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ASAE Technology Exploration Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 11 dicembre 2019

Nearly 900 association and industry professionals participated in the revitalized Technology Exploration Conference (TEC), December 3-4, and took part in over 30 high-level education sessions and the exhibit hall. The event was held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC.The final attendance was 898: Execs (Association Executives, Consultants, Speakers) 468, Exhibitors (Industry Partners, Exhibiting Booth Staff) 346, and Other (Press, Staff, and Vendors) 84. Additionally, there were 109 companies representing 150 booths that exhibited in the expo hall this year.Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association, opened the event by outlining the impact of technology on the global economy. He also shared insights on how the association community can prepare its workforce to meet the technology demands of the future. For the second half of his keynote, Shapiro was joined by Sherrell Dorsey, Founder and CEO of ThePLUG, for an engaging on-stage interview. They addressed topical issues around filling the technology skills gap, and how to embrace resiliency as individuals and organizations as we become more reliant on technology.ASAE offered association professionals four additional educational opportunities to explore prior to and during the event.
Digital Convergence – The full-day program held on Monday offered attendees the opportunity to hear experts from inside and outside of the association space such as Inteleos and the International Monetary Fund. They discussed what Digital Transformation means for associations beyond the buzzwords.Technical Project Management – This preconference workshop provided attendees with the foundational elements for project management basics and methodologies.Women Executives Forum: Retaining Human Dignity in a Technology-Driven Work Force – Addressed the importance of humanity in a successful work force as technology plays an increasing role in our lives.Next, Now! – A new addition, this program created by industry partners connected attendees with the latest trends and tools in the technology industry through this special track of sessions.

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Il Lessini Durello vola al “The great sparkling exploration”

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 4 giugno 2017

bollicineLondra. Le bollicine del Lessini Durello, lo spumante nato dall’uva durella, vitigno autoctono delle colline di Verona e Vicenza, saranno protagoniste al “The great sparkling exploration”, il prestigioso banco d’assaggio, curato dall’autorevole rivista Decanter, che si terrà a Londra giovedì 8 giugno alla Church House London.
Quello in programma è senza dubbio uno dei banchi d’assaggio dedicati agli spumanti tra i più prestigiosi ed esclusivi del mondo. Saranno otto le aziende associate al Consorzio di Tutela del Lessini Durello che prenderanno parte all’evento. Accanto ad esse saranno presenti altre sessanta referenze della miglior spumantistica mondiale.
Con questo significativo appuntamento sulla piazza inglese prosegue di fatto l’impegnativo programma promozionale dedicato all’Italia e all’estero, ideato dal Consorzio di Tutela, che ha visto nei mesi scorsi il Lessini Durello presente al Prowein di Dusseldorf e a Vinitaly e presto anche al Vinexpo di Bordeaux. Si intensifica dunque la presenza del Lessini Durello nelle rassegne a respiro internazionale in virtù della crescente qualità che i consumatori oltre confine gli riconoscono: uno spumante da uva autoctona, in grado di riassumere in sé personalità, tipicità del territorio e filosofia della viticultura eroica. Una linea d’azione, quella posta in essere dal Consorzio di Tutela, che incontra il placet della base sociale e che è stata premiata dall’adesione di nuovi soci: Masari, Dal Cero, Marcazzan Fabio, Mantine Marti, Family of wine, Enoitalia spa, Cantina Danese.
Intanto proprio alla vigilia del banco d’assaggio di Londra giungono i risultati del DWWA, il Decanter World Wine Awards, tra i più selettivi e severi concorsi enologici internazionali che per l’edizione appena conclusa ha registrato la partecipazione di 17.200 campioni da tutto il mondo, analizzati da una giuria di 210 esperti, tra cui 65 Master of Wine e 20 Master Sommelier. Dal Veneto sono stati inviati in tutto 649 campioni; di questi solo 313 hanno ottenuto una medaglia e soltanto 6 si sono aggiudicati l’ambito titolo “Platinum in best category”. (foto: bollicine)

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New Onshore Oil & Gas Blocks in Albania

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 20 agosto 2015

TiranaThe Ministry of Energy & Industry of Albania, recently announced that the oil and gas exploration bidding round deadline is 15th October for onshore blocks Panaja, C and 5 (map is available here), and is already in negotiations with the oil companies that submitted offers for onshore Blocks 4‎ and Dumrea.Albania’s Government Officials from the Ministry of Energy & Industry of Albania and AKBN will join IRN’s 4th Balkans Oil & Gas Summit to share more information on these rounds and other upcoming developments.Amongst experts to speak about Albania’s hydrocarbons industry will be:
Dorian Ducka, Deputy Minister of Energy and Industry, Albania
Dritan Spahiu, Director of Policies and Development of Hydrocarbons, Ministry of Energy and Industry, Albania
Dael Dervishi, Executive Director, National Agency of Natural Resources (AKBN), Albania
Dorina Cinari, Director, Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI), Albania
David French, CEO, Bankers Petroleum
The Summit will be held at the Sheraton Dubrovnik Riviera Hotel in Croatia on 23-25th September and will be attended by senior executives from oil and gas companies as well as energy Government Officials from all Balkans countries. A workshop day will also follow the Summit, with two workshops focusing on Adriatic and Black Sea prospects.
Highlights of last year’s Summit can be viewed at the official YouTube Channel of the organiser, here.

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Sinopec International Petroleum Exploration

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 19 agosto 2009

Beijing, Sinopec International” is pleased to announce that 153,734,120 common shares of Addax Petroleum Corporation (“Addax Petroleum”), which represent approximately 92.67% of the Addax Petroleum common shares on a diluted basis, have been tendered to the offer (the “Offer”) dated July 9, 2009 made by Mirror Lake Oil and Gas Company Limited (“Mirror Lake”), an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of Sinopec International. Since all of the conditions to the Offer have been satisfied, Mirror Lake has taken up all of the Addax Petroleum common shares tendered to the Offer as of this date. Sinopec International would also like to announce that it has extended the expiration date of its Offer pursuant to a provision of the Acquisition Agreement entered into in connection with the Offer that requires Mirror Lake to extend the Offer for at least one 10 day period in order to permit Addax Petroleum shareholders (such as holders of Addax Petroleum common shares under the long term equity incentive plan of Addax Petroleum or on conversion of the convertible bonds of Addax Petroleum) that have not tendered their Addax Petroleum common shares to accept the Offer and tender their Addax Petroleum common shares. The Offer, which was scheduled to expire at 7:00 PM Toronto time, on Friday, August 14, 2009, has been extended until 11:59 PM Toronto time, on Thursday, August 27, 2009.

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Caravaggio in Holland

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 1 aprile 2009

caravaggioFrankfurt Stadel Museum Schaumainkai 63 Curators: Prof. Dr. Jochen Sander, Dr. Bastian Eclercy, Gabriel Dette (Städel Museum) Caravaggio in Holland? No, the founder of Roman Baroque painting never journeyed to the Netherlands. On the contrary, a group of painters from the Dutch city of Utrecht set out for Rome with the aim of studying Caravaggio’s spectacular chiaroscuro painting with their own eyes. The exhibition will present works by Caravaggio himself and by the so-called Utrecht Caravaggists, who enthusiastically adopted the new pictorial language developed by their idol, varied it and developed it further.  An exquisite selection of paintings by Caravaggio will be juxtaposed with music and genre scenes by Dirck van Baburen, Gerard van Honthorst and Hendrick Terbrugghen. Some forty masterworks, including the famous Lute Player – the quintessential Baroque musician scene -, will provide insight into the Utrecht painters’ intensive exploration of the art of Caravaggio and his Italian contemporaries. In the mirror of his reception in Holland, Caravaggio himself will also appear in a new light.  Sponsored by: Stiftung Flughafen Frankfurt/Main für die Region Media Partners: Frankfurter Rundschau, Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main  Cultural Partner: hr2-Kultur (photo caravaggio)

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