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Foreign Policy: The EU must champion a rules-based international order

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 8 dicembre 2020

The EU should demonstrate its leadership in international affairs by being more autonomous, more assertive, and more united, state MEPs in the annual report.The COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call for Europe, which must strengthen its strategic autonomy and sovereignty to defend its interests and values, warn Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs in their annual report on the implementation of the Common Foreign and Security Policy.The EU needs to work closely with its allies and establish more strategic cooperation with third countries based on trust and mutual benefit, MEPs conclude. In the report – adopted by 48 votes in favour, 10 against and 11 abstentions – they stress the EU’s worldwide role as a reliable partner, a mediator in conflict resolution and a leader in promoting multilateral frameworks.First and foremost, the EU needs a stronger and genuine political will on the part of member states to jointly agree on and promote EU foreign policy goals, such as conflict prevention and peace agreements, and to counter third countries’ attempts to weaken and divide the EU. MEPs call on member states to urgently debate the possibility of moving from unanimity to qualified majority voting, at least in selected areas such as decisions on human rights issues and sanctions. This would be a significant step in strengthening the EU’s influence on the global scene.They support an EU-wide debate to consider new ways of working such as a European Security Council, stressing the need to formally establish effective means and institutions to enhance the coherence and influence of the EU’s foreign and security policy.MEPs call for the EU to assume its strategic responsibility in the EU neighbourhood and act more quickly and assertively to mediate and peacefully resolve ongoing tensions and conflicts, as well as prevent future conflicts. They reiterate their commitment to enlargement as a key transformative EU policy supporting the European perspective for the Western Balkan countries.

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COVID-19 and foreign policy: EU must defend its interests and values

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 28 novembre 2020

Bruxelles. MEPs call for the EU to be more assertive on the global stage and move to a qualified majority vote in decisions regarding foreign policy. In Wednesday’s resolution on the effects of COVID-19 on foreign policy, MEPs described the pandemic as a “game changer” in the international environment and warned that Europe must defend multilateralism, with a more assertive and coordinated foreign policy.They voiced concerns that governments and political leaders around the world are using the pandemic as an opportunity to pursue their own political objectives by limiting human rights, undermining democratic standards, and weakening the rule of law, while politicising humanitarian aid. In the resolution adopted by 467 votes in favour, 80 against and 148 abstentions, MEPs expressed concerns about the political vacuum in the multilateral system created by “a more isolationist US”. This, MEPs say, is exploited by China who is trying to position itself as the dominant global player while Russia – following its own geopolitical agenda – supports authoritarian regimes and continues its aggressive foreign policy.MEPs are particularly worried by Russian attempts to undermine EU unity and create mistrust between the EU and its partners through disinformation campaigns. They also urge the Chinese government to cooperate fully with an independent international investigation into the origins of the pandemic.MEPs believe that more effective and proactive EU foreign and security policies could be achieved by moving to a qualified majority vote in certain foreign policy areas, at least on issues related to human rights and sanctions. Other effective measures would include a stronger mandate to the High Representative in speaking on behalf of the EU, and . They also support the idea of Europe developing its strategic autonomy with the support of credible military capacities. Finally, MEPs call on the Commission to ensure that the consequences of COVID-19 do not undermine EU values and commitments to human rights. They stress the urgent need for a global sanctions framework to combat human rights violations. A US bill, known as the Magnitsky Act, has been cited as the example that the EU should follow.

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Sane or insane? The Trump phenomenon and the future of US foreign policy

Posted by fidest press agency su lunedì, 5 settembre 2016

trumpDonald Trump is a phenomenon; he recently fired the first shot calling for a turnaround in US foreign policy, citing little benefit to the middle and working classes. Trump wants the US to try to work with Vladimir Putin of Russia. Is he right?Although the jury is still out on Trump’s oft brow-raising campaign tactics, Harvard Business School Professor Daniel Quinn Mills and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Professor Steven Rosefielde suggest that his intuition is often correct. Trump may not have yet articulated a cogent alternative, but he often asks the right questions.In Mills’ and Rosefielde’s latest book “The Trump Phenomenon and the Future of US Foreign Policy” published by World Scientific, the duo argues that American foreign policy should change because the world has changed. China, Russia and Iran now challenge US global leadership. The US is no longer willing to bear the burden of fielding enough strength to confront all these challengers simultaneously.Mills and Rosefielde suggest among many other important points that the US should now turn Henry Kissinger’s policy on its head. Almost fifty years ago Kissinger proposed an American opening to China in order to restrain Soviet ambitions. Today, American should explore an opening to Russia in order to restrain Chinese ambitions.They suggest also that while Trump has raised the level of discussion of this idea and other foreign policy issues in US public life, he does not have a monopoly on them. This defining issue, they say, “is not a Republican agenda, nor a Democratic one. We believe that it is a US agenda… Americans should be less concerned about what we have been doing or not doing; even about the difficulties in which we currently find ourselves. We should be most concerned about where we are headed – about where we should be going.” Mills and Rosefielde further propose 12 principles of strategy for American policy to spur thought in the public arena for how American foreign policy should be engaged, including:
Build policy strictly on the principle of core national interest – not insider interest nor domestic politics
Work for these objectives diplomatically; we resort to force if necessary – that is, for defense against armed aggression
Engage only one major adversary at a time, not all potential adversaries at once
Promote beneficial government abroad, not our form of democracy
Quit appearing on the international stage as if we were no more than platitude-spouting hypocrites
Assert our national interests in preference to those of other nations
Conduct any foreign interventions well. Including having an exit strategy and using it
Keep our eyes on the major things and do not get distracted
We should never lose sight of our most dangerous potential adversary
Be clear about our objectives, not muddle headed
Do not compartmentalise too much
Be prepared to pay for power
The contents of the book have been thoughtfully arranged and spell out a clear agenda for America. The contents include: A Successful American Policy: A Challenge to Us All; The Best Path Toward National Security; Key Elements of an American Policy for Today; The Six Characteristics of a Desirable Policy for America; Underlying Principles of an American Policy; More about the Most Important Principles of a Successful Policy; Seizing Opportunities and Avoiding Entangling Alliances; Today’s Dangers: Increasing Nuclear Risk; Russia: A Drunk Soccer Hooligan?; The United States and Militant Islam; Our Rivalry with China; Germany’s Geo-Political Ambitions; What the Politicians are Offering as Choices for America and Our Alternative; The Decay of Post-World War II Cosmopolitanism: Lions Led by Donkeys: The Record of Today’s Cosmopolitans; Hitler’s Legacy: Modern Political Spin; Overestimating Our Strength: American Decay; More Sleepless Nights: Ineffective Foreign Policy; The Next Step: A New Politics;The key question about the future of US foreign policy remains hanging in the minds of voters and non-voters alike whether Trump gets elected to power or not: Can the US alter its foreign policy even though it has been on its current trajectory since World War II?
The Trump Phenomenon and the Future of US Foreign Policy will be sold at all major bookstores and retails at US$49 / £41 (hardcover) and S$24.90 / £21 (paperback). More information about the book can be found at (photo:trump)

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IS fighters returning to EU: MEPs debate how to prevent internal security threat

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 ottobre 2014

terroristiConcerns over the possible threats to the EU’s internal security posed by Europeans returning home after fighting for the so-called “Islamic State” (IS) were raised by MEPs in a debate on Wednesday. Some called for a swift approval of the EU Passenger Name Record (PNR) proposal to better detect potential terrorists entering or leaving the EU. Most stressed, however, that all measures taken by the EU to tackle this problem must respect fundamental rights.MEPs were divided on the possible withdrawal of EU citizenship from the foreign fighters of European origin, with some stressing that the priority should be prosecuting them as criminals.Some MEPs called for a swift approval of the EU Passenger Name Record (PNR) proposal, which would oblige air carriers to provide EU countries with the data of passengers entering or leaving the EU to enable these countries to prevent, detect, investigate and prosecute serious crime and terrorist offences.Most MEPs stressed, however, that all measures taken by the EU to tackle this problem must respect fundamental rights.The causes prompting young people to join the IS (including unemployment and poor working conditions) also need to be addressed, they added. The stigmatisation of certain groups should also be avoided.Kobane: MEPs criticise Turkey and urge EU to do more to prevent a massacre. In a separate debate, MEPs stressed that preventing a massacre of the civilian population of the Syrian city of Kobane must be the first priority in the international community’s fight against IS. They also criticised Turkey’s inaction in the face of the threat and deplored the lack of a genuine EU strategy for the region.Many MEPs insisted that Turkey, as an EU candidate country, should align its foreign policy much more closely with that of the EU. They regretted that Turkey’s decision to allow Kurdish Peshmergas to cross its territory in order to fight for Kobane was „too little too late“. While recognising Turkey’s positive attitude in welcoming thousands of refugees from Syria, the majority of MEPs who spoke called on the EU to step up pressure on Turkey to act to prevent a massacre in Kobane.Many also said that the EU lacks a joint vision and strategy to combat terrorist groups in the whole of the Middle East and deplored the failure of EU member states to coordinate their efforts more closely.

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Continuation of the national emergency with respect to Iran

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 13 marzo 2009

The white house. The President  Barack Obama declared a national emergency with respect to Iran pursuant  to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701-1706) to deal with the unusual and extraordinary threat  to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the  United States constituted by the actions and policies of the Government of Iran. On May 6, 1995, the President issued  Executive Order 12959 imposing more comprehensive sanctions  to further respond to this threat, and on August 19, 1997, the President issued Executive Order 13059 consolidating and  clarifying the previous orders. Because the actions and policies of the Government of  Iran continue to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to  the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the  United States, the national emergency declared on March 15,  1995, must continue in effect beyond March 15, 2009. Therefore,  in accordance with section 202(d) of the National Emergencies Act (50 U.S.C. 1622(d)), I am continuing for 1 year the national emergency with respect to Iran. Because the emergency declared  by Executive Order 12957 constitutes an emergency separate from  that declared on November 14, 1979, by Executive Order 12170,  this renewal is distinct from the emergency renewal of  November 2008. This notice shall be published in the  Federal Register and transmitted to the Congress.

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