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The migrants trapped in Europe’s oldest forest

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 13 marzo 2023

On an October evening in 2021, a group of taxis stopped at the edge of a dense forest on the western border of Belarus. Husam, a 38-year-old barber from Syria, got out and peered nervously into the labyrinth of oaks, ashes and pines that stood between him and a new life. He had been waiting a long time to cross into western Europe. His sisters had escaped from Syria’s civil war and settled in Germany in 2015, but Husam, a thoughtful young man from the country’s Christian minority who had once tried to join a monastic order, stayed behind to look after his elderly parents. The family lived on the Mediterranean coast in a city deep inside government-controlled territory. Electricity was sporadic. Petrol was almost impossible to come by, and even the most basic items were dizzyingly expensive. The only way to keep up a reasonable standard of living seemed to be by joining in with the thuggery and theft. When Husam’s father died in 2021, his mother pleaded with him to leave. “There’s no life here,” she said. But by then it had become much harder to get into Europe. Husam was trapped.Then a strange thing happened: a special office operating out of Damascus airport started offering Belarusian tourist visas and hotel packages in Minsk for $4,000, no questions asked. The rumour was that smugglers would help you get from Belarus into the European Union (EU). Husam decided that this was his chance. He sold his house and shortly afterwards boarded a plane for the first time in his life. (abstract font: The Economist The Extraordinary Story)

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How Britain can build a better relationship with Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 7 gennaio 2023

One of our cover stories this week is about how China’s great reopening will shake the world. For nearly three years China has been closed: hardly anyone has entered or left it. From January 8th it will reopen its borders, thus scrapping the last remnant of Xi Jinping’s zero-covid policy. Because the government has failed to prepare properly by vaccinating the elderly, the coming months will see widespread infection and death within China. But eventually something resembling normality will return. The revival of commercial, intellectual and cultural contact with China should be welcomed. But its post-covid economic recovery will be hugely disruptive for the global economy, pushing up the price of oil, gas and other commodities, stoking inflation and forcing central banks to keep monetary policy tighter for longer. Our other cover calls for an end to magical thinking about Britain’s relationship with the European Union. Brexiteers have been high on their own pixie dust from the start, touting benefits of quitting that turned out to be illusory, while ignoring the real economic harm. Remainers, too, succumb to wishful thinking when they imagine the split can simply be undone. If we had a magic wand, we would gladly turn back the clock to 2016. Since we do not, we suggest instead three realistic ways to improve ties: normalise, build and reimagine. Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-in-chief The Economist

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How the world is leaving Europe behind

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 28 novembre 2022

Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, is using energy as a weapon. Our data journalists set themselves a difficult question: how many people is this weapon likely to kill outside Ukraine? The answer they came up with was alarming. Although heatwaves get more press, cold temperatures are usually deadlier than hot ones. To estimate the relationship between energy costs and deaths, we built a statistical model that predicts how many people die per winter week in each of 226 European regions. This model found that a 10% rise in electricity prices is associated with a 0.6% increase in deaths, concentrated among the elderly and infirm. If the historical relationships between mortality, weather and energy costs continue to apply—which they may not, given how high current prices are—the death toll from the energy weapon could exceed the number of soldiers who have died so far in direct combat from bullets, shells, missiles and drones. It is one more reason why Ukraine’s fight against Russia is Europe’s, too. Our data team’s work sets the scene for our cover this week. Europe faces a crisis of energy and geopolitics that will weaken it—and could threaten its global position. If you ask Europe’s friends around the world what they think of the old continent’s prospects they often respond with two emotions. One is admiration. In the struggle to help Ukraine and resist Russian aggression, Europe has displayed unity, grit and a principled willingness to bear enormous costs. But the second is alarm. A brutal economic squeeze will pose a test of Europe’s resilience in 2023 and beyond. There is a growing fear that the recasting of the global energy system, American economic populism and geopolitical rifts threaten the long-run competitiveness of all European countries, Britain included. The worry is not just about the continent’s prosperity; the health of the transatlantic alliance is at risk, too. Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-in-chief The Economist

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Faire l’Europe par gros temps

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 16 settembre 2022

Les avis de tempêtes s’accumulent en Europe. Il y a d’abord l’horrible guerre en Ukraine, qui dure et ne donne aucun signe d’apaisement immédiat. Une guerre hybride livrée par la Russie, dont les coupures subites de gaz servent, entre autres, d’arme contre nous. Les Vingt-Sept se réunissent d’urgence ce 9 septembre pour réagir à la flambée des prix. L’inflation engendrée par la brutale hausse du coût des hydrocarbures, consécutive au conflit, conduit la Banque centrale européenne à durcir sa politique monétaire mais au moment même où la récession guette, notamment en Allemagne. La hausse du coût de la vie nourrit une grogne sociale, avec un risque d’agitations durant ces mois critiques dont même le Secrétaire général de l’Otan, Jens Stoltenberg, s’inquiète publiquement. Le risque d’orages est aussi politique. Outre-Manche, l’arrivée au pouvoir de Liz Truss et son gouvernement des plus eurosceptiques augure de relations toujours tendues entre Londres et les Vingt-Sept, et singulièrement avec Paris. En Suède, où se tiennent des législatives ce 11 septembre, la formation d’une nouvelle coalition pourrait s’éterniser, comme en 2018, tant les sondages donnent au coude-à-coude la gauche et la droite, laquelle est prête à gouverner avec l’extrême-droite. Comme en Italie, où l’alliance des droites devrait mettre Giorgia Meloni à la tête du prochain gouvernement, à l’issue des législatives du 25 septembre. Les relations avec Bruxelles seront houleuses et singulièrement ici encore avec Paris. En cette période chahutée, la France et l’Allemagne doivent agir de concert pour tenir l’unité européenne, le meilleur front à opposer à Moscou. En six mois d’agression russe, cette unité jamais évidente a permis l’adoption de six trains de sanctions, dont les effets gagnent lentement mais sûrement l’économie russe. Entre Européens, sobriété et solidarité énergétiques sont les deux mots d’ordre pour affronter l’hiver qui approche et les suivants. Non seulement en réponse à la guerre mais aussi au changement climatique toujours plus palpable sur notre continent à chaque saison. Cette solidarité entre pays est au cœur du discours remarquable d’Olaf Scholz sur l’Europe, prononcé à Prague le 29 août. L’Allemagne, toute première économie de l’UE qu’elle est, a besoin de cette solidarité. La France, face aux incendies cet été, y a fait appel et, avec son parc nucléaire en partie à l’arrêt, mise aussi dessus. Plus largement, la solidarité européenne est requise ainsi que la coopération pour sortir des dépendances, que la guerre comme les crises précédentes mettent à nu. Elle est nécessaire aussi face aux demandes d’asile. Et la solidarité encore doit guider la répartition des efforts attendus de chaque acteur de la société, à tous niveaux, en ces temps exigeants. L’Institut Jacques Delors se définit comme un laboratoire d’idées opérationnelles pour faire avancer l’intégration européenne à l’aune des principes et réalisations de notre fondateur. « La solidarité qui unit », selon l’heureuse formule de Jacques Delors, doit prévaloir davantage encore en Europe par gros temps. Sans attendre le choc gazier, notre centre énergie plaide pour des stockages communs de gaz et des achats groupés. Il est investi dans des projets européens de recherche en sobriété énergétique (Fulfill), efficacité énergétique (Referee), citoyenneté énergétique (Prospect) et dans l’innovation énergétique (Innovation Hub), qui sont autant de leviers de transformation de notre modèle économique et social. Cet automne verra aussi notre think tank commencer un nouveau projet de recherche européen pour repenser la gouvernance économique de l’Union (Regroup). Et nous allons développer nos travaux sur l’élargissement, qui dessine l’Europe de demain. Alors que la guerre bouleverse notre continent, que la réalité sans cesse mouvante bouscule nos idées, nous devenons un laboratoire pour temps difficiles. Sébastien Maillard, Directeur de l’Institut Jacques Delors.

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Akanda Bolsters Leadership Team to Scale Medical Cannabis Platform Across Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 28 agosto 2022

London. International medical cannabis platform company Akanda Corp. (“Akanda” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ: AKAN) today announced that it has appointed Tom Flow to the role of Chief Operating Officer of Akanda and Managing Director of Holigen, and Steven George to the role of Commercial Director, effective September 1, 2022. The Company believes that these two hires will enhance its leadership direction and boost profitability across the European medical cannabis market. Mr. Flow is an accomplished global business leader with over 15 years of direct cannabis industry experience with an emphasis on facility design and operations, including multiple large scale EU GMP certified cultivation facilities. He is the co-founder of a number of cannabis companies during this time, namely MedReleaf Corp. which was subsequently sold to Aurora Cannabis (ACB-NASDAQ) in a transaction valued at C$3.2 billion, The Flowr Corporation (“Flowr”) (FLWR-TSXV) where he held executive roles including CEO, COO, President and Managing Partner, and Holigen Limited which the Company acquired from Flowr in May 2022. Mr. George joins Akanda with extensive experience in the financial services and cannabis sectors. After beginning his career in business development roles within financial services, in 2017, he moved to Portugal to obtain his MBA and started working in the European cannabis industry the following year. In that time, he served as both Iberian Country Manager and European Alliance Manager at Tilray (TLRY-NASDAQ), where his accomplishments included Tilray receiving the first ACM (marketing approval) for a cannabis dried flower in Portugal during his tenure and managing the first medical cannabis exports out of Portugal to Europe and Israel. In July 2021, Mr. George left Tilray and started offering independent advisory services to cannabis clients across the European region. Both Mr. Flow and Mr. George will be based in offices at Akanda’s indoor premium cultivation facility in Sintra, Portugal.

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The small Danish destination is leading the way for sustainable tourism and green transition in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 agosto 2022

Located on the banks of the Little Belt strait, Middelfart is a historically and culturally important destination in Denmark and Europe. Chosen as the 2022 European Destination of Excellence, this award is a public acknowledgment to Middelfart’s efforts towards sustainable tourism and green transition. Despite its small size and population, Middelfart offers world-class sustainable tourism experiences, from hotels with certified climate friendly accommodation to nature tourism and cultural events – aimed at creating environmental awareness. The city offers its visitors several options for ecotourism thanks to its proximity to the Little Belt Nature Park, the biggest marine nature park in Denmark and home to the world’s densest population of porpoises (small whales). Visitors can enjoy activities such as whale safaris, cycling and hiking through the nature park’s varied landscape and along the 117km of coastline. While delivering a unique tourism experience, Middelfart is also integrating sustainable thinking into its decisions, in particular with the “Belt in Balance” initiative, in an attempt to boost tourism while fostering awareness of marine and coastal ecosystems. People that love heights will find in the Old Little Belt Bridge a noteworthy attraction, for tours 65 meters off the ground, with spectacular and unimpeded views of the sea, forest, and the town.There is more than just nature to inspire visitors to Middelfart. Depending on the time of the year, visitors can make marry at several cultural events and festivals organised in the city. The audience can enjoy big band music and swinging jazz rhythms at the Middelfart Jazz Festival from August 4th to August 6th, 2022, followed shortly afterwards by the Nordic Yoga Festival on August 14th, 2022. As part of the Climate Lab – Next Generation concept, the city is to host the national People’s Climate Meeting (Klimafolkemødet), an annual event that puts climate at the top of the agenda for three days in early September. Interviews, music, and speeches will be transmitted into space via satellite to use art as a unifying force for climate change. Middelfart representatives have been guest speakers at the EU Smart Tourism Podcast, the podcast series about smart tourism and the future of the tourism industry in Europe, sharing their experience as a sustainability pioneer. Along with the 2022 European Capitals of Smart Tourism València and Bordeaux, Middelfart is defining the future of tourism in Europe by being more accessible, digital, sustainable, and creative. Be sure to check this Danish destination out when looking for your next escape and use the opportunity to see the future.

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Daikin Europe investe 300 milioni di euro in un nuovo stabilimento per la produzione di pompe di calore in Polonia

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 12 luglio 2022

Bruxelles, Daikin Europe N.V. ha annunciato di voler investire 300 milioni di euro nella creazione di un nuovo stabilimento a Łódź (Polonia), che diventerà il primo polo produttivo del Paese. L’impianto sarà destinato alle unità a pompa di calore residenziali ed entrerà in funzione a luglio 2024, andando ad aggiungersi agli altri già attivi in Belgio, Repubblica Ceca, Germania, Turchia e Italia. L’annuncio fa seguito alla decisione di Daikin Europe di stanziare 840 milioni di euro per il piano di gestione strategica FUSION 25, presentato l’anno scorso, e un’ulteriore somma per gli stabilimenti già esistenti, con un investimento complessivo di 1,2 miliardi euro entro il 2025. Nell’ambito del piano strategico quinquennale FUSION 25, l’Europa rappresenta una regione chiave per espandere il business delle pompe di calore. Negli ultimi 10 anni, il mercato europeo degli impianti di riscaldamento a pompa di calore ha registrato un boom, totalizzando oltre 1 milione di vendite solo nel 2021. Daikin Europe N.V. è una controllata di Daikin Industries Ltd. e uno dei principali produttori europei di impianti di riscaldamento, raffrescamento e ventilazione, purificatori d’aria e tecnologie di refrigerazione. Daikin Industries Ltd. con sede a Osaka, in Giappone, impiega circa 89.000 persone in tutto il mondo. Nell’esercizio 2021 (1° aprile 2021-31 marzo 2022) ha realizzato vendite per circa 23,7 miliardi di euro. L’azienda è leader di mercato a livello mondiale nei sistemi a pompa di calore e di climatizzazione, nonché nella filtrazione dell’aria. Daikin Industries Ltd. è l’unico produttore di climatizzatori al mondo che sviluppa e fabbrica internamente tutti i componenti di primaria importanza, quali refrigeranti, compressori e componenti elettronici. Per maggiori informazioni, visitare

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Do cars with clean combustion engines still have a chance in Europe after 2035?

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 7 giugno 2022

Berlin/Brussels/Strasbourg, June 3, 2022 – Ahead of the European Parliament’s decision on EU CO2 fleet limits, associations, petroleum producers and automotive suppliers have warned against a one-sided focus on e-mobility in Europe to curb CO2 emissions from road transport. On behalf of the eFuel Alliance, its managing director Ralf Diemer summarised: “The European Parliament has an extremely important decision to make next week, when it votes on CO2 limits for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The EU Commission’s proposal aims to reduce CO2 emissions from new cars by 100% from 2035. Looking solely at the tailpipe, without considering the upstream chain, this is de facto a ban on vehicles with an internal combustion engine, because ICE vehicles always have a local CO2 value, regardless of whether they are powered by eFuels or fossil fuels. Conversely, following this logic, an e-car always qualifies as a zero-emission vehicle, even if it is powered by fossil-generated electricity. This approach falls short of delivering a comprehensive climate policy – we need a more holistic view of transport emissions. Only in this way we will achieve climate neutrality.” “47 million existing vehicles in Germany can only play their part in climate protection by using sustainable fuels,” stressed Karsten Schulze, Technical President of the ADAC. “Within the European Union, there are 330 million cars, and as many as 1.4 billion worldwide – with synthetic fuels, they could all drive in a carbon-neutral way.” E-mobility, he said, is something many consumers simply cannot afford, and a lack of charging infrastructure makes the transition even more difficult. “The gap between what was planned and what has been achieved so far threatens to become even wider in the future,” Schulze concluded. “We will not be able to electrify the whole world. Even we in Germany are struggling.” A ban on cars with a combustion engine would also mean devaluing people’s property. “But this discussion is not necessary, because there is an alternative in the form of synthetic fuels.” In recent days, 106 associations and companies from the mobility, technology and energy sectors had already addressed MEPs in a joint letter. “Where clean electromobility is the solution that meets consumer demands, it will prevail. Where it is not (yet) feasible, there should be a choice. EU employment remains stable with a technology open regulation while also providing affordable and low-cost solutions for vulnerable households and businesses. To reduce carbon emissions, the electricity and fuels used to power vehicles need to be renewable. Hence, the focus should be put on decarbonising the electricity and fuels supply, not on banning or promoting one technology over others,” the letter states. A 100% reduction in CO2 would de facto mean not only a complete ban on internal combustion engines, but also on plug-in hybrid vehicles. A target of less than 100% or the recognition of CO2 emission reductions through the contribution of sustainable renewable fuels would avoid such a ban.A voluntary crediting system for sustainable renewable fuels could be a practical solution that could be included in the regulation on CO2 standards for cars and vans. This would use existing structures for crediting fuels in the marketplace and avoid double counting. The crediting system would be a first step toward a more holistic life-cycle approach. It would provide a safety net for cases where direct electrification is not yet feasible, the signatories stress.Attention editors: According to current plenary agenda, the debate in the EU Parliament is scheduled to begin at around 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, June 7. The vote is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. Further information:

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New MERICS and Rhodium Group report on Chinese FDI in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 28 aprile 2022

Berlin. The times when China invested vast amounts of capital in Europe are over for now, but Chinese investors are focusing their interest on promising start-ups in high-tech sectors. This is a trend that policymakers and business leaders in Europe should keep an eye on, as the authors of the new study “Chinese FDI in Europe – 2021 Update” by Rhodium Group and the Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS) note. (Please note: Embargoed until: Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 6:00 am CEST) Chinese outbound investment to the rest of the world stalled in 2021, increasing by just 3 percent to USD 114 billion (EUR 96 billion). China’s global outbound M&A activity even slipped to a 14-year low, with completed transactions totaling just EUR 20 billion. China’s FDI in Europe (EU-27 and the UK) rose but remained on a multi-year downward trajectory. Last year, completed Chinese FDI in Europe increased 33 percent to EUR 10.6 billion, bouncing back after a sharp decline caused by the Corona pandemic in 2020. Still, 2021 was the second lowest year (above only 2020) for China’s investment in Europe since 2013. The takeover of Philips’ domestic appliances business by Hong Kong based Hillhouse Capital made the Netherlands the biggest destination for Chinese investment in 2021, followed by Germany, France and the UK. Consumer products, automotive (NEV batteries), health, pharma and biotech, ICT, and energy were the top sectors.Overall, the nature of Chinese investment in Europe is changing. The share of Chinese state-owned investors fell to a 20-year low, concentrating on energy and infrastructure projects in southern Europe. After years of being dominated by M&A, Chinese investment in Europe has become more focused on greenfield projects, which reached a record value of EUR 3.3 billion in 2021.Chinese venture capital (VC) investors are pouring into European tech startups. In 2021, Chinese VC investment in Europe more than doubled to a record EUR 1.2 billion. This investment was concentrated in the UK and Germany, and focused on a handful sectors including e-commerce, fintech, gaming, AI and robotics.Two authors of the study commented on their findings:Agatha Kratz, Director at Rhodium Group: “The nature of Chinese investment in Europe has fundamentally changed in recent years. The days of multi-billion-euro acquisitions in strategic sectors may well be behind us. In their place, we are seeing Chinese companies setting up their own plants in Europe, particularly in areas where they enjoy a competitive advantage, like electric batteries. Chinese firms are also increasingly active investors in European start-ups. These are not necessarily alarming trends as such investments can contribute positively to European economic activity. But they should be closely monitored by European policymakers as they reassess the risks of economic engagement with China.” Max J. Zenglein, Chief Economist at MERICS: “Compared to the peaks around 2016, Chinese investments in Europe remain stuck at low levels. However, the fact that Chinese M&A activity in Europe increased again in 2021 while China’s global M&A fell, shows that Europe remains an attractive investment destination. But at these reduced levels any movement is vulnerable to a single large deal that can push investment up or down. In the current difficult economic and regulatory environment Chinese in Europe are unlikely to pick up significantly anytime soon.” By Claudia Wessling, Director Communications and Publications MERICS

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Today is a dark day for Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 25 febbraio 2022

We all condemn in the strongest possible terms the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, a free and sovereign country in the heart of Europe. This is not only an attack on Ukraine, but also on the security of Europe, the international order, peace and democracy. Therefore, we need: Firstly, firmness towards Russia, full economic response must be declared. The new package of sanctions already under discussion should be massive and unprecedented; Secondly, solidarity with Ukraine, we must provide political, financial and material support; Thirdly, unity in Europe, we must continue to show solidarity. This has been the case since the beginning of the crisis, within and between all European institutions. We must step up our fight against disinformation in all our Member States. And work even harder to build a sovereign and powerful Europe.

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The troubling prospect of war in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 30 gennaio 2022

We’re kicking off an experiment from our newsroom this weekend. Each week we’ll set out which trends and stories we expect to occupy us in the coming days. I’d like to hear whether you find our tea-leaf reading helpful. Send me an email at with your thoughts.Start with the economy. The Fed meets midweek, and though we don’t expect an increase in rates just yet, this is a delicate moment. Inflation is creeping up the political agenda; investors are jittery at the prospect of tightening later in the year. We’ll also get data on GDP growth in America (and other countries, including France) in the last quarter of 2021. Plus we’ll get a sense of how the big tech firms are faring when they deliver earnings reports later in the week. However rosy such figures turn out to be, keep in mind there are longer-term problems in the economy. America’s labour market, for example, may face a permanently shrunken pool of potential workers.Then there’s the troubling possibility of war in Europe. In recent weeks the Ukrainian story has mostly been a diplomatic one in which little is achieved. Are we entering a different, scarier, phase now? This weekend Britain claimed that Russia was planning to install a puppet government in Kyiv. But Russia denies it is planning to invade Ukraine (which that would surely imply). And the lack (so far) of propaganda efforts on Russian television suggests Vladimir Putin is not preparing his people for imminent fighting. On the other hand, Joe Biden said he expects Russian forces to “move in” soon. What are Russia’s military options? And what sort of fighting might unfurl if, say, tanks roll over the border? There’s smaller—not always lighter—fare to consider, too. Transparency International, an activist group, dishes up its annual index of corruption perceptions around the world on Tuesday. A Nordic country is likely to shine (yawn), but which of South Sudan or Somalia will endure the indignity of last spot?Otherwise look out for the fates of three leaders in Europe. Soon, perhaps this week, Emmanuel Macron will say what everyone knows: he’s running to retain the French presidency at the election in April. Boris Johnson’s spell as an (inadequate) British prime minister, meanwhile, could be cut short. Sue Gray, a civil servant, will report shortly on boozy parties among politicians and officials. And then there’s poor old Italy. At least the comically awful, octogenarian Silvio Berlusconi, is no longer in the running to become its head of state. But even if Mario Draghi, the very far from awful prime minister, gets the job, trouble still looms. We crowned Italy as our most-improved country of the year only last month, yet it already threatens to disappoint.What are our subscribers reading? Our cover leader on the parable of Boris Johnson was one of the most-read articles this week. A piece from our Science & technology section on a startup’s $3bn bet on finding the fountain of youth was also popular, as was our analysis of Microsoft’s $69bn acquisition of a video-game company. Adam Roberts Digital editor The economist

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How prepared for Omicron are America and Europe?

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 15 dicembre 2021

Welcome to our weekly newsletter highlighting the best of The Economist’s coverage of the pandemic and its effects. This week our data journalists looked at how prepared America and Europe are for Omicron. They found that the availability of arms, not vaccines, will be the greatest constraint on booster campaigns. We examined why America’s response to the Omicron variant has been so weak. Politics and the courts have hampered President Biden’s efforts against covid-19.The early data on Omicron show surging cases but milder symptoms. The variant’s capacity for reinfection appears unprecedented. Meanwhile, in South Africa, Omicron is already dominant. It appears to have rapidly outcompeted Delta and set off another wave of infections.In a “By Invitation” article, Melissa Fleming and Jeremy Heimans, a UN official and a social entrepreneur, wrote about countering vaccine falsehoods. Traditional health messages don’t convince the vaccine-hesitant, they say, but there are digital techniques that can move the needle.In England, people marked “Freedom Day” on July 19th, when most covid restrictions in the country were lifted. However, for those who are clinically vulnerable, true freedom has yet to arrive. When will those who have spent 21 months isolating be able to mingle freely again? As office life approaches some sort of new normal, remote working is here to stay. In our Business section, we look at the various ways in which countries are trying to legislate to maintain some boundaries between work and home life. By Zanny Minton Beddoes Editor-In-Chief The Economist

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PENTAX Medical Europe amplia l’offerta di prodotti per dare agli operatori sanitari il potere di scegliere

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 6 dicembre 2021

AMBURGO. Fornire soluzioni endoscopiche innovative significa comprendere le esigenze dei medici di curare in modo ottimale i pazienti, in base alle loro specifiche condizioni. PENTAX Medical sta espandendo la sua offerta, per offrire ai medici e agli operatori sanitari il potere di scegliere. PENTAX Medical fornisce una gamma di apparecchiature per trattare ogni singolo paziente nel modo più ottimale, al fine di ridurre al minimo il rischio di infezioni. Il portafoglio di prodotti comprende il broncoscopio monouso PENTAX Medical ONE Pulmo™, e presto includerà il duodenoscopio Slim DEC™ (ED32-i10; OE-A65), il PlasmaTYPHOON™+ e il pacchetto igiene PENTAX Medical DEC™. Questo mese verrà lanciata la seconda generazione del sistema PlasmaTYPHOON, il PlasmaTYPHOON+. Entrambi i sistemi accelerano il processo di trattamento degli endoscopi riducendo sostanzialmente i tempi di asciugatura da ore a pochi minuti, mantenendo lo stato di disinfezione degli endoscopi fino a 31 giorni. L’ultima generazione di PlasmaTYPHOON+ asciuga ancora più velocemente di prima, in 1-3 minuti, e offre un’esperienza utente più intuitiva rendendo i processi più sicuri e facili per il personale addetto al trattamento. A sua volta, l’ingombro ridotto richiesto per l’asciugatura e lo stoccaggio degli endoscopi riduce notevolmente i costi e lo spazio necessario. PlasmaTYPHOON+ fornisce anche un ulteriore supporto nei processi quotidiani, offrendo una tracciabilità completa sia stampata che digitale con registrazioni di dati pronti per la revisione. Il vero cambiamento viene dalla comprensione del panorama sanitario e dalla sua ridefinizione. PENTAX Medical rafforza il suo forte impegno nell’affrontare le sfide dell’igiene dei dispositivi medici, innovando continuamente i prodotti, ottimizzando i processi e integrando i feedback del mercato. Rainer Burkard, Chief Executive Officer EMEA & Chief Commercial Officer Americas, spiega: “L’igiene è sempre stata uno dei fattori chiave nello sviluppo dei nostri prodotti e continua a modellare i nostri sforzi futuri. In PENTAX Medical ascoltiamo e ci preoccupiamo – il feedback del mercato plasma ogni passo del percorso. L’ascolto delle prospettive dei nostri clienti ha confermato il nostro approccio a continuare a concentrarci sulla prevenzione delle infezioni in endoscopia. A partire da dicembre, lanceremo una serie di nuovi prodotti innovativi per i prossimi dodici mesi e l’igiene è sempre stata un aspetto rilevante nel loro sviluppo.”

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Smeup arricchisce le proprie competenze con Europe Consulting

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 dicembre 2021

Erbusco. Smeup annuncia oggi di avere siglato un accordo per l’acquisizione del 100% delle quote dell’azienda Europe Consulting di Gallarate (VA), specializzata in soluzioni ERP per il mondo della logistica.Presente sul mercato da 20 anni, con 20 collaboratori, Europe Consulting ha sviluppato particolari competenze nelle soluzioni dedicate alla logistica, alla gestione del magazzino fisico per gli operatori logistici e, in particolare, per aziende che gestiscono magazzini conto terzi. Altra specializzazione è rivolta alle soluzioni di business intelligence che supportano le aziende nella gestione dei loro processi.Questa partnership permetterà la nascita di importanti sinergie grazie alle eccellenti competenze sviluppate dalle due società, andando ad arricchire le soluzioni già presenti nell’offering di gruppo dedicate alle tematiche di logistica e trasporti.Con l’acquisizione di Europe Consulting, smeup, con sede legale a Erbusco (BS) e altre 14 sedi nel nord e centro Italia, con 505 collaboratori e 2450 clienti in Italia e nel mondo, rafforza inoltre la propria presenza sul territorio italiano.La scelta di crescere per linee esterne passando per progetti industriali di lungo termine, continua in questo 2021 dopo l’acquisizione del ramo d’azienda di Archivist, di ASI di Padova, l’ingresso nel capitale sociale di Progetto 6 e l’acquisizione di VM Sistemi, importante realtà di Faenza.Questa strategia ha contribuito negli anni, e continuerà a farlo nei prossimi esercizi, allo sviluppo sostenibile delle performance aziendali di business.“Questa operazione ha per noi una duplice importanza: va a coprire a livello territoriale la provincia di Varese e allo stesso tempo, dal punto di vista dei clienti e di proposta al mercato, ci permette di rinforzare la nostra offerta di soluzioni applicative e consulenziali nel mondo della logistica. Dopo l’acquisizione di Data dea, specializzata in soluzioni per il mercato dei trasporti e della logistica, infatti, Europe Consulting si configura in perfetta continuità e completamento sulle tematiche specifiche per questo settore.” – dichiara Roberto Magni – Vice President & BSA General Manager.

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Les Etoiles de l’Europe: premiato il progetto SeaDataCloud

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 dicembre 2021

È stato assegnato al progetto SeaDataCloud H2020 il premio “les Etoiles de l’Europe, il prestigioso riconoscimento francese che ogni anno celebra e promuove progetti europei coordinati da istituzioni francesi al fine di incoraggiare gli scienziati a guidare iniziative di alto profilo scientifico finanziate dall’Unione Europea.SeaDataCloud H2020, di cui la ricercatrice dell’Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) Simona Simoncelli è coordinatrice di parte del progetto e membro dello Steering Group, è stato premiato per “onorare i gruppi di ricercatori e i loro coordinatori per il loro impegno europeo e il loro lavoro nel riunire e coordinare progetti”.La cerimonia di premiazione si terrà oggi, a Parigi, alla presenza del Ministro dell’istruzione superiore, della ricerca e dell’innovazione francese, Frédérique Vidal.“Il premio costituisce ancora un importante riconoscimento alla professionalità della ricerca italiana e, in particolare, alle ricerche dell’INGV con l’instancabile azione dei suoi ricercatori anche in campo ambientale” ha dichiarato il Presidente dell’INGV, Carlo Doglioni.

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“Les Etoiles de l’Europe”

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 dicembre 2021

The prestigious French award that annually celebrates and promotes European projects coordinated by French institutions in order to encourage scientists to lead high-profile scientific initiatives funded by the European Union, was conferred to the SeaDataCloud H2020 project. SeaDataCloud H2020, of which the researcher of the Italian Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) Simona Simoncelli is coordinator of part of the project and member of the Steering Group, was conferred “to honor teams of researchers and their coordinators for their European commitment and their work in bringing together and coordinating projects”. The awards ceremony will be held today, in Paris, in the presence of the French Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, Frédérique Vidal.”The award still constitutes an important recognition of the professionalism of Italian research and, in particular, of the INGV research with the tireless action of its researchers also in the environmental field” declared the President of INGV, Carlo Doglioni.

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Une présidence française dans l’Europe post-Merkel

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 4 dicembre 2021

Ce 8 décembre devrait voir en Allemagne l’installation du successeur attendu d’Angela Merkel, Olaf Scholz. Le nouveau chancelier prend la tête d’une coalition tricolore, dont le programme de gouvernement impressionne par sa tonalité résolument européenne. L’Allemagne va aussi présider le G7. En même temps, la France s’apprête à assurer la présidence du Conseil de l’UE, avec un chef de l’Etat décidé à faire la démonstration à ses compatriotes de la plus-value européenne et à ses pairs, du leadership français.La conjugaison d’ambitions européennes de part et d’autre du Rhin a le potentiel de faire bouger quelques lignes. La présidence française a déjà fait connaître les résultats qu’elle espère obtenir du Conseil en matières sociale, à propos des salaires minimums, climatique, avec le mécanisme d’ajustement carbone aux frontières, et en matière numérique, par l’adoption des directives sur les services et les marchés digitaux, entre autres. Elle n’a plus à craindre l’enlisement initialement redouté pour la formation de la coalition allemande, ni a priori une intransigeance dogmatique aux finances. Berlin ne paraît ainsi pas fermer la porte à une pérennisation du plan de relance européen, pour le remboursement duquel la future coalition réclame la création de nouvelles ressources propres. Le prochain exécutif fédéral souhaite aussi avancer sur l’union bancaire. Et l’évolution du Pacte de stabilité n’est pas taboue. Le texte donne par une formulation ouverte sur les sujets budgétaires traditionnellement conflictuels avec Paris les gages d’une disponibilité à dialoguer. Ce contrat de coalition est même reçu comme une réponse tardive de l’Allemagne au foisonnant discours de la Sorbonne de 2017.Avec la première visite d’Olaf Scholz attendue à Paris le 9 décembre, le moteur franco-allemand pourrait donc montrer à court et moyen termes qu’il reste bien huilé. Mais vise-t-il la même ligne d’arrivée pour l’Europe ? La vision d’une Europe non seulement « capable d’agir » mais aussi « stratégiquement souveraine », formulée à plusieurs reprises dans le contrat de coalition allemand, n’aura pas échappé à la France, dont l’un des trois mots d’ordre de sa présidence du Conseil sera « puissance ». S’engager comme le fait Berlin à « définir les intérêts allemands à la lumière des intérêts européens » et à agir « dans un esprit de service de l’UE dans son ensemble » devraient rassurer au-delà tous les partenaires européens de l’Allemagne.Mais la perspective fédéraliste imprimée au projet européen, chère aux Verts allemands, diverge clairement de celle du Quai d’Orsay. Pour la première fois un gouvernement allemand écrit noir sur blanc qu’il souhaite conduire l’Union « vers un Etat fédéral européen » (einen europäischen Bundesstaat). Ceci n’a jamais été le dessein français pour l’Europe. Transformer la Conférence sur le futur de l’Europe en « convention constituante » dépasse les attentes de l’initiateur de ce projet. Avancer à quelques pays sur certains sujets rejoint toutefois les aspirations françaises à l’intégration différenciée. Passer à la majorité qualifiée en matière d’affaires étrangères, comme le souhaite l’Allemagne, n’est pas d’emblée balayé d’un revers de main en France. En revanche, Paris goûte traditionnellement peu au renforcement du Parlement européen par le droit d’initiative. Et on imagine mal le pays créateur du Conseil européen soutenir un système de Spitzenkandidat, comme le réclame le futur exécutif allemand.Plus largement, l’écart paraît béant entre ces ambitions institutionnelles pour l’Europe soulevées par l’Allemagne et une précampagne électorale en France au ton souverainiste, comme la dangereuse remise en cause de la primauté du droit européen sur le droit national. Un dialogue entre Paris et Berlin sera vite nécessaire pour imaginer, en vue des élections européennes de 2024, les nouveaux contours de l’intégration européenne post-Merkel. Sébastien Maillard, Directeur de l’Institut Jacques Delors

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Young Ambassadors present youth visions for the Future of Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 21 novembre 2021

The Young Ambassadors of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) will meet with the European Commission Vice-President for Democracy and Demography, Dubravka Šuica, the Vice-President of the European Parliament, Klára Dobrev and other key decision-makers in Brussels to discuss youth visions for the Future of Europe.Young people have shown that they are ready to act and drive social change. The project Young Opinions on the Future of Europe strives to engage youth with and spread the word about the Conference on the Future of Europe as well as to enable diverse and representative participation. After more than 1000 event participants and youth poll respondents contributed their ideas, preferences and suggestions, EYP’s Young Ambassadors on the Future of Europe are happy to present the main product of this collaborative process.More information can be found in our attached press release, in the paper Youth Vision for the Future of Europe and on the website of the Young Opinions on the Future of Europe project. By Helena Nepp

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Parkopedia partners with INDIGO Group’s OPnGO to strengthen parking reservation and payment services in Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 19 novembre 2021

Parkopedia, the market leader in connected vehicle services, is now working with OPnGO, the digital subsidiary of INDIGO Group, one of Europe’s largest parking operators, and a world leader in parking and individual mobility services, to provide seamless in-car parking reservation and payment services across France, Spain and Belgium.OPnGO is a universal digital parking service that aims to transform the driver experience in urban areas by aggregating a complete off-street parking offer. With a location-based service that automatically detects parking areas, OPnGO allows drivers to find parking spaces, compare prices, prepay and obtain unique discounts.With number plate recognition technology, drivers will be able to seamlessly enter and exit car parks without requiring a ticket or needing to stop at a pay station. Drivers will also no longer need to worry about additional stay costs, as the solution allows digital payments for the total time of the stay, without requiring any further action from the driver.Parkopedia has integrated OPnGO parking reservations in its consumer apps and in-car solutions for 220 car parks in France, Spain and Belgium, with services to be rolled out across the entire INDIGO portfolio shortly.Parkopedia strives to constantly expand its reach of products and services, through partnerships with services providers such as OPnGO, as well as working with the majority of automakers globally. To continue these developments, and in recognition of France’s position as the second largest car industry in Europe, Parkopedia has launched a dedicated French B2B website, to support existing, and future, clients and partners based in French speaking countries, by providing the latest news and product updates. The new website can be found at:

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Parkopedia partners with ThinxNet to provide seamless in-car fuelling payments across Europe

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 11 luglio 2021

London, UK / Munich, Germany. Industry-leading connected car solution providers Parkopedia and ThinxNet, have partnered to improve the refuelling experience for drivers, automakers and fuelling stations across Europe, through intelligent connected solutions that enable drivers to pay for their fuel directly through their vehicle head unit.As part of the single API, which powers the ‘pay-at-the-pump’ application of Parkopedia’s payment platform, ThinxNet uses state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology to ensure payments at the fuel pump can be seamlessly completed from inside the vehicle. Drivers are able to refuel quickly, cheaply and safely – negating the need to step away from the vehicle or enter a kiosk to pay. ThinxNet’s solution is currently available at more than 1400 fuelling stations in Germany, Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands, with more to follow in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain and the rest of Europe.Parkopedia’s new multi-domain payment platform is an extension of the company’s existing parking payment solution, which is currently in use by various leading global automakers. The latest platform will now also include payments for fuelling, as well as other vehicle-centric services, such as Electric Vehicle (EV) charging and tolls via a single sign-on solution, removing the need for drivers to maintain multiple apps and accounts for their on-the-road payment needs.Parkopedia’s integrated solution manages the full aggregation and payment flow between providers into a single payment platform, working with wider vehicle sensors to enable a seamless and complete digital fuelling experience for the driver.Once a driver is notified that fuel is low, they will be presented with live fuel pricing for comparison and guided to their preferred station. Once on-site, the platform activates the pump, initiates the transaction and safely manages the payment from the vehicle. Discounts and loyalty offers can be applied automatically, as well as the mailing of electronic receipts – delivering a heightened level of connected service to drivers and simplifying management for automakers.Hans Puvogel, COO at Parkopedia, commented: “We are delighted to partner with ThinxNet, and integrate essential pay-at-the-pump fuelling services for drivers into our recently announced payment platform. Our relationships with key connected vehicle service providers are a vital aspect of why we are already the market leader for in-vehicle parking payments. As we expand across further vehicle-centric payment services, we need partners that are aligned with us in delivering exceptional connected services that enhance the journey for drivers.”Sandra Dax, CEO at ThinxNet, added: “The partnership with Parkopedia is a logical next step for us to fulfil our vision of hassle-free, secure and reliable transactions around the car. We are convinced that a seamless in-car experience is a key driver for the adoption of connected services like digital fuelling.”For more details on Parkopedia’s payment platform or to contact the team, please visit:

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