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The European Committee of the Regions calls on the European Parliament to secure a fair agricultural policy that can offer practical solutions to the environmental challenges

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 8 dicembre 2019

At a hearing held at the European Parliament on reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Guillaume Cros (FR/PES), Vice-President of the Occitan Region and European Committee of the Regions rapporteur on the CAP, pointed out that according to the Court of Auditors report of 20 November, environmental aspects are not given sufficient weight among the many challenges to the future CAP that have been identified. The Committee of the Regions’ recommendations also match the aims of the Green Deal announced by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.The CoR rapporteur on Reform of the CAP emphasised that “we must radically change the way the next Common Agricultural Policy is implemented in order to meet the social, environmental and climate-related challenges and also build a Green Deal commensurate with the current challenges, in the interests of a fair, sustainable and solidarity-based CAP”. The CoR is calling for a minimum of 30% of first pillar funds to go to eco-schemes and proposes quantified, measurable and results-oriented European objectives by 2027 for the national Strategic Plans, as follows:
· a 30% reduction compared with 2017 in greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture in the Member State;
· a doubling compared with 2017 of the land area used for organic farming in the Member State, or at least 30% of the utilised agricultural area of the Member State;
· a minimum 30% reduction compared with 2017 in the use of pesticides in the Member State;
· lastly, compliance with the Nitrates Directive for 100% of surface water and groundwater, without exemptions.
The CoR also calls for a gradual and planned end to cage rearing throughout the European Union. Guillaume Cros stressed that “we (the CoR) support the proposal by the European Parliament’s ENVI Committee aimed at establishing farm livestock density limits and limiting payments to farms that exceed such limits”.He also highlighted that the key role played by Europe’s regions in managing and implementing the CAP must be preserved and stepped up. The legislative proposal on the future CAP, in its current form, actually has the effect of marginalising, or even jeopardising, the role and autonomy of Europe’s regions in managing the CAP, simply allotting them the task of implementing measures laid down at national level.

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Towards COP25 and European Green Deal: EU cities and regions are on board

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 25 novembre 2019

European Committee of the Regions (CoR) is looking forward to the COP25 climate summit in Madrid as an opportunity to formally acknowledge the key role of the EU’s cities and regions in strategic climate governance and ensure their adequate engagement in reducing greenhouse emissions. First Vice-President Markku Markkula will lead the CoR delegation in Madrid along with the ENVE Commission chairs Cor Lamers (EPP/NL) and Jean-Noël Verfaillie (RE/FR). Members of the CoR’s Commission for Environment, Climate Change and Energy (ENVE) also outlined that the local and regional level is key to the success of the European Green Deal.In a high-level debate with MEP Marie Toussaint (FR, Greens/EFA), Janez Potočnik, co-chair of United Nations’ International Resource Panel, and Diederik Samsom, new Head of Cabinet of Commissioner Frans Timmermans, ENVE members exchanged views on how the European Green Deal proposed by the European Commission’s president-elect Ursula von der Leyen should be implemented in partnership with local and regional authorities. The CoR will adopt a resolution on the European Green Deal in its next plenary session on 4-5 December. It has also invited a delegation of young elected politicians from across EU to Brussels to learn and exchange views on how to accelerate climate action locally.
The COP25 summit, which has been moved from Santiago de Chile to Madrid, will take place between 2 and 13 December 2019. The CoR will be represented in Madrid by First Vice-President Markku Markkula (EPP/FI), ENVE chair Cor Lamers (EPP/NL; Mayor of Schiedam), ENVE vice-chair Jean-Noël Verfaillie (RE/FR; Member of the Nord Departmental Council), Benedetta Brighenti (PES/IT; Member of Castelnuovo Rangone Municipal Council), Andries Gryffroy (EA/BE; Member of the Flemish Parliament) and Tjisse Stelpstra (ECR/NL; Member of the Executive Council of the Province of Drenthe). The delegation was announced at the ENVE Commission meeting on 21 November where Jacob Werksman, the EU Chief negotiator for the UNFCCC COP25 in Madrid, presented the state of the negotiations between the Parties of the Paris Agreement. During a separate ceremony held around Thursday’s ENVE meeting, the Portuguese town of Lousada was announced as the winner of the 2019 Transformative Action Award. Its initiative ‘Integrated education for sustainability’ was selected by a jury of experts for its potential to bring about the socio-cultural, socio-economic and technological transformation of its community. The European sustainability award is organised by ICLEI, the Basque Country and the City of Aalborg (Denmark) and supported by the CoR and the European Investment Bank (EIB).

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European Committee of the Regions calls to radically reform the way the EU works

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 29 giugno 2019

Following the European elections and ahead of the new term of the European Commission, the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) has put forward its expectations and proposals for the EU’s new legislative mandate for 2019-2024. In a resolution adopted on 26 June 2019, the CoR argues that for the EU to regain citizens’ trust and address major current challenges, EU decisions and policies must be anchored locally and local and regional authorities involved at all stages of EU decision-making.To further strengthen the legitimacy and democratic foundation of the EU, the CoR also urges the European institutions to respond to its call for setting up a structured and permanent system of citizens’ consultation. Such mechanism would be based on a long-term strategy, with the involvement of both local and regional authorities and the civil society. The CoR also calls for establishing a systematic feedback mechanism on the implementation of EU policies at local/regional level, with the involvement of local and regional authorities. The CoR is currently testing such mechanism via its pilot project of so-called “regional hubs”.The CoR’s proposals for the upcoming new EU mandate also include the following:
· Giving priority to the development of an overarching “Digital Single Market for all” strategy, with dedicated actions for the local economy and local digital services, and working toward closing the “innovation gap” in Europe by providing dedicated EU funds for connecting territories and building regional research;
· Further developing a European Industrial Policy focusing on the promotion of place-based solutions and interregional innovation investment;
· Encouraging a more systematic use of qualified majority voting, in particular on tax matters, to facilitate the fight against tax avoidance.
· Building cohesion within the EU, including a strong EU’s cohesion policy beyond 2020 benefitting from adequate funding, a reinforced EU social dimension, better urban/rural linkages to address the territorial divide, and relevant measures to tackle demographic changes;
· Agreeing an ambitious and politically binding “EU Urban Agenda”, and better consideration to the urban dimension of EU policies;
· Considering the adoption of a Code of Conduct to involve the local and regional authorities in the European Semester, following the example of the one adopted in the context of Cohesion Policy;
· Building a Common Agricultural Policy that is fair, sustainable and based on solidarity, and developing a comprehensive EU Rural Agenda;
· Addressing the social dimension of the digital economy, in particular through better regulation of the working conditions of platform work.
· Making the Sustainable Development Goals the overarching development strategy for the EU and formally recognising the role of local and regional authorities in delivering a sustainable Europe;
· Strengthening the involvement of cities and regions when adopting climate-related decisions to ensure that the EU’s position reflects the needs, capacities and potential of all EU territories;
· Paying greater attention to the growing problem of energy poverty in many EU regions and cities;
· Developing appropriate co-financing at European level to address missing links in transport infrastructure to enable better accessibility of all regions;
· Further promoting the development of regionally sensitive indicators to better measure progress on certain aspects of the circular economy.
· Given the responsibilities of cities and regions in the reception and integration of migrants, the CoR asks for increased direct EU funding for European cities and regions in this area;
· Better communication at all levels of the costs and benefits of immigration and integration, notably through the support of cities and regions’ networks for the integration of migrants such as the new CoR initiative “Cities and Regions for Integration” launched earlier this year.

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