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First Annual Franchise Conference

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 febbraio 2019

The event is an internal conference, organised for Fantastic Services’ franchisees that will include growth and standard improvement talks, a special visit from the guest speaker Nick Stojic (former Head of Franchising for McDonald’s) and the Annual Fantastic Services Franchise Awards.
Fantastic Services is an international property maintenance provider based in the UK. The company was founded in 2009 and since then has developed more than 25 high-end services suitable for both domestic and commercial properties. With a focus on innovation and technology, Fantastic Services has shown to be a fast-growing franchisor as well – there are over 400 franchise units across the UK, the USA, and Australia.The company will be holding its First Annual Franchise Conference on 19th February to celebrate the Fantastic brand, to improve communication with franchisees, to include them in the planning of the strategy and to awards them for their hard work and excellent achievements.

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Iñaki Cobo Bachiller Joins KKR to Lead European Healthcare Franchise

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 12 ottobre 2017

madridMadrid. KKR today announced the appointment of Iñaki Cobo Bachiller as a Member from 1 January 2018. Iñaki will lead the healthcare franchise for Europe, Africa and the Middle East and will lead KKR’s Private Equity business in Spain. Iñaki joins KKR from CVC Capital Partners, where he was a Senior Managing Director. Iñaki has 20 years of private equity investment experience in healthcare and in Spain with €3 billion of equity invested in 14 transactions.Iñaki will be part of KKR EMEA’s senior private equity team of six partners and ten Directors and follows the earlier appointment of Tim Franks as a Member, Head of EMEA Consumer & Retail and Head of UK. Led by Johannes Huth for nearly 20 years, the European senior team has on average 18 years of experience in private equity. Over the last years, several executives who have been with KKR for more than 15 years have become partner in the European team, including Jonathan Smidt, Mattia Caprioli and Philipp Freise. The full European PE team has 60 professionals dedicated to monitoring and sourcing investments across Europe.Johannes Huth, Member and Head of KKR Europe, Africa and the Middle East said: “I am delighted to welcome Iñaki to the KKR European private equity team. Iñaki further bolsters the depth and experience of our senior European team, both in healthcare and in our regional coverage. KKR has a long history of successfully investing in healthcare, ranging from hospitals and pharmacies to medical devices and specialty pharmaceuticals. Iñaki’s expertise and experience in that sector will be a great asset to the team. Our firm also has demonstrated a strong commitment to Spain, investing more than $4.7 billion since 2010 across different asset classes, including private equity, infrastructure, real estate and credit.” KKR has been present in Europe for 20 years and in that timeframe, KKR private equity has invested approximately $20 billion in more than 55 major European companies.

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Australian franchise

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 8 settembre 2009

Australian franchisor, Howards Storage World has plans to open more than 500 stores across Europe within the next 10 years, as part of its global expansion program. The retailer has already confirmed 205 stores will open in 10 countries in Europe including Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, The Netherlands, Brussels, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, following the signing of four master franchise agreements covering the regions of Ireland, the UK, Benelux and Scandinavia. Howards Storage World has its sights set on other European markets including France, Germany and Italy. “We plan to organise the world, one country at a time,” said CEO of Howards Storage World, Dirk Spence. Howards Storage World is synonymous with ‘organised living’, with the retailer specialising in innovative products and clever solutions that improve storage in the home. In October this year, two Howards Storage World stores will open in Europe following the success of the first European stores in Spain & Ireland. On 3rd October 2009, the first of 80 stores proposed for the Benelux region will open in Waterloo. This will be followed by a new store in Edinburgh, Scotland on 24th October 2009. Dirk Spence will visit both of these new store locations in late October and will also host a one day introductory program in Waterloo on 27th October, for parties who are interested in knowing more about the opportunity of owning a Howards Storage World Master Franchise. Whilst in Europe, Dirk will also meet with potential master franchisees, inspect proposed store locations and address events in Brussels and London. Howards Storage World Master Franchises have been granted in New Zealand, Spain, Singapore, the Middle East (GCC Territories), Philippines, Ireland, UK, Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg) and Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark).

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X, Y, Z, and U

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 6 giugno 2009

the franchiseLos Angeles until 3/7/2009 Outpost for Contemporary Art  6375 N. Figueroa Street –  curated by The Franchise winners The League of Imaginary Scientists  In December, apexart held a worldwide open call for 250-word proposals for exhibitions. Based on the idea of creating our own franchise, we wanted to hear from the participants why the franchise should come to their town. We invited over 250 jurors to judge this unusual experiment and, in the end, a proposal from Los Angeles stood out against the 456 proposals from 65 countries that were submitted.  X, Y, Z, and U is an exhibition and series of discussions and workshops featuring the mapping projects of artists whose creative practices resemble field research and scientists who use DIY tactics and creative visualization to map scientific information. Through community-based activities and actions, X, Y, Z, and U asks: Where is science and how do we interact with it? Who maps information and who has access? Can anyone participate in genomic research?  Participating artists and scientists include: Kim Abeles, Kelly Jaclynn Andres, Jason Bobe, Mackenzie Cowell, Liz Kueneke, Andrea Polli and Chuck Varga  The League of Imaginary Scientists is an inventive research collective. In pairing science and art, the League seeks to formulate new methods for data expression, embodied through interactions that produce physical artifacts and accompanying scientific residues.  The winning proposal comes from Los Angeles, CA:  The League of Imaginary Scientists is a group of interdisciplinary thinkers and tinkerers who present ambitious participatory art events with repurposed mechanics and scientific assertions. The League concocts micro-festivals for microorganisms, invites scientific luminaries onto local stages, and pours limited paper money into our bottomless pit of ideas. The resulting diversions from the everyday celebrate the everyday: past exhibitions showcased a communication device for talking to bacteria and a machine for reversing progress and returning viewers to childhood. League exhibitions simultaneously subvert and revamp the story of science. More than anything, the League of Imaginary Scientists is a consortium for ideas – a mental exhibition space where conversations and collaborations are hatched. We seek affiliation and guidance by Apexart because A) we do not have the know-how or funds to leap from independent art collective to independent art space, and B) the League was formed on a street called Apex Avenue in Silverlake in 2006. For our dream exhibition in our city of Los Angeles, the League proposes an exhibition of artworks that function as scientific research for studies without intentionality – purely for experimentation. Examples of the types of projects we would like to exhibit include art and science in the vein of research practiced by artists such as Andrea Polli, whose work includes a study on locust eyes, and Kelly Andres, whose mobile laboratory allows city-goers to listen to ecology, as well as groups like Harvard’s neuroscience laboratory, currently creating the first molecular film of an unraveled mouse brain. Aspirations for an evocative idea-oriented exhibition aside, the League gives great weight to the word, Apex. Our own origins anticipated an eventual peak. Perhaps this is it. (the franchise)

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