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SAP acquisisce Emarsys, leader nel Customer Engagement omnicanale

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 10 ottobre 2020

WALLDORF, Germania, e INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – 2 ottobre 2020 – SAP SE (NYSE: SAP) ha annunciato di aver stipulato un accordo per acquisire Emarsys, fornitore leader di piattaforme per il customer engagement omnicanale. Emarsys permette alle aziende di interagire in modo più efficace e più personale con i propri clienti. Il rafforzamento del portafoglio SAP® Customer Experience in seguito all’acquisizione di Emarsys creerà un nuovo paradigma per la gestione del commerce digitale in quanto offrirà la possibilità di fornire punti di contatto molto personalizzati e su ogni canale in tempo reale, aiutando quindi le organizzazioni a garantire che ogni relazione con il cliente sia rilevante e di impatto.

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Youth hopes for greater engagement with churches

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 26 novembre 2018

The young members of the electoral reserve of CEC Governing Board are deeply motivated to influence the life and work of the regional ecumenical organisation. Each member of the Governing Board has a proxy drawn from the electoral reserve, who comes from the same church family and region as that member. Among this electoral reserve are Tuomo Mäkelä from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, Maria Mountraki from the Orthodox Church of Finland, Katarzyna Charkiewicz from the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church and Deacon Iakovos Andriopoulos from the Church of Greece.The 20-member Governing Board of CEC meets twice annually to oversee the implementation of the decisions of the Assembly. The new board meets from 22 to 24 November in Brussels, for its first official gathering following the 2018 Novi Sad General Assembly.
25-year-old Tuomo Mäkelä considers being associated with CEC an “amazing and positive experience.” “I have learnt many new things related to the work of CEC and European churches. The cooperation with everyone has been lovely,” he said.“CEC values the opinions of youth, which is one way to encourage their contributions.”Mäkelä went on to say that for making CEC’s work relevant to its members and partners it is important to have a stronger youth participation in all activities.Maria Mountraki is hopeful about the engagement of young people in European churches. 26-year-old Mountraki has been involved with the ecumenical movement and was among the organisers for youth programmes held at the 2018 Novi Sad Assembly of CEC in Serbia.
“I am sure in future there will be more engagement for young people. And I am excited to see how much difference we can make together.” Mountraki went on to say that churches must use their resources for good youth initiatives and offer opportunities to hear young people’s voices in their midst.
23-year-old Katarzyna Charkiewicz from the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church is another member of the electoral reserve.She strongly stresses the importance of the role of young people in churches. “The Church needs young people, and young people need the Church,” she said.“Young people are witnesses of the power of faith, they pass it to their children, friends – younger generations who nowadays look for inspiration in their lives. The Church gives youth the spirit that is very important in the era of today’s pursuit of duties, problems and worries.”
“In our church, young people cultivate the tradition of their ancestors as well as martyrs who sacrificed their lives for faith,” added Charkiewicz.
“The church without young people is like a tree without leaves and flowers. It means that it has roots such as history and elderly people full of faith, but without flowers it will not bear fruit, and without fruit the tradition will not be passed on,” she added.
The CEC Governing Board also includes three young members namely Andreas Henriksen Aarflot from the Church of Norway, Lea Schlenker from the Evangelical Church in Germany and Emma Johnson from the Methodist Church in Britain.

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Higher Education IT Pulse Study from TeamDynamix Reports Campuses Focused on Engagement and Student Experience

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 12 Maggio 2018

The 2018 TDX Higher Ed Market Study from TeamDynamix has been released and the results indicate college and university information technology departments will focus more on creating a unified student experience. Typically, a “unified student experience” results in initiatives to improve student portals, make it easier to share information, and improve efficiency in IT departmental responses to service requests from all campus departments from Facilities to Residential Life. Click to Tweet.The 2018 TDX Higher Ed Market Study surveyed 104 IT leaders from college campuses ranging in size from 5,000 to 50,000 students. Key findings include:
45 percent of study participants have an initiative to roll out one service platform across IT, Facilities, Residential Life, Human Resources, and other departments.
Managing projects and specific work requests will no longer occur in isolation as 50 percent of the participants report bringing project portfolio management and service management together on one platform.
In evaluating effectiveness of student portals, participants gave student portals 2.77 stars out of 5 and identified that areas of improvement include creating better workflow and automation behind the portal as well as using one portal across campus.
Read more from higher education CIOs who discuss their perspective on the one-campus, one-portal approach at Palm Beach State College (commentary) and the student-centered approach to IT at Bridgewater State University (commentary).A recent New York Times article reported that “a little less than half of the nation’s students graduate in four years; given two more years to get the job done, the percentage rises to only about 60 percent.” Retention is a major focus of conversations about creating student engagement, which can help improve graduation rates. A student who has ongoing IT issues or, for example, must inquire multiple times about financial aid is essentially sending up red flags that the IT system is not meeting their needs. These red flags can be valuable data points for the campus IT department, however, are just one component of evaluating engagement.

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NATO works with Somali officials

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 15 agosto 2009

London: Regional government and law enforcement representatives from Somalia visited the NATO flagship HMS CORNWALL yesterday off the port of Boosaaso. The delegation, headed by the Minister of Ports and Marine Transport, Mr Abdil Irazaq Gaaiyte met the NATO Task Force Commander, Commodore Steve Chick CBE Royal Navy. The meeting was the first direct engagement between the Boosaaso authorities and the NATO Task Force since its arrival in the region on 29 Jun 09. The purpose of the visit was to establish a working relationship between NATO, the Government, Bari regional authorities and local law enforcement agencies.  Following briefs by both parties much common ground and opportunity to co-operate further was identified.  One area of co-operation that can be quickly implemented is the exchange of information between the counter piracy forces ashore and those at sea.  Whilst NATO and other international forces are able to deter and disrupt pirate attacks far out at sea, real success will only be achieved if the pirates can be stopped before they depart from the beaches in the first place.  That is where the potential for frequent and rapid exchanges of information between NATO and the shore authorities will be key.  Early information about pirate movements from the coast will better enable warships to intercept them prior to them reaching their victims, often in the international shipping lanes.  Reciprocal information from NATO warships can be of great value in enabling pirates to be captured by shore authorities as they return from their attempts at piracy. During the meeting, Abdiwahid Mohamed Hersi, Director General of Fisheries, Ports and Marine Resources, explained the damage that piracy was inflicting on the country as a whole.  The spread of crime inland, the soaring coast of commodities, and the damage to traditional Somali society all have their roots in piracy.   It is as a result of these issues and the need to secure the safety of shipping in the Gulf of Aden that NATO has deployed one of its 2 Standing Maritime Groups to the region.  The original mission ‘Operation Allied Protector’ commenced in Mar 09 in support of UN Security Council Resolutions was focused on deterrence and disruption of pirate attacks. The overall aim was to safeguard navigation in the sea lanes adjacent to Somalia.  The opportunity was not missed to help protect vessels engaged with the World Food Programme, delivering vital humanitarian aid to the needy ashore.  With the increase of piracy and threat to the strategically important sea lanes NATO is now looking to the future and seeking to work with local law enforcement agencies to build up regional capacity.

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Choosing a Better Future in the Americas

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 17 aprile 2009

From President Barack Obama. “As we approach the Summit of the Americas, our hemisphere is faced with a clear choice. We can overcome our shared challenges with a sense of common purpose, or we can stay mired in the old debates of the past. For the sake of all our people, we must choose the future.  Too often, the United States has not pursued and sustained engagement with our neighbors. We have been too easily distracted by other priorities, and have failed to see that our own progress is tied directly to progress throughout the Americas. My Administration is committed to the promise of a new day. We will renew and sustain a broader partnership between the United States and the hemisphere on behalf of our common prosperity and our common security.  In advance of the Summit, we have begun to move in a new direction. This week, we amended a Cuba policy that has failed for decades to advance liberty or opportunity for the Cuban people. In particular, the refusal to allow Cuban Americans to visit or provide resources to their families on the island made no sense – particularly after years of economic hardship in Cuba, and the devastating hurricanes that took place last year. Now, that policy has changed.  The U.S.-Cuba relationship is one example of a debate in the Americas that is too often dragged back to the 20th century. To confront our economic crisis, we don’t need a debate about whether to have a rigid, state-run economy or unbridled and unregulated capitalism – we need pragmatic and responsible action that advances our common prosperity. To combat lawlessness and violence, we don’t need a debate about whether to blame right-wing paramilitaries or left-wing insurgents – we need practical cooperation to expand our common security.   We must choose the future over the past, because we know that the future holds enormous opportunities if we work together. That is why leaders from Santiago to Brasilia to Mexico City are focused on a renewed partnership of the Americas that makes progress on fundamental issues like economic recovery, energy, and security.  While we confront this crisis, we must build a new foundation for long-term prosperity. One area that holds out enormous promise is energy. Our hemisphere has bountiful natural resources that could make renewable energy plentiful and sustainable, while creating jobs for our people. In the process, we can confront climate change that threatens rising sea levels in the Caribbean, diminishing glaciers in the Andes, and powerful storms on the Gulf Coast of the United States.  Together, we have both the responsibility to act, and the opportunity to leave behind a legacy of greater prosperity and security. That is why I look forward to pursuing a new Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas that will help us learn from one another, share technologies, leverage investment, and maximize our comparative advantage.  Just as we advance our common prosperity, we must advance our common security. Too many in our hemisphere are forced to live in fear. That is why the United States will strongly support respect for the rule of law, better law enforcement, and stronger judicial institutions. Security for our citizens must be advanced through our commitment to partner with those who are courageously battling drug cartels, gangs and other criminal networks throughout the Americas. Our efforts start at home. By reducing demand for drugs and curtailing the illegal flow of weapons and bulk cash south across our border, we can advance security in the United States and beyond. And going forward, we will sustain a lasting dialogue in the hemisphere to ensure that we are building on best practices, adapting to new threats, and coordinating our efforts.   Finally, the Summit gives every democratically-elected leader in the Americas the opportunity to reaffirm our shared values. Each of our countries has pursued its own democratic journey, but we must be joined together in our commitment to liberty, equality, and human rights. That is why I look forward to the day when every country in the hemisphere can take its seat at the table consistent with the Inter-American Democratic Charter. And just as the United States seeks that goal in reaching out to the Cuban people, we expect all of our friends in the hemisphere to join together in supporting liberty, equality, and human rights for all Cubans.  This Summit offers the opportunity of a new beginning. Advancing prosperity, security and liberty for the people of the Americas depends upon 21st century partnerships, freed from the posturing of the past. That is the leadership and partnership that the United States stands ready to provide”.. (abstract)

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