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The art of literature exhibition

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 25 Maggio 2022

Christie’s announces The Art of Literature, part of London Now, an exhibition showcasing a selection of artistic masterpieces inspired by literature through the ages. From depictions of scenes from Virgil’s Aeneid by the Old Masters, to the collaboration between artist Peter Doig and Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott, the connection between the visual and literary arts has given birth to extraordinary objects and texts. Artists and novelists, craftsmen and authors, painters and poets, have long referred to each other’s work for inspiration, creating a rich and venerable tradition which continues to this day.Curated by the next generation of Christie’s specialists, co-curators of The Art of Literature, Victoria Gramm (Specialist, Post-War and Contemporary Art); Mark Wiltshire (Specialist, Books and Manuscripts) and Annabelle Scholar (Client Advisor, Client Advisory EMEA) comment, ‘It has been a pleasure to explore the connections between art and literature over the centuries, from illuminated manuscripts and canvases depicting Classical myths, to more contemporary connections between painting and poetry. We have united a fascinating selection embodying some of these connections, and look forward to welcoming visitors to Christie’s King Street to enjoy an exhibition which unites literary and artistic greats.’Presented in two separate chapters, the first, The Art of Literature: Loan and Selling Exhibition will run from 6 June to 14 July. Comprising 50 works, the exhibition is curated to present the finest examples of works from categories including 20th and 21st Century Art, Islamic Art, Books and Manuscripts, Old Masters, 19th Century Art and Decorative Arts. One highlight is Marlene Dumas, Magdalena (Venus), on loan, (illustrated below left) dating from 1995. The artwork of South African-born Dumas is inherently literary; her poems, which are written as a complement to her paintings, often tie together literary and artistic threads. In the case of Magdalena (Venus), the artist has written a poem with multi-layered allusions referencing Vladimir Nabokov, Sandro Botticelli and Simone de Beauvoir. These contrasting sources point to the complexity of the presentation of the female body in the history of art and literature. A unique illuminated manuscript of Aesop’s Fables in French dating from c.1495 is another exceptional highlight (illustrated below right). This literary masterpiece, combining text and painting in a single beautiful object, is the only known illuminated copy of Julien Macho’s popular French translation, with additional works by other fabulists, richly illustrated with sixty-six miniatures by an artist associated with the Master of the Chronique Scandaleuse. All but one fable is illustrated with a miniature depicting a central episode, sometimes even two, of the tale. The scenes are animated and precise evocations of the famous fables.Also of particular note is John William Waterhouse’s Tristram and Isolde (illustrated above). Often termed ‘the last Pre-Raphaelite’, Waterhouse painted this picture some 70 years after the formation of the Brotherhood. It shows the enduring appeal of Arthurian myth – in this episode of the chivalric romance, Irish princess Isolde offers the Cornish knight Tristram a chalice containing poison so they will not be forced to part – which has been substituted for a love potion. Painted at the height of the First World War, the picture carries undertones of romantic nationalism.

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Exhibition by Mai-Thu Perret

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 19 marzo 2022

Roma 24.03.2022 H18:00-20:00 Istituto Svizzero Via Ludovisi 48, Ingresso gratuito. Registrazione alla porta. Orari di apertura: Mercoledì / Venerdì: 14:00-18:00 Giovedì: 14:00-20:00 Sabato / Domenica: 11:00-18:00 si inaugura Real Estate, la prima grande personale in Italia dell’artista svizzera Mai-Thu Perret (nata nel 1976, vive e lavora a Ginevra). Concepita in stretto dialogo con l’artista, la mostra comprende opere esistenti e di nuova produzione – come, ad esempio, una scultura a grandezza naturale, che attinge all’interesse di Mai-Thu Perret per le divinità della mitologia romana. Real Estate offre una panoramica sulle tematiche, sui processi e sui materiali esplorati dall’artista: le sculture, i dipinti, le opere in ceramica, le performance e i testi si collocano all’intersezione tra la cultura contemporanea, la critica della storia dell’arte e la materialità. Mai-Thu Perret esplora (e genera) narrazioni e contro-narrazioni femministe che mettono in luce il ruolo dell’oggetto d’arte, introducendo possibilità utilitaristiche, simboliche e persino mistiche in contesti che sono spesso limitati a letture formaliste. Il titolo della mostra Real Estate non è solo un gioco di parole con il termine italiano ‘estate’ (la stagione estiva) ma si rifà al titolo dell’‘autobiografia vivente’ della scrittrice Deborah Levy. L’artista, infatti, riflette sulla definizione di ‘casa’, domesticità e sulle connotazioni di genere esistenti in architettura, tematiche presenti in tutto il percorso espositivo. La mostra include anche un nuovo lavoro spoken word di Tamara Barnett-Herrin. Contemporaneamente alla mostra sarà possibile vedere l’installazione semipermanente recentemente commissionata a Mai-Thu Perret per l’ingresso di Villa Maraini. L’opera consiste in un lavoro in neon che illumina l’edificio ed è visibile ai passanti di via Ludovisi.

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Rossocinabro with the exhibition “Realities in the Making”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 18 dicembre 2020

Rome. 21st December 2020 – 10th January 2021 Rossocinabro presents the most recent new works of 38 international artists. Many are the cultural differences in works of these artists, but from the opening of the Contemporary Day throughout 2021, the underlying theme will be plural identity. Some works offer a glimpse into an encounter between ordinary material life and all that lies behind it: dreams, visions, fantasies and unconscious images. They are interspersed with fragments of the mediated reality of screens and photographs. Others choose contrasting motifs by emphasizing the distinction between reality and fiction, darkness and light, rationality and irrationality, restriction and freedom, between outside and inside. However, this duality in these works is not tense or conflicting. The connections between the opposite poles are unstable, fluid and naturally change continuously. Some artists also represent a multifaceted and unstable world in often almost monochromatic colours. The objects are fragmentary, apparently unfinished, their forms dissolve as if to confirm that the authenticity of visible reality is a mere illusion.Therefore, the subjects of this exhibition are not integral but fragmented and they contain all these realities in becoming. This is probably why in some paintings, photos or sculptures often do not see a complete human figure, but its parts (faces, hands) or their substitutes (details of clothing, accessories). The allusions to the self-portrait testify to a personal and emotional approach to work. The artists argue with the tradition of the portrait and self-portrait genre but they distance themselves from the need to represent the individuality of the portrait. They speak in signs, visual metaphors and symbols that act as catalysts of emotions. The exhibition does not offer a clear and coherent narrative, but rather provides impulses that provoke the viewer’s experiences and evoke memories.

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Exhibition: A Plural Identity

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 2 dicembre 2020

Rome Via Raffaele Cadorna, 28 opening no-stop from Monday to Friday 11:00-18:00 December 5- 11, 2020 ‘A Plural identity” – a mosaic of works of international artists will be on display from December 5th to 11th, 2020 to underline the sense of community. With this exhibition, Rossocinabro participates to the Giornata del Contemporaneo – the great event promoted by AMACI, the Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums, which for sixteen years has involved museums, foundations, public and private institutions, galleries, studios and art spaces to tell the vitality of contemporary art in our country. Also for this edition, it is confirmed the involvement of the foreign network of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – which includes Embassies, Consulates and Italian Cultural Institutes to a week of promotion of Italian contemporary art abroad. In 2020, the Giornata del Contemporaneo takes on a necessarily different look from the traditional one. In this complex year, deeply affected by the emergency pandemic, the sixteenth edition of the event puts the contemporary community at the centre – starting with the AMACI Museums – and rethinks itself starting from the concept of community, which has always been at the basis of the event and today – in the Covid era – back forcefully in the limelight. the 2020 Contemporary Day is designed to respond to the exceptional nature of the moment we are experiencing, which so strongly influences not only the planning and conduct of cultural activities but also the perception that each of us has of the meaning of art and culture today. This year AMACI was decided to adopt a hybrid format, with online and offline proposals: the changed context has required a suspension of the traditional format of the event and an updated edition with variations that guarantee its performance on a double track, encouraging all to contribute on both levels, by joining the great communication campaign that will be launched on 5 December with the hashtag #giornatadelcontemporaneo. Also, to tell the infinite facets of the contemporary, the very identity of the event is composed to a digital mosaic of the works of all artists, as proposed from as many AMACI museums, instead of using the traditional guide image created by one artist. Featured artists: Janice Alamanou, Cecilia Álvarez, Alessandro Angeletti, Annabelle Art Gallery, Brian Avadka Colez, Ivana Bachová, Heike Baltruweit, Nicola Barth, Federico Campanale, Lidia Chaplin, Lord Nicolaus Dinter, Bogdan Dyulgerov, Noemi Galavotti, Michael Jiliak, Robert Kalin, Alexandra Kapogianni-Beth, Monika Blanka Katterwe, Alan Lacke Cairo, Rosana Largo Rodríguez, Fiona Livingstone, Christina Mitterhuber, Amanda Narain, Eve Neeracher, Roanne O’Donnell, Britta Ortiz, Ann Palmer, Marika Pentikäinen, Gerhard Petzl, Steffi Pieters, Ludwika Pilat, Sal Ponce Enrile, Rebz, Belle Roth, Connie García Sainz, Greta Schnall, Taka & Megu, Nancy van Wichelen, Stéphane Vereecken, Andre Visser, Marja-Riitta Vuorela, Renate West. Also this year, the Contemporary Day avails itself of the support of the General Direction for Contemporary Creativity of the MiBACT, of the collaboration of the General Direction for the Promotion of the Country System of the MAECI and the patronage of Representation in Italy of the European Commission, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Chamber of Deputies, Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Conference of Regions and the Autonomous Provinces, UPI – Union of Provinces of Italy, ANCI – National Association of Italian Municipalities and ICOM Italy. Representation in Italy of the European Commission, Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Chamber of Deputies, Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Conference of Regions and the Autonomous Provinces, UPI – Union of Provinces of Italy, ANCI – National Association Italian Municipalities and ICOM Italy.

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Moda Milano: Virtual Exhibition

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 11 settembre 2020

Sedici tra i migliori progetti di tesi ied moda milano in mostra, in veste inedita, a partire dalla milano fashion week di settembre Una stanza delle meraviglie virtuale, senza precedenti, in cui esplorare un mondo di progetti in veste inconsueta. È l’arte generativa digitale a costruire – nel rispetto del distanziamento sociale – la speciale vetrina di presentazione dei migliori progetti di tesi dei diplomandi IED Moda Milano, con Avant Défilé 2020, una virtual exhibition immersiva visitabile dal 23 settembre prossimo tramite app e piattaforma web, in una iniziativa che renderà le creazioni graduate IED per la prima volta permanenti, evidenziando soprattutto il “processo” di lavoro, espressione di una metodologia intelligente e in continuo sviluppo, più che la collezione finale.
Un’inedita opportunità per dare risalto al talento, un innovativo “avant” senza un défilé, che si gioca interamente sul virtuale, reso possibile dalla collaborazione di IED con Streamcolors – studio milanese di arte digitale specializzato nello sviluppo di software in real time e nella produzione di soluzioni interattive, fondato da Giuliana Geronimo e Giacomo Giannella (quest’ultimo è un ex-studente di CG Animation proprio in IED Milano): l’incontro delle due realtà – IED e Streamcolors – ha trasformato i limiti di un anno difficoltoso in un percorso su nuove strade, alla scoperta di spazi e linguaggi inediti di racconto in “non presenza”, a vantaggio di un pubblico molto più ampio di quello di professionisti e stakeholder solitamente coinvolti in una sfilata.Nello spazio-vetrina virtuale e immersivo, in cui dal 23 settembre il visitatore potrà muoversi autonomamente come in una sorta di videogame, troveranno posto 16 progetti per un totale di 18 giovani autori, preselezionati da un comitato tecnico tra i diplomandi IED Moda Milano dell’anno 2019/2020 in Fashion Design, Shoes and Accessories Design e Jewelry Design. Si tratta di Claudio Atzeni (con i colleghi di Fashion Stylist Fabio Candotti e Mario Cattaldi), Jacopo Cazzoli, Eleonora Cutruzzulà, Valeria Fogazzi, Giorgia Gervasoni, Roberta Martin, Gianluca Minola, Alice Podavini, Davide Poloni, Omar Repossi, Neithan Herbert Ruiz Pillajo, Alessandro Rupilli, Francesca Spatola, Liliana Vailati, Michelle Visenda, Hsin-Yi Chen.
“IED Avant Défilé 2020 è una nuova dimostrazione del fatto che i limiti, con una progettualità flessibile e creativa, possono diventare occasioni per percorrere nuove strade e aprire nuovi mondi – commenta Olivia Spinelli, Coordinatrice e Creative Director IED Moda Milano. – Anche quest’anno non rinunciamo a offrire ai futuri talenti del fashion world la vetrina che meritano. Con un inedito Avant Défilé abbiamo pensato a una mostra permanente che ci permetta di svelare il processo più che dare risalto al prodotto finito. Sarà un evento continuativo che non precede il classico fashion show di fine anno, ma che vuole diventare la base di lancio per i nostri studenti/designer all’inizio del loro percorso professionale. Un esperimento al contempo audace e meraviglioso, oggi – più che mai – necessario.”

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“The International Surrealism Now Exhibition will open in 2020”

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 29 giugno 2020

The exact dates will be announced soon. The exhibition is a project created by Santiago Ribeiro, Portuguese surrealist artist, and started in 2010 at the Bissaya Barreto Foundation of Coimbra. In these 10 years, has been touring various parts of the country from Lisbon to Porto as well as satellite exhibitions in the United States such as Dallas, Los Angeles, University of Mississippi and New York, also in Europe in Berlin, Paris, and Madrid among others always promoted and organized by Santiago. 125 participant artists from 52 countries: Albania, Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cuba, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Ukraine, Venezuela, Vietnam, India.

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EMD 2020 Exhibition – apply for a stand

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 7 febbraio 2020

EMD 2020 (Cork, Ireland, 14 &15 May) offers the opportunity to maritime stakeholders to participate at EMD Exhibition. A pitch stage which will take place in parallel during the two-day conference will add value to the exhibition, making it an ideal place for stakeholders to meet, exchange experience and discuss the latest developments on blue economy. Deadline: 15 March 2020.Interested stakeholders have the possibility to rent an exhibition stand during the two-day conference to showcase innovative ideas, products and services related to the themes of the conference. Space is limited, so if required, exhibitors will be selected on the basis of criteria such as thematic relevance and sustainability of their activities.Sustainable promotional material only
Exhibitors should provide only sustainable promotional material at their stands
No single use plastics, no plastic gadgets is allowed.
Read more on the European Maritime Day website
Deadline for applications: 15 March 2020

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Nikola Tesla Exhibition

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 3 febbraio 2020

Milano 15 marzo 2020 presso lo Spazio Ventura XV in via Giovanni Privata Ventura 15 Orari: dal martedì al venerdì dalle ore 10.00 alle ore 19.00 (ultimo ingresso ore 18.00); sabato e domenica dalle 9.30 alle 20.30 (ultimo ingresso 19.30). La mostra è organizzata su fasce orarie e si visita esclusivamente in gruppi da 25/35 persone accompagnati da una guida compresa nel biglietto d’ingresso. Si consiglia l’acquisto del biglietto in prevendita per avere la priorità d’ingresso. Visite guidate per gruppi e scuole di ogni ordine e grado su prenotazione. Organizzata da Venice Exhibition in collaborazione con il Nikola Tesla Museum di Belgrado, la Nikola Tesla Exhibition ha fatto scattare la “Tesla Mania”, accogliendo centomila visitatori e più di 1.250 scuole, permettendo agli italiani di conoscere a fondo le invenzioni e gli esperimenti di Tesla, scoprendo un genio che per tanti decenni è stato dimenticato dai libri di storia.
Ingegnere informatico, Desanka “Dannie” Mandic sta ora terminando gli studi di Naturopatia e lavorando all’analisi della correlazione tra funzionamento dei mitocondri e stress e stanchezza cronica. “Nikola Tesla ha avuto una vita molto difficile, aveva tanti talenti, tante idee ma è stato dimenticato, messo a tacere, ridicolizzato, perché non è riuscito a convincere le persone sull’attuabilità delle sue invenzioni: semplicemente era troppo avanti per il suo tempo. Ha anticipato la necessità di trovare delle alternative a livello energetico, il bisogno e la possibilità delle telecomunicazioni, ha previsto lo smartphone e la trasmissione di voce e immagini. Tesla è lo scienziato che ha inventato il XX secolo, ma ha lasciato un segno che dura nel tempo: l’ingegnerizzazione di alcune delle sue invenzioni si traduce oggi nel XXI secolo in tecnologie che utilizziamo quotidianamente, dalle macchine radiocomandate agli apparecchi cellulari, per arrivare a tutti i dispositivi wireless. Per questo il suo ruolo e le sue idee sono quanto mai attuali e il suo valore merita di essere celebrato, a partire dai nomi delle strade delle città”.In Italia sono soltanto 6, ad oggi, le vie dedicate a Nikola Tesla, mentre se ne contano quasi 5.000 per Guglielmo Marconi. “Quasi una beffa, considerando che nonostante l’invenzione della radio sia generalmente attribuita all’italiano Guglielmo Marconi, per tutto il territorio degli USA il vero inventore della radio è proprio lo scienziato serbo Nikola Tesla”, spiega Mauro Rigoni, amministratore unico di Venice Exhibition.“Con l’appello a tutti i comuni italiani, vogliamo rendere onore a questo genio dedicandogli una strada o una piazza. Il nostro impegno come Tesla Exhibition è quello di occuparci di fornire il cartello stradale con il nome della strada e di organizzare la cerimonia di inaugurazione”, aggiunge Rigoni.Secondo Dannie Mandic se le idee e le tecnologie pensate da Tesla venissero completamente messe in atto “non avremmo i problemi di smog, traffico e conseguenti blocchi alla circolazione che ci ritroviamo quotidianamente ad affrontare nelle nostre città”.Per questo, dalla Nikola Tesla Exhibition la pronipote dello scienziato lancia anche un invito a tutti vertici di Stato e ai dirigenti di aziende e multinazionali ad “investire ed applicare la tecnologia che Nikola Tesla intendeva utilizzare a Long Island con la Wardenclyffe Tower – con cui voleva mostrare al mondo la possibilità di trasferimento di energia wireless e pulita – come scelta basata sul rispetto della Terra e speranza e desiderio nel futuro migliore per l’intera umanità”.(

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Photography Exhibition: “Striking Piazzas Of Sicily”, by Armando Rotoletti

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 6 settembre 2019

Toronto 09/13/2019. After 156 days of shooting; 7000km crossing Sicily coast to coast, east to west and north to south; 256 emails sent to municipalities requesting to free the squares of cars and catering equipment that would upset their appearance; Armando Rotoletti, renowned portrait and reportage photographer from Messina, offers to us in this book 82 Sicilian squares as we have never seen them. His squares lay empty in wait for the people to arrive, stirring our imagination, unnerving, bewitching, annihilating and surprising us.
The art historian, Salvatore Settis, says about the photographic book of Armando Rotoletti: “In Sicily, the square is a scenery that does not follow any script, but that of the pulsating life of its city. The square in Sicily (or rather, in Italy) is the most original creation of an idea of a city that not only acts as a den or nest but rather as the temple of humans, the theatre of political and social life. Therefore, Rotoletti’s enterprise is somewhat heroic (because of the difficulties surely met taking photos of squares without the thousands of contraptions invading them), but above all, it is innervated with beauty and hope.”
Armando Rotoletti was born in Messina, Italy in 1958. He studied at the St. Mary College of London and at the London Polytechnic (nowadays University of Westminster) and then he moved to Milan to work in photojournalism. Between 1985 and 1995 he produced a number of works which appeared in both personal and ensemble exhibitions. In 1990 he was invited by Grazia Neri to join her famous agency, thus starting his career as portrait photographer of renown people from the arts, entertainment and economics. His work was published on a number of magazines such as Corriere della Sera’s supplements “Sette” and “Io donna”, Vanity Fair and The Sunday Times.For the past fifteen years, he has also been involved in works dedicated to social investigation and photographic stories of his sicilian territories. Among his books: Casa della Carità. I volti e le storiw(2005), Barbieri di Sicilia (2007), Gente di Barbaresco (2013), Circoli di conversazione a Biancavilla (2013), Valelapena (2013), Scicli, città felice (2014), Vino e gente dell’ Etna, (2014) Il volto dell’ IO (2015) Noto. Le pietre e i volti (2015).With his most recent publication, Sicilia in Piazza (Striking Piazzas of Sicily, 2017), he continued investigating the land of Sicily by working on a complex project that lead him to photograph 82 squares of famous cities and other lesser known towns, by following a rigorous method of emptying the piazzas from cars and precarious installations: a magnificent fresco of these spaces, free -at least for the duration of a shot- from the visual conditioning of our age.

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Henry Moore: The Shape of Things, Exhibition

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 7 aprile 2019

London – Christie’s presents Henry Moore: The Shape of Things, an exhibition at King Street of over 30 artworks tracing the four key thematic concerns that defined Henry Moore’s prolific and deeply influential career. One of Britain’s best-known artists, Moore radically redefined the boundaries of sculpture. Working in bronze, stone and wood, as well as creating a large body of drawings and works on paper, Moore constantly sought to challenge traditional artistic conventions in his art as he explored the aesthetic potential of form and space, figuration and abstraction, as well as internal and external states. The human figure was predominantly the site of exploration for Moore, from the poignant visions of humanity witnessed in the Shelter Drawings, to the undulating forms of the reclining figures and the tender evocations of maternity in the ‘Mother and Child’ works. A parallel concern for the artist was organic forms and the endless shapes and spaces created in the natural world. Henry Moore: The Shape of Things encapsulates this extraordinary diversity found in Moore’s art.Throughout his career, Moore had ‘an absolute obsession’ with the reclining figure. Not only did this theme serve as an endlessly adaptable subject for formal experimentation, it also allowed Moore to explore the synergy between the landscape and the human body, as well as the relationship between figuration and abstraction. In Reclining Figure: Blanket, the forms of the figure have been abstracted to become organic and fluid, recalling Jean Arp’s investigations into plastic form. The sculpture also appears to preempt the imagery of the sleeping bodies that Moore recorded in his war-time shelter drawings in the London Underground.In September 1940, on the fifth day of the London Blitz, Moore was forced to take shelter at the underground station at Belsize Park. Upon descending to the platform, he witnessed hundreds of people taking shelter during the intense bombing of the city. Profoundly affected by what he saw, Moore continued to return to these makeshift shelters, making notes and sketches before returning home at dawn and creating drawings from memory (he also used press photographs for inspiration). Featuring often-abstracted bodies rendered in a variety of media, the resulting works, collectively titled Shelter Drawings, present deeply poignant visions of humanity. From intimate vignettes of family groups, to panoramic vistas featuring hordes of people huddled together in the overcrowded tunnels, these works saw Moore achieve widespread acclaim. Tube Shelter Perspective from 1941 was included in the 1946 exhibition of Henry Moore’s work at MoMA in New York and in recent years was on loan to the Hepworth Wakefield.Like the reclining figure, the ‘Mother and Child’ theme is central to Moore’s art and occupied his imagination throughout his career. Rich in art historical precedents and filled with iconographic meaning, this universal subject also offered Moore the opportunity to experiment with the physical relationships between two figures within a single work. The subject of ‘Mother and Child’ first appeared in Moore’s work dating from the early 1920s. Carved in 1923, Two Heads: Mother and Child is the earliest recorded abstract carving of this important subject. Mother and Child: Petal Skirt depicts a seated figure with child where the folds of the mother’s skirt recall the rolling landscape, echoing his reclining figure motif. The family group provided Moore the opportunity to develop his observations, furthering his exploration of the spatial dynamics created by people. A rare 1947 plaster, Family Group, highlights the tender, nurturing familial bond and emulates the natural world.Moore had always delighted in the found objects and detritus of the natural world; he was an avid collector of fossils, bones, shells, driftwood and pebbles and used these organic forms as the basis for his sculpture. Inspired by the shapes and structures of these pieces, their surfaces or the rhythms that characterise their formation, Moore integrated these various characteristics into his work. In this way, he imbued his often-abstract works with a powerful energy and vigour. While many pieces are reminiscent of the landscape, some of his works appear like fragments of bones or vertebrae. Working Model for Locking Piece was based on bone fragments and like his mother and child and family group sculptures, the sculpture lays bare the relationships that exist between forms in the same way that they do between figures. Other sculptures, exemplified by Working Model for Oval with Points, have the smooth hollows and indentations reminiscent of the time-worn surfaces of rocks or stones.

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First-of-Its-Kind ‘Mickey: The True Original Exhibition

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 agosto 2018

Disney announced that ‘Mickey: The True Original Exhibition,’ an interactive art exhibit, will open in New York in honor of the 90th anniversary of Mickey Mouse. To begin the 90-day countdown, new brand and product collaborations spanning fashion, food, consumer electronics, toys, accessories and more are now available worldwide.‘Mickey: The True Original Exhibition’ is an immersive, pop-up art exhibition inspired by Mickey’s status as a ‘true original’ and his global impact on popular culture and art. From his beginning in black and white in Steamboat Willie to the technicolor world of more than 100 cartoon shorts, exhibition guests will step into an unforgettable journey of Mickey moments reimagined.Curated by designer Darren Romanelli, the exhibit will feature exclusive original artwork from contemporary artists including Kenny Scharf, Amanda Ross-Ho and Shinique Smith, with more artists to be announced in the coming weeks. The experience will captivate the senses to surprise and delight guests, evoking the inspiration, creativity, and true original spirit of Mickey Mouse.
Romanelli is an LA-based designer and creative director known for creating series of customized, limited-edition clothing, furniture, and collectibles under the DRx moniker. “To me, Mickey is reminiscent of everything good from my childhood,” said Romanelli. “As I’ve come into my own as a designer, I feel a true sense of passion for this project. Every inch of the experience – from the artists participating to the different mediums featured to the building layout – was thought through with a level of detail and creativity we could only achieve with Mickey Mouse as our muse.”

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The 13th Global Game Exhibition G-STAR 2017 Opens to Success

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Game ExhibitionThe exhibition reached record success featuring 2,857 booths by 676 companies from 35 countries. It showcases an array of newly released games of various genres and scales The start of the G-STAR Game Show and Trade All Round 2017, an international game exhibition that examines the global gaming industry and its future possibilities, was announced at BEXCO, Busan, on November 16th.Celebrating its 13th anniversary this year, G-STAR 2017 is hosted by the Korea Game Industry Association (K-GAMES) and co-organized by the G-STAR Organizing Committee and the Busan IT Industry Promotion Agency. It runs for 4 days from the 16th to 19th (Sun).This year’s G-STAR 2017 has been a record success, bringing together 676 companies from 35 countries and exhibiting 2,857 booths – a 5.0% increase from the previous year.Chairman of the G-STAR Organizing Committee Shin Chul Kang emphasized that “this year’s G-STAR broke attendance records, drawing in participants early on with applications closing early for the BTC Hall during the advance registration period.” He added that he “appreciates the enthusiasm from the industry, and will continue to make every effort to make G-STAR a platform for celebration and a place of business for the game industry.”Each participating company is showcasing its new platform-specific releases such as PC online, mobile, VR, and consoles that they have long prepared for this year’s G-STAR.
Chairman of the G-STAR Organizing Committee Shin Chul Kang said “the number of SMEs wanting to have a business meeting with domestic buyers in the G-STAR Business Area has increased,” and that he “hopes that the Korean companies may achieve practical business results, as they hold a competitive edge with their creativity.”The original source-language text of this announcement is the official, authoritative version. Translations are provided as an accommodation only, and should be cross-referenced with the source-language text, which is the only version of the text intended to have legal effect. (photo: Game Exhibition)

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The 15th Annual Australian Utility Week Expo

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melbourneMelbourne Convention and Exhibition Center 1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006, Australia. TCN’s Presentation at Technical Zone (#B01) – Wednesday, November 29, 2017, 1:30 p.m. AEDT TCN’s Technology Showcase (Booth: D04) – November 29 – 30, 2017, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. AEDT
The 15th Annual Australian Utility Week Expo will bring together more than 2,000 utility professionals from the electricity, gas and water sectors around the world on November 29-30, 2017. The international expo is the largest event of its kind in the Australasia region and will focus on digital transformation and customer centricity. Li Tiatia, executive vice president, Asia Pacific for TCN, Inc., the leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, collection agencies and utility companies worldwide, will present on TCN’s advanced cloud-based contact center technology platform and its customizable omnichannel features. Tiatia will also discuss how to quickly activate and execute comprehensive campaigns for utility companies, addressing unified and interactive communications, appointments and overdue accounts, emergency notifications, service interruptions and personalized customer service.
Li Tiatia serves as the executive vice president, Asia-Pacific for TCN. In this role, he is responsible for operations, professional services, training organizations and management of customer care services, business development and strategic partnerships in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and neighboring islands in the Pacific Ocean. Tiatia brings more than 20 years of extensive background in business management, business process, contact center operations and management, command center operations and workforce management to TCN.
Prior to joining TCN, Tiatia worked at Convergys Corporation where he managed several departments, including operations, business and workforce forecasting, scheduling and client/site implementations. He held several positions during his tenure with the company, working his way up to a senior leadership role where he oversaw the global workforce management and business process organizations (BPOs).

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“Colori” Solo exhibition of Alexander Jakhnagiev

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Alexander jakhnagievNew York Consolato Generale d’Italia 690 Park Ave, NY 10065 3 – 12 October 2017 Opening Monday 2 of October 2017 6:30 p.m. the solo exhibition “Colori” by Alexander Jakhnagiev. The exhibition, curated by Pino Purificato, will be hosted at the Consulate from October 3 to 12.It will be a journey through the last works of Alexander Jakhnagiev painted for the audience of New York. 15 paintings and a video-installation illustrating the last performances of the artist will be shown.
Among the artist’s projects of great social and media impact it is worth to remember the “Crash Art” painting on accidented cars to raise awareness on road safety, hosted in front of the Italian Parliament in Piazza Montecitorio; “Umbrellas”, more than 2,000 painted umbrellas that completely covered a street in Assisi in a Land Art installation and still “Umbrellas” on the occasion of the Republic Day, during the Military Parade of the 2nd of June in the presence of the Italian President Mattarella; “Feet of Art” painting on the feet of the players of Perugia soccer team, whose prints on canvas were sold for charity to support children with leukemia; “Underground” and “Slavery” two performative works with homeless and with prostitutes of Rome.Alexander Jakhnagiev, son of the famous artist Ivan Jakhnagiev, has made over 100 solo exhibitions set up around the world in public spaces (the Italian Parliament, the European Parliament in Brussels) and private galleries. He lives and works in Rome.Jakhnagiev is a European artist. The bright colors of his works, his enthralling performances and his dynamic style tell about Europe and its people. They also talk about the plurality that characterizes the Old Continent and that made it a cradle and a bastion for freedom – both artistic and of expression. He is an artist of that European Italy that we are more and more bound to build. Benedetto Della Vedova Undersecretary of State – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

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Contemporary Collected

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contemporary_collectedRoma Opening lunedì 3 luglio dalle 13:00-15:00 solo su invito La mostra è aperta al pubblico 3 al 28 luglio con orario 11:00-19:00 Via Raffaele Cadorna 28 Rosso Cinabro.
Contemporary Collected is an exhibition that aspires to give you an insight of how European artists look like today. At two different venues in Rome and Tokio, we are showing a variety of selected items representing different disciplines. Visitors can expect a variety of paintings, photography art, urban art and sculptures in different stylesand media. The exhibition is curated by Joe Hansen and Cristina Madini for RossoCinabro.
Contemporary Collected è una mostra che aspira a dare un’idea di come gli artisti europei si assomigliano oggi. In due diverse sedi a Roma e Tokio, mostriamo una varietà di opere selezionate che rappresentano diverse discipline. I visitatori possono aspettarsi una serie di dipinti, fotografia d’arte, sculture, in diversi stili e media. La mostra è curata da Joe Hansen e Cristina Madini per RossoCinabro.
Artists: Davorka Azinović, Ann Pia Azizuddin, Maia Cristina Caetano, Alan Cariddi, Chiara Casarini, Basilio Dipani, Giovanna Fabretti, James Mark Ford, Frans Frengen, Johannes Genemans, Francesca Guetta, Astrid Jacobs, Jaanz Lynn, Anne Lise Kaaby, Angelika Kahl, Hiroshi Kawazumi, Gian Paolo Lazzarini, Lisa J Levasseur, Lokke, Stjepko Mamic, Vincenzo Messina, Elvio Miressi, Misamore, Massimo Musicanti, Päivyt Niemeläinen, Frédérique Nolet de Brauwere, Anja Stella Ólafsdóttir, Eva Paar, Anne Pelkonen, Dr Martín Raskovsky, Cristina Razzano, Daniela Rebecchi, Delia Rivetti, Sami Gjuka, Peter Schudde, Christina Steinwendtner, Paavo Stenius, Cornelia Teschi Kypridis, Valentina Tudor Pascu, Kees Woestenenk, Anouk Wolse. (foto: contemporary_collected)

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“Dnest International Inventors Exhibition”

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veneziaVenezia PalaExpo di Venezia, dal 13 al 16 Ottobre prossimi, la prima edizione del “Dnest International Inventors Exhibition”, che si preannuncia non solo esposizione di “idee geniali”, ma anche luogo di confronto sulle innovazioni, che stanno cambiando il mondo.
Le tecnologie indossabili (wearable technologies) saranno al centro del convegno, epilogo della Venice Design Week, previsto nel pomeriggio di giovedì 13 Ottobre; si tornerà così a parlare di come rendere accessibili al grande pubblico creazioni, che abbinano alte prestazioni e gusto estetico, soprattutto nei settori sportivo e socio-sanitario.
Venerdì 14 Ottobre, invece, sarà la volta dell’agricoltura del futuro con il simposio internazionale dedicato a “Smart agriculture for a sustainable world”, organizzato dall’Università di Bologna ed in cui si parlerà delle “colture celesti”: dalla trasformazione dei tetti in orti alle coltivazioni spaziali; a confrontarsi saranno esperti di Spagna, Belgio ed Italia.
Sabato 15 Ottobre sarà invece la volta di “Innovation & digital teaching” con un confronto internazionale su come preparare i più giovani alle sfide della società informatica; previsti relatori anche dall’Università polacca Konrad Maj e dal prestigioso Massachussets Institute of Technology (M.I.T.) di Boston. Nel pomeriggio, invece, si parlerà di “Urban development e smart living”, cioè di come adeguare le città alle innovazioni possibili per migliorare la vita degli abitanti; saranno poste a confronto esperienze italiane e svedesi.
Infine, domenica 16 Ottobre, giorno di chiusura, spazio alle giovani generazioni con il talent tree, grande laboratorio sull’innovazione a misura di bambino. I convegni saranno affiancati da specifici workshop di approfondimento ed esperienza pratica.Il programma completo è consultabile sul sito

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Christie’s: Young Hearts, An Exhibition Staged by Luke Edward Hall

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Luke EdwardLondon This autumn, alongside the First Open | Post-War and Contemporary Art | London auction, Christie’s will present Young Hearts; works by contemporary artists under 40 and design objects staged by Luke Edward Hall. Taking the ‘Collector’s Home’ as his point of departure, artist and designer Hall will combine works by artists including Pablo Bronstein, Kerstin Braetsch, Joe Bradley, Ida Ekblad and Math Bass with design pieces by makers such as Yoichi Ohira and Carlo de Carli. The Young Hearts exhibition will take place from 24-29 September at Christie’s South Kensington, with the contemporary artworks offered in the First Open | Post-War and Contemporary Art | London auction on 29 September. The design works will be sold in the Design sale at Christie’s London on 26 October. Young Hearts marks the continued evolution of the First Open concept that offers the best of cutting-edge art and quality post-war works and has developed a reputation as an unmissable moment in the contemporary art calendar for those looking to begin or diversify their collections. Featuring works by over 100 artists, together First Open and Young Hearts will be a highlight of Christie’s autumn season. (photo: Luke Edward)

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Prima edizione dell’International Inventors Exhibition

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veneziaRoma giovedì 7 Aprile p.v. alle ore 11.30 nella sede dell’Associazione Stampa Estera, a Roma in via dell’Umiltà 83/c, si terrà la conferenza stampa di presentazione della prima edizione dell’International Inventors Exhibition, che avrà luogo a Venezia, nel prossimo mese di Ottobre. Si tratta del più ampio salone europeo b2b, dedicato agli inventori, cui sono attesi, in 4 giorni, 500 espositori e 30.000 visitatori, soprattutto imprenditori ed investitori da tutto il mondo.La manifestazione, organizzata da “DNest” spin off dell’Università di Verona, ha scelto come sede Venezia, perché “città inventata” per antonomasia e quindi simbolico ponte verso i nuovi scenari dell’innovazione.Alla conferenza stampa è stato invitato il Viceministro all’Economia, Enrico Zanetti.

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Maria Callas: The Exhibition

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maria callasmaria callas1maria callas2Verona dall’11 marzo al 18 settembre 2016.Maria Callas. The Exhibition è la prima grande mostra dedicata alla Divina Callas: è il racconto della straordinaria carriera artistica e della vita di Maria – anzi di Anna Maria Cecilia Sophia Kalogeropoulous – la donna la cui vita, ricca di gioie e dolori, fu vissuta intensamente e finì troppo presto (1923-1977).
La mostra è un viaggio nell’emozione: accompagnati dalla insuperata voce della Callas, da filmati d’epoca, interviste, foto e tantissimi oggetti appartenuti all’artista, si potranno ammirare documenti, abiti e gioielli del tutto inediti, provenienti da archivi nazionali e internazionali e dallo stesso archivio personale di Maria Callas.L’anteprima veronese dell’esposizione vuole essere un riconoscimento alla carriera della Divina, che 69 anni fa debuttava proprio in Italia all’Arena di Verona con La Gioconda di Amilcare Ponchielli: era il 2 agosto 1947.Da Verona la mostra partirà alla volta di un tour internazionale, da Atene a New York, da Parigi a Città del Messico.
Promossa dal Comune di Verona e dalla Fondazione Arena di Verona, la mostra è prodotta e organizzata da Arthemisia Group con il fondamentale contributo del Gruppo AGSM main sponsor dell’iniziativa, ed è curata da Massimiliano Capella. Come omaggio all’“icona” Maria Callas, AMO Arena Museo Opera ospiterà contemporaneamente la grande mostra dedicata al fotografo Terry O’Neill “Icons”: 70 ritratti dei personaggi più iconici del Novecento, con un’intera sezione inedita dedicata a David Bowie.
Verona e AMO Arena Museo Opera, dopo il successo della mostra Tamara de Lempicka, confermano con questa grande esposizione un ruolo centrale nella proposta culturale italiana.L’evento vede come special partner Ricola, come media partner Glamour, L’Uomo Vogue ed è consigliato da Sky Arte HD. Gli abiti della mostra sono esposti su emblematici manichini Bonaveri. Catalogo edito da Silvana Editoriale con Arthemisia Group. (foto: maria callas)

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The exhibition of Andi Kacziba in Milan VÌOLA

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Andi Kacziba1Milan 10th December – 20th December from Tuesday to Sunday – 10.00 a. m. – 1800 p. m. Vernissage 9th December – 18.00 Studio Museum Francesco Messina, 4/A Via San Sisto (Via Torino) The exhibition of Andi Kacziba in Milan VÌOLA curated by Sabino Maria Frassà. Milan Municipality along with the Giorgio Pardi Foundation and the association CRAMUM, sponsored by the Hungarian Balassi Academy, Rome, present VÌOLA by Andi Kacziba, organizurated by Sabino Maria Frassà. The exhibition is taking place in the Studio Museum Francesco Messina, at 4/a Via San Sisto, Milan (Via Torino) from 10th to 20th December. It is about the reaction and the survival of women subjected to psycho-physical violence. For Andi Kacziba – ex model and ex photographer of Hungarian origins who has been living in Italy for years – our society is violent also in the way it represent itself and women. Mankind has evolved, men think they are forever young, but the biological and reproductive time is still the same as before. A woman who suffers violence often submits, modifies and nearly annihilates herself. “Nearly is the key word and the turning point for VÌOLA” – as Sabino Maria Frassà, the curator of the exhibition underlines – “Man can rise and develop from the inevitable violence and the unalienable sorrow”.
For Andi Kacziba the generative element of human existence is never Violence, on the contrary it is the strength not to bend, the strength to react and be different.” Andi Kacziba will receive the visitors in a secret garden made of ropes and chinaware inside the Baroque Church of San Sisto, in the heart of Milan, now Studio Museum Francesco Messina
Andi’s “garden” is not the Garden of Eden, a place where to take refuge and escape from the world. It is a place where to find the courage to look at the World as it is, so as to be able to recreate it and make it work better.In the middle of this gothic garden there are Saint Veronica and the great Termitai (Termitaries) . If Saint Veronica represents the portrait of a woman waiting for a miracle which can save her, the Termitai represent the resurrection which starts from one’s own forces. Like the Termites when they create their large nests – says the curator of the exhibition – Andi has learnt that sometimes to create a new life it is necessary to destroy the Andi Kacziba2past completely, to digest and metabolize it.
Born in Hungary in 1974, Andi Kacziba has been living and working in Milan since 1997. Her artistic adventure, which started as a model and photographer, has led her to reflect on the problems connected to the woman and the conflicts of body and mind. Modern beauty often pushes girls to bulimia and anorexia: they destroy themselves because they do not accept themselves. In 2012 she creates the cramum award with Sabino Maria Frassà. Her works have been exhibited not only in Italy but also abroad. In 2015 Frangit Nucem (Palazzo Isimbardi, Milano), Mater (Palazzo del Governatore, Parma), Sale terarrum (Villa Litta) and Oltre (Italian Cultural Institute, Budapest) have hosted her creations.
Giorgio Pardi Foundation has been working since 2008 to improve the quality of life of the new generations. The Foundation in a non – profit organization in memory of Professor Giorgio Pardi. It helps the best young people in Italy in order to fight brain drain. Its motto is “To know, to know how to do, to know what to be”. The Italians must learn to overcome differences and join forces to face a more and more complex world successfully.

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