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BigCommerce Announces New and Expanded Partnerships to Support European Business Growth

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 26 settembre 2018

BigCommerce, the leading ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, announced that it has signed expanded partnerships with partners Born Group (“BORN”) and dotmailer to support the needs of BigCommerce’s growing base of European merchants. Additionally, BigCommerce announced new partnerships with several leading ecommerce agencies and technology providers, including full-service commerce agency GPMD, AI search tool Klevu, content management and boutique WordPress agency Pragmatic, and digital transformation expert SQLI.
Dotmailer, a leading marketing automation platform and BigCommerce’s first European Elite Partner, will provide European retailers with the ability to create personalized marketing campaigns for their customers. Through dotmailer’s Commerce Flow, merchants can synchronise customer contact data and purchase history from BigCommerce to deliver more relevant marketing communication to customers. “In today’s retail environment, consumers expect merchants to personalise the sales experience to their individual needs, and working with BigCommerce helps ensure that their merchants can use store data to create marketing materials that actually serve the needs of their customers. It’s yet another way that BigCommerce brings value to their customers globally,” said Milan Patel, CEO at dotmailer.BORN, an award-winning digital and content production agency, will also partner with BigCommerce’s European team as it expands to better serve its local market. “Our expertise lies in helping enterprise-level businesses develop integrated, forward-thinking ecommerce experiences that drive their business forward,” said Daren Fitzgerald, executive vice president of commercial at BORN. “BigCommerce stands out as a true platform leader in the mid-market. The combination of our offerings gives European merchants a toolkit to deploy industry-leading ecommerce sites that attract and convert customers at a fraction of the cost, which is why we consider it our SaaS platform of choice.”

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European Business Awards 2017-18 sponsorizzati da RSM

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 18 ottobre 2017

migliori-aziendeLe migliori aziende europee sono invitate a partecipare agli European Business Awards 2017-18, sponsorizzati da RSM, prima della scadenza di fine ottobre per avere la possibilità di far riconoscere il loro successo commerciale in tutto il mondo.Le aziende che si candidano e quelle nominate da altri, hanno la possibilità di vincere in una delle dodici categorie. Oltre al sostegno e al riconoscimento, altri vantaggi sono rappresentati dall’opportunità di fare networking, incontrare potenziali nuovi partner commerciali, dare maggiore visibilità ai marchi e dall’opportunità di far parte di una selezionata business community.Per candidarsi o per nominare un’azienda, è necessario andare a Il concorso è indipendente, con partecipazione gratuita e aperta a organizzazioni di tutte le dimensioni e di qualsiasi settore industriale. Lo scorso anno gli European Business Awards hanno attirato oltre 33.000 organizzazioni da 34 paesi. Le informazioni sui vincitori precedenti si trovano anche sul sito Web.Adrian Tripp, l’amministratore delegato degli European Business Awards, ha dichiarato: “Per l’opportunità di essere riconosciuti come i migliori in Europa, imparare dai propri pari e ottenere nuovi clienti, iscrivetevi, oppure nominate un’azienda oggi stesso”.Jean Stephens, amministratore delegato di RSM International, la sesta più grande rete mondiale di aziende indipendenti di revisione contabile e consulenza fiscale e principale sponsor dell’EBA, ha dichiarato: “In qualità di consulenti per aziende in crescita e di successo, come ad esempio quelle che partecipano agli European Business Awards, possiamo vedere in prima persona quanto questo evento sia vantaggioso per le aziende che vi aderiscono. Di questi tempi, altamente imprevedibili, riteniamo che sia più importante che mai riconoscere e premiare i risultati, l’etica e l’ingegno”.Quest’anno il concorso è diviso in tre fasi. Dopo l’iscrizione, nei mesi di novembre e dicembre verrà pubblicato un elenco di aziende selezionate come quelle più innovative, etiche e di successo in ogni paese europeo. Dopo un’ulteriore fase di giudizio, dodici vincitori nazionali verranno annunciati per ciascun paese in occasione di una serie di eventi di networking. Infine, nel maggio 2018 i dodici vincitori finali europei saranno annunciati in occasione di un gala celebrativo.Le categorie dei premi per 2017-2018 sono:
RSM Entrepreneur of the Year Award (premio Imprenditore RSM dell’anno)
ELITE Award for Growth Strategy of the Year (premio ELITE per la migliore strategia di crescita dell’anno)
Award for International Expansion (premio per l’espansione internazionale)
Social Responsibility and Environmental Awareness Award (premio per la responsabilità sociale e sostenibilità ambientale)
New Business of The Year Award (premio per la migliore nuova azienda dell’anno)
Workplace and People Development Award (premio per l’ambiente di lavoro e lo sviluppo delle persone)
Customer and Market Engagement Award (premio per l’impegno nei confronti dei clienti e del mercato)
Digital Technology Award (premio per la tecnologia digitale)
Business of the Year Award with Turnover € 0 – 25M (premio per la migliore azienda dell’anno con fatturato da 0 a 25 milioni di euro)
Business of the Year Award with Turnover € 26 – 150M (premio per la migliore azienda dell’anno con fatturato da 26 a 150 milioni di euro)
Business of the Year Award with Turnover € 150 + (premio per la migliore azienda dell’anno con fatturato superiore a 150 milioni di euro)
Per partecipare agli European Business Awards di quest’anno oppure per ottenere maggiori informazioni sul concorso, è necessario andare a

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European Business Summit explores the future of the technology industry

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 25 maggio 2017

londonLondon. As the EU General Affairs Council meet to discuss Brexit today, the Rt Hon Philip Hammond and members of the European Commission, such as Pierre Moscovici, and Jykri Katainen, will meet to debate what is next for Europe at the European Business Summit. Topics of discussion will include the future of the single market, retaining and attracting young talent in Europe, and future-proofing European industry.One of the hot topics is the future of the technology industry, with a planned roundtable discussion focussing on how to develop an industrial strategy for Europe. FacilityLive, an Italian start-up that is transforming information through unique ‘human language search’ technology, will be speaking for the third year running. They are amongst a group of ambitious firms who are helping revolutionise their individual sectors, by strengthening the business environment for start-ups and creating an ecosystem that nurtures world class leaders in technology. Gianpiero Lotito, the CEO and co-founder of FacilityLive, comments “We are now seeing more multinational companies investing in UK technology start-ups, such as with Japan’s SoftBank financing Improbable. This type of investment highlights Britain and Europe’s exciting potential to produce world-leading technology innovations, but we need to create the right conditions to ensure that companies succeed in Europe and stay in Europe.”
At the European Business Summit, Lotito will shed light on how to develop a successful technology strategy for Europe. With its objective to open up digital opportunities for business and people, he will place emphasis on how the Digital Single Market will allow Europe to become a world leader in the digital economy. Lotito continues: “Europe is a greenfield of opportunity for technology innovators. However, in the current post-Brexit landscape, Europe shouldn’t be looking to simply emulate Silicon Valley or the Asian model. We need to think about distinctive models to encourage growth in Europe.” “The Digital Single Market is crucial to the creation and facilitation of a model made up of ‘small valleys’. We must strive to protect and promote collaboration within Europe’s small towns and also cross-communication between them. Our world class small cities built around leading universities, offer the perfect ecosystem for incubating and cross-fertilising innovation. It is possible to create a multitude of small valleys, where digital innovators work in conjunction with students, entrepreneurs, young skilled professionals and vibrant local institutions. If given the chance to develop and expand, it will pave the way for European technology companies to pursue opportunities that would have been inconceivable a few years ago.”
FacilityLive is an Italian high tech startup with global ambitions, based in Pavia, London and Brussels, which develops a next generation technology for the organisation, management and search of information with patents granted in 44 countries worldwide Founded in 2010 by Mariuccia Teroni and Gianpiero Lotito, innovators for over twenty years in the testing of digital technologies in the publishing world, FacilityLive is already adopted by leading Global and Pan-European companies and world-class system integrators.

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