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Gillette Gaming Alliance Heads to Inaugural TwitchCon Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 14 aprile 2019

Gillette (NYSE: PG), the world’s leading expert in men’s grooming, today unveiled its plans for a one-of-a-kind fan experience at TwitchCon Europe, which will take place in Berlin from April 13-14, while further highlighting the Gillette Gaming Alliance (GGA), a team of 11 Twitch streamers from 11 countries, that was announced last month in partnership with Twitch.“We are really excited to be heading to TwitchCon Europe, the first event outside of the U.S., with our Gillette Gaming Alliance members – some of the best streamers from around the world,” said Jaweria Ali, Global Marketing Director at Gillette. “As a brand, we are committed to sparking and contributing to positive change through our ‘The Best Men Can Be’ efforts, and we are thrilled to bring this important initiative to the Twitch community while supporting our Alliance members and engaging with both esports and gaming fans alike.” The Gillette brand activation at TwitchCon Europe (located at #F35) will include two streaming stations for Gillette Gaming Alliance members and a shave station for grooming touch-ups where both GGA members and fans can get shaves with SkinGuard razors, the latest product innovation with new technology designed to address skin sensitivity and prevent irritation for men. The activation will also feature a curing station, a machine used as part of RZR MKR to finalize customization on razors, plus some demos of the Gillette Lab’s heated razor.Additionally, Gillette will be sampling razors to fans, with products such as Gillette Fusion Proglide with Flexball, which feature blades Made in Berlin. Gillette will host meet and greets with Gillette Gaming Alliance members, and gift them with a customized razor handle. Fans can stop by from 9am to 8pm to check out the fun offerings and receive free product samples.As an extension of Gillette’s “The Best Men Can Be” campaign, the brand will leverage the Gillette Gaming Alliance to raise funds for charities, in the interest of supporting organizations that help men achieve their personal “best.” Members of the Alliance that choose to participate will dedicate their livestream to select charities, and Gillette will match the funds raised by the steamers from their fans, with all proceeds going to the designated partners.

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China’s bold ambitions to lead in digital technologies – a challenge for Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 13 aprile 2019

Berlin. China’s efforts at home and abroad to become a global leader in digital technologies is a challenge for Europe. The ambitions of telecommunications giant Huawei to participate in building European 5G networks are just one example of many, say MERICS researchers Kristin Shi-Kupfer and Mareike Ohlberg, authors of a new MERICS study, “China’s digital rise. Challenges for Europe.” Shi-Kupfer, who heads the MERICS research area on politics, society, and media, and research associate Ohlberg show that China’s digital ambitions are state-driven. They examine the close connection within the IT sector between the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the state, and private companies and show that China’s digital rise is not only spurred by economic interests but also by political goals to become a leading superpower in research and technology.
Civil-military integration in particular has been on the national agenda of state and party leader Xi Jinping since 2014. For example, China wants to take the lead in dual-use technologies and quantum cryptography, advance its cyber-warfare capabilities, and use Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a weapon. According to the MERICS study, China also wants to use its capabilities domestically to implement its vision of cyber domination and social control. This includes the Social Credit System, which the leadership wants to roll out nationwide in the coming years. For China, digitization is a means to achieve several goals at once: creating new engines of growth, achieving technological independence, social control, and international leadership in digital technologies.
China has invested disproportionately in technological innovation in recent years. For quantum cryptography research alone, China has provided at least an estimated USD 50 billion of funding, that’s ten times as much as the United States has made available. In AI, China filed around 30,000 patents last year, two and a half times more than the US. All these efforts are beginning to pay off: The People’s Republic is already considered the leading digital marketplace and home to a third of all startups with a market evaluation above USD one billion. Soon, the country could become the world leader in digital key technologies. At the same time, Beijing is changing the global technology landscape by pushing blockchain, the Internet of Things and 5G standards and by filling key positions in relevant international institutionHowever, China’s digitization strategy also faces setbacks: Risks to innovation are the increased control of the CCP over private companies and the inefficient allocation of capital. For the foreseeable future, China will remain dependent on foreign core technologies. Western industrialized countries are increasingly concerned about potential security risks, criticizing the lack of data protection and the lack of ethical standards in China. A push back against China’s digitization and technology may only just have begun, say Shi-Kupfer and Ohlberg. But how should Europe deal with these challenges? What consequences does China’s digital progress have for European politics, the economy and security? Shi-Kupfer and Ohlberg say that China could become a serious threat if the country continues its path of seeking technological autonomy, rather than reciprocity and cooperation. The risks for Europe are compounded by the fact that the EU has no coordinated ecosystem for digital innovation and does not speak with one voice on China. If Europe does not catch up on key digital technologies, it risks losing out, or worse getting crushed between China and the US, warn Ohlberg and Shi-Kupfer. European member states would therefore have to make the strengthening of the European digital market a priority, expand cybersecurity cooperation with allied third countries and make data protection and ethical standards prerequisites for cooperation with China. (by New MERICS study)

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Europe Powered Air Purifying Respirator

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 25 marzo 2019

Europe powered air purifying respirator market was valued at US$112.34 million in 2017 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.56% during the forecast period to reach a market size of US$146.84 million by 2023.Powered air purifying respirators are a type of personal protective equipment used for protection in areas with contaminated air. These devices use a powered blower to blow out contaminated air through a HEPA filter, removing the contaminated particles and supplying cleaner air to the user.The demand for PAPRs in the region will be driven by the rising manufacturing and construction activities across Europe. Moreover, stringent norms related to workplace health and safety will create ample opportunities for existing as well as new market players to boost their market share in the European region during the given time frame.
By facepiece type, Europe powered air purifying respirator is segmented as Full Facepiece, Half Mask Facepiece, and Others. Full facepiece holds the significant share owing to the growing concerns towards employee’s safety in hazardous activities coupled with the rising need for respiratory protection against the toxic environment. Half mask facepiece is widely used in the construction sector and is expected to grow at a significant rate as a result of increasing construction activities in the region.By industry vertical, the Europe powered air purifying respirator market is segmented as manufacturing, construction, mining, healthcare, oil and gas, and chemical. Strict regulations related to safety at workplace across industries is driving the powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) market growth.Geographically, the Europe Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) market is segmented as Germany, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, and Others. Germany accounts for a substantial share in the market on account of large manufacturing industry and is projected to grow a significant rate. The United Kingdom will also witness substantial market growth during the forecast period.Major industry players profiled as part of the report are 3M, Bullard, Honeywell International, Inc., and MSA Safety Incorporated, among others.

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Europe Orthopedic Orthotics Market

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 6 marzo 2019

The Europe Orthopedic Orthotics Market is expected to witness market growth of 5.9% CAGR during the forecast period 2018-2024.Customized devices have the potential to deliver better results, as compared to pre-fabricated devices. The market for custom orthoses is rapidly growing due to changing customer preferences which is because of increasing disposable income, and growing awareness about medical services.Growing trend of physical fitness in baby boomers has led to more number of hospital visits for muscle pain and other skeletal muscular problems.Orthotics is a field dealing with design and construction of orthoses, an external support that modifies, controls or immobilizes movements. Orthoses assist in correcting muscle and joint by restricting and aligning bones. Orthopedic orthoses are generally prescribed in instances of deformity caused due to accidents, trauma, osteoarthritis, birth defects or sports injury.Orthoses could be prefabricated or customized to fit custom requirements. Orthoses devices are generally made of plastic or graphite, due to flexibility offered by these materials, and at the same time restricting abnormal movements.Neoprene is also popular in soft braces as it provides comfort and also has easy applications. Technological advances such as computer assisted design (CAD) and 3D printing have contributed to the growth of the personalized orthoses.The market research report covers the analysis of key stake holders of the market.

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Europe Endoscopy Devices Market

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 6 marzo 2019

The Europe Endoscopy Devices Market is expected to witness market growth of 5.8% CAGR during the forecast period 2018-2024. The market research report covers the analysis of key stake holders of the market.The endoscopy devices are routinely used in diagnosis and therapy of various diseases. Increase in geriatric population along with rise in disorders related to gastrointestinal tract is also prime reasons for endoscopy devices to find tremendous applications.Furthermore, the growth in awareness about endoscopy devices, preference for minimally invasive endoscopic procedures, lower postoperative complications, and a faster recovery period are few of the many reasons that make the utilization of endoscopy devices rewarding in the study period.

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“Europe Online Payment Methods 2019”

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 febbraio 2019

Credit or debit cards and PayPal were the top two payment methods accounting for nearly three-quarters of E-Commerce sales in Europe in 2018, according to recent data cited in the report. However, there was also a significant variance in online shoppers’ preference for payment methods by country. In the Netherlands, for example, online banking method iDEAL beat both digital wallets and cards in terms of usage in E-Commerce and in Poland, local fast transfer services such as PayU and Przelewy24 were in the lead.
Although Europe lags behind other global regions, such as Asia-Pacific, in terms of mobile payment adoption, the use of payments on smartphones, tablets and wearables is rising, as the report shows. Scandinavian nations and the UK are among the leaders of this trend, especially when it comes to making mobile payments in-store. Also, consumers in emerging economies across Europe show interest in mobile wallets. In Russia, the use of Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay by connected consumers is already in the double-digits.
Overall, surveys cited in the report indicate that digital buyers across Europe want online sellers to offer a variety of payment methods at the checkout. More than one in five online shoppers in France are more likely to visit an online store that supports alternative payment methods to credit cards. Additionally, three-quarters of UK buyers prefer E-Commerce websites with a range of payment options.At the same time, shoppers are wary of the safety of their payment details on the Internet. A double-digit share of online buyers in Spain value security over both the speed and comfort of the payment process, and more than 50% of shoppers in Sweden try to avoid entering card details on E-Commerce sites.

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The “Biofabrication & Biomanufacturing Europe 2019”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 16 febbraio 2019

Biofabrication and Biomanufacturing Europe 2019 brings together researchers from across various disciplines who are involved in the fabrication of functional, engineered tissue constructs.This field is of great interest for generating in vitro physiological and disease models, for target identification and drug screening, and as potential organ replacements amongst other applications.A multitude of fabrication approaches to generate tissue engineered constructs exist including photopolymerization, 3D-printing, stereolithography, multiphoton lithography as well as self-assembly approaches. While much progress has been made in generating functional tissues using both synthetic and natural materials, increasing throughput and tissue volume has been challenging.This conference will focus on advanced techniques and approaches being used for biofabrication with a focus on potentially scalable technologies that will allow higher throughput manufacturing of functional tissues.In addition to scientific presentations, this conference features exhibits with companies showcasing their technologies and product offerings into this field.

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Fulfillment Automation Provider 6 River Systems Announces General Availability in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 15 febbraio 2019

“Europe is very strategic for us as we want to offer our customers a global solution,” Rylan Hamilton, 6RS’ co-CEO and co-founder added. “We understand just how competitive and demanding the European market is and we wanted to do this right. We have spent the past year getting ready for this launch. We have an experienced international team and an excited European customer base.” The 6 River Systems solution is powered by robots called “Chucks” and cloud-based software. The Chucks communicate with the software to coordinate all the tasks on warehouse floors. The result is a fleet of Chucks working seamlessly and collaboratively with associates to eliminate long walks, reduce in-aisle walking and speed up warehouse tasks, including put-away, picking, replenishment and sorting.
One of 6RS’ first European customers is Bleckmann, a global third party logistics leader headquartered in the Netherlands. Bleckmann specializes in fulfillment for the fashion and lifestyle sector.“At Bleckmann we continuously search for high-end, innovative solutions that can contribute to the improvement of our service,” Steven Rymenans, Strategy and Development Director said. “After screening the market we came to the conclusion that 6 River Systems is the best fit to our operations and expectations. The solution is easy to implement rapidly, without impacting our warehouse infrastructure. This means that we can roll-out the project smoothly, bringing direct benefits to our operations.”6RS is presenting Chuck at LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany, from Feb.19-21. Bleckmann and 6RS executives will participate in a ceremonial contract signing at LogiMAT on Feb.19.

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Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte: “Europe must listen to the people”

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 12 febbraio 2019

giuseppe conte.jpgIn a plenary debate on the future of Europe, the Italian Prime Minister said: “This is a valuable opportunity to reverse the process of detachment between rulers and governed, which if fed could lead to the European project imploding”. The prerequisite for relaunching it, are “solidarity and cohesion between the member states”.
Foreign policy
Among the challenges to be tackled to galvanise the European integration process, Conte mentioned the need for a common EU seat in the UN Security Council, strengthening relations with the USA, a strong dialogue with Russia and China and the creation of a true European common defence.
Conte stressed the need for a stable solution to manage migration flows, including so-called secondary movements, based on real solidarity between member states. He also asked for a new approach to Africa’s problems, through a partnership of equals.
Economy and growth
Overcoming austerity means “balancing growth and stability” and committing to the values of social solidarity and sustainable development, said Conte. He then called for more investment in youth, education and innovation, and for priority to be given to employment and the creation of tools for growth.
More powers to the EP
He concluded by saying that the European Parliament should have more powers, including the right of inquiry and the right to initiate legislation, in order to restore Europe’s credibility in the eyes of its citizens. (photo copyright: European Union 2019 – Source: EP)

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Data protection: MEPs endorse modernisation of Council of Europe convention

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 febbraio 2019

Civil Liberties MEPs recommended giving green light to EU countries to ratify the protocol amending the Council of Europe data protection convention.The amending protocol aims to modernise and harmonise the Council of Europe data protection convention (Convention 108) in response to emerging privacy challenges, and to ensure it is adequately applied. Its adoption will also facilitate the exchange of personal data based on appropriate safeguards, MEPs say.They also underline the new protocol will ease data sharing between the EU and non-EU parties to the convention. Moreover, the amending text introduces the possibility for the EU and other international organisations to join the convention.Under the currents rules only states can be parties of the data protection convention which is why the EU cannot sign or ratify the amending protocol. In the recommendation, adopted on Monday by unanimity of 44 votes, MEPs gave consent to EU countries to ratify the protocol.
The recommendation now needs to be approved by the Parliament as a whole after which the Council can authorise Member States to ratify the amending protocol.

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“Top Employer Europe 2019” e “Top Employer Italia 2019”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 4 febbraio 2019

Boehringer Ingelheim Italia è stata ufficialmente certificata dal Top Employers Institute, “Top Employer Europe 2019” e “Top Employer Italia 2019”, per le proprie eccellenze nelle condizioni di lavoro.Le aziende certificate Top Employer si distinguono per l’impegno a fornire le migliori condizioni di lavoro ai propri dipendenti e per l’attuazione di Best Practice focalizzate sullo sviluppo e sul benessere delle persone.Top Employers Institute, ente globale ed indipendente di certificazione delle eccellenze in ambito HR, analizza e valuta le aziende attraverso la HR Best Practice Survey che prevede oltre 100 domande relative a 600 Best Practice in 10 ambiti delle risorse umane: Talent Strategy, Workforce Planning, Talent Acquisition, On-Boarding, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Career & Succession Management, Compensation & Benefits, Culture.Top Employers Institute esamina l’implementazione di queste Best Practice HR e come vengono supportate attraverso gli strumenti di Strategy, Ownership, Practices, Measurement and Technology. Le aziende candidate, per raggiungere la Certificazione, devono raggiungere lo standard minimo richiesto da Top Employers Institute.
Il fattore comune delle aziende Top Employer è quello di essere impegnate a creare e sviluppare le proprie strategie, con esperienze d’eccellenza, mirate a creare un ambiente e condizioni di lavoro in grado di favorire la crescita e lo sviluppo dei propri dipendenti.
“E questo è quello che rientra nei valori fondamentali della cultura aziendale di Boehringer Ingelheim, che da sempre è attenta al benessere dei propri collaboratori, conciliando le responsabilità professionali con la vita oltre il lavoro – dichiara Antonio Barge, Direttore HR di Boehringer Ingelheim Italia -. L’attenzione al benessere dei collaboratori si concretizza in iniziative pensate partendo dalle loro esigenze reali, quali una flessibilità oraria giornaliera e altre modalità di lavoro come part time e il lavoro da casa, esteso a tutti i livelli, compatibilmente con le attività svolte, e senza limiti di giornate usufruibili nel corso dell’anno, ovviamente questo è possibile solo con uno stretto rapporto di fiducia tra i collaboratori e i propri capi”.Tra i vari servizi offerti, il “salvatempo” è nato con l’obiettivo di alleggerire i collaboratori da alcune incombenze pratiche quotidiane, come la lavanderia o il pagamento di bollettini postali.La filosofia di supporto alla persona si concretizza anche con iniziative mirate al sostegno in particolari momenti della vita, come ad esempio la genitorialità, con un programma che offre ai neogenitori un supporto psicologico per affrontare con serenità l’arrivo di un figlio.Boehringer Ingelheim è stata, inoltre, “pioniera” in Italia nel dare vita a un nido aziendale, così come, più di recente, a lanciare un campus estivo per i figli dei collaboratori e introducendo nuovi permessi per assistere non solo i figli ma anche i famigliari anziani.L’azienda, oltre a ciò, ha attivato da anni un programma di visite specialistiche per la prevenzione oncologica. Recentemente è stato ampliato il pacchetto assicurativo che oltre all’infortunio professionale e extraprofessionale copre il rischio vita per eventi diversi dall’infortunio. Non ultimo, per la sede di Milano, viene incoraggiato l’utilizzo dei mezzi pubblici, con sconti sugli abbonamenti e mettendo a disposizione un servizio di navetta dalla fermata della metropolitana alla sede.

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Pitney Bowes Advances Long-Term Growth Strategy in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 2 febbraio 2019

Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) a global technology company that provides commerce solutions in the areas of ecommerce, shipping, mailing, and data, today announced a continued optimization in its go-to-market strategy through the sale of its SMB business in six European countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, and Italy – to BAVARIA Industries Group AG, a leading global private equity firm. Pitney Bowes continues to make significant progress in continuing to create a portfolio focused on growth through shipping and mailing within major markets.“This acquisition is beneficial for both Pitney Bowes and BAVARIA Industries Group AG,” said Christoph Stehmann, Executive Vice President, International, SMB Solutions. “In BAVARIA Industries Group AG, we have found the ideal partner with the committed resources to deliver a positive client experience for our entire portfolio throughout Europe. We will work closely with BAVARIA Industries Group AG to ensure the transition happens without disruption to our employees, clients, suppliers and partners.”
BAVARIA Industries Group AG will continue selling Pitney Bowes products exclusively in all six markets and Pitney Bowes will provide services to ensure a smooth transition. In the six European countries, small businesses will continue to benefit from Pitney Bowes’ shipping and mailing offerings through BAVARIA’s teams who will respond to local market demands more quickly, broaden the product portfolio in each country for an enhanced client experience. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.Pitney Bowes management is scheduled to discuss the company’s year-end results in a broadcast over the Internet at 8 a.m. EST on February 5. Instructions for listening to the earnings results via the Web are available on the Investor Relations page of the Company’s web site at

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Is Google serious about pulling Google News out of Europe?

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 27 gennaio 2019

By Mathew Ingram. The European Union continues to debate proposals for toughening up copyright laws, including a rule that would require digital aggregators such as Google News to pay for publishing short excerpts from articles, even if they link to them. That has led to some saber-rattling from Google: on Tuesday, Jennifer Bernal, Google’s public policy manager for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, told Bloomberg that if the new EU rules go ahead, the company might have to remove Google News from the continent completely. But would the search giant really block all of Europe from using its news service over a copyright battle? Or are the threats a negotiating tactic, designed to put pressure on publishers and legislators and get them to water down their proposed laws? There’s evidence to support both scenarios.
For those who argue that the tech giant would never deprive an entire region of access to its news service, there is a compelling case to the contrary: when Spain implemented a similar “link tax” or “snippet tax” (as some like to call it) in 2014, Google blocked access to Google News for the entire country, and it remains blocked. Other countries, including Belgium and France, proposed similar taxes for excerpts several years ago, but Google ultimately settled these disputes by setting up “innovation funds” designed to help publishers improve their use of the internet. These funds were the beginning of what became the Google News Initiative, a $300-million commitment the company says is aimed at making media companies more digitally successful (and getting them to use more Google products).
Tuesday’s comments from Jennifer Bernal are not the first time the idea of Google News leaving Europe has been mooted, though: Richard Gingras, who is vice president of news for Google, raised the possibility of leaving Europe last fall, when the first proposals for the EU’s new regulations started to circulate. While he didn’t rule out removing Google News from Europe if the laws went ahead without modifications, he said the company wanted to work with European legislators and publishers to reach a solution. That made the threat of leaving sound a lot more like a negotiating tactic than a hard-and-fast decision.
At the moment, the proposed “link tax” law (formally known as Article 11) is tied up in debates within the EU, perhaps in part because of Google’s threat, but also because various member countries can’t seem to agree on how to implement it. Regardless of the wording, it seems clear that the proposed legislation would make life difficult for Google. But would it be difficult enough that the search company might pull out of Europe? That would be a significant gesture of defiance towards the EU, and Google is already on thin ice as it is. For example, the company has been criticized for its lackluster approach to the new General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR (it was just fined $57 million by French regulators for breaching the rules). Admittedly, that’s a paltry amount for Google, whose parent company Alphabet has more than $100 billion in annual revenue, but taking its Google News toys and going home isn’t likely to mend any fences with European regulators.And if Google does leave Europe, what happens to EU publishers who rely on Web traffic that comes through the service? When German publisher Axel Springer removed all of its content from Google News in 2014 to protest what it saw as the company’s theft of its content, the newspaper chain said its traffic dropped by more than 40 percent, and it quickly rejoined. Most estimates of the loss to Spanish publishers are somewhere in the 20-percent range, depending on the size of the outlet. But some argue the damage to news media from a Google News departure might not be that severe: for example, a Danish publisher noted on Twitter that the news service has never been available in Denmark and that media outlets in that country are better off as a result (although other media industry insiders questioned drawing too many conclusions from that example). (font: CJR Editors)

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L’apprentisage: Un avenir pour l’Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 21 gennaio 2019

Paris 28 janvier 2019, 14h⋅17h Fondation Gulbenkian, délégation en France 39, boulevard de La Tour Maubourg. Au niveau européen, d’importantes initiatives ont été lancées ces dernières années, notamment la création de l’Alliance européenne pour l’apprentissage en 2013 et le lancement, en 2017, de l’initiative Erasmus Pro, pour favoriser la mobilité longue des apprentis. C’est néanmoins au sein des États membres qu’agissent les protagonistes chargés de développer l’apprentissage en Europe. Dans ce contexte, comment améliorer les synergies entre l’action européenne et l’action nationale? Faut-il renforcer le soutien technique et/ou financier de l’UE aux réformes nationales? Quels sont les leviers à mobiliser pour renforcer la mobilité des apprentis et quels sont les freins rencontrés par les apprentis, les entreprises et les centres d’apprentissage? Plus largement, que faire pour donner davantage le goût de l’apprentissage en Europe?

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Emendare l’Articolo 14 della proposta della Commissione Europea per Horizon Europe?

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 7 dicembre 2018

Bruxelles In vista del voto al Parlamento europeo previsto per la prossima settimana, Science for Democracy, la piattaforma trans-nazionale lanciata dall’Associazione Luca Coscioni, ha contattato i parlamentari europei invitandoli ad emendare l’Articolo 14 della proposta della Commissione Europea per Horizon Europe. Sosteniamo in particolare che la correzione terapeutica della linea germinale vada finanziata in caso di malattie genetiche gravi, e che il finanziamento debba anche essere permesso per attività che intendono crescere embrioni umani, anche con il solo fine della ricerca e per la produzione di cellule staminali.Tra le personalità che hanno aderito all’appello di Science for Democracy anche il premio Nobel per la medicina Sir Richard J. Roberts, biochimico ed esperto di biologia molecolare britannico.Richard Roberts ha ricevuto il premio Nobel nel 1993, insieme a Phillip Sharp, per la scoperta dello splicing dei geni, ovvero la possibilità che i geni siano suddivisi in vari segmenti.
Filomena Gallo, segretario dell’Associazione Luca Coscioni, e Marco Perduca, che dirige le attività internazionali dell’Associazione, concordano “Dopo l’annuncio dell’esperimento che ha fatto nascere in Cina due sorelline geneticamente modificate, su questo tema è necessaria un’alternativa sia al proibizionismo sia all’assenza di regole. L’Unione Europea può giocare un ruolo positivo, ed è urgente che lo faccia rimuovendo il divieto ai finanziamenti”.

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Serious Disparities in Outcomes for Lung Cancer Patients According to Where You Live in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 7 dicembre 2018

The World Health Organization estimates 387,913 Europeans will die of lung cancer in 2018.1 The preliminary findings from a new study by the Economist Intelligence Unit comparing 13 countries show that governments across Europe are responding in very different ways to the disease. Countries with better outcomes seem to have effective prevention policies in place and prioritize timely access to new, innovative treatments. Initial research from the study, which will run into early 2019 with in-depth country research and workshops, will be presented today by the Economist Intelligence Unit at the European Cancer Forum in Brussels, which is hosted by MSD. The audience of policy-makers, academics, healthcare professionals, industry, and patient representatives, will provide a first sounding-board for the study findings, and help focus the next phase of research. The EIU will be looking to understand whether countries are advancing, innovating and seizing the opportunities to save lives.Already, the study points to seven key findings from the 13 countries:
1. For the past 15 years the number of new lung cancer cases has been highest in the Netherlands and lowest in Sweden. The number of deaths caused by lung cancer is highest in Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom and Greece – but the numbers have gone down significantly in the past 15 years. Finland has made great progress, and now has the lowest death rate. All other countries have made little to no progress in the past 15 years.
2. We have seen an average increase in the percentage of patients who are still alive 5 years after diagnosis, from 12 percent to only 17 percent over 15 years. The average survival rate for all cancers combined is 50-60 percent.3 Austria, Sweden and Norway have the highest survival rates for lung cancer, with the lowest survival rates occurring in Romania, Finland and the United Kingdom.
3. Lung cancer is a strategic priority in those countries with (lung) cancer control plans and guidelines: Sweden and France score best here, while Finland has some catching up to do.
4. Since smoking is the primary risk factor for lung cancer, with around 80 percent of lung cancers linked to smoking, public health programs around tobacco control and smoking cessation, including regulation of e-cigarettes, are particularly important. The study shows that Finland and Norway lead in this area, while Romania has litte in place.
5. In terms of treatment, the study notes whether patients are getting treatment, tumour testing is available and reimbursed, and new, innovative medicines are reimbursed. Of the four most commonly used biomarkers for lung cancer, testing for all four is only reimbursed in a minority of countries.
6. Only Sweden and Poland have a specific lung cancer plan/section of the National Cancer Control Plan (NCCP), and only four countries (Austria, France, Romania and Greece) have updated their NCCP in the last five years.
7. Only half of the countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland,Spain, UK) have started or are involved in a trial to investigate whether or how screening could be introduced.

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StartupCity Europe Partnership

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 2 dicembre 2018

Brussels. “Circa 50 città saranno molto probabilmente alla guida dell’economia europea dell’innovazione nei prossimi anni, mentre tutte le altre città e gli altri comuni rischieranno di venire sempre più emarginati. Questo crescente divario potrebbe potenzialmente scatenare disaggregazioni e separatismi”. Con queste parole Alberto Onetti, Chairman di Mind the Bridge e Coordinatore di Startup Europe Partnership, ha ufficialmente lanciato lo scorso venerdì al Parlamento Europeo a Brussels l’iniziativa “StartupCity Europe Partnership (SCEP)” con il pieno supporto del Presidente Antonio Tajani e della Commissaria europea per l’economia e la società digitale Mariya Gabriel, che ha inviato un messaggio di sostegno attraverso il suo segretario di gabinetto, presente all’incontro.
La nuova iniziativa, parte del programma Startup Europe Partnership (SEP) e guidata da Mind the Bridge, mira a supportare lo sviluppo di strategie startup interconnesse a livello locale ed è stata già sposata da diversi rappresentanti di città europee.
Tra questi i Sindaci di Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Heraklion (Grecia) Malaga e Siviglia (Spagna) e Varna (Bulgaria), che figurano già tra i primi firmatari, oltre ai rappresentanti di Coimbra e Braga (Portogallo), Siviglia, Extremadura e Murcia (Spagna), Copenhagen (Danimarca), unitamente alla Young Entrepreneurs di Thessaloniki (Grecia), al National Union of County Councils of Romania e al Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR).
Durante la cerimonia è stato inoltre presentato un nuovo Report dal titolo “Startup City Hubs in Europe”, un primo tentativo per misurare l’impatto dell’economia dell’innovazione su scala granulare, con un’attenzione particolare verso il ruolo che le città hanno nella concentrazione dei centri di innovazione.
I dati mostrano che in Europa sono 476 le città con almeno una scaleup. 48 (circa il 10% del totale) ne ospitano 3759 (circa il 67% del totale) con un capitale raccolto pari al 74% del totale. Questa concentrazione, tuttavia, non rispecchia l’attuale distribuzione né del PIL (345) né della popolazione (14%). Queste 48 città molto probabilmente saranno alla guida dell’economia dell’innovazione europea dei prossimi anni, con l’effetto collaterale di emarginare sempre più le altre città e gli altri comuni.

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Jefferies Appoints Fred Jallot Head of Fixed Income in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 21 novembre 2018

Jefferies today announced the appointment of Fred Jallot as Head of Fixed Income, Europe. He will be based in the firm’s London office starting January 2, 2019 and will report to Fred Orlan, Global Head of Fixed Income at Jefferies. Tim Cronin, who has also served as Head of Fixed Income, Europe, will relinquish this role and continue to serve as President of Jefferies International Limited, Jefferies’ London-based subsidiary.“We are very excited to have Fred Jallot join Jefferies’ leading global fixed income platform,” commented Mr. Orlan. “As a broadly experienced professional in global fixed income, his relationships and leadership will further enhance Jefferies’ growth in this market. This senior hire is an example of Jefferies’ emphasis on enhancing our firm’s European capabilities to serve our regional and global client base,” he added.Mr. Jallot was most recently Global Head of Credit and Asset-Backed Securities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Nomura, and previously spent 12 years at Citigroup and five years at Deutsche Bank.Jefferies Group LLC, the largest independent full-service global investment banking firm focused on serving clients for over 55 years, is a leader in providing insight, expertise and execution to investors, companies and governments. Our firm provides a full range of investment banking, advisory, sales and trading, research and wealth management services across all products in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Jefferies Group LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jefferies Financial Group Inc. (NYSE: JEF), a diversified financial services company.

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Blue Economy: A new call for proposals to kindle sustainable maritime development across Europe

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Bruxelles. Realising the full potential of the ocean will demand responsible, sustainable approaches to its economic development – says a recent report by the OECD.
But what are the barriers to such responsible development? What are the factors still preventing eco-friendly sectors from growing up and shaping up a sustainable ocean economy?
Having identified a few of them, the Commission has been piloting its recent policies and investments to overcome obstacles such as the mismatch between workers’ skills and labour market needs; the scattering of research efforts; and the conspicuous absence of funds to scale up promising projects from pilot to demonstration phase. The Blue Labs section (€5 million) supports new, multidisciplinary partnerships between maritime stakeholders that can drive innovation forward in the blue economy. The Blue Careers section (€5.5 million) supports the development of innovative vocational training schemes that boost both industry engagement and entrepreneurial skills. And the blue economy grants (€8.2 million) help innovative technologies and services find the capital they need to become market ready.
The call is now open to applicants until 31 January 2019. An information session is scheduled on 22 November 2018 in Brussels. The event will showcase some of the most notable Blue Labs, Blue Careers and Blue Tech projects generated by the first call of this kind in 2016, and will explain in detail the new call and the application process.

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Commission proposes fishing opportunities in the Atlantic and North Sea for 2019

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Brussels. Today the Commission presents its proposal ahead of the December Fisheries Council where Member States should agree next year’s fishing quotas.The European Commission proposes fishing opportunities in the Atlantic and the North Sea for 89 stocks: for 62 stocks the fishing quota is either increased or remains the same, for 22 stocks is reduced and for 5 the Commission proposes new by-catch quotas at low level to reduce the fishing pressure.The fishing opportunities, or Total Allowable Catches (TACs), are quotas set for most commercial fish stocks that keep the stocks healthy, while allowing the fishing industry to profit from fishing the highest amount of fish. As the size of some key fish stocks is increasing – notably for Norway lobster in Skagerrak/Kattegat, Northern hake and Southern horse mackerel – so is the profitability of the fishing sector, with an estimated EUR 1.4 billion profit for 2018.Karmenu Vella, Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, said: “Next year will be a milestone year for European fisheries. Our collective duty is to ensure a good transition to the full landing obligation as of 1st January 2019 while continuing our progress to achieve sustainable fishing by 2020. With this proposal, the Commission puts forward concrete solutions to advance on both fronts.”In order to put an end to the wasteful practice of discarding fish, as of 1st January 2019, the landing obligation will apply fully to all EU fishing fleets. This means that all catches of regulated commercial species taken on-board (including by-catch) are to be landed and counted against each Member States’ respective quotas. In today’s proposal the Commission has already deducted the amounts corresponding to the agreed exemptions to the landing obligation from the advised catches.Substantial progress can be observed in the EU with regards to sustainable fishing: 53 stocks are now fishedat Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) levels compared to only 5 in 2009 and 44 in 2017. This means that the fishing pressure on the stock is limited to a level that will allow a healthy future for the fish stock’s biomass, while taking into account socioeconomic factors. The Commission is working with Member States to support the fishermen in reaching the objective of having all stocks fished at sustainable levels by 2020, as set by the Common Fisheries Policy.Today’s proposal will be submitted for discussion and decision by the Member States at the December Fisheries Council on 17-18 December in Brussels, to be applied as of 1 January 2019.

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