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Il Forest Sound Track diventa un “Museo a cielo aperto”

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 26 giugno 2020

Malborghetto-Valbruna (Udine), 23 giugno 2020 – Nel cuore della Val Saisera, dove da centinaia di anni gli abeti rossi di risonanza crescono aspettando di diventare musica, arriva la tecnologia di “Maca”, una fusione che offre la possibilità di conoscere uno dei luoghi più affascinanti della Valcanale in un modo tutto nuovo.“Maca” (acronimo di Museo A Cielo Aperto) nasce nel dicembre del 2019 come start-up indipendente che si prefigge lo scopo di far conoscere le bellezze della Valcanale tramite un sistema innovativo e divertente. Infatti, bastano uno Smartphone, un lettore di QR-Code e un paio di cuffiette per accedere subito ai contenuti: racconti e approfondimenti, una vastissima galleria di foto inedite, video su musiche originali e un’audioguida realizzata in quattro lingue che condurrà l’escursionista all’interno di un’esperienza unica. Entrando in Val Saisera sarà facilissimo individuare i “Maca”, i cartelli colorati che danno accesso ai contenuti, che guideranno i visitatori alla scoperta del “Forest Sound Track”. Il percorso, realizzato nell’ambito del Festival Risonanze grazie al contributo della Fondazione Friuli, sarà inaugurato domenica 12 luglio.“Maca” è un gioco che permette a tutti di scoprire i segreti di un territorio in modo divertente e personalizzabile. È possibile, dopo la scansione dei QR-Code, scegliere se fermarsi per una pausa e approfondire tutti i contenuti, continuare a camminare accompagnati solamente dalle informazioni dell’audioguida, oppure rivivere successivamente le tappe del percorso da casa. Grazie a questo innovativo strumento, le visite guidate si arricchiscono di nuovi contenuti multimediali che la stessa guida può utilizzare durante il percorso per arricchire di testimonianze, immagini, video la propria offerta divulgativa e informativa.

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Alipay Ant Forest Named UN Champion of the Earth

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 22 settembre 2019

Alipay Ant Forest, a green initiative on the world’s leading payment and lifestyle platform Alipay, has been awarded the United Nation’s highest environmental honor – the “UN Champions of the Earth” award – for inspiring over half a billion people to take action in their daily lives to live greener lifestyles and help protect the environment through the power of digital technology.Launched in the Alipay app in August 2016, the Ant Forest green initiative encourages users to adopt low-carbon activities — such as paying utility bills online, and walking or taking buses to work instead of driving — in their daily lives. Such behavior is counted and converted into virtual “green energy points” that accumulate to grow a virtual “tree” in the user’s mobile phone. With enough energy points, the virtual tree is converted into a real one and planted by Alipay and its philanthropic partners in desertification areas that need reforesting. In turn, this tree-planting initiative has inspired users to further adopt low-carbon and environment-friendly behavior.
By August 2019, Alipay Ant Forest has attracted over 500 million users, resulting in 122 million trees planted in arid areas in China, and the avoidance of 7.9 million tons of carbon emission. It’s influence has also traveled beyond China. Inspired by Alipay Ant Forest, the Philippines’ leading mobile wallet GCash introduced GCash Forest on its App in June 2019, enabling local users to contribute to reforestation and environmental preservation by adopting low carbon activities in their daily.

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Students Challenged to Consider the Forest and the Trees

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 23 maggio 2018

The theme “Wood, Trees and the Forest” inspired students at the Maine College of Art to design uncommon chairs for the 14th Annual Wilsonart Challenges Student Chair Design Competition. Each entry was inspired by the powerful, often personal connection the forest provokes and informed by complex forestry issues surrounding the use of wood. Students used patterns from the Wilsonart® Laminate Collection. The winning chair and five runners up will make their first public appearance in booth #2211 at the 2018 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York. Wilsonart, a world-leading provider of engineered surfacing solutions, created the year-long program, which is both a sponsored class and a competition. Students learn how to design and build a one-of-a-kind chair, as well as how to prepare for a major trade show. Wilsonart introduced the program more than a decade ago, making it the longest-running sponsored student design class in the U.S.Joseph Goodwin won the 2018 competition with his design “Tool for Translation.” His chair renders the complex pop icon of the chainsaw into a chair. The power tool itself is representative of competing ideologies, disparate politics and contentious debates. By using it, Goodwin translates these complex issues into a refined and beautiful chair form while asking us to consider the threshold where a tree’s life ends and when the chair’s life begins.A different design school hosts Wilsonart Challenges each year. Every chair is one-of-a-kind, handmade by the individual student and not intended for mass production. Goodwin will receive a scholarship and an all-expenses paid trip to New York to premiere his chair at ICFF.“The students magnificently captured many sides of a complex debate, all using laminate, a beautiful material that is an alternative to threatened or endangered woods,” noted Tammy Weadock, Communications Manager at Wilsonart. “This year’s theme was a perfect complement to Understanding Wood: Sourcing Against the Grain, a program Wilsonart launched in 2017 to educate architects and designers about wood options that are from renewable, non-endangered trees.”

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See How Redd Squanders Your Taxpayer Dollars

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 14 dicembre 2011

Tropical forests and high-altitude regions oft...

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The Tropical Forest Group has launched “U.S. REDD Finance Database,” an initiative allowing “American taxpayers and the international community to see for themselves how America helps developing countries conserve their forests and what quantitative impacts on forests are being reported.” REDD is one of the most wasteful aid programs currently being funded by the U.S. taxpayer, encouraging what we have constantly attacked as a deplorable conservation-at-all-costs strategy. Instead of looking to see allegedly how REDD “helps developing countries,” U.S. taxpayers should instead use this database to see how wasteful REDD is and how it discourages the developing world to grow their economies and become more self-reliant.

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More U.S. Money Sent to Asia to Harm the World’s Poor

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 18 settembre 2011

What could be worse for developing nations than developed world agricultural subsidies? How about foreign governments paying them not to develop their economies? That’s what the U.S. government is doing in Nepal. Through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Nepal is receiving $30 million to “mobilize the efforts of international and local NGOs to protect critical forests and forest dependent communities in Nepal.” As if this wasn’t bad enough, this initiative will be spearheaded by WWF-Nepal, an NGO renowned for doing its utmost to prevent developing nations from prospering and creating jobs. However, is it really wise for the U.S. taxpayer to be bankrolling an NGO whose very own standards have recently been questioned? As the Consumers Alliance has noted, the Obama administration has completely skewed the intended goals of USAID, turning it from an organization that seeks to “extend assistance to countries recovering from disaster, trying to escape poverty, and engaging in democratic reforms,” to one that actively pays developing nations not to realize their full economic potential. Through their nefarious partnerships with radical NGOs, certain aid agencies such as USAID have been using U.S. taxpayers’ dollars to pay countries like Nepal and Indonesia not to develop. It sounds completely absurd, but rather than using America’s international aid to help alleviate poverty, the Obama administration is using it to keep countries poor and restrict economic development. Of course, these programs were created in the first place by altruistic individuals who believed that some countries required a hand up in order to develop and prosper economically. Unfortunately, these initiatives have since been hijacked by extremist NGOs who have cajoled the administration into embracing their injurious agenda. But the Obama administration has a previous record here. Just last year President Obamaannounced a plan through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) to send $700 million to Indonesia for “conservation.” In reality, this was a massive welfare check to Indonesia signed by the American taxpayer. But what’s troubling is that Indonesians want to work and put their country’s vast economic resources to good use—it’s the Obama administration and their NGO lackeys that are endeavoring to prevent them from doing so.

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Funding for Indonesian Forest Conservation

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 10 novembre 2010

Jakarta Greenpeace challenged the United States to dramatically increase the financial support it gives Indonesia to reduce deforestation and cut its substantial greenhouse gas emissions.  The challenge followed the announcement at a press conference in Jakarta with Presidents Obama and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) that the US will provide only limited funds to help protect Indonesia’s rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands.  The funding, part of the US-Indonesia Comprehensive Partnership, includes US$7 million for the establishment of a Climate Change Center and $10 million initial funding for projects to protect peatlands.  The agreement also includes $119 million for the SOLUSI (Science, Oceans, Land Use, Society and Innovation) partnership, which includes a variety of environmental initiatives, including a second Tropical Forest Conservation Act agreement, and the Forestry and Climate Support Project (IFACS).
At the upcoming United Nations climate talks in Cancun, Indonesia is expected to announce details of the deal it is negotiating with Norway, which offered US$1 billion in forest protection funds earlier this year.  Central to the deal is a two-year moratorium on new concessions to destroy forests and peatlands, expected to start 1 January 2011.
Millions of hectares of Indonesian rainforests and carbon-rich peatlands have been destroyed since President Obama lived in Indonesia as a child.  Driven largely by expansion of plantations for palm oil and pulp and paper, this has made Indonesia the world’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter, after the US and China.

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The Forest Legality Alliance

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 29 maggio 2010

It was launched to support private sector efforts and policies to reduce trade in illegally harvested wood. The Alliance is a global public-private initiative open to businesses, industry associations, financial institutions and civil society organizations with a stake in legal forest product supply chains.  “Some companies are not aware of the need to ask questions about the wood they are buying or the consequences of letting illegal wood enter their supply chains,” said Craig Hanson, director of WRI’s People and Ecosystems Program. “The Alliance seeks to build confidence that imported wood and paper products are legal. Done right, trade supports environmental protection and the Alliance recognizes the role trade plays in protecting our world’s great forests.” In response, major wood importing regions are enacting policies to reduce demand for illegal wood. In 2008, the U.S. government amended the Lacey Act to prohibit trade within the United States of products made from illegally harvested wood. With this amendment, the United States became the first country to ban imports of illegal wood and related products. The European Union is in the final stages of approving a “due diligence” regulation to curb illegal timber entering the European market, and Australia is also considering legislation to prohibit trade in illegal wood. The Alliance will ensure that importers and supply chains know and understand the emerging new trade policies. It will develop new online resources that help companies assess the risk of encountering illegal wood, conduct due care, and complete import declarations. It will work with suppliers to document best practices and unforeseen challenges associated with purchasing legal wood and complying with import regulations. It will focus on the capacity for legal trade in the sector as a whole, rather than on the performance of individual companies, and complement existing initiatives that certify legality and sustainability. USAID helped catalyze the formation of this new partnership under its Global Development Alliance initiative which seeks to leverage the resources, expertise, creativity and market access of corporations, industry associations, civil society organizations and others to jointly address pressing development challenges around the world.

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New concessions for forest destruction

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 28 maggio 2010

Welcoming today’s announcement by seven wealthy nations that they will provide USD 4 billion to help avert runaway climate change by preventing deforestation, responsible for up to a fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions, Greenpeace warned that the critical question of how the funds will be spent remains unanswered.  Greenpeace also considers the Indonesian President Yudhoyono’s announcement, made at the Oslo conference on climate and forests, of a two year moratorium on issuing new concessions for forest and peatland destruction to be a first step towards Indonesia meeting its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets of 41%. Such a moratorium was a precondition of the USD 1 billion deal with Norway. However, deforestation will continue unabated unless the moratorium is extended to cover existing permits, not just new ones and is put into action immediately, not months from now. Greenpeace warns that REDD can only be successful if strong safeguards are established to protect biodiversity and if indigenous people’s rights are included.  It also warns against the funds being used to subsidise the logging and agri-business industries under the guise of so-called “sustainable forest management”.

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Deforestation causes “boom-and-bust”

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 10 giugno 2009

Clearing the Amazon rainforest increases Brazilian communities’ wealth and quality of life, but these improvements are short-lived, according to new research published today (12 June) in Science.  The study, by an international team including researchers at the University of Cambridge and Imperial College London, shows that levels of development revert back to well below national average levels when the loggers and land clearers move on.    Since 2000, 155 thousand square kilometres of rainforest in the Brazilian Amazon have been cut down for timber, burnt, or cleared for agricultural use. Forest clearance rates have averaged more than 1.8 million hectares per year (roughly the area of Kuwait), and the deforestation frontier is advancing into the forest at a rate of more than four football fields every minute. The researchers’ analysis revealed that the quality of local people’s lives –measured through levels of income, literacy and longevity, as mentioned above – increases quickly during the early stages of deforestation. This is probably because people capitalise on newly available natural resources, including timber, minerals and land for pasture, and higher incomes and new roads lead to improved access to education and medical care, and all round better living conditions. Ana Rodrigues, lead author of the study, previously at the University of Cambridge and currently at the Centre of Functional and Evolutionary Ecology, France, said: Fellow author Dr Rob Ewers from Imperial College London’s Department of Life Sciences adds: The decline in development which occurs once an area has been deforested is likely due to the depletion of the natural resources that supported the initial boom. Timber is exhausted and land used for cattle ranching and farming is often rapidly degraded, leading to large scale abandonment – for example, by the early 1990s, one third of the area used for pastures had already been abandoned. This is compounded by an increasing human population as migrants including ranchers, farmers, colonists, landless peasants, gold miners, loggers, and land grabbers arrive, lured to the area by the prospect of rapid financial gain. Andrew Balmford, co-author of the study and University of Cambridge Professor of Conservation Science, concluded.

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