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15 scientists from 6 countries are the main nominees for the title of the Global Energy Prize laureates

Posted by fidest press agency su venerdì, 24 Mag 2019

39 scientists from 12 countries took part in the contention for the Prize in the XVII nomination cycle of Global Energy Prize. The short list is based on the international experts` assessments. Starting from this year, the Prize will be given in three categories: “Traditional energy”, “Non-traditional energy” and “New ways of energy application”. The short list includes five candidates in each of the nominations. Most submissions for the Prize were accepted for the “Traditional energy” nomination, secondly for the “Non-traditional energy” and thirdly – “New ways of energy application”. It is noteworthy that the analysis of all areas of scientific research of nominees of this year shows that the majority of studies are dedicated to renewable energy (20.51%), followed by work related to the areas of nuclear energy (12.82%), energy efficiency (12.82%) and electricity (12.82%).The short list of the 2019 Global Energy Prize nominees is as follows: “Traditional energy” nomination:
Academician Igor Grekhov (Russia) – “for his outstanding contribution to power semiconductor electronics and for the invention of new principles of high-speed switching of high power with semiconductor devices”;
Professor Zhongmin Liu (China) – “for research, commercialization and development of technologies for producing olefins and ethanol from methanol for efficient coal conversion”;
RAS Academician Viktor Maslov (Russia) – “for fundamental contribution to the basics of supercritical regime in thermodynamics and safety of nuclear power plants in emergency situations through the theoretical development of technological measures to eliminate and prevent accidents”;
Professor Sergey Mirnov (Russia) – “for his exceptional contribution to the development of thermonuclear fusion technologies as a sustainable source of future energy”;
Dr. Dmitriy Zverev (Russia) – “for outstanding contribution to the creation and development of low-power reactor plants for the icebreaker fleet and power supply of the Arctic region”.
“Non-traditional energy” nomination:
Professor Frede Blaabjerg (Denmark) – “for outstanding technical contribution to the development of power electronic technology with the aim of widespread growth in the use of renewable energy”;
Professor Nigel Brandon (UK) – “for fundamental work in the field of materials science and development of technology for the creation of solid oxide fuel cells and composite electrodes for fuel cells and batteries”;
Dr. Arthur Nozik (USA) – “for fundamental and applied research of direct conversion of light energy into solar fuel, chemical products and electricity, as well as research of optical and electronic properties of nanostructures and their possible applications”;
Professor Henry James Snate (UK) – “for the discovery and development of efficient perovskite solar cells and the commercialization of tandem perovskite-silicon solar cells with efficiency above 28%”;
Dr. Peidong Yang (USA) – “for developing semiconductor biohybrid artificial photosynthetic system”.
“New ways of energy application” nomination:
Dr. Khalil Amin (USA) – “for his outstanding contribution to the development of the global electrochemical industry and the development of technologies for the production of high-performance cathodes, anodes and electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries of the new generation”;
Professor Russell Dean Dupius (USA) – “for the innovations in MOCVD growth and III-V compound semiconductors and for the growth of high-quality III-V compound semiconductor materials and heterostructure devices by the vapor-phase epitaxial growth process called metalorganic chemical vapor deposition”;
Professor Kemal Hanjalik (Netherlands) – “for fundamental and applied research in the field of turbulence, the development of statistical, vortex and hybrid modeling methods, as well as successful demonstration of their capabilities in the study of new and improvement of existing processes and equipment in energy and ecology”;
RAS Academician Dr. Alexey Hohlov (Russia) – “for outstanding achievements in the physics of polymers, which led to the creation of polymer materials for the effective absorption of solar energy and electrochemical power sources”.
Dr. Mercouri G. Kanatzidis (USA) – “for outstanding achievements in the development of semiconductor thermoelectric materials for the efficient conversion of thermal energy into electrical energy and the development of photovoltaic devices based on perovskites”.
Recall that the meeting of the International Award Committee will be held in Moscow on May, 28. During the voting, 20 experts from 14 countries will determine the laureates of the Prize and their names will be announced at the official press conference.
The press-conference will be held on May, 30 at 11.00 at the address: press center of the TASS (the second floor), 2, Tverskoy blvd, Moscow.

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The VIII Global Energy Prize Summit in Germany

Posted by fidest press agency su martedì, 2 aprile 2019

The VIII Global Energy Prize Summit will take place at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany, on April 10, 2019. Under the heading “Energy in the new technological cycle” world-leading scientists, politicians and industry experts from 13 countries will meet to discuss the most pressing energy and climate challenges of today. Within the framework of this topic, a panel session and several round tables will be held at the Summit. World experts share the view that humanity is on the threshold of a new technological cycle, which entails changes in the main spheres of society. Undoubtedly, the transition to a new stage is not possible without efficient, reliable and safe energy. Are the world community and modern infrastructure facilities ready for large-scale transformations? The participants of the panel session “Energy in the new technological cycle” will consider the obstacles to transitioning to a new paradigm, the trends of the future of energy, and how humanity will benefit from this next industrial revolution. In addition, experts will identify ways to achieve universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy sources for all, which the UN defines as one of the key goals of sustainable mankind`s development. According to the UN, one in five people worldwide does not have access to electricity. More than a billion people, mostly in rural areas, suffer from “energy hunger”. The round table “Energy requirements for sustainable development” will consider the environmental, economic, and social aspects of achieving global energy goals and the role of international energy cooperation in this regard.The need to determine these factors today is dictated, among other things, by the fact that the scale of change and the complexity of implementing the solutions that the current industrial revolution will require is different from previous global transformations. This revolution is characterized by full automation of production, the growing role of robotics and artificial intelligence, as well as the increasing interconnection between people and machines. The introduction of cyber-physical systems and the digitalization of production processes will not only lead to significant changes in traditional industries, but also to the creation of entirely new sectors of the economy.Do we expect the revolution, or do we already live in it? What changes do we need to prepare for? Will robots and unmanned equipment be able to replace humans? Which projects of the future are already being implemented today? The experts at the round table on the fourth industrial revolution will answer these questions, among others, and consider the impact of the new technological reality on the energy sector. “Our generation is witnessing global technological changes that will affect all spheres of society. The scale of these changes is comparable to the invention of the steam engine, the first computer technology, the world wide web. We live in a period of transition. Technology is changing faster than ever, creating new challenges, including in the energy sector. We need to be prepared to accept the demands of the new era. For these purposes, it is necessary to develop a common strategy of action. I am convinced that our Summit as a permanent communication platform will help to find solutions to these issues and will contribute to the development of energy dialogue, in which the leading role is assigned to scientists-developers of advanced technologies,” said the Acting President of the Global Energy Association Alexander Ignatov.In addition to the discussion part of the Summit, the Global Energy Association will also present its new Global Energy Youth Program. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has previously expressed interest in the project and is already selecting its students to participate in it. The best researchers of the KIT will present their scientific work to the Global Energy Association`s experts and will receive meaningful assessments of their works. The authors of the best projects will get a chance to be one of the first to join the Global Energy Youth Program.

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Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2011

Posted by fidest press agency su domenica, 17 aprile 2011

Vancouver, BC, Canada May 15 – 18, 2011International Conference and Exhibition Be sure to join us in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2011: International Conference and Exhibition (HFC2011) as we work together to foster Partnerships for Global Energy Solutions. Participants in Canada’s premier hydrogen and fuel cells event will have the opportunity to: Experience the latest in hydrogen and fuel cell products, including portable fuel cell devices, back-up power, materials handling, stationary power generation, hydrogen fueling and hydrogen powered vehicles. | Engage end users, purchasers and integrators of hydrogen and fuel cell products, including original equipment manufacturers, utilities, transit authorities, government purchasing agencies, fleet managers and warehouse operators. | Understand the latest scientific breakthroughs, commercial opportunities and policy developments from the world’s prominent hydrogen and fuel cell experts. | Visit pioneering companies and ground-breaking research facilities in Vancouver’s world-renowned hydrogen and fuel cell cluster. | Network and partner with global leaders in the business, government and scientific communities.
• Padiglione Italia in occasione di Hydrogen + Fuel Cells 2011 , che si svolge dal 15 al 18 maggio a Vancouver, in Canada. È il salone dedicato alle tecnologie per l’energia dall’idrogeno e alle celle combustibili a idrogeno. Anche in questo caso allestiremo un meeting point a disposizione delle aziende e una raccolta di cataloghi in distribuzione ai visitatori. Nella precedente edizione, la manifestazione ha ospitato oltre 30 paesi e 480 organizzazioni, imprese ed enti accademici presenti con stand e/o interessati alle conferenze tecniche.

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