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Matisse: 1917-1941: Solo show

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 8 giugno 2009

odalisqueMadrid until 20/9/2009 Paseo del Prado, 8. Palacio de Villahermosa Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza Matisse’s career can be divided into three major periods: the years running from the end of the 19th century up to 1917; a middle period from 1917 to 1941; and a final period from 1941 until the artist’s death in 1953. The present exhibition focuses on the middle period, which is the longest and the least well understood. Marked by the shadow of World War I and by forebodings of the next worldwide conflict, this period can be divided into two very different halves; the first one, spanning the 1920s, was characterised by the growing acceptance of modern art both by society and institutions, a process in which Matisse was the leading figure together with Picasso; and the second half, which was dominated by the world financial crisis of 1929, the Depression, the serious social and political tensions the 1930s, and finally World War II.  When Matisse returned to his -painting of intimacy- in 1934 the historical climate had changed and his investigations became increasingly self-absorbed and inward looking. He gradually abandoned his intention to express volume and space through colour, and his compositions now concentrated on line. When the German army occupied France in 1940 Matisse decided to remain in the country, unlike many other artists and writers who moved to the United States. In 1941 he underwent a major operation and was almost on the point of death. The artist never fully recovered and from then onwards had to remain in bed for most of his time. This did not, however, prevent him from working, submerging himself in his creative activities and focusing on a series of drawings that he entitled The’mes et variations. The exhibition concludes with this endeavour, which for Matisse marked the end of an era. (Image: Odalisque)

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