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The future of textiles introduced in the Presidential Palace of Finland

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 10 dicembre 2019

Helsinki. Finland celebrates today its 102 years of independence and Maria Ohisalo, Interior Minister of Finland, will be walking the red carpet tonight wearing the future material for Finland’s No 1 annual reception at the Presidential Palace in Helsinki. The stunning evening dress material is made by Finnish Infinited Fiber Company (IFC), which is said to be the rescuer of the world’s fashion and textile industries.Interior Minister Ohisalo wanted to wear a dress that underlines our future direction for sustainable consumption of textiles. The Finnish circular economy top innovation, awarded by WWF, solves one of the worst environmental problems in the world. “I am proud to wear a Finnish circular economy innovation. We need solutions to cope with the escalating textile waste problem caused by fast fashion. The problem can be solved by increasing the life cycle of garments, developing repair and rental services and innovations for recycling the textile waste,” says Maria Ohisalo, Interior Minister of Finland.The dress is made from post-consumer cotton-based textile waste that would have been either burned or sent to landfills. Now the fibers got a new and enhanced life ahead. And the best part is when the dress has come to the end of its new life it can be put through the same process again. And again, and again. Endlessly. The fabric, born as a result of Finnish engineering, has the same appearance, touch and feel as cotton but the fiber as enhanced qualities that beat conventional cotton both technically and ecologically. The material preserves it dyes better and it needs less rounds in the washer. Several global fashion brands, like Lee, Wrangler and Tommy Hilfiger, have tested the IFC fiber in their production with success. Last week Swedish Weekday brand announced their stunning denim garment designed together with the Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.Designer of Minister Ohisalo’s beautiful long evening dress Anne-Mari Pahkala has always been interested in technology and new innovations in fashion industry. “I find it important that industry and science seek for new solutions for the drastic problems of the textile industry. My interest towards IFC awaked when I was visiting their mill together with Maria Ohisalo. Soon after the visit we began our common project that aimed to design and make a luxurious evening dress from the basis of this material of the future,” says fashion designer Anne-Mari Pahkala. New and better man-made cotton made in IFC’s revolutionary process excludes huge amount of carbon and methane emissions not to mention fertilizers, fresh water and chemicals used by cotton farming. Still, the end result is not a compromise in quality, nor in appearance.The technological breakthrough in IFC’s process is that it can separate the synthetic fibers from cotton. The remaining pure biodegrading natural cellulose can be recycled through the same process endlessly without weakening the fiber quality.
”Waste generated by textile industry is one of the heaviest burdens to our planet. We have the technology that can be easily scaled up to industrial level, solve the problem and make a true climate action. The future of fashion industry is based on circular economy,” says Petri Alava, CEO of IFC. IFC’s fiber is born in nearly carbon neutral process. Besides cotton-rich used garments the genius technology can also digest other cellulose based materials, like cardboard and paper waste but also agricultural waste like rice straws that are burned vast amounts in Asia.IFC is manufacturing fiber from post-consumer textile waste at its pilot plant in Finland 50 tons per year and is building another 500-ton mill to provide more fiber for global fashion brand’s tests and capsule collections.

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Visit to CEC Member Churches in Finland

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 22 febbraio 2019

CEC General Secretary Fr Heikki Huttunen, CEC President Rev. Christian Krieger and Ms. María Mountraki, electoral reserve for CEC Governing Board visited CEC Member Churches in Finland, strengthening relations and discussing common concerns.The group congratulated Bishop Kaisamari Hintikka, who has been consecrated recently as the new bishop in the diocese of Espoo in Finland. Bishop Hintikka has previously served as Assistant General Secretary for Ecumenical Relations and Director of the Department for Theology and Public Witness at the Lutheran World Federation. The group also met with Archbishop Leo of Helsinki and All Finland, Bishop Emeritus Munib Younan from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land, Mari-Anna Auvinen, General Secretary of the Finnish Ecumenical Council, Rev. Lena Kumlin, legal adviser on EU affairs to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland and Rev. Dr Tomi Karttunen among others.

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Dole Food Company Sells Fresh Cut Business in Sweden and Finland

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 16 dicembre 2018

Dole Food Company, Inc., announced today an agreement to sell Saba Fresh Cuts AB and Saba Fresh Cuts OY to BAMA International.Saba Fresh Cuts AB—with production facility in Helsingborg Sweden—and Saba Fresh Cuts OY—with production facility in Espoo Finland—are producers of washed and ready-to-eat salads. The companies prepare and sell various fresh-cut salads and vegetables to the retail and foodservice industry in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the Baltic States.
The sale of Saba Fresh Cuts AB was a necessary condition of the European Commission’s approval of the investment by Total Produce into Dole in July 2018.“I am very pleased with the outcome of this sale in meeting the EU’s requirement,” said Mr. Johan Linden, President and Chief Executive Officer of Dole Food Company, “and I am confident that Saba Fresh Cuts will be in good hands under BAMA’s ownership.” “We are pleased to announce this agreement with Dole for Saba Fresh Cuts. Convenience products and ready-to-eat salads and vegetables is a fast growing category in all markets, and Saba Fresh Cuts is a solid and very professional player, with a strong organization and high-quality products. We look forward to working together,” added Rune Flaen, Chief Executive Officer of BAMA Group. This transaction is expected to close in Q1 2019 and is subject to approval by the European Commission. Dole was advised by investment bank and financial services company Houlihan Lokey in this transaction.

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Murata Invests in MEMS Sensor Manufacturing in Finland

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 agosto 2018

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TOKYO:6981) expands its MEMS sensor manufacturing by building a new factory in Vantaa, Finland to increase the sensor production capacity. Total value of the investment is five billion yen. With the expansion, the company estimates to create 150–200 new jobs in 2018–2019. The MEMS sensors manufactured by Murata in Finland are used in applications such as car safety systems and pacemakers.
Murata, a world leading manufacturer of electronic components, is significantly increasing global production capacity, including most recently its factory located in Finland. After having recently purchased the previously leased buildings, the company will construct a new building of approximately 16,000 square meters. The new facility is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.The total value of the investment is five billion yen and is underpinned by the growing worldwide demand for MEMS sensors used in the automotive industry and various health and industrial applications.”The market for advanced driver-assistance systems, self-directed cars, healthcare, and other emerging technologies are expected to be significant growth drivers. MEMS sensors are critical solutions for these applications and deliver proven measurement accuracy and stability in a variety of conditions,” said Yuichiro Hayata, Managing Director for Murata Electronics Oy.“With the construction of this new production building, we will significantly increase our MEMS sensors production capacity. Moreover, by responding to the strong demand of gyro sensors, accelerometers, and combo sensors in the automotive, industry and healthcare fields, this will strengthen our business base in the automotive market, industrial equipment and medical devices market, while contributing to the economy and employment of Finland,” stated Makoto Kawashima, Director of Sensor Product Division in Murata Manufacturing.

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Catella: A strong year for property investments in Finland ahead

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 17 febbraio 2017

The new Catella Market Indicator Finland spring 2017 has now been published. The real estate transaction volume last year exceeded the previous record in Finland, and it seems like the market will remain very active also in 2017. The total transaction volume for 2016 was EUR 7.1 billion, which is a new Finnish record. This time, the all-time high volume was reached during a period of relatively slow economic growth. As in recent years, the majority of buyers were domestic investors, while during the previous peak years, the growth in volume was largely a result of international investors operating at high levels of leverage.In addition, a large part of the volume was this time attributable to residential properties, with transactions of more than EUR 2.7 billion. For the first time in the Finnish real estate investment market, residential property transactions exceeded the amount of office or retail property transactions.“At the moment, there is no reason to doubt that the record pace in the real estate investment market will continue in 2017. In a low interest rate environment, real estate is seen as a very attractive investment option, to which many investors are willing to direct more capital. In addition, international investors have increasingly begun to show more interest in the Finnish market. In our view, several international investors are currently actively searching for suitable properties in Finland, and we may see more transactions involving foreign players this year than the year before”, says Antti

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Catella Asset Management completes final exit for portfolio of 18 retail assets in Finland

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 3 novembre 2016

henri-hakalaCatella’s asset management team in Finland has closed the final sale of a retail portfolio of 18 assets across Finland. Catella was mandated by Mount Street Loan Solutions LLP in 2014 to act as a strategic asset manager for the portfolio and to lead the sales process of the assets. The portfolio’s lettable area was approximately 87,000 sqm. The sales were executed mostly by single asset disposals.
“We are satisfied that we were selected as the local partner of Mount Street to execute the set business plan in a given time schedule for challenging properties mostly in obsolete locations. This project has shown our capacity to find both local and regional investors for assets that do not fulfil institutional criterion. Together with this and other similar projects we have been able to build extensive connections with local investors and brokers that have served our clients’ needs well”, says Henri Hakala, sales manager at Catella’s asset management in Finland. “Catella was able to create an excellent platform for the project and executed the business plan in accordance with an agreed schedule which maximised value and recoveries for the creditors. We are very pleased with the effectiveness and professional manner in which Catella managed the project”, comments Rachel Morgan, Senior Director at Mount Street. set Management Finland (foto:Henri Hakala)

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Catella: Increasing demand from international investors for the Nordics

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 9 giugno 2016

catellaThe Northern European property market is increasingly featuring in the pan-European real estate portfolios of institutional investors. Compared with other European countries, the economic transparency and prosperity of the markets in the Nordic countries makes them a popular option. Also, the availability of capital opens up new investment opportunities. Catella foresees these opportunities, especially for investments in the office and retail markets.In general, some 90% of invested capital in the Nordic countries is based on domestic markets (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland), with a high share of Swedish capital – but this will change. Demand from German, French and UK investors rose in the past three quarters, not least through pressure from capital markets to look for a stable income stream. This is the main conclusion from Catella’s analysts in its recent Market Tracker.Nonetheless, there is a price for this attractiveness: Due to increased demand from international investors, and favourable financing costs, 2016 again witnessed downward pressure on office prime yields across the region.In Sweden, prime yields in the key office cities are at all-time lows (year-end forecast 2016: 3.4%). Competition will remain fierce in the core office sector, and the subsequently narrowing prime yields have pushed investors towards the 2nd and 3rd tier markets.
Prime yields in Copenhagen (4.11%) and Oslo (4.05%) are contracting almost identically. Office properties in Copenhagen, especially in the prime segment, offer appealing risk-adjusted returns compared to the more liquid asset classes.
In the short to medium term, prime yields in Helsinki (4.70%) are expected to come under downward pressure, falling by another 20 bps in 2016. There could be some interesting opportunities arising in the secondary Helsinki markets for those investors seeking active asset management opportunities.
“Many markets offer clear potential for portfolio diversification. Copenhagen and Helsinki display a correlation that is slightly negative, as does Berlin. Stockholm’s correlation is below the level identified, for example, for the German cities of Cologne and Dusseldorf, and also from the perspective of Lisbon, Warsaw and London investors. Against this backdrop, combining a Nordic segment with a German, Spanish or Belgium office property segment could be a successful strategy for anyone interested in risk diversification,” explained Dr. Thomas Beyerle, Head of Group Research at Catella, talking about the investment strategy from an international perspective.

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Finnair found to be cleanest airline in new study

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 27 aprile 2016

finlandFinland’s Finnair and TAP Portugal have emerged as the two least polluting carriers in a study of 20 of the world’s biggest airlines.
A study of the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the airline industry from 2007 to 2014 revealed none are showing a significant reduction over the seven years for those that provided the data. In the study Finnair had the smallest carbon footprint in 2014, with TAP Portugal and Virgin Australia in the top three least polluting airlines, while American Airlines, following its merger with US Airways in 2013, had the largest footprint in the study with fellow US carriers Delta and United Airlines also large polluters in this sample. Frederik Dahlmann, of Warwick Business School who conducted the study, said: “Finnair perform best due to the age and type of its planes, the routes it flies and the overall number of connections it offers. Plus it is probably among the most advanced when it comes to accounting for and managing its emissions over time.“The data demonstrates that for most airlines emissions are either growing or stagnant, none are showing a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.“This is despite many airlines introducing modern and more efficient planes to their fleet. The increasing number of flights, which is set to double by 2030, means cutting emissions is a real problem.“Releasing details about carbon footprints is entirely voluntary, there is no obligation for airlines to disclose this data, so we have only been able to collect data for 20 major airlines. There are more than 200 international airline companies, but many would not provide the data.“Some, such as easyJet, Etihad and Ryanair, have only just begun to make their data publicly available. This explains why there is only data for 2014 for Etihad and Ryanair.“We need more airlines to publicly account for their emissions so passengers can take emissions into consideration when arranging their travel plans.“Even though it is not every airline the data still represents a huge challenge to the industry to meet its CO2 targets, which have come under criticism from environmental groups for not going far enough as the UN seeks to slow global warming to below 2C.“It shows how much needs to be done to meet the new targets set by the industry bodies.”Dr Dahlmann says the aviation industry produces around two per cent of the world’s human induced CO2 emissions, a figure predicted to grow to about three per cent in 2050 if no action is taken.Last December’s UN Climate Conference of Parties (COP) in Paris led to an international agreement among more than 190 countries to attempt to limit the increase in global temperatures to less than 2C and to continue efforts to limit it to 1.5C.As a result the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has set itself the goal of reducing aviation’s net CO2 emissions to 50 per cent of what they were in 2005 by 2050. It also recently agreed the first-ever binding agreement for a four per cent cut in CO2 emissions compared to 2015 levels to all new commercial jets delivered after 2028.Some of the climateairlines that have seen a spike in carbon emissions can be explained as a result of recent merger activities, particularly in the US: for example American Airlines and US Airlines, United Airlines and Continental Airlines and in Europe British Airways and Iberia, now IAG.Dr Dahlmann added: “The data illustrates the significant growth in recent years of certain younger airlines, such as Emirates. It may also reflect those airlines using older and more inefficient planes.
“Unfortunately the data does not provide a full and completely fair picture as not all companies disclose their emissions data and given the significant variations in business models, flight destinations and aircraft used.”Dr Dahlmann examined data taken from 20 of the world’s biggest airlines’ annual reports and the Carbon Disclosure Project – a global voluntary carbon data reporting organisation – to explore the challenges the airline industry is facing. He included scope one and two emissions, that is pollution from jet fuel plus indirect CO2 pollution from the airlines’ ground operations and services.“It is important for the entire industry to manage the transition to a low-carbon economy through a systemic approach that covers all of their operations and the need for developing cross-industry partnerships, even with competitors,” said Dr Dahlmann.“Given the role and importance of air travel we need to see as many activities as possible succeed to reduce the impact on the global climate and before we can experience truly ‘green flights’.” (photo: gas emission)

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Catella: Real estate transaction volume still at record level in Finland

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 19 febbraio 2016

catellaIn Finland, last year’s transaction volume was EUR 5.2 billion, which is the third highest volume ever, and not far from the 2007 record of 6 billion euro. Major transactions by foreign investors and Finnish housing investors had a significant impact on the transaction volume. We predict that the real estate transaction volume will also remain high in 2016 as interest rates will remain low for a long time and capital still flowing. The difference in yield requirements between Helsinki CBD and other areas has been increasing for an exceptionally long time. As an investment, properties in Helsinki CBD are low risk and offer a yield of 4.7 per cent on average. Moving from the CBD to other prime office districts in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, the yield increase can exceed two percentage points and, in the central districts of growth centres, three percentage points.At a certain point, the increased profit outweighs the increased risk in the investor’s opinion. This year will offer an exceptionally wide range of interesting opportunities for investors who pursue yields higher than in the CBD of Helsinki and manage the increased risk. (photo. catella)

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So the recession was not so bad after all

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 18 ottobre 2014

European CommissionAs the world economy hovers close to another growth crisis, European statisticians have quietly admitted that the last recession was not quite as bad as they made us believe.The European Commission’s statistical agency has just released revised economic growth figures for the period 1997-2013  Whilst they try to play down the overall impact of the changes, the detailed country data for recent years makes much more dramatic reading. Due to new ways that the capitalization of research and development is treated in the figures and various “statistical improvements”, the collapse of the economies of Cyprus and Netherlands in 2010 now appear to have been severely overblown. The new figures raise the 2010 GDP figures by 9.5% for Cyprus and 7.6% for the Netherlands.
Other countries affected by these changes are Sweden (+5.5%), Finland (+4.7%) and the Czech Republic (+4.3%). In all other EU countries except Latvia the changes had a positive effect upon GDP. Commenting on these revisions today, Robin Chater – Secretary-General of The Federation of International Employers (who is himself a professional statistician) – said:“ We have always known that GDP figures have been vulnerable to such substantial revisions. That is why it is so dangerous to look at current statistics and draw too many conclusions from them. This is, however, a significant embarrassment for the European Commission as it will be fully aware that all players in the EU economy have relied so much upon their data as a basis for purchasing and investment decisions. Now to be told that the recession was not quite so dramatic after all will make many companies very angry – especially in the finance sector. “The Federation is currently compiling new figures to create improved estimates for the global economy, prices and remuneration. These will make it much easier to assess the overall movement of economic cycles as they occur. ends/

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FundedByMe Finland announces crowdfunding rounds aimed at international growth markets

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 24 luglio 2013

Helsinki, FundedByMe, Europe’s fastest-growing crowdfunding platform, today confirmed the launch of two Finnish brands using equity crowd investment to finance growth.Based in Finland’s Oulu, Lastu is a brand that designs and manufactures high quality wooden designer accessories and protective covers for electronic devices. The products are designed and manufactured in Finland and the campaign on FundedByMe aims to raise €200,000 in crowd investment. “Our product has been very well received in Finland and the other Nordic countries. We are looking to the FundedByMe crowd for additional funding, allowing us to expand awareness of our products and our business across the rest of Europe”, says the Lastu founder, Sakari Arffman of Droplet Hitech Design Ltd.Business Intelligence solutions – easy and accessible for SMEs Smeebi, another Finnish startup currently crowdfunding on FundedByMe, provides SaaS-based Business Intelligence for small companies and their advisors. The software is sold online and listed as an approved add-on in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand with leading accounting software providers. Smeebi offers reporting, analysis and planning for better business decision-making. Smeebi has a financial goal for the Crowdfunding campaign of €300,000. “Business Intelligence, Cloud and SaaS are all recession-beating growth industries, now with Smeebi and FundedByMe even small investors can get involved from the start”, says Smeebi’s CEO Rob Connell. Also still open to investors is Finnish Beibamboo, specialist manufacturer of children’s clothing for use in hospitals. Beibamboo launched their crowd-financing round with FundedByMe on in May 2013 with a goal of collecting €65,000 by Fall 2013. Together with other funding campaigns they have so far raised €26,000. Prominent Beibamboo investors thus far include Alf Rehn and Matti Vanhanen.FundedByMe is the first and biggest crowdfunding platform in Northern Europe and also one of the first platforms for Equity Crowdfunding in the world and the only one in the Nordics. Providing financial services to help businesses obtain financing through the Internet, FundedByMe has a number of success stories. FundedByMe has offices in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Madrid and are launching in Berling in September 2013.

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What price recovery?

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 12 luglio 2013

In a month when the EU welcomed another member state and the way was opened for another EU country — Latvia — to join the eurozone, we might well be lulled into assuming that neither the EU dream nor the single currency are discredited after all and that things are looking up. Indeed, the OECD’s composite leading indicator for the eurozone has now been at, or above, the long-term average trend line for the last three months and GDP projections even for the current year are being revised upwards.Yet there are few signs that companies from outside the EU are lining up with investment projects to take advantage of the long-awaited recovery, and one factor that is discouraging investment is the uncertainty in domestic markets. Although high unemployment rates should indicate that there is a good pool of available labour and that employers are in a buyers market when it comes to wage rates, unemployed people do not make good consumers and poor productivity still haunts the European Union, particularly in its most recent member states.Certainly many former barriers to improved productivity have fallen during the recession. Governments have relaxed working time limits to allow flexible working practices and collective agreements have abandoned many former restrictive practices. Even so, huge national differences remain in working time. Workers in Romania, for instance, work the longest hours in Europe — a total of over one month more per year than workers in Finland. Similarly, workers in Germany enjoy a statutory holiday entitlement of two weeks more than workers in Estonia.Long working hours should logically correlate with a greater opportunity for wealth generation — yet this is not apparent. Both Finland and Germany have per capita GDPs well above the EU average, whilst Romania and Estonia are amongst the least productive countries.Speaking at a breakfast briefing by the Federation of European Employers (FedEE) today the FedEE Secretary-General, Robin Chater, underlined that a further issue for potential investors is the way that governments give with one hand and take away with the other.“Although corporation tax is slowly falling across much of Europe there has been much political over-reaction to press reports about corporate tax evasion. Immigration rules are also being tightened and greater penalties imposed even on employers that have been the victim of forged visas and work permits. Added costs have also arisen from employment law amendments such as those just introduced in Hungary and the new facility for part-time educational leave in Austria. Even in the lower cost countries of eastern Europe social security contributions remain generally very high and widespread corruption continues to make the conduct of business transactions particularly problematic”Mr Chater went on to underline the need for a concerted strategy for EU recovery which he believes is “profoundly lacking at any level”.“I look with despair at countries such as France where the male-female wage gap is one of the worst in the world, yet all the government can do is continue to tinker with maternity leave in order to pressure men to share it with their wives and partners … or in the UK where attacks on bankers — the lifeblood of the economy — continue and every development that can encourage employability — such as the zero hours contract — is automatically suspect and under review by government.”

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