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Toyoda Gosei Develops Large Plastic Roof Panels for Use on Fuel Cell Bus

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 18 gennaio 2018

plastic roof panelToyoda Gosei Co., Ltd. has developed large plastic roof panels that will be used on a fuel cell bus to be launched by Toyota Motor Corporation in 2018. More than 100 of these buses will be put into use in the Tokyo metropolitan region as it readies for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics. Toyoda Gosei will contribute to the shift to a hydrogen society through use of its lightweight plastic products in fuel cell vehicles.Plastic panels have the advantage of being lighter than metal, but have suffered from inferior strength. Toyoda Gosei has developed a plastic material that can be made thinner while also improving impact and heat resistance, making them suitable for use on vehicle exteriors and contributing to weight reduction. In addition to the new material, the company also relied on its technology for high precision molding that gives a consistent thickness to large parts. These roof panels will be installed above the fuel cell stacks and high pressure hydrogen tanks, with a structure that allows them to be opened and closed for inspections and other purposes.
Toyoda Gosei has previously developed and produced many different large precision plastic parts, such as radiator grilles. Electric and fuel cell vehicles are expected to come into wider use in the coming years, and as demands for longer cruising ranges increase, Toyoda Gosei will take advantage of the plastic material and molding technologies to meet needs for lighter weight vehicle bodies. (photo: plastic roof panel)

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COAL: Fuel Without the Fossil

Posted by fidest press agency su giovedì, 11 gennaio 2018

innovative COALConsumers will soon be able to hold the power of COAL in their hands. A next-generation energy brand that brings the latest innovations in solar power and energy storage to consumers, COAL products will be available for a first look at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.
The COAL Meta Power Plant is a portable solar panel and power plant prototype that inspired the brand’s tagline, Fuel Without the Fossil. The 40,000 mAh battery plus 60 Watt solar panel weighs just under 6 pounds, making users’ off-grid experiences light, powerful and practically endless.
COAL Catalyst is a power bank that pairs portable power with sleek design, allowing users to charge their mobile devices rapidly wherever they are. And, COAL Catalyst is not just another pretty face: It’s hardworking, charging this year’s Android and Apple phones up to 45 percent in only 30 minutes. COAL Catalyst is compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X; as well as Samsung Galaxy, Pixel 2 and others. It works with tablets, smartwatches, cameras and more.
“COAL Catalyst is energy with attitude,” said Elizabeth Sanderson, chief marketing officer, Sunflare Inc., parent company of COAL. “Getting the quickest charge can be a tricky business. There are so many variables — the cord, the power bank, the device, the wall charger — and the developers of COAL Catalyst have thought through all of it to bring the fastest, best-looking power possible. The COAL Catalyst Power Bank brings juice to the table, providing consumers with the means to express a point of view through what they carry. It delivers simple power with speed, ease and style.”
Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (QC3) charges up to four times faster than conventional chargers; INOV technology provides optimal voltageType C USB has faster power and data transfer; it’s where the industry is headed from micro and lightning connectors.
Three-headed adapter cable demonstrates that when it comes to cables, “fatter and shorter is better” by allowing maximum current to flow to the charger and with a faster charge than standard cables
The design aesthetic — both inside and out — is another key differentiator for COAL products. “No one else combines simple, fast, hardworking energy storage with a clean, sleek design,” said Sanderson. “COAL Catalyst and COAL Meta will appeal to consumers who are plugged into today’s world and care about the future. It’s accessible technology everyone can use.” Additionally, COAL offers a separate Fast-Charge Set wall charger and cord that provides the fastest charging capabilities available for Apple and Android devices. It’s a complete solution to charging phones and other devices quickly. (photo: innovative coal)

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Paris Agreement spells the end of the fossil fuel era

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 4 novembre 2016

Amsterdam. As the Paris agreement comes into force tomorrow, setting an irreversible trajectory towards the complete phase out of fossil fuels, Greenpeace International Executive Director, Jennifer Morgan, said:“By governments committing to the Paris agreement they have underscored the inevitable global transition away from fossil fuels. With renewable energy already winning markets from fossil fuels and coal heading into amsterdamterminal decline we have good reasons to be optimistic, but it will take even more innovation and civic support before we can uncork the champagne. We need to see governments’ national plans be much more ambitious in cutting emissions, because their current contributions to this agreement are nowhere near enough to achieve its goals.We expect that in the next couple of weeks, at the Marrakech climate talks, governments will start addressing this dangerous gap with the urgency our planet requires.”Commenting on the UNEP Emissions Gap report 2016, Morgan added:“We’re entering the crucial years in our fight against climate chaos when we can still tackle climate change with clean, safe and smart solutions that are proven, ready to roll out and come with absolute benefits to our health, jobs and to the environment. If we miss this window because we’re stuck with weak national targets, it will quickly close and we’ll be left with big costs, big risks and big question marks. The only choice is to act now.”

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Islamic Climate Declaration calls for fossil fuel phase out

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 19 agosto 2015

Istanbul, instanbul Islamic leaders from 20 countries today launched a bold Climate Change Declaration to engage the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims on the issue of our time.Adopted by the 60 participants at the International Islamic Climate Change Symposium, (Istanbul, 17-18 August) the Declaration urges governments to deliver a strong, new international climate agreement in Paris this December that signals the end of the road for polluting fossil fuels by creating architecture that will give us a chance of limiting global warming above pre-industrial levels to 2, or preferably 1.5, degrees Celsius.The Declaration presents the moral case, based on Islamic teachings, for Muslims and people of all faiths worldwide to take urgent climate action. It was drafted by a large, diverse team of international Islamic scholars from around the world following a lengthy consultation period prior to the Symposium. It has already been endorsed by more than 60 participants and organisations including the Grand Muftis of Uganda and Lebanon. The Declaration is in harmony with the Papal Encyclical and has won the support of the Pontifical Council on Justice and Peace of the Holy See.The Declaration calls for a rapid phase-out of fossil fuels and a switch to 100% renewable energy as well as increased support for vulnerable communities already suffering from climate impacts. It can be seen as part of the groundswell of people from all walks of life calling for governments to scale up the transition away from fossil fuels. Wealthy and oil-producing nations are urged to phase out all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. All people, leaders and businesses are invited to commit to 100% renewable energy in order to tackle climate change, reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development.Amongst keynote speakers at the Symposium were three senior UN officials – from the UN Environment Programme, the secretariat of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the UN Secretary-General’s climate change team. Presentations were also made by scientists, NGO leaders and academics. Also attending were religious leaders from many other faith traditions.That the Symposium was held in Istanbul is significant – for the first time in history, the G20 summit will be organized by the presidency of Turkey, a country with a majority Muslim population.- just two weeks before the Paris Summit, Leaders from the world’s largest 20 economies will gather in an attempt to reach agreement on how international financial stability can be achieved. The economic implications of climate change and the huge amounts of subsidies given by G20 countries to the polluting fossil fuel industry will also be on the agenda.

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Climate SOS – Greenpeace urges end to fossil fuel investments as IPCC meets

Posted by fidest press agency su mercoledì, 26 marzo 2014

stand yokohama Japan. A climate crisis that risks peace and security can still be avoided by accelerating the clean energy revolution, Greenpeace said on Tuesday. Issuing an SOS emergency alert ahead of an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) meeting in Japan, Greenpeace warned that climate change is already devastating nations, destroying lives and costing billions of dollars in damage. “This is a crisis that knows no boundaries. Our climate is on the precipice and every ton of oil, coal and gas we are digging up and burning pushes us closer to the brink. But there’s a way out of this mess. Renewable energy has made a breakthrough faster than thought and is ready to challenge our old hazardous energy system,” said Kaisa Kosonen, Greenpeace International campaigner.  “While the IPCC report will make grim reading, the key message here is choice. Will we continue drifting from one disaster to another, or will we take control of our future? We’re at a crossroads and the choices we make now will determine how history judges us.” On the eve of the IPCC meeting, Greenpeace activists displayed a glowing message ‘Climate SOS – Go Renewables’ near J-POWER’s Isogo 1 & 2 coal power plant and Tepco’s Minami Yokohama gas power plant to highlight the cause of climate change and the solution to the unfolding crisis. “Coal burning is the biggest single driver of climate change. But coal has a massive water footprint too, making it one of the largest threats to water security. Add to that the air pollution problem and it’s clear that a move away from coal is inevitable and in fact has already started,” Kosonen added.  “To make the shift away from coal and other fossil fuels fast enough though is a key fight communities, decision-makers and investors have to unite on.”  Meeting to finalise the Working Group II report on ‘Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability’, the IPCC will discuss climate action in the context of sustainable development. The Japanese government, which is hosting this week’s meeting, is failing to meet the IPCC’s challenge. Japan has lowered its target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and it is also emerging as the world’s biggest public investor of coal expansion overseas. Now it is planning a return to nuclear energy despite the ongoing Fukushima disaster.“A choice between nuclear and coal is a false dichotomy. Japan could completely phase out nuclear power and still meet its old climate target of 25% cuts in emissions by 2020 in the energy sector with efficiency and green energy. What is needed is government policy to enable a faster transition to renewable energy,” said Hisayo Takada, campaigner at Greenpeace Japan.

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Record Fuel Prices Lead Van Drivers to Seek Lower Insurance to Minimise Costs

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 21 aprile 2012

Lloyds Building, Lime Street, London, England

Lloyds Building, Lime Street, London, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

London (PRNewswire) With average petrol prices rising above 140p per litre and diesel at a record high, van drivers are being stretched to the limit with monthly running costs. Some have been trying to offset the fuel costs by saving on their insurance premiums, visiting price comparison websites such as to look for cheaper van insurance.The average price for petrol has reached 140.2p a litre while diesel has hit a new record of 146.72p. Petrol has increased in price by nearly 8p since the beginning of the year and experts warn that the trend shows no sign of slowing. David Jackson, Director of Insurance Partnerships at said: “While drivers can do little to save on fuel costs, they could potentially look at other ways to reduce the overall cost of driving and offset the fuel price rises. offers a quick and simple way to compare van insurance and could help drivers to find a better deal than they are currently paying. By switching to another provider, van drivers could make significant savings.” Specialising in more than just van insurance, provides customers with an easy way to find the right deal on a wide range of insurance and financial products including home insurance, car insurance, bike insurance, life insurance, pet insurance and credit cards. It also offers comparisons for a range of household utilities including electricity, gas, phone, broadband and digital TV.

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Agip: best fuel retailer

Posted by fidest press agency su sabato, 10 settembre 2011


Image via Wikipedia

London Italy’s former national oil company, Agip, emerged as the best fuel retailer in terms of value for money for fuel, customer service and quality of its forecourt shop offer in a survey which asked car owners about their motoring habits. Esso was ranked second in all three parameters, and with regards value for money for fuel it shared the second spot with Tamoil.
Ashima Jain, service station retail analyst at Datamonitor, comments: “Agip with its large network of service station shops and strong brands – Eni Café and Eni Shop, has delivered a better shop proposition to customers compared to its competitors. Furthermore, its partnership with Carrefour for the opening of Carrefour Express c-stores at its service stations promises to add more credibility to its forecourt shop offer.”
While Italy has the largest number of service stations, it has one of the lowest numbers of service station shops. This is partly due to regulation hampering competition in the market as well as an abundance of small to medium sized convenience stores across the country.
Ashima adds, “However, the survey shows that reasonable proportions, almost 45%, of service station visitors in Italy do purchase something from a forecourt shop. There is indeed some latent demand for shop products at Italian forecourts which can be exploited if oil companies or convenience retailers wish to leverage the associated high margins. Moreover, with the Italian service station network slowly consolidating, an investment in shops at important sites will prove to be profitable in the long run.”

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Caritas aid arriving in Haiti

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 19 gennaio 2010

Caritas aid is arriving in Port-au-Prince, while rescue attempts still continue for those caught in the rumble after a devastating earthquake in Haiti.  Caritas rescuers pulled three people out of a collapsed building alive as late as Saturday, five days after the earthquake.  In a massive swell of solidarity, Caritas organisations have sent 200,000 blankets, 15,000 tents, water cans and purification tablets, as well as food water and hygiene kits. Twenty trucks of aid arrived in Port-au-Prince on Sunday. Caritas has set up two mobile operating theatres with pre- and post operative care  and provided medicines and fuel. Six mobile clinics are also planned.  An emergency clinic is being flown in from Holland. The Dutch plane also will contain a surgeon, six technical staff for installing water purifying installations and seven water purifying installations. Thirty-four tonnes of aid will be flown into Haiti from Germany on Tuesday. Half will given out in Port-au-Prince and the other half will be distributed in Jacmel, in the south of the country. A ship with 80 containers of food has also arrived.  “The real strength of Caritas is its network of  parishes that gives us direct contact with communities and a point from which we can provide help,” said Alistair Dutton, Humanitarian Director for Caritas Internationalis, who is leading the international coordination of the Caritas aid agencies response from Port-au-Prince. Distribution of aid remains a challenge. Caritas has undertaken small-scale distributions of food, water and hygiene kits.  Aid agencies fear a breakdown in public order in larger distributions as many people have had limited food and water since the earthquake. Last Tuesday’s disaster has left up to three million people in need of help. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake flattened tens of thousands of houses in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas and caused massive damage to infrastructure.  Aid deliveries  were initially hampered when the airport was closed in the aftermath and the port was too damaged to function. Roads are blocked by rubble and earthquake damage to infrastructure means that aid delivery has been slow. Caritas Haiti, Catholic Relief Services (CRS – a Caritas member from the USA) and Caritas Switzerland were already on the ground before the disaster managing development programmes.

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