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Expert comment on a Mitsubishi Outlander hybrid being hacked

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 7 giugno 2016

Warwick Business SchoolMark Skilton, of Warwick Business School, is a Professor of Practice in the Information Systems & Management Group and researches cyber security.Professor Mark Skilton said: “In the case of the reported Mitsubishi alarm system hack, the failures of poorly configured WiFi security access has occurred in other high profile cases in the past couple of years. They include the hacking of the inflight entertainment system in 2015 by security researchers on a United Airlines flight, to hacking nearly 100 networked traffic lights in Michigan by another security researcher with a laptop in 2014, enabling the changing of light commands at will.
“These are not a failure of the system itself. All these hacks exploited poor design of the systems’ security design. In all these cases the entry point has been compromised and it allowed the hacker to gain access to other systems on board that could include and threaten human safety. “This illustrates two critical issues of the ‘system of systems’; firstly to isolate access points to devices and systems that are used by the public as much as you would with secure private systems such as bank accounts or personal medical records. If professional researchers are finding this then equally hackers will also find these weaknesses.”Secondly, the lack of an audit and professional checking of these systems by manufacturers is more an issue of corporate incompetence when basic mistakes such as poor WiFi set-up and a lack of resilience in encryption procedures have not been followed.”Cars are increasingly having on-board connectivity to the internet beyond just entertainment and to the operation of the car itself. But, while access to email and websites is one thing, access to mission critical systems in any situation – be it a building, operating theatre or transport vehicle – is a whole different set of risk and security issues.”

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Expert comment on Toyota’s annual results

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 Maggio 2016

toyotaChristian Stadler, of Warwick Business School, is a Professor of Strategic Management and researches the car industry.Professor Christian Stadler said: “The record profit is something that, in the main, Toyota owes to the strong dollar rather than having done anything amazing, so with the expectation that the dollar will weaken results are likely to drop dramatically next year.
“In the US sales were in line with industry-wide growth; Toyota’s sales rose by 3.8 per cent in April compared to March, while the industry rose 3.6 per cent – slightly better but not substantially.”Toyota has always had activities other than cars throughout its history; it has had subsidiaries in fork lift trucks, real estate and steel. They are all small in size compared to its car manufacturing. They are interesting side shows and this is my expectation for its robotics investment.”I can’t see how it will have a substantial impact on revenues and profits of such a large organisation. The only way to do that would be through acquisitions, but it is still an emerging industry, and diversifying further would come with substantial risks.”Daimler tried to diversify in the 1980s, moving into consulting, acquiring electronics firm AG and moving into defence. That turned out to be a very bad exercise and they lost lots of money; diversifying too fast and too radically comes with a big risk. “Robotics is an emerging area, with a lot of buzz around it, so Toyota may want to communicate they are innovative, but I would be cautious of moving much further away from its core business.”

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Expert comment: SAB Miller’s Q4 results show they why they became $106Bn target for AB InBev

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 aprile 2016


Expert comment on SABMiller’s fourth quarter results. John Colley, a Professor of Practice at Warwick Business School who researches mega mergers, has made the following statement:”SABMiller’s fourth quarter results have fully demonstrated the reasons why they became a $106Bn target for AB InBev. Volume growth in Latin America was 5% with Colombia hitting 8% whilst African volume growth was 6% over the year.”AB InBev had been struggling for growth in the USA and Europe where beer markets are stagnant to declining with craft beers making substantial inroads.”Overall SABMiller showed a similar pattern failing to grow in Europe over the year and registering a 1% volume decline in USA. However SABMiller’s strong positions in the growth markets of Africa and Latin America made them a target. “The results, whilst currency affected, are particularly positive in view of the major distraction defending the AB InBev bid would have been over the latter part of the year. The deal is expected to close during the second half of 2016.”

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Expert comment on shareholders putting Shell under pressure to reduce costs

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 9 aprile 2016

Christian Stadler, of Warwick_Business_School_Scarman_road_view is a Professor of Strategic Management, researched Shell for 15 years and featured the company in his book Enduring Success. Professor Christian Stadler said: “Companies which succeed in the long run are financially conservative. In a low-price environment the obvious conclusion is that costs need to be cut. Shell has a long history of getting that right and I don’t think that Shell did this with the BG acquisition. The logic of the deal to increase reserves and in particular its position in gas remains valid.”It is not entirely surprising that shareholders are calling for costs and capex to be cut. In principle that makes sense as Shell’s rivals have substantially lower capex, for example Exxon’s is $10 billion lower.”At the same time we need to bear in mind that most analysts and shareholders think short-term, while, particularly for the most challenging projects, oil companies have to think in decades. Even if the next rise in oil prices is five years away, cutting promising projects now will hurt the company then. In essence that means some reduction of capex is sensible as long as it is done diligently.”

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Expert comment on Chinese export growth and increase in bank lending

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 7 aprile 2016

Kamel Mellahi, of Warwick_Business_School_Scarman_road_view, is a Professor of Strategic Management and researches business in China.Professor Kamel Mellahi said: “It looks like the pulse of the Chinese economy is quickening. Both manufacturing and service sectors are expanding, and there is renewed signs of life in the property sector.”But the economy is not rebounding for everybody. This is a two-track economy. The chasm dividing the old manufacturing sector and the new service sector is going to get bigger. There has been a lot of pressure on unemployment in the old manufacturing sectors where there is an overcapacity problem, such as steel and coal. Millions of people are being laid off. The recent data suggests that the service and manufacturing sectors are not absorbing enough people to offset the restructuring in the old manufacturing sector. “Most indicators suggest that the economy is heading in the right direction, but it’s too early to say whether the economy is entering a sustainable U-turn and a major rebound is around the corner. At this stage, most of the indicators are mere anecdotal evidence that a potential economic upturn is on the horizon.”The better than expected performance does not look sustainable, as the positive indicators can easily be wiped out. There are still plenty of concerns about the Chinese economy, but the recent data suggests a hard landing is unlikely.”

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Expert comment on the Japanese economy contracting by 0.4 per cent

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 16 febbraio 2016

tokyo-japanBen Knight expert comment on the Japanese economy contracting by 0.4 per cent. Ben Knight, of Warwick Business School, is an economist and studies the Japanese economy.Professor Ben Knight said: “Japan is in trouble. Its economy contracted in the last quarter of 2015 despite a raft of policy initiatives designed to stimulate it. This announcement is no surprise though. In December households cut their spending by just over 4% compared with the same month in 2014 and business orders for new machines fell by over 10% in November. The Bank of Japan responded with the introduction of negative interest rates announced last month, but will it make any difference in 2016?
“The hope is that this will persuade the banks to lend more to the private sector, increasing demand for goods and services and hence stimulate the sluggish Japanese economy, but is this likely to happen on any meaningful scale? “Judging by recent stock market rises so far it seems as if the banks are shifting into buying equities rather than lending to their customers. If the negative interest rate policy is to work businesses and households must also want to take up the extra credit to carry out new spending plans.”The problem is that recent evidence suggests neither have the confidence or appetite to borrow and spend. Unless this changes in 2016, when GDP growth in the global economy seems likely to slow down, there will be little change to the gloomy story of the last quarter for Japan.”

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