativi vengono bloccati più rapidamente dello scorso anno. Nel 2018 il 55% delle violazioni sono state rilevate entro una settimana (rispetto al 10% dello scorso anno) e l’89% intercettate entro un mese (rispetto al 32% del 2017). Questa tendenza virtuosa non è comunque sufficiente per considerarsi al sicuro, per Il 71% degli intervistati gli attacchi informatici rimangono ancora imprevedibili e i loro danni difficilmente ipotizzabili, dato in crescita rispetto allo scorso anno (66%).

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EU-India Energy and Climate Days & Business

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 29 settembre 2018

The European Commission (EC)-funded Business Beyond Borders sessions, and their outcomes, at Renewable Energy India Expo 2018 (REI) (18-20 September 2018, Greater Noida) were praised by H.E. the EU Ambassador to India, Mr. Tomasz Kozlowski, as ‘the kind of events we need to move the business, energy and sustainable development agenda forward between the EU and India’.
A visiting delegation of about 80 EUR representatives took part in the EU-India Energy and Climate Days & Business Beyond Borders activities over the past week, taking place in New Delhi and Greater Noida.Giving the welcome address at the ‘India and EU – Co-Creation of Projects in alignment with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)’ dialogue session on Friday, which marked the end of the EU-India Clean Energy Days, EU Ambassador Kozlowski added, when addressing the the gap between ideas and concrete actions in the renewable energy sector: ‘We are now working on practical solutions. That’s why it’s important to come together to foster business opportunities between European and Indian companies’. EU Ambassador Kozlowski also announced some of the deals struck between EU and Indian companies during the Business Beyond Borders (BBB) meetings.Over the past week, more than 364 renewable energy Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Clusters from 34 countries (including 121 EU Companies from 19 countries) took part in 537 meetings during the Business Beyond Borders matchmaking sessions at REI 2018. Besides the matchmaking meetings and the dialogue session on SDGs, companies registered for the BBB event at REI 2018 also took part in the ‘Doing Business in India’ seminar; and the European Night Networking Evening. Some of the European clusters present at REI 2018 also had the opportunity to have ministerial meetings at the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of India.Representing both Archenerg Cluster from Hungary and COSMENERG-4i ‘Global Clusters for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies’, the biggest partnership in Central and Eastern Europe comprising 450 companies, Ramon Vivanco Mugarra considered the BBB matchmaking sessions at REI 2018 to be an added-value for COSMENERG-4i: ’India has a huge potential and technologies when it comes to renewable energy, which is a great asset in the European market. I had the chance to meet different companies which are willing to join our alliance in Europe, so I’m pretty happy with the outcome of my BBB meetings’.Business Beyond Borders, a project financed by the European Commission, helps businesses, especially SMEs and clusters, to trade across borders and explore third markets. It has held eight successful international events (in Madrid, Cape Town, Paris, Milan, Cannes, Santiago, Sydney and Tehran) where over 300 new business partnerships have been agreed.The Business Beyond Borders event at REI 2018 was organised in collaboration with the Delegation of the European Union to India; the European Business Technology Centre (EBTC); and UBM India. The final Business Beyond Borders matchmaking event will take place at VISION (6 – 8 November, Stuttgart, Germany); and target companies operating in the machine vision industry.

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Funding Ocean Energy: new study released

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 luglio 2018

Europe is spearheading the world’s ocean energy technology, and has today a strong pipeline of projects for a total capacity of 1 GW. But it did not accomplish this overnight. According to a recent Commission study, the continent has been spending €3 billion on ocean energy over the last decade. This is the kind of investment required to develop the new technologies, test them both in the lab and at sea, and scale them up to commercial level.About two thirds of this massive research and development effort was sustained by developers and by the private sector. The remaining third was mobilised by the European Commission and the EU countries to support the developers, adapt harbour infrastructure and generally lay the right conditions for this emerging sector to grow. The next decade could see the total installed capacity rise to almost 4 GW, with financial needs that would grow accordingly and could reach 9.4 billion euros. Most of the money is expected to go into tidal stream installations; this is to date the more “mature” technology, and promises to offset the high upfront capitals with low operational costs.The technology is therefore likely to raise more and more money through private loans. The need for public funding, mainly to leverage private capitals and finance research, would thus shrink to one fourth of the total investment. If access to and cost of capital remain crucial to move towards the commercial phase, the study shows that there can be no route to market without a stable and predictable public policy on ocean energy and marine space. This was also the case for other renewables, especially offshore wind energy, which provide useful experience to build on.

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Apple Launches New Clean Energy Fund in China

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 15 luglio 2018

Apple® today announced a new first-of-its-kind investment fund in China to connect suppliers with renewable energy sources. As part of Apple’s commitment to address climate change and increase the use of renewable energy within its supply chain, 10 initial suppliers and Apple will jointly invest nearly $300 million over the next four years into the China Clean Energy Fund. The fund will invest in and develop clean energy projects totaling more than 1 gigawatt of renewable energy in China, the equivalent of powering nearly 1 million homes.“At Apple, we are proud to join with companies that are stepping up to address the climate challenge,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives. “We’re thrilled so many of our suppliers are participating in the fund and hope this model can be replicated globally to help businesses of all sizes make a significant positive impact on our planet.Transitioning to clean energy can be complex. This is especially true for smaller companies that may not have access to viable clean energy sources. By virtue of its size and scale, the China Clean Energy Fund will give its participants the advantage of greater purchasing power and the ability to attain more attractive and diverse clean energy solutions. The China Clean Energy Fund will be managed through a third party, DWS Group, which specializes in sustainable investments and will also invest in the fund.Today’s news follows Apple’s announcement earlier this year that its global facilities are powered by 100 percent clean energy and the launch of its Supplier Clean Energy Program in 2015. Since that program began, 23 manufacturing partners, operating in more than 10 different countries, have committed to powering all of their Apple production with 100 percent clean energy. Apple and its suppliers will generate more than 4 gigawatts of new clean energy worldwide by 2020 — representing one-third of Apple’s current manufacturing electricity footprint.Apple is also working with its suppliers to find new ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The company recently announced it reached a breakthrough with aluminum suppliers Alcoa Corporation and Rio Tinto Aluminum on a new technology that eliminates direct greenhouse gas emissions from the traditional smelting process, a key step in aluminum production.

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Roma lancia primo distretto Smart Energy a Pietralata, avviato progetto SmartMed

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 luglio 2018

È stato presentato presso la Sala Pietro da Cortona dei Musei Capitolini il progetto Smartmed, promosso dall’Assessorato alle Infrastrutture e dal Dipartimento Sviluppo Infrastrutture e Manutenzione Urbana (SIMU), che risponderà al bando europeo – Smart Cities and Communities del programma Horizon 2020. A partecipare al progetto, lanciato con avviso pubblico da Roma Capitale a dicembre 2017, sono alcuni dei principali centri di ricerca, tra cui ENEA, CIRPS, CITERA e DIMA dell’Università Sapienza, DIE dell’Università di Tor Vergata, e Link Campus University, nonché le città mediterranee tra cui Siviglia, Marsiglia, Atene, Tirana, Zagabria, Limassol.
Il progetto propone Roma come città faro in un network di città mediterranee per testare e diffondere le migliori pratiche di efficientamento energetico in ambito urbano. Smartmed intende prestare particolare attenzione all’integrazione di soluzioni avanzate, alla possibile realizzazione di Smart Grid elettriche e termiche per la creazione di isole energeticamente indipendenti e Distretti Smart Energy, nonché all’introduzione di una quota crescente di impianti di produzione energetica da fonti rinnovabili nelle aree urbane.
La zona di Via Pietralata è quella individuata per realizzare il progetto ed essere l’area pilota di un distretto Smart Energy che possa quindi diventare autosufficiente dal punto di vista energetico attraverso l’utilizzo condiviso delle risorse locali. Una zona scelta sia perché è intenzione dell’Amministrazione valorizzare e rilanciare i quadranti meno centrali della Capitale e sia perché risponde ai criteri del bando europeo ed è quindi la più adatta dal punto di vista tecnico allo sviluppo del progetto. L’Amministrazione capitolina sta già portando avanti diverse iniziative volte al risparmio energetico di Roma Capitale tra cui il Piano Led, il Servizio Integrato Energia, la manutenzione e il potenziamento del parco impianti fotovoltaici, la riqualificazione energetica di immobili e appunto progetti europei per l’efficientamento energetico. Nella concezione innovativa dei Distretti Smart Energy tutte queste soluzioni convergono insieme ad azioni di coinvolgimento diretto dei cittadini e delle imprese residenti.Queste ed altre le azioni previste per contribuire al rilancio della Capitale sul tema del risparmio energetico e della sostenibilità ambientale in coerenza con le “Linee programmatiche 2016-2021” della Sindaca Raggi.

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Scientists from Russia and Australia became the 2018 Global Energy Prize laureates

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 giugno 2018

The names of the Global Energy Prize laureates were announced during the official press conference in Moscow on June 6. In 2018, the prestigious award goes to scientists from Russia and Australia. Russian academician Sergey Alekseenko will be awarded for developments in the field of heat power engineering, which allow creating modern energy-saving equipment while Professor Martin Green will be recognized for technologies in photovoltaics increasing cost effectiveness and efficiency of solar cells. The solemn Award Ceremony will be held in October within the framework of the Russian Energy Week International Forum. The laureates of 2018 will receive golden medals, diplomas, honorary lapel badges and will share RUB 39 000 000 (approximately $ 650 000). The laureates of 2018 were determined on June 5, 2018 at the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee meeting but the information remained a secret until the last moment. The Global Energy Prize International Award Committee consists of 20 experts from 13 countries. Famous British scientist, the Nobel Prize winner Rodney John Allam, chairs it. During the official press conference, he summed up the results of the XVI nomination cycle and noted that 44 scientists from 14 countries competed for the award. Talking about main areas researchers` focus, he emphasized that the largest number of nominations referred to the renewable energy sector (34,09%); while exploration, production, transportation and processing of energy resources hold the second place (15.91%). Nuclear power industry (13.64%) closed the top three most popular fields. Traditionally, the geography of the contest is impressive: scientists from Europe, North America, Asia and Oceania competed for the victory. Whereby, the majority of nominees (56%) are representatives of European countries.Adding details about the prize, the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee member, the Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) Adnan Amin stressed the contribution of the Global Energy Prize to the creation of the sustainable future for the benefit of all humanity and the commitment of Russia to use its energy potential in the field of RES.
Rae Kwon Chung (Korea), member of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, Adviser to the Chair of UN Secretary-General`s High-level Expert and Leaders Panel (HELP) on water and disasters, spoke about the importance of scientific cooperation that has no borders. It was he who brought the happy news to new laureates via the phone call, which was broadcast to the whole audience.The first scientist who found out about his victory was RAS academician Sergey Alekseenko (Russia), an expert in thermophysics, energy and energy saving. The prize is awarded to him for the development of thermophysical foundations of the modern power and energy saving equipment creation, which allow developing ecologically safe thermal power plants (through modeling of combustion of gas, coal and liquid fuel). They are also used in the development of the new types of burners, methods for thermal processing of solid domestic waste to generate thermal energy, as well as modeling of natural gas liquefaction processes, development of thermal and hydraulic safety standards for nuclear power plants, etc. Besides that Sergey Alekseenko is the initiator of the wide application of petrothermal energy (Earth’s internal heat). The scientist is convinced that this energy will ensure the energy needs of humanity forever.
For the second year in a row, the experts of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee recognize solar technologies. Martin Green (Australia) will be awarded the Global Energy Prize for research, developments and educational activities in the field of photovoltaics. The sales of the systems containing the PERC solar cells invented by Martin Green exceeded $4 billion by the end of 2016. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance predictions, the total sales of solar cells using his technology will exceed 1 trillion USD by 2040. PERC elements are already becoming the commercial standard all over the world. According to forecasts, they will save at least 750 million dollars in power production costs over the next decade in Australia alone.The importance of such practical application of technologies and the applied role of laureates` developments was emphasized by Oleg Budargin, Vice-Chairman of the World Energy Council, member of the Board of Trustees of the Global Energy Association. He also spoke about a new technological cycle in the energy sector, in which the role of science, the Global Energy Prize laureates and young scientists is crucial. “Science and scientists today are at the forefront of entering the new technological cycle. This cycle poses an important task – improving the quality of life of mankind. Moreover, it is science that is called upon to become a locomotive for new education and new productions” -the expert shared.
As a recall, the solemn Global Energy Prize Award Ceremony will be held within the framework of the Russian Energy Week International Forum. President or a person on his behalf will award the prize.

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The short list of the nominees for the Global Energy Prize

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 29 maggio 2018

Moscow June, 7 at 12 a.m. TASS press center, 2 Tverskoy blvd. The short list of the nominees for the Global Energy Prize was announced at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF-2018). Within the framework of the panel session ‘Science is doing what politics cannot do’ Rae Kwon Chung (Korea), the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee member, unveiled the top 10 of candidates. Among the possible winners of the award, which recognizes annually breakthrough technologies in the field of energy from all over the world, are the world’s leading scientists. They represent Australia, China, Germany, the Netherlands, Russia and the USA. The laureates of the Global Energy Prize will be announced on June 7, 2018 during the official press conference in Moscow. 44 scientists from 14 countries have contended for the Prize in its XVI cycle. According to the evaluations of the international experts and the working group of the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, the list of ten the most promising researchers was compiled. It is noteworthy that five out of this ten nominees work in the field of renewable energy sources, while developments in power generation and energy efficiency hold the second place in main areas of these researchers` focus. Therefore, these scholars have formed the short list: Sergey Alekseenko (Russia), Khalil Amine (USA), Russell Dean Dupuis (USA), Martin Green (Australia), Igor Grekhov (Russia), Kemal Hanjalic (Netherlands), Yumei Lu (China), Lee Rybeck Lynd (USA), Elon Musk (USA), Hans Joachim Schellnhuber (Germany). As a recall, the Global Energy Prize International Award Committee meeting will be held in Moscow on June 5. Twenty prominent experts from 13 countries will decide during the election who of the short-listed nominees will be recognized by the prestigious award.
The Global Energy Prize is an international award for outstanding scientific research and technological development in energy, which contribute to efficiency and environmentally friendly energy sources for the benefit of humanity. It was established in Russia through the Global Energy Association and with the support of leading Russian energy companies Gazprom, FGC UES and Surgutneftegas.
Since 2003, the Global Energy Prize has been awarded to 35 Laureates from 11 countries: Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, the UK and the US. Self-nomination for the prize is not acceptable. Only experts of the nomination pool are eligible to nominate candidates for the award. In total, citizens of 90 countries have participated in the nomination process. The final choice of the laureates is made by The Global Energy Prize International Award Committee, which consists of 20 respected scientists from 13 countries. The monetary reward for 2017 Prize was RUB 39 million (around $ 700 000).

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